Short Story: The Fall of Sorrow

This is a short story on what happened to Discord’s brother Sorrow. This story takes place during the story Her Butterflies. Warning: This story is violent.

The Fall of Sorrow
Written by C. Phillips

Misery showed up at the family castle as she slowly looked around she looked behind her and waved her sister into the room. “Come on Rose. Sorrow seems to be gone for now.” She whispered and her sister; Rose Desire walked past her and looked around the castle.

“Misery, it is the same as when I left.” Rose whispered. “Did you or Sorrow do anything to redecorate?”

“No… after Dissy left, we just… didn’t do anything.” Misery looked nervously around hoping that Sorrow wouldn’t appear out of nowhere and hurt Rose.

Rose felt the nervousness of her sister and looked around as well. “What are you afraid of M…”

Sorrow had grabbed Rose Desire by the throat and looked at her. “WHO ARE YOU!?” He growled deeply.

“Sorrow!” Misery grabbed his paw and started to pull on him. “Let her go! Let her go now!”

Sorrow sneered as he looked at Misery. “You let another stranger in our house! What am I going to have to do? Am I going to have to kill every intruder that you drag into the place? Why didn’t you feed your plants with this one?” Rose reached up with her hooves trying to make him let go of her airway.

“Let her go! Please! Sorrow! Don’t hurt her!” Misery clawed at his paws and he turned and pulled away from her scratching.

“Where did you go?” He kept Rose in his grip as he stared at Misery and he didn’t notice that Rose’s cutie mark was starting to grow darker. “Who is this?”

Misery growled as her feathers were ruffled out and she snapped her beak. “Let her go Sorrow! NOW! It doesn’t matter where I went. Not that you care!”

Sorrows eyes widened as his grip loosened on Rose and he suddenly dropped her. Rose Desire landed on the floor on all fours and she was gasping out of breath but her eyes were glowing a pale gray. Sorrow stumbled back, clutching his chest and looking at Rose and Misery in shock. “Misery… Who…” He gasped out as he weakly sunk to the floor. His vision was blurred as he stared at them both.

Rose panted and her eyes turned a normal color again as she looked at Sorrow and frowned. “What a great way to greet your younger sister.”

Sorrow stared at her. “No… you’re dead, I saw you dead… on that ledge…” He slowly stood up as he kept his paw on his chest and he was breathing shallowly.

“Sorrow… You need to sit down.” Misery said suddenly as she looked at her brother.

“Shut up Misery.” He growled at her then turned his attention back at the lavender mare with the gray and black mane. “You are supposed to be dead… I saw you die…”

“You left me to die… It’s not that easy to kill a draconequus you should know that!” Rose snorted at him. “If you were any normal pony… you’d be dead now.” Turning to look at him her eyes glowed pale gray again.rosedesireangry

Sorrow gasped and clutched his chest again then glanced at Misery. “How did you find Rose?” He looked back at Rose. “Why didn’t you come back? You betrayed… me… You betrayed us…”

Misery looked from Rose Desire and Sorrow as she bit on her lower beak. “Sorrow… I want you to… sit down. Please Rose… Don’t do that… please… He’s still our brother.”

Rose’s eyes glowed as tear ran down her cheek as she stared at Sorrow. “I didn’t betray any pony… You tried to kill me! Misery, stop… He may be our brother; it doesn’t excuse him trying to kill me and abusing you mentally.

“I was only trying…” He suddenly stopped talking as he fell to his knees he panted as he caught his breath and his eyes started to glow a yellowish green. “Trying to keep the family together…”

Misery’s eyes widened. “Sorrie? What are you doing?”

Rose Desire felt her legs weaken as they formed yellow spots all on them. They started to itch but Rose ignored them. “Is that all you have Brother?” She asked as her eyes flared as they brightened to white with darkening black outlines.

Sorrow grit his teeth as he let go of his chest. “Do your worse…”

“I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.” Rose said softly as she just looked at him her eyes glowing softly and steadily.

Misery suddenly ran forward and pulled Sorrow out of Rose’s eyesight. “You’re killing Sorrow! Sorrow, please stop… she’s going to kill you.”

Sorrow pushed Misery aside. “She isn’t that powerful and she doesn’t have the guts… just like Discord… she cannot take a life.”

Rose frowned more as her eyes glowed brighter and she chuckled low. “Sorrow… my cutie mark means that I am a reaper… I reap souls. I can kill easily. I have denied this destiny for years but I cannot deny it when a soul presents itself to be reaped, and your soul is ripe for reaping. You should redeem yourself before facing Aidoneus in the pits of Tartarus.”

“I have no fear of you sister.” He stood up again and loomed over her. “You talk more than you take action. As I said you’re just a pony lover like Discord. I should have made sure you were dead before I left. One swift motion and I could have broken your neck.” He growled as he moved closer to her.

Misery recovered from her shock of being pushed away and she growled and jumped between them. She faced Sorrow and growled deeply. “Don’t hurt my sister! She is taking me away from here! I’ve had it with you controlling my life!”

“Misery…” He looked at her after tearing his eyes away from Rose. “If you leave… What will become of me?”

Rose stepped forward quickly and shouldered Misery away. “You will be gone Sorrow. I will not hesitate to reap you. You’re damned… repent for your jealousy and I shall keep from reaping you today.”

Sorrow lifted his paw as it started to glow a sickly yellow. “I’m not repenting for anything it was your fault I became this… you were my best friend in this house. When you told me that you wanted to leave, I felt my heart break… You’re the reason I’m ruined. Now you’re taking away my other friend, stealing her from me.”

Rose crouched down as her eyes flashed. “You can’t take friends by force! Friendship has to be earned. Misery is a family member that you have locked away and kept for your own sick idea of friendship. Do you like it when she straps you to the torture rack?”

Misery started to blush as she looked at the floor. She didn’t know that Rose knew about her torturing Sorrow for days at a time.

Sorrow gave a weak smile, it showed his sharp teeth. “Misery tortures me because I deserve it. I… also like it.”

Rose’s eyes turned to normal for a moment. “Sorrow. She’s your sister…”

Sorrow took advantage of Rose letting her guard down and used his magic. She was lifted from the ground and slammed against the stone wall with a sickening crunch. Her body slid to the floor like a rag doll, she didn’t move. “I suggest you stay down.” Sorrow threatened.

Misery ran over to her. “No!” She looked at her sister and then turned to look at Sorrow. “She’s unconscious. You have to stop! She’s our sister! Are you trying to kill her?”

Sorrow strode over to her and picked up Rose’s body. “It’s my intention to kill her. She doesn’t belong here and you shouldn’t protect her. I think I shall put her on the rack. I want to torture her first; before I kill her.”

Misery got up quickly and pulled Rose from his grip. “You are not taking her from me. She promised me a new life, a way to start over. You can’t take that away from me.” She started to sob softly as she pulled Rose into her arms better; cradling her. “You’re cruel to me and she is willing to let me live.”

“No pony will accept you to be your friend. You’re too hideous with your teeth, claws, a beak and your wild eyes. You’re a monster Misery. Plain and simple. A monster. No pony loves a monster.” He growled at her as he started to put his paws on Rose again and lift her away from Misery.

Misery growled and pulled Rose away from his grip. “If that is true, how do you explain Dissy?” She looked at him defiantly. “He has a family and friends! He’s a draconequus like us. He’s been accepted into the world. What makes him different than I; or you for that matter?”

Sorrow stared at her. “He’s a pony lover. Like Rose Desire they’re different Misery. They’re not like us.”

He made another attempt to take Rose’s body from her but she growled possessively as she held her. “You’re not taking her from me.” Misery sneered.

Rose slowly shook her head as she blinked her eyes. “Where?” She looked up and saw Misery was holding her. She glanced and saw Sorrow looming over them both. “Misery, put me down please.”

Misery gasped as she looked down at Rose. “If I do that he’ll hurt you.”

“I can handle Sorrow.” Rose whispered. “Please, put me down.”

Misery had tears rolling down her cheeks. “He… said I’m a monster. Rose… I think I need to get Dissy to help us. Should I?”

Rose tried hard to steady herself when Misery placed her on the floor and lifted one of her legs slightly making a face. “I think my leg is broken. You’re not a monster remember that.” She muttered as she looked at her sister then glanced at Sorrow who was starting to twitch and turn in circles while talking to himself. “Maybe you can just send Discord a quick message? I think… Sorrow is… sinking lower into his own self-pity and hate… Look at him Misery as I see him, he is going insane and he’s trying to take you with him.”

Misery looked at Sorrow and she practically fell over when she saw that his eyes were sunken in like dark coals of hate, his horns had grown crooked and were long; twisted in obscene shapes that made no sense. His paws looked dirty and arthritic; the joints looked twisted and painful. His wings, once were beautiful golden feathered were plucked of feathers and looked worn and tattered. It was as if he had been casting an illusion over himself to make Misery see him as normal and Rose let her see him as he truly was.Sorrowangry“You now see him as I do…” Rose whispered. “His soul is in pieces and I don’t think it can be redeemed.” She put her hoof up and slightly moved her sister out of the way. “Misery please step aside… I need to talk to Sorrow.”

Sorrow stopped his muttering and looked at Rose again. “You should have stayed down sister.” He tilted his head and saw that she was hurt. “Did I break your bone? If I did… I’m not sorry!” He lifted his paw again and was charging his magic.

Rose looked at his paw as it started to glow yellow and she put her legs apart even placing weight on her broken leg to brace for the impact of his magic attack. “Do your worse Sorrow… Just know I will not go down easily.”

“I will torture you then kill you Rose. Then when I am done with you… I’ll kill Misery.” He growled as he started to raise his paw up.

Rose’s eyes started to glow white with gray haze spreading down her cheeks. She was slowing her breathing as she looked at his claw flex waiting to release the fire that was growing in his paw. As he released the fire from his grip and shot it towards Rose. Rose gasped because she wasn’t able to build up her power before he did. His magic shot at her like an arrow to her face and it froze in place.

Sorrow looked up in shock and then suddenly stepped back his eyes grew blacker with hatred. “THIS DOESN’T CONCERN YOU!” He focused on a figure behind Rose.

“I think it does.” Discord said calmly as he carefully moved Rose out of the way of the magic arrow. “Seems like a family quarrel to me, last I checked I was part of this family.”

“Discord. I got it… I was about to set him to rest. He’s not going to get any better… only grow worse.” Rose explained quickly to her brother.

Misery ran up to Discord. “Dissy, I’m glad I was able to get you here, he’s gone off the deep end. Help us Dissy… please.”

Discord kept his eyes on Sorrow as he listened to both his sisters and instead of talking to them he talked directly to Sorrow. “Sorrow, are you afraid of your younger brother?”

Sorrow growled and smiled a cancerous smile at him. “You don’t scare me brother, you may be more powerful than I am, but I’m still older than you. I guess I’ll be able to destroy all of you together now. Thank you Misery for summoning him. We’ll all die together then, as a family.” He lifted both his paws and sickly yellow magic started to arch from one paw to another.

Rose’s eyes turned white quickly as magic seemed to drip from her eye sockets like white flames. “Sorrow… I am sorry to do this to you…” She suddenly said as her magic started to move over her body and coil around her head like a horn of light, the light spread down her back and formed wings made of white light. She slowly flapped her wings and she rose up on her hind legs.

Discord saw the raw power coming off his sister and stepped back from her as he noticed that Sorrow about to let loose his magical attack upon her. “Sorrow…” Discord said as he looked at Rose and saw that she held a golden scythe on her front hooves. She held it up then started to swing it down fast.

“NO!” Misery screamed and put her claws in front of her face as a bright white light flooded their vision, she ducked behind Discord and cowered.

Misery opened her eyes and noticed that she was holding Discord’s tail in her claws tightly. He was looking at her quizzically. “Misery, you can’t keep my tail. I’m quite attached to it. Get up. I think… we have something to do.” He frowned slightly.

Misery stood up slowly and felt weak. “What happened? Please tell me.” She looked out towards where Sorrow and Rose had fought and saw Rose sitting down next to Sorrow; who was on his side.

Discord shook his head slowly at Misery. “You saw what happened Missy.”

Rose looked up at them both; tears were falling from her eyes as she sat next to Sorrow’s body. “I didn’t want to do it… Discord, Misery… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to; he gave me no other choice…”

“He would have killed you and Misery.” Discord said. “I am sorry I should have ended his life when he kidnapped Fluttershy and made her lose our foal. I was so close to doing it too… I…” He shook his head. “I guess I am too weak.”

Rose looked up. “No… you gave him mercy… I … reaped his soul. Now…” They all looked down at Sorrow and he looked almost at peace. His face was soft again his eyes were sunken still but his horns turned back to normal. “Now… I’m sorry he’s not going to Elysium, he’ll be going to the pits of Tartarus and I feel it is my fault that he’ll be forever tortured.” She put her head down and started to cry more. Misery went over to her sister sat down and leaned against her as cried along with her.

Discord sat next to his sisters as they sobbed softly against each other. He looked up at the ceiling and noticed a cobweb so he looked away. “We’ll have to give him the proper burial.” He said softly as he stood up.

Rose and Misery both looked up at him. “We have what we need outside.” Misery sniffled. “Dissy why aren’t you upset?”

“Misery, I am. I’m upset that I didn’t do what I should’ve done a year ago.” He turned and walked towards the door. “I am not going to shed tears for a brother that tried to kill my sisters and tried to tear my family apart. He’s not worth it. I’ll get the burial pyre ready, you two just wait in here.”

Rose Desire stood up favoring her leg and nodded. “He’s right Misery, we shouldn’t be mourning his death like he was a good part of our life.”

“But… He was the only part of my life.” Misery said as she put her head down and started to cry again. “He may have said mean and hurtful things to me, but… I thought it was because he was being him. Tell me, am I just as monstrous as he was? I really need to know.”

Rose looked at her sister and smiled at her as she put her hoof to her face and touched a tear that was running down Misery’s cheek. “Have you ever taken what Sorrow said to heart? Let it sit there like a stone that would fester and grow like a malignant cancer?”

“No.” Misery said softly. “The only thing that stuck to me is that he said I was a monster, but you told me that wasn’t true.”

“It isn’t true, Misery; you have a future ahead of you and you will find some pony that is all you ever want. It may not be a pony per se, but there is always a soul out there willing to be with your soul.” Rose hugged her sister. “You will definitely have to move to Fillydephia with me. I have a few friends I’d love you to meet and they’re not all ponies.”

“Thank you Rosie.” Misery said as she started to cry anew.

Discord walked into the room. “It’s ready.” He walked past his sisters and over to Sorrow’s body and picked it up. “He hardly weighs anything, of all the food he cooked, it feels like he didn’t eat any of it.”

“He was dying already Discord. His body was working on nothing but hate and despair.” Rose replied. “I think it consumed him.”

“Then you shouldn’t blame yourself for reaping his soul, if you hadn’t have done it some other reaper would have. It is better that it was his own sister and not some stranger. You offered him an alternative and he didn’t take it.” Discord carried his brother’s body out the door and both his sisters followed, they had their heads down.

They were all silent as they went out the front door of the old family castle down the steps to the garden where Discord placed Sorrow’s body on top of a stone pyre that had wood piled around it. He stepped back and snapped his fingers as a flame burst forth igniting the wood. Three of them stood and watched as it burned. There was just the noise of the fire in the waning light of the day.

+++ Afterward +++

Discord appeared back home, it was late in the evening and the cottage was quiet. He walked up stairs looked in the nursery and saw his young children sleeping. He kissed each one on the head, Paradox and LillyRose. He looked at the empty crib and let out a sigh as he left the room closing the door lightly. He went to his bedroom opened the door and saw Fluttershy curled up sleeping soundly. He crawled into bed with her curling up around her as he pulled her close to him. He rubbed her pregnant belly and gave a relieved sigh.

“Discord? Is everything alright?” She asked him softly as he’d woken her while pulling her against him.

“My brother… is gone.” He told her.

“What? Discord you didn’t?” She asked.

“No…” He shook his head as he gave her a soft kiss. “He only had himself to blame. He was consumed Fluttershy, he was… not himself. I’ll tell you everything later. I don’t want to dwell on him any longer. I just want to be with you.”

Fluttershy snuggled against him. “Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He sighed as he held her.


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