Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 57


Paradox explained everything to Silver.

“I… was pregnant?” Silver asked softly.

“If they were telling the truth.” He muttered as he nuzzled under her chin. “I hate that they did what they did… I…”

“What?” Silver whispered.

“I almost killed them Silver… I felt like my world was falling apart… I would have killed them and I would have… I would have…” He fell silent.

Silver felt his tears falling on her hoof. She pulled him against her. “I love you Doxy. I really love you. I am glad we are still together, alive and well.”

“Yes…” He said with a sob. “I love you Silver… I want you to be safe, I am sorry that this happened. I think it’s because I am who I am… I bring bad luck to you. I… am not worthy of you.”

“Dox, no… I don’t care that you think you are bad luck… It never will change the fact that I will love you forever.” She leaned against him. He put his arms around her as they sat in the bed holding each other.

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