Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 52


Silver lay out in the sunshine on the beach. She had sunglasses on and a drink beside her. Paradox sat under an umbrella reading a book. The book was upside down as he read it. He always read books upside down and backwards. Something he got from his father.

“How’s the book?” She asked.

He looked up. “Alright. The plot is hard to get into. Mmm plot.” He smiled and his fangs started to grow.

“Doxy, get that thought from your head.” She said as she took her sunglasses off.

“I want to rub my paws over your flanks.” He whispered as he licked his lips and set his book to the side.

“Doxy…” She said warningly. “We’re outside…”

He got on all fours and crouched down as if stalking her. “We’re on a private beach.” He whispered.stalk1She looked around. “I… but…” She got up and kept an eye on him. She stepped back slightly as he put a paw forward.  She saw his devious look and made a slight squeak as she turned and ran.

He jumped up and started to chase her. “I’m going to get you!”

“No!” She squealed and giggled. “Don’t chase me Doxy!”

They ran in the sand, he reached out to grab her and only got her tail and her hair slipped through his fingers. “Play fair Silver, I have to catch you. You know.”

She shook her mane and looked back at him. “You can try, but you have to work harder than that!”

He growled as he quickened his pace. He almost had her when she spread her wings out and took flight. He fell forward into the sand and spit out a mouthful. “Pfft.” He lay back and looked up at her flying around in circles. “You cheat.”

She looked down at him and giggled. “Just doing what comes natural.”

“Yeah…” Paradox mumbled as he stood up. He extended his wings. “Now you’re asking me to bring out the big guns.”

“Promises. Promises.” She said as she hovered above him. He looked down and watched her shadow move around as he flexed his wings he bent his knees and jumped up just as her shadow was in the right place. He snatched her right out of the air as he flew up.

“AH! DOXY!” She squealed as he flew with her in his arms.

He held her tightly against him. “I caught you. You didn’t think I could, but I did.” He chuckled softly.

She giggled and squirmed in his arms. “I guess I was wrong.”

He nodded and nuzzled her mane as he flew up and slowly changed direction. “You’re never wrong. I’m just right this time.”

“Oh?” She said as she pushed him with her hoof.

“Yes.” He said as he looked at her.

She looked back at him and wiggled in his grip. “You’re holding me too tight.” She pouted.

“Oh… Alright…” He slowly loosened his grip on her.

She let in a deep breath and got loose from him, she fell slightly but she regained her composure fast and flapped her wings as he flew above her.

He looked down at her. “I love watching you fly.”

She turned in mid-flight and looked up at him. She flew comfortably upside down. “You’re not too shabby yourself.”

“Oh?” He flapped his wings and flew closer to her.

She nodded as she turned and started to fly back down to the beach. He turned with her still flying he kept grinning as he flew even closer to her. She noticed him flying closer and she glanced up. “Doxy… What are you doing?”

He grinned more showing off his fangs. “This.” He reached down and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up against him. “Let me fly for us both…”

She felt her heart beat hard and fast as he pulled her against him and she folded her wings up. He held her tightly against him as he put his arms around her. “Uh… Okay… This is a little scary…” She said shakily.

“Trust me.” He whispered as he let out a soft growl. “I am strong enough to hold you.”

She nodded as she looked at the ocean underneath them as he flew around slowly. Her eyes widened as she gasped when he moved his arousal over her folds. “Doxy… In mid-flight?”

He nodded as he held her tighter. “Mm Yes… I want to make love to you while flying.”

“Is that… possible-Ohh Doxy….” She moaned out loudly as he pushed past her folds.

“I believe it is…” He replied as he started to push and pull into her as he flew up into the sky.

“Ah I never imagined… Doxy…” She shook in his arms and he pushed deeper into her as he felt her orgasm flow around him hotly. “AH!!”

“Yes. Oh Silver yes…” He moaned out lustfully. “This is such a free feeling… Oh gods.”

Her sex tightened around him as he flew in a loop. “Doxy! Fill me please!” She exclaimed as she came again.

“Yes… yes! I’m…” He huffed out loudly as he pushed deeply into her and released his orgasm. “Ah… So tight and hot.”

“Oh Doxy!” She cried out in pleasure.

He thrust up into her hard and fast as he spilled his desires deep into her. “Yes… oh Silver my love.” He moaned as he slowly flapped his wings and landed on the beach while still holding her against him. She was panting as she put her legs down onto the sand. He slowly pulled from her as he looked at her.

Her legs felt like rubber and she seemed to wobble slightly. “Doxy, oh that felt wonderful.”

He panted as he put his paw out to hold her steady. “I heard about that experience but wow, I never knew. I hope you enjoyed flying the friendly Doxy.”

She giggled as she slowly lay down on the sand. “I’d love to become a frequent flyer of Doxy airlines.” She lay on her back; her wings spread out under her.

Grinning he joined her on the sand as he snuggled up against her placing his head on her chest. She put her hoof on his mane and pet him. “I hope you allow your Doxy to refuel.” He murmured softly.

“Of course my love.” She whispered as she closed her eyes enjoying the warm weather. She felt sleepy after the sky mating.

He fanned his wings out as he lay against her. Slowly moving them to keep them both from getting too hot under the sun. He drifted off to sleep as he put his paw on her stomach.

Silver’s ear twitched and she opened her eyes to glance around, she saw movement; turning her head to look there was nothing there. She figured it was the trick of the sunlight and the water.

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