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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 49


“You should start teaching them chaotic magic now.” Discord said.

“No.” Paradox frowned at his father. “Chaotic magic is the reason why no pony remembers Lilly!”

Discord stared at Paradox for a long moment and then let out a deep sigh. “I remind your mother everyday… She forgets every day.”

“Because of that spell.” Paradox growled. “You know you can give her the memory back, but you won’t… why?”

Discord crossed his arms and turned away from his son. “I… don’t want her to be mad at me.”

“What happened? I need to know; all I remember is that I am so mad at you! I am so… angry with you… I want to… just… ARGH!” Paradox punched the wall nearby making a hole in it.

Discord turned and looked at the damage. “Dox, you shouldn’t punch walls.” He said as he used magic to repair it.

“I don’t care.” He replied as he rubbed his paw. “Until you give us our memories back… I don’t want you to tell me how I should raise my daughters. They don’t need to learn chaotic magic. Silver and I can teach them the basics.”

“They have great potential Dox, don’t let that go to waste. I can see them ruling Equestria one day.”

Paradox gave his father a venomous stare. “They are not you. I don’t know how Mom puts up with you.”

Discord grinned and went to give his son a reason why.

“I don’t really want to know!” Paradox growled and placed his paws on his ears.

Paradox gave his father a look that made him grit his teeth. “Dox. I’m serious about teaching your girls chaotic magic.”

“Then get Lilly to teach them, oh yeah! You can’t because you won’t tell me where you banished her!”

Discord sighed. “I don’t know where… I can’t remember, the same spell was put on me.”

“That is a bunch of…”

“Doxy?” Fluttershy interrupted Paradox as she walked in the room. “Why are you yelling?”

“No reason mom. Sorry. I’ll go. Love you, mom.” He marched from the room his feathers were ruffled up.

Fluttershy watched her son leave and suddenly frowned at her husband. “What did you do wrong? You and Doxy have been arguing for months now. Why?”

Discord looked away from Fluttershy, “No reason.” He lied.no_reasonShe frowned more. “Discord…”

“Dear sweet Fluttershy, you know that I love you very much…” He turned around and looked at her with a large grin.

“Uh huh… yes.” She whispered as she looked at him warily. “What does this have to do with Dox being angry with you?”

Discord slowly curled up around her. “We’re not arguing we’re just having a heated discussion; a debate really, about guy things.”

She looked at him. “I think you’re lying to me. Discord, please tell me… What is going on?”

He let out a huge sigh as he looked into her clear aqua eyes. “I’ll tell you, but after today is over you’d forget again.”

“I doubt that.” She said.

He nodded as he started to tell her why Paradox was mad at him. He then sighed as his wife started to cry and became angry at him as well. “Tomorrow you’ll forget about this conversation… that is my only saving grace…” He muttered.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 48


Silver sat up on the couch and looked over to Paradox. He was sitting on the stool looking at the painting he had been working on. He had the handle of the paintbrush in his mouth as he thought. Silver put the book she was reading down on the table. She looked over and saw the twins were napping in the play pen.

Paradox stared at the picture, that line doesn’t look right. He put his paw to the brush in his mouth grabbed it and leaned forward. He moved the brush against the canvas and sat back slightly.

Silver approached him slowly and saw he was focused on his painting. Whenever he became focused on art he had a tendency to not notice things around him. She walked softly and up towards him. He didn’t even glance at her.

He squinted at the lines of his painting and wasn’t sure what it was missing. He felt a chill run up his back. His ears went up as he took in a deep breath. “Ohh… mmm… yes… Silver.” Turning his head, he was looking into her eyes.sumthinsweet
Silver smiled as he looked at her. “Hello Doxy.”

He looked at her for a lingering moment. “Do you want something? Because I know I suddenly want something.”

She acted innocent. “No… I don’t think I want something… What do you want?”

He swallowed hard. “I want something sweet.”

Silver smiled as she suddenly flicked her tail, started to turn and walk away from him. “I think I can get you something sweet to eat.”

He quickly dropped his paint brush and grabbed her hips. “Oh… No. Not to eat. No.” He said as he rubbed his paws on her flanks.

She looked back at him her cheeks were red. “Then, tell me what you want.”

He grinned at her. “Silver… You’re a tease and I want you.” He was fully aroused as he rubbed against her entrance.

Silver shivered at the feel of him teasing her. “Doxy…” She breathed out. “I want you too. I want to feel your heat penetrate me. I need you… I… ahh oh yes Doxy…”

He pushed into her heat spreading her and he let out a soft satisfied moan of desire. “Oh… you’re like heaven…”animalscolor

Silver shuddered with desire as he pushed into her. “Ohh… that is what I need.”

He leaned up against and pushed deeply into her. “Uh… yes my love. You feel so good.”

She gasped as she leaned down for better leverage. “Mmm.”

Dox put his paws on her shoulders as he growled deeply. He started to push and pull into her slowly then faster. “Silver, your heat is driving me insane.” He whispered as he bit on her neck.

She shuddered under him as she hit orgasm. “Oh yes. Please Doxy. Please.”

He panted as he pushed deeply into her. He loved the feel of her orgasm flowing around him and he wanted her to come again before he released his. “Silver, please my love.” He hit up against her cervix and bit his lower lip as he was on the edge of releasing.

She let out a soft moan as she felt him rub against her cervix, her body jolted as she gasped out as another orgasm washed over her. “Doxy… ohh gods yes…”

“Yes…” He moaned out lustfully as he pushed in deeply and released into her. He saw stars when he released his pent up desire and panted as he draped over her. “Oh Silver, you feel so good.” He didn’t want to pull out of her.

She panted under him as she bore his weight. “Thank you, oh you feel so good Doxy. Although, you’re a little heavy.”

He grinned. “Sorry.” He whispered as he slowly pulled from her sweet bliss. “I didn’t want to pull from your heat, my love.” He got off of her then helped her up.

“We fit together so well.” She replied as she tried to make herself look less disheveled.

He laughed softly. “Yes. You’re snug.” He put his paw on her cheek. “I love you.”

She smiled as she looked into his eyes. “I love you too.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 47


Epona sighed as she looked at the paper work before her. She then looked at the patient. “Silver.”

Silver looked at her. “Yes doctor?”

“You weren’t pregnant…”

Silver blinked. “Really?”

The doctor nodded. “But. If you want to become pregnant I suggest you start taking more vitamins. To supplement your diet.” She picked up a paper. “Your body chemistry is messed up a little bit. Get more rest take a break from work. If you and Paradox really want another foal. Go on a vacation. Relax.”

She blushed. “I really thought I was…”

Epona looked at her. “If it’s in your future, it’ll happen.”

Silver sighed deeply. “Maybe it is for the best… You said my body isn’t ready.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 46


Silver cried softly as she sat on the couch. Paradox wasn’t home and the twins were playing with the blocks.

Selene looked up at her mom and tilted her head. “Mama?” She asked.

Silver moved her hoof up and wiped her tears then smiled at her foal. “Yes Selene?”

Selene crawled over to her. “You ok?”

“I’m alright dearest. What’re you and your sister building?” She got up and walked over to the blocks and sat down.

Solana looked at her. “A bridge.”

Selene grabbed a block. “A castle.”

“A bridge and a castle, oh? Who lives in the castle?” Silver asked as she sniffled.

Both girls smiled. “We do. We’re princesses.” They replied in unison.

Silver laughed. “That is wonderful. If you two are princesses… what does that make daddy and I?”

Selene looked at the blocks. “You’d be a queen.”

Solana giggled. “Daddy be a jester… and a king.”

Silver laughed again. “So daddy is working two jobs?”

They both nodded.

“I’m just a queen? Do I do anything else?” She asked as she looked at the ‘castle’ the girls built.

“You tell every pony what to do.” Selene replied.

“You also take care of our brother.” Solana whispered. “He becomes the prince, but not for a long time. A very long time.”

Silver got up quickly. “I’ll be back… Don’t get into anything.” She stifled a sob as she went into the other room.

Selene looked at her sibling. “Mama cry.”

“I sorry.” Solana muttered as she started to tear up.

Selene sniffled and looked down as tears started to flood her eyes.

They both were suddenly crying as they both said “Mama!” in unison as they cried.

Silver came back her eyes red from crying and both of the twins were crying holding their paws out to her. She went over to them and they both crawled up to her and settled up against her hugging and snuggling her.

“We love you.” Selene and Solana said. “No sad. Please.”

Silver held them close pulling them near her as she settled down putting her hoof around them protectively. “My little ones. Mama is sorry she made you cry. She just feels sad.”

Selene and Solana both nuzzled her. “Sorry.”

Silver nuzzled them as they snuggled her. “Don’t be sorry. I love you.” All three of them fell asleep on the floor. Silver covered them protectively under her wing as she held them close with her hooves.

Paradox came home and stopped short when he glanced in the living room to see his three girls asleep on the floor. He smiled as he got on all fours went over to them and curled up around them. He gave Silver a small kiss and her eyes fluttered open.slepyfam1

“Doxy?” She whispered.

“You three are beautiful.” He whispered back to her. “Why are you on the floor?”

Silver looked at him without a word and he saw her eyes start to well up with tears.

He looked at her in concern. “Why are you crying?”

“Oh Doxy…” Silver sobbed softly. “I’m sorry.”

He felt hair on the back of his neck stand up. “For?”

“I was going to surprise you and tell you but…” she cried softly.

“Tell me what? Silver?” He asked with concern.

“I was pregnant again.” She whispered. “But… I lost the baby.” Tears ran down her cheeks slowly.

He sat up slowly. “Silver. Are you alright?” He asked as he looked at her. “Was it anything I did?”

She shook her head. “I’m alright. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. It wasn’t anything you did.” She moved her hooves around the foals tighter. “I think it was going to be a boy. I hope you’re not mad.”

He kissed her gently on her cheeks. “Why would I be mad? I love you.”

“I wanted to make you happy. I… wanted to surprise you… I’m so sorry.” She sighed and cried softly.

He curled up more around her and the girls as he nuzzled her mane. “I love you. Don’t be sorry, things happen for a reason. You told me that once.” He said softly.

Silver nodded. “I know, but I wanted another foal. I…” She paused as he kissed and nibbled her neck. “Doxy, I’m holding the twins.”

He nodded. “I know, can’t a draconequus kiss and snuggle his wife without her thinking about sex?” He asked as he snickered.

She gave a small giggle. “Hey, I’m addicted to you.”

“As I am of you.” He whispered. “Let’s get some dinner ready.” He slowly sat up and gave her a final kiss. “After dinner and the girls are asleep, we’ll work on a new addition to the family.”

She blushed as she got up, waking the twins who looked up sleepily at her. “Come on little ones, mama has to make dinner.”

Selene and Solana both stretched as they yawned. They both noticed their father at the same time, he was met by their smiles. “Dada!” They said in unison.

Paradox smiled as he hugged them. “Hello my beautiful girls. I love being surrounded by beautiful girls.” He pulled Silver into the hug. Silver blushed and hugged him back as the twins giggled.