Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 45


“Watch me! Dox! Dox watch.” Snafu was yelling. “Come on! Watch me!”

Paradox sat on the couch holding Selene she was sniffling and crying lightly. “Snafu, please I’m busy with Selene.”

“But Dox. I’m tryin’ to cheer you and Selene up.” Snafu landed next to his older brother and looked at his niece. The colt tilted his head. “What’s she crying for?”snafu

Paradox looked at his brother, he was just a young colt had just started to fly, he was the same age as Rune Eclipse, but she was way more advanced in magic and flight talent. “She teething.” He answered as he tried to use some healing magic on her.

“Teasing?” He tilted his head the other way.

“No… You see… her teeth are coming in. It hurts her.” Paradox mumbled. “Why did mom drop you off here?”

“I wanted to visit you and Silver.” Snafu said haltingly.

Paradox gave him a look. “Uh huh… I don’t believe you.”

“Dad wanted to tell you he’s sorry?” Snafu grinned.

Paradox shook his head. “If he’s sorry he should apologize to my face.”

Snafu smiled. “Want me to tell dad that?”

Paradox rocked Selene in his arms, his healing magic was able to make her fall asleep. He shook his head. “No. I’ll talk to him later. Eventually.”

“Why are you mad at dad?” He asked as he stretched his gossamer wings. The wings resembled the butterfly wings on Fluttershy’s cutie mark.

Paradox looked at his brother with a slight frown. “He knows why I’m mad, you don’t need to be a part of it.” He stood up and carried Selene upstairs, Snafu followed him. Paradox went into the nursery. Solana was sleeping soundly as Paradox placed Selene next to her in the crib. He turned to his brother. “Come on.”

Snafu walked out if the nursery with his brother. Paradox closed the door gently and started downstairs. Snafu looked at the door then followed his brother. “They sleep a lot.”

“They’re just starting to get teeth, and they are learning to talk. A full day makes them sleepy so they need a nap.” Paradox explained.

“Do I need a nap?” Snafu asked.

“If only I was that lucky.” He muttered. “No Snafu, you’re old enough to make that decision on your own.” Paradox said for his brother to hear.

Snafu yawned and looked at his brother guiltily. “I’m not tired.”

“Yeah. I don’t believe you. The couch is unoccupied go take a nap, I have to start a new painting.”

Snafu grinned. “I can help!”

Paradox frowned. “I don’t need help painting. It’s what I do… please Snafu go take a nap, I can tell you’re tired.”

His brother made a face. “But Dox… I’m not sleepy.” He yawned again.

“Hmm yeah. You’re not sleepy… when Silver gets home. I’ll take you back to mom and dads.”

Snafu didn’t say anything as he watched his brother pick up a paint brush.

Paradox walked to the canvas that he had placed on an easel earlier in the day. He looked at the blank white surface and stared at it.

Snafu blinked, he looked at his brother then at the canvas. He looked back and forth again then suddenly yawned. “I’m going to take a nap.” He announced as he flew into the living room and landed on the couch.

Paradox grinned to himself as he put the brush into the first color. “That’s what I thought…” He had put a mild sleep spell on his brother and was wondering when it was going to kick in.

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