Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 32


Silver got home and opened to door to the house. No pony was in sight. “Any pony here?” There was no answer.

She sighed as she flew upstairs went into the bedroom and slowly took off her armor. She placed her helmet on the dresser and pulled her shoes off. She stretched her body as she yawned still listening for any sounds in the house. She glanced at the bed and saw that it was made. “I guess I could take a nap. That bed does look inviting.” She whispered as she got into the bed and snuggled into the sheets. Soon she had fallen asleep.

Paradox opened the front door he was carrying the twins. “Alright girls, did we have fun at the park?” He asked them. Solana nodded and Selene shook her head. “Always a critic.” He laughed at Selene. “It’s nap time come along sweethearts.” He carried them upstairs into the nursery.

After a few minutes in the nursery and getting the twins to bed Paradox walked out and paused to look at the door to the bedroom. It was open. He could have sworn he closed the door when he left to the park. Slowly he approached the door and pushed it open more. He smiled when he saw who was snuggled in the bed. “Silver…” He whispered softly as not to awaken her.

Silver rolled in the bed and got more comfortable as Paradox walked closer to the bed. “You came home early.” He muttered as he sat down on the bed he reached over and moved her mane from her face. “You’re beautiful.”

Silver’s eyes opened slowly and she looked up at him. “Doxy?” She asked.

“Hello my sweet, how was your day?”

She slowly sat up in the bed. “I had a long day.” She placed her hooves on the blankets and let out a sigh.

He moved up onto the bed and placed his paws on her shoulders. “Tell me about it.” He started to massage the muscles in her shoulders and along her wings.

Silver let out a deep sigh as he massaged the tenseness out of her muscles. “I have to train three Pegasus guards and I swear they are extremely distracted. They ask me questions about you… of all the things to ask about; they ask about you? I don’t get it Doxy.”

He was confused. “Why did they ask about me? I’m not that exciting.”

“They asked if I was married to you… the famous actor.”

Paradox started to laugh. “Oh, I have acted in two plays on Broadneigh, and ponies still talk about that?”

Silver nodded slowly. “Yeah. Don’t ask me why.”

“You should tell them that I have retired from that. Maybe that will shut them up.” He pet her shoulders slowly down to her wings and rubbed up her feathers, as he did so he gave her a kiss on the back of her neck.

“You think they’ll listen to me? Sometimes I think they don’t really want to be guards.” She let out a soft sigh.

He nodded as he listened. “You just need to inspire them.” He said softly. “Do you think they’d do better if I came by one day?”

“Oh Doxy. Will you? I would love you to see me working.”

“Alright love. What would be a good day?” He asked as he rubbed down her back with his paws.

Silver suddenly got a wide grin. “Oh Doxy! I know what you can do…” She turned around to look at his face and paused when she saw that he was aroused.

He grinned at her sheepishly. “Um… I cannot help it; you turn me on.” He replied to her look.

“Ahem…” She tried to look at him seriously. “I have an idea.” She started to explain to him what her idea was and after she explained it to him he nodded and gave her a smile. She then looked at him as she suddenly pounced giving him a deep kiss. He put his arms around her and kissed her in return as they fell into the bed.

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