Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 30


A few days later

Paradox was sleeping on his back on the living room couch his mouth was open wide as he snored loudly. Solana looked up from playing with her blocks and put her paws to her ears. Selene giggled as she went and looked at her father as he slept. It was usually the time of day that Paradox caught a nap since he had become pretty much the house husband while Silver worked in Canterlot.couchnap1
The twins were now crawling and getting into things more often. Selene looked into her father’s mouth as he snored. She put her paw on his mouth and closed it for him. It stopped his snoring for a moment until he snored through his nose. She put her paw on his nose too. After a few seconds his eyes flew open and he sat up gasping for air. Selene had let his nose go when she saw his eyes open. Both foals giggled together as Paradox looked at them.

“What are you two trying to do?” He asked as he stretched. “Daddy has to breathe.”

“Da!” Selene said as she reached out opened and closed her paws at him.

He picked her up. “Want to be picked up?” He asked as he held her. Selene snuggled up in his arms and started to give a happy little purring sound. Solana crawled over put her paws up to him too. He picked her up as well. He had both of them on his lap and they both purred as they snuggled up with each other. “Oh. I get it, daddy can’t take a nap because you two want to nap on him.” He gave a heavy sigh as he sat back and put his paws around them to keep them safe on his lap.

An hour later.

Silver opened the door and walked in to see Paradox asleep on the couch with the twins sleeping on him. “Oh my goodness, so adorable.” She whispered as she walked over to them. She gently placed her hoof on Paradox’s shoulder. “Doxy?”

He lifted his head. “Huh?” Blinking a couple times he looked at his wife smiling at him. “Hey Silver. I’d get up to hug you, but I have a twin infestation.”

Silver smiled. “I see that.” She kissed him and walked to the kitchen. “Let me make some dinner.”

He nodded as he looked at Selene and Solana. “And to think, I thought I’d never be a good father. You two proved me wrong.” He whispered.

Solana stretched and yawned as she opened her eyes slowly she wiggled her nose and nudged her sister with her paw. Selene opened one eye, curled up tighter and fell asleep again.

He chuckled. “Solana, looks like your sister is still sleepy.”

Solana looked up at him and tilted her head slightly. “Mama. Mama…”

He blinked. “Silver.”

Silver walked into the room. “What is it?”

Solana looked over at Silver and she put out her paws to her. “Mama… mama.” She opened and closed her paws. “Mammaaa?”

Silver gasped as she went over to them. “Yes, Solana, I’m your mama.”

“Mama!” The foal reached for her. “Mmmama.”

“I think you’ll have to pick her up.” Paradox said. “She wants her mama.”

Silver picked up Solana. “Hey sunshine.”

Solana giggled as she was picked up and snuggled against Silver. “Mama.”

Silver held Solana. “Mama loves you. Sorry I’m not here a lot.”

Selene stretched and sat up. “Mama?” She asked as she looked at Silver holding her sibling. She then made a small squeak as she reached out to Silver.

“Looks like Selene wants her mom too.” Paradox grinned as he picked Selene up and got up off the couch. He carried his daughter over to Silver. Silver held out her hoof and he put Selene in her arms as well. Both foals snuggled up against their mom. “I’ll make dinner.” He said as he went into the kitchen.

“Doxy? You’re just going to leave me like this?” Silver asked as the kitchen door closed. She waited for him to reply but he didn’t. She looked at the foals they just hugged and snuggled against her. “You two planned this all along… you and your dad.”

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