Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 29


“Zero hadn’t been showing up to work again.” Silver was telling Paradox.

“Yeah, of course not, he has to take care of Rune. When does he have the time?” He asked.

“Your mom watches Rune a lot too.” Silver said.

“As if she doesn’t already have her hooves full with Snafu?” He said sarcastically. “Don’t worry about Zero, he is surviving, as we all are.” Paradox was trying to feed Selene a spoon full of pureed carrots. The foal gave a face at him so he moved the spoon to Solana. “Nom nom. Carrots. We all like carrots.”

Solana blinked at him as she opened her mouth. He put the spoon in her mouth and she ate the puree. Selene blinked at her sister and opened her mouth at Paradox. “Don’t want to be showed up by your sister do you?” He asked as he gave Selene some puree as well.

Silver watched as he fed the twins. “How do you get them to eat? They only want to nurse when I try to feed them.”

“I don’t have ample supply of milk in which to feed them.” He grinned at her. “You need to not spoil them, yes you have a natural beautiful way of feeding them. But I’m trying to introduce them to regular food, even if it does look like this.” He looked at the orange goop of pureed carrots.

Silver looked at the puree. “Yeah, that looks so delicious.” She made a face. The twins both looked at their mother and then back at the puree on the spoon and made a face.

Paradox sighed as he put the spoon down. “Thank you Silver.”

Silver snickered. “Sorry.”

He picked up the bowl of pureed carrots and placed it in the sink and he brought a cloth over and cleaned the twin’s faces. “Okay girls it is time for you two to play.” He lifted each one from their high chair and placed them on the floor. They sat for a moment and just looked up at their dad and mom. Solana reached over with her paw and bat at Selene’s tail. Selene squeaked and turned to look at her sister. They both pounced at each other and started to play.smtwins

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