Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 28


Paradox was laughing lightly as Silver opened the door to the room. “What’s so funny?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you after we send the nanny away.”

The room was quiet and they saw the nanny sitting in a rocking chair beside the crib holding one of the twins. She looked up and gave them a smile. She was an earth pony a little older than Silver. She spoke in a whisper. “These little ones are angels. I just got this one asleep.” She stood up and placed Selene in the crib.

Paradox nodded. “Selene is our little night owl.” He whispered and walked to the crib to look in on them.

“Thank you for watching them.” Silver replied.dewdrop

“It’s what I’m here for.” The nanny walked over to them. “Celestia had known my family for a long time. My great great grandmother once was a nanny to the castle.” She smiled. “If you two ever need some pony to watch them again. I’ll be glad to. Remember my name is Dew Drop.”

“Alright. It’ll be a pleasure to employ you again in the near future.” Silver replied.

They both said good bye to Dew and the earth pony left. Silver looked at Paradox and grinned. “So what were you laughing at?”

He grinned malevolently. “The guards in the west wing hallway… didn’t you noticed how they were all blushing?”

She blinked at him then started to giggle lightly. “Oh yeah, I forgotten that the hallway echoed. Those guards heard us.”

“Oh… yes, and one of those guards was the one that used to be my guard.” He shook his head as he grinned. “Silver, I love you. Let’s go to bed.”

She nodded as she agreed about bed. “Alright.” She looked into the crib. The twins were both snuggled against one another. “Sleeping like angels. Oh Doxy, I’m so happy with our family.”twinsleep

He hugged her to him. “I am too. I’m happy that you’re happy.” They stood watching the twins sleeping then slowly they themselves went to bed.

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