Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 27


Silver and Paradox were behind the curtains of the palace west wing. Paradox held Silver tightly to him as they kissed deeply. He moved his paw up her back as he gripped her rump with his other paw.

Silver kissed him deeply her tongue intertwined with his as she hugged his neck. She wanted him so badly tonight, she wondered if it was the food, but during dinner he kept teasing her putting his paw between her legs and giving her a mischievous grin.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia talked about Silver becoming a higher rank of officer in the royal guard. As they did Paradox was starting to become concerned. “What about her family?”

“Family is always a first priority Lord Paradox.” Princess Celestia replied.

“Yes. We have many trustworthy guards and if need arises Silver has an opportunity to spend time with family. Always.” Princess Luna added.

“It’ll be great Doxy. More pay and more time to be around you and the fillies.” Silver smiled.

“Good.” He replied as he rubbed her leg with his paw. He wanted to give her a kiss, but felt really shy doing it in front of the princesses. They had turned their attention to another pony at the table. Some Wonder Bolts were present at the dinner party as well. He wondered why his mother in law wasn’t there. Silver had told him, but he couldn’t remember; he just knew that he wanted his wife badly.

After the party they were walking down the west wing when he had grabbed her and pulled her behind the curtains. He moved his paw up between her wings as he pushed her up against the wall.

He pulled from the kiss both panting as they looked into each others eyes. “I want you.” He whispered.

“Dox.” She replied. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest.Lovinsilver

He moved both paws behind her rump holding her against the wall. She put her legs around his hips as he kissed her again. He moved his hips and rubbed against her.

Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp of pleasure breaking the kiss as he pushed his arousal deeply into her. “Ah Doxy yes…” Her body shook in pleasure.

“So tight. Silver!” He moaned as he pushed into her tightness.

Her body quivered as he pushed up into her. He growled as he bit on her neck and started to thrust roughly up into her. “Ah! Yes!” She gasped out as she hit orgasm.

“Mmm… Yes…” He moaned lustfully as he pushed into her deeply and released his pent up desires into her.

She shuddered as she came again. “Oh gods. I love you Doxy…”

He was panting as he looked at her. “I don’t know what came over me. I need you badly. I want to…” He growled as he started to push into her again. “I need to make love to you again…” He moaned out.huff
Silver gasped as he started to mate with her so soon. “Ah Doxy…”

“Need you. Want you.” He growled softly as he pushed deeper into her. “Silver… gods… I can’t stop. You feel so wonderful.”

She panted with lust as he thrust hard into her. He pumped up hard and fast and it made her head swim with dizziness. “Doxy, please don’t stop.”

“So tight so good so…” He grunted as he pushed into her rough and hard. “Come for me.”

She moaned in pleasure the hallway echoed with her moans. The guards on either end of the hall blushed because they knew what Paradox and Silver were doing… “Doxy! Yes!” She exclaimed as she came hard.

“Yes! Oh yes my goddess… my true love!” Paradox growled loudly as he gripped her possessively against him as he exploded deeply into her.

“Gods! YES!” They said in unison.

They both panted together as they slid to the floor. He pulled from her as he held and kissed her gently. “Doxy. I love you so much.” She whispered.

“Silver. You’re the world to me.” He said as he looked at her. “You’re beautiful.”

They both got up slowly as they made themselves look presentable again. Silver walked out from behind the curtains first and looked down the hallway. “Come on.”

The guards acted as if they hadn’t heard anything.

Paradox emerged and smiled at her. “I guess we should head back to our room and see how our foals are.”

She nodded. “Yes. Of course.”

They walked together calmly down the hallway and past the guards. Paradox grinned at one of the guards showing off his fangs. The guard watched him and gulped as the door closed to the hallway. The unicorn guard looked to the other guard. “I once had to guard Lord Paradox when he was ill. He has changed a lot since then.”

The other guard blinked. “I am jealous. I’ve always had a crush on Lieutenant Silver Dash. Now I feel very inadequate.”

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