Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 24


Paradox and Silver walked through the Ponyville market place. He pushed the carriage where both twins were snuggled against one another. Silver was looking at produce as Paradox stood and rocked the carriage back and forth to keep the foals asleep when a couple mares came up to him. He didn’t notice them until they were right next to him.

“Hello Paradox.” One mare said softly to him, while the other mare was blushing a lot.

He looked at the two mares. “Hey.” He said as he kept moving the carriage, his ears suddenly went up when he saw that the gray mare that said hello to him was the one that called him a monster several years ago. “What do you want Blitz?” He asked as he looked away from her.blitz

“I was wondering how you were? I haven’t seen you for… forever.” She said sweetly.

“Like you care.” He said as he looked around for his wife. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Blitz looked at him pushing the carriage back and forth. “I heard you’re a father…” She looked into the carriage and gasped.

Blitz’s friend looked into the carriage too as she let out a soft ‘aww’. “They’re beautiful.”

“Wow, Paradox… they look so cute.” Blitz said. “I didn’t…”

His eye started to twitch as he tried to keep calm. “You didn’t what? Didn’t think a monster could produce something as beautiful as these two?” He snapped. “Go away Blitz… leave me, my children and my wife alone.”

Blitz looked up at him with her eyes wide. “I…” She bit her bottom lip and suddenly trotted away.

Her friend looked at him for a moment then followed her friend. “Blitz… Wait up.”

Silver came up after she heard him raise his voice. “Doxy, what is wrong?” She looked in the carriage and saw the foals still sleeping. “What happened?”

He smiled at Silver. “Nothing to make you worry my love, just getting rid of a pest.” He kissed her softly on the lips. “If I hadn’t told you yet… You’re beautiful.”

Sliver blushed. “Aww, you told me that this morning.”

“I’m telling you again.” He grinned. “Did you find us some fresh vegetables?”

She nodded. “Yes and I found some leeks. I want to make some soup with them. Very fresh leeks too.”

He looked at her. “What are leeks?”

“Big mild tasting onions.” She said cheerfully.

He blinked. “Oh, alright then. So a soup made with leeks, sounds adventurous.” He grinned. “Let’s go to Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie Pie has been wanting to see Selene and Solana.”

They walked to Sugar Cube Corner.

Sprinkle Icing was placing cakes in the display cases while Pound Cake watched her from the table. “Sprinkle, you’re putting them in there wrong.” He said.

“Don’t tell me how to do this Pound, I know what I am doing. Have you finished studying for flight academy?” Sprinkle asked as she looked at him.

Pound Cake looked at her guiltily. “Oh… I knew I forgotten to do something today…” He suddenly flew into the back room.

Silver Dash walked into the store and Sprinkle looked up and smiled. “Silver!”

“Hey Sprinkle.” Silver said as she opened the door for Paradox and the carriage.

“OH! You brought the foals!” Sprinkle giggled.

“Did some pony say foals?” Pinkie Pie peeked into the room from the kitchen. She saw Paradox and Silver and she bounced into the room. “Let me see!”

Silver was blushing as she pushed the carriage over for Pinkie to look in.

Pinkie looked in and she seemed to about to suddenly burst from emotions welling up.

Sprinkle saw her mother turning a deeper pink. “Mom… breathe.”

Pinkie let out a small squeal as she looked at the foals. It didn’t bother the foals but Paradox started to shake his head and rub his ears. “Oh a supersonic squeal.”

“They are so adorable!” Pinkie Pie said. “Can I hold one? Please…”

“Of course Pinkie.” Paradox picked up Selene held her for a moment, kissed her then handed her to Pinkie. “This one is Selene.”

Pinkie looked at the little bundle. “Oh, she’s so cute. I wish I could have a grandbaby.” She glanced up at Sprinkle.

Sprinkle Icing blinked at her mother. “Mom…”

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