Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 23


A month later.

Silver was stretched out on the bed as she was reading a book. She had put Selene and Solana to bed and she was happy to have some time alone. She turned a page as she read the adventure book that her mother let her borrow. She knew Paradox was down stairs working on a new painting so she took the advantage of the time she had.doxart

Paradox made a face as he looked at his latest painting. He flapped his wings in frustration as he placed his paint brush in the cleaning cup. He stretched as he looked outside. The sun was setting and he didn’t realize how late it was.

She placed the book to the side as she rolled over in the bed. She spread out her wings upon the bed as she lay on her back and stretched. She closed her eyes slowly.

Paradox yawned as he disappeared. He reappeared upstairs, his father would have told him to not be lazy and walk every so often but he didn’t want to walk when he can just use his magic. He went into the bedroom and stopped when he saw her. He grinned as he looked at her and realized it had been over a month. His grin widened.relax
Silver opened her eyes slightly and closed them again; she could’ve sworn she heard him. She shrugged as she put her hooves on her hips and stretched again. She moved one hoof over and she started to move it over herself. Rubbing her folds slowly.

He stood up again. She almost saw him. Whew. He snuck up to her and stood looking over her as she was pleasing herself. He wanted to kiss her all over. His fangs started to grow as he stared at her. His paw moved down and he started to slowly rub himself. He wanted her badly.

She let out a soft moan as she rubbed up against her button. Her back hoof kicked slightly as she increased the speed she gave herself pleasure.

He watched as her wings quivered on the bed as she was on the verge of orgasm. He could practically taste her need in the air. He wanted her bad as he felt his member throb.

Silver gasped and panted as she moved her hoof faster. “Ah. Ohh Doxy.” She moaned out.

He couldn’t hold back as he knelt down at the end of the bed and crawled onto the bed swiftly to move her hoof and put his muzzle in where she was rubbing.

Her eyes flew open as he pushed his tongue deeply into her folds taking over her self-pleasure. “Doxy… oh gods.”

He licked up into her rubbing his tongue over her folds and pushing into her deep tasting her and tasting her button. He slowly pulled away and looked up at her his muzzle wet from tasting her sweetness. “Gods you’re hot.”

She panted as she looked down at him. “Doxy.” Her legs were quivering and she felt all her nerves vibrating.

He licked his lips as he moved up, he looked at her full breasts and nipples and grinned wickedly at her.

She looked at his face and knew that look. “What are you thinking?”

He didn’t say anything as he put his paw up on her thigh. He inched up her body slightly but still looked at her full ample breasts. He licked his lips again then ran his tongue over one of them.

“Oh!” She gasped out.

He put his mouth over one nipple and started to suck on her. He tasted her as he rubbed his tongue over her and he moved his mouth to her other nipple.

“Oh… Doxy… I need you so bad.” She moaned out.

He let her other nipple go as he licked his lips and started to kiss up her body, his kisses were hot like burning embers of desire over her. Until he was on top of her looking into her eyes. “Do you need me?” He asked.

She nodded as she stared into his eyes. “Yes, I need you bad.”

He moved his hips and rubbed his tip over her hot folds. “I need you bad too.” He whispered as he pushed past her folds.

She gasped with the feel of him, her whole body shook as he gave her what she desired. “Ah yes!”

He pushed into her slowly and he let out a moan at the feel of her. She was tight and felt so good around him. “Silver…” He said with a shudder in his voice as he looked into her eyes. Feeling her muscles squeeze him, oh how he’d missed that feeling.

She bit her lower lip as she moaned out with desire. “Please… please…”

Then he started to really move fast in her as she gasped out in pleasure. He huffed as he pushed and pulled into her. “Oh… Silver…” He sank his claws into the sheets as he pushed in deep. “I’m gonna…”

Suddenly one of the foals started to cry. The noise made Paradox freeze as his eyes widened and Silver looked up at him as her cheeks started to burn. “It’s okay, please don’t stop.” She whispered. “I’ll take care of her after.”

He swallowed hard as he looked at her apologetically. “Whoa… instant mood killer.” He said as he moved off of her. “Sorry Silver.”

Silver sighed as well, feeling really pent up. “Sorry.” She got out of bed. “I’ll go see why she’s crying.” She left the bedroom.

Selene was wide awake and crying. Silver went over to the crib. “What’s wrong Sweety?” She asked as she reached in and picked her up, she flapped her wings as she held her. “Little Selene.” Selene started to calm down as Silver held her and hummed.

As Silver held Selene; she saw Solana was sleeping comfortably in her crib.

Paradox walked in the room and saw that Silver was holding Selene. “What is wrong with my little moonbeam?” He asked as he held his paws out to her.

Silver let him take Selene from her, she then got on the rocker and relaxed as she got in a comfortable position to feed Selene. “She might still be hungry.”

He looked at Selene as he held her, she looked at him with her deep purple eyes and then cooed softly at him. “I love you, even though you picked the perfect time to cry, daddy was gonna give your mommy a hot gift until you started the fussy fuss.”

Silver’s cheeks burned. “Doxy, just put her here. I’ll feed her.”

She started to nurse immediately and Silver gave a heavy sigh. “Maybe, we should get a foal sitter?”

“Why?” Paradox asked.

Silver looked at him. “I’m totally pent up and you felt so good.” She blushed.

He sat down next to her. “I don’t know why hearing her cry made me stop. You felt wonderfully tight and I wanted you bad. Still do.” He whispered.

She looked at him for a long moment and then picked up Selene after she stopped suckling and she started to pat the foal on the back. “We can try again after we get her back to bed.”

He grinned. “I’ll try not to be distracted.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” She replied as Selene burped.

Paradox took Selene from her. “Now little moonbeam, time to get some sleep.” He placed her in the crib and she looked up at him with her big purple eyes.

Silver walked back to the bedroom, she got in bed and yawned.

Paradox walked in about a few minutes later, he saw Silver sleeping and he got in bed as well, he looked at the lamp and it turned off. Slowly he moved up against his wife and kissed down her mane. Silver made a small moan and wiggled against him. He grinned as he moved his hips and slipped his arousal into her. They slowly made love under the covers and weren’t disturbed for the rest of the night.

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