Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 22


It was good to be back home again Paradox thought as he made some food for Silver. She was upstairs in the nursery with the twins. He finished preparing the plate he disappeared and reappeared upstairs. The twins were both being fed and he paused as he watched and then brought the food to Silver.

“Dinner for my lovely wife.” He smiled.

“Thank you Doxy.” She said as she slowly picked up Selene. She put Selene on her shoulder and started to pat the foal’s back. The foal spread out her blue wings and flapped them slowly. The foals looked exactly alike except for a few minor differences. Selene had no freckles and deep purple eyes. Solana had freckles and deep blue eyes. They both resembled ponies except they had front paws like their father. When they nursed on Silver they both kneaded her, which tickled a lot at first until they used their claws.

“So, getting used to having two foals?” He asked.

“It’s not too bad. Ouch.” She suddenly winced. “Until they use their claws.”

He smiled as he licked his lips. “Interesting. I don’t think I ever did that.” He held up his paws.

Selene let out a small noise. “Good girl.” Silver smiled as she placed Selene on the bed and picked Solana up and started to pat her back.

Paradox got on the bed and lay down next to Silver. “Oh, can I nurse next?” He grinned.

Silver looked at him. “No. Don’t be weird.”

He kept smiling as he slowly pet Selene on her wings. The foal was already sleeping. Solana gave a small burp as well and Silver put her next to Selene. The twins snuggled up against each other. “They are so beautiful.” Paradox said softly. “Just like their mother.”

“Oh Doxy. You’re so sweet.” Silver blushed.

“I’m horny, let’s do it.” He grinned.

“No. The doctor said to wait a month.”

He blinked. “A month?” He closed his mouth and made a low growl. “Silver, I’ll die.”

“No, you won’t.” She giggled. “Besides she said abstain from sex until I heal. I think she meant intercourse there are other ways to get relief.”

His ears went up and he grinned at her. “Do tell.” He leaned back on the bed and she looked at him, she saw that he was quite aroused.

“Wait.” She blushed as she picked Selene up and moved her to the bassinet then picked Solana up and placed her next to Selene. For a brief moment Solana fussed, but once she was near her sibling she fell back asleep. Silver turned back to him. “As I was saying.” She crawled over to him on the bed. “There are other ways to get relief.”

He watched her and his grin widened. “Please tell me all you know.” He whispered as she got closer. “I’m all ears… Oh mmm gods yes.”

She licked his arousal slowly and moved her mouth over his tip. Slowly she sucked him deeper into her mouth.

“Uhh… yes… Silver.” He moaned out.

She looked up at him as she moved closer to him taking him slowly into her mouth more. Her tongue rubbing up against him as he started to swell.

He gasped out as she rubbed her tongue along the bottom of his length. Then pulled back to lick around his tip slowly. She looked up at him as she stopped for a moment. “Oh? Are you alright? You’re acting out of breath. I can stop if it hurts.”

He looked at her quickly. “Don’t… you… dare…” He panted.

She gave him a crooked smile. “Are you sure? You seem to be struggling to breathe.” She gave a long lick up his shaft which made him whimper loudly.resizedbj4u

He kept whimpering as she moved her tongue over him, teasing him with her mouth. “Silver… Please…” He sank his claws into the bedsheets.

She nodded her head as she moved her mouth down his shaft to the base to kiss up along him. As she got to his tip she opened her mouth as she slowly sucked him into her mouth again.

He moved his hips up pushing into her mouth more. “I’m go… going to explode.” He moaned.

She took him into her mouth squeezing his shaft with her tongue and relaxing her throat as she let him push into her deeper. She wanted him to release into her mouth and wanted to taste him badly.

He put his paw on her head as she moved her head up and down taking him in and releasing and sucking him deep again. He thrust into her mouth along with her. He was panting as he felt his orgasm building up. “Ah… your mouth… your tongue… uh…”

She worked her tongue around him as she pulled back and rubbed his tip with her tongue tasting his precum, she moved down again, he thrust into her mouth and she pulled back he thrust again, she stopped moving her head as he started to thrust in and out of her mouth pushing into her deeply.

“Uh… Yes… mmm Fff… Silver… I’m…” He pushed in deep into her mouth, she relaxed her throat as he let his orgasm go.

She felt his hot seed fill her mouth as she started to swallow him, drinking him down. She looked up at him as some of his cum dripped from her mouth. She kept swallowing what she could as he thrust into her mouth a couple more times releasing himself into her mouth each time.

He panted as he watched her swallow, she looked at him as she slowly opened her mouth and licked him to clean the extra cum from his shaft. “I hope that helps you.” She smiled at him and licked her lips as she moved up and lay down next to him.

“It helps a lot. Silver… I love you.” He nuzzled her as he snuggled up against her. “You know… your dinner is still sitting on the table over there.”

She started to giggle. “It’s ok. I just ate.”

Paradox laughed and kissed her on her forehead. “You’re amazing.”

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