Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 6


Discord and Fluttershy lay in bed and looked at one another. She was blushing profusely and he had a huge grin on his face.competition1

“So? You want to?” He asked as he winked at her.

Fluttershy squeaked and hid her face under the pillow. “That was our son making all that noise.”

“Our son and his mate.” Discord corrected her. “Although, from what I heard it was mostly her.”

“Oh my goodness.” She said under the pillow.

Discord’s ear twitched. “Oh. Sounds like they aren’t done.”

Fluttershy took the pillow off her head. “What?” Her ears tilted towards Paradox’s room. She then looked at Discord’s face and he was smirking at her.

Discord started to laugh. “Fluttershy, you deviant.”

“I… um… that isn’t fair Discord!” She blushed and hit him with her pillow and put it over her head again.

He blinked in shock several times at her. “Fluttershy, I was only teasing you.” He nuzzled down under her pillow and kissed her cheek. “You’re not a deviant.”

“You need to stop teasing me.” She whispered.

He smiled. “So you are not even a little bit in the mood?” He asked.

She looked at him from under her pillow and then looked away, her cheeks started to turn pink. “Maybe… a little.”

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