Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 5


With their cottage now under repair, Paradox and Silver are staying at Fluttershy and Discord’s cottage.

Paradox looked at himself in the mirror. “You don’t think I look like a monster?” He asked Silver as he put his paw on one of his horns.

Silver walked to him. “Doxy. You look like you. I love you.” She leaned against him.

He looked at her and smiled showing that he had two large fangs where he didn’t have any before. “I love you too.

“Let’s go to bed, I’m tired, we had a long day.” She whispered.

“It’s weird going to bed in my old bedroom.” He said. “Last time I was in this bed… was before we moved to Canterlot.” He got into the bed and moved over for her.

She joined him in the bed and giggled because it wasn’t a very big bed. She smiled as she snuggled up against him. “Cozy.”smallbed

He pet down her back with his paw and sighed. “Very cozy.” He closed his eyes as he pet her, running his fingers through her delicate feathers.

“So, you never did anything except sleep in this bed?” She asked innocently.

He opened his eyes. “Yes. I slept and sometimes thought about girls, I am a guy. I didn’t get a lot of privacy though. Two sisters.”

“Now you have a brother.” She said as she moved a little bit.

“Yes, and I also have a wife wiggling against me.” He moved over more thinking he was taking up too much room. He was surprised though when she got up and straddled him. He blinked as he looked up at her. “Hello.”

Silver smiled. “Hello.” She whispered back. “I want to break in this bed.”

He grinned at her. “Oh, do you?”

She nodded as she wiggled on his hips. “Also you’ve changed a little bit physically and I need to make sure everything is in perfect working order.”

“I don’t know…” He started to say. “Oh… Silver…” He let out a breath as she rubbed her hooves over his growing arousal.

She moved her hooves on his sheath and his arousal grew and she started to blush at his size. He had grown a couple more inches. She looked up at him and tried to not to let him be aware of his size. She leaned over him and moved up on his chest to look into his eyes. “Doxy… let me ride you.”doxsilverlove

He grabbed her hips as she wiggled on him. “You can ride me, but be warned; I buck.”

She grinned as she sat up. “I’ll be sure to be careful.” She raised up on her hips as she grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed him over her folds.

He let out a deep breath. “Silver, you feel so wet.”

“All the better to feel you… ah. Mmm.” She gasped as she pushed down on him. His girth spreading her folds slowly. “Doxy, you are so big.”

He panted at the feel of her. “You’ve gotten tighter.” He moaned as he rubbed her flanks with his paws. “Ahh…mmm.”

She shook as she pushed down on him he felt so big felt so good she shuddered as she felt her orgasm peak and flow around him. She panted in pleasure and she hadn’t even started to ride him fully.

“Silver? Did you just?” He whispered.

She nodded as her face was flush. “Yes, you made me… ah gods Doxy!” She shook as he pushed up into her and she came again.

“The ride is over before it starts… not when I’m involved.” He growled softly as he pulled her against his chest keeping himself buried inside he kissed her gently on the lips as he moved her up his chest and he started to push and pull into her heat.

As she lay on his chest and looked in his eyes she panted in pleasure. “Yes! Oh… yes Doxy.”

“Silver oh… so tight so hot. I… cannot…” He moved faster thrusting into her heat.

“Oh. Oh yes. Please… Paradox!” She felt another orgasm overwhelm her and she shuddered on top of him.

He held her tightly as he pushed into her deep, pushing past her cervix and pumping his hot desires into her. “Oh… Silver…” He was panting hard as he held her against him.

She snuggled into his chest fur feeling very fulfilled and satisfied. “Mmm I love you.”

“I love you.” He whispered as he moved his paws onto her back. “You’re amazing.”

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