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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 17 (nsfw)


A month later.

Silver stumbled slightly and let out a deep breath, she looked behind her and saw that Paradox was concentrating on the painting before him. She shook her head and flapped her wings to go upstairs.

Paradox glanced over to Silver and she was trying to fly up the stairs. She was two weeks due and she had gotten too big to fly so he helped her around the house a lot. She had also taken five months off from her duty as Celestia’s guard.

She looked at the stairs and let out a frustrated sigh. She stepped on the first step when Paradox came up and picked her up. “Oh Doxy, I can do it.”

He shook his head. “Nope, I won’t hear of it. You’re about to have our foal, and you need to conserve your energy.”carryme

“I don’t like this, I was used to not needing help and all I can do is walk a little distance.” She started to cry. “I feel like I’m all worthless.”

He kissed her. “You’re not worthless, you’re a gorgeous mare with a life inside of her.” Paradox nuzzled her neck.

“Why are you so sweet?” She asked in between sniffles.carrymecolored

“I take after my mother.” He whispered as he carried her upstairs. When they got upstairs he opened the door to their bedroom and placed her on the bed. “There we go. In the snuggly bed.”

She looked at him and suddenly blushed. “Doxy, did I ever tell you that I’m the envy of all the mares in Ponyville?”

“No, why is that?” He asked as he got on the bed and started to rub her shoulders and wing joints.

She sighed at the massage. “That feels wonderful.” Her wings spread out.

“You’re the envy why?” He asked as he looked at her wings. He bit his lip as he felt himself grow aroused. He rubbed her shoulder again.

“Yes, they all think you’re sexy and they all want you. They’re jealous of me. Some even say that I took you away from them.” She felt his paw stop rubbing her shoulder.

“Who said that?” He asked as he moved his paw over to her back.

“Some grey mare with a snobby attitude. She said you gave her a lot of attention, but you just stopped seeing her one day.” She felt him stop massaging her back and lean slowly over her.

She felt his lips touch her ear. “That mare told me that I was a monster and I’d never be loved. She laughed in my face and broke my heart. You never treated me like she treated me and I am grateful to this day that destiny brought us together.”

She blinked as she looked at him. “Doxy why did she do that to you?”

He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. What matters now is that you just relax.” He whispered as he rubbed down her back with both paws. He was still aroused as he looked at her muscles in her back.

She nodded. “I wanted to punch her in the face then. Now I really want to punch her in the face.”

He grinned at her. “Silver, you are very sexy. Don’t worry about that mare she isn’t worth your beautiful wrath.” He moved his paw down her back feeling the muscles relax under his touch. He kissed down her neck slowly as he moved his paws to her thighs.

Silver melted into the bed as he kissed her. “I am grateful to have you in my life. I love you Doxy.”

He moved her tail to the side. “I love you too.” He murmured softly as he kissed along her mane. He was throbbing hard for her.

She moved her hips up. She let out a gasp when he slowly rubbed his arousal over her folds. “Mmm please.” She whispered.

She was wet for him and that made him want her more. “You’re wonderful.” He moaned out as he pushed into her carefully.

Silver began to pant as he made love to her. Every nerve in her body was electrified making every sensation enhanced. So much that she shuddered from an instantaneous orgasm. “Ah oh…yes…”

He blinked in shock as he felt her quiver around him, but he continued to make love to her pushing in deeply and pulling back. She felt tight and perfect he felt her body shudder under him as she tightened around him. “Oh uhh… Silver. You’re squeezing me like a vice…” He groaned out.

“Cannot help it. Oh Doxy! Ohhh!” She exclaimed as she came again.

He growled softly as he pushed deeply into her and grind up against her rear. “So tight, uhh by the eternal moon you feel so wonderful.” He released his pent up need into her.

Silver gasped when he released and she came again their orgasmic pleasure flowing together making them both feel euphoric.

He leaned over her and hugged her against him as he emptied into her. Giving her quick thrusts spilling every bit into her before pulling out of her tightness.

They both lay in the bed breathing hard from the love making. Soon both of them drifted off to sleep.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 16


The painting was looking good, Paradox stepped back from it and looked at it he turned his back on it and quickly turned to look at it fast then turning away again.

Silver watched him do this several times. The fifth time he did the quick turnaround she started to snicker.

His ears perked up at her snicker. He ignored her and did the quick turn again this time flapping his wings when he almost fell over. He did it again quicker and ended up flailing his paws and losing his balance. He stumbled back and ran into the wall. “Horse nuggets.”

Silver laughed loudly at him. “Doxy? What are you doing?”

He stood up as he grabbed one of his wings and pet the feathers down with his paws. “I was trying to see what was wrong with the painting. It’s a commissioned piece and I want it to look perfect.” He let his wing go and grabbed the other one and pet his feathers there too.

Silver slowly got up and walked over to him. She looked at his painting. It was a portrait of Princess Luna. Her mane was long and flowing that blended with the night sky with a beautiful array of stars. Silver let in a deep breath.

“Yeah, exactly… It’s terrible.” He muttered as he put his claws through his feathers. “You don’t have to say anything. I’ll just start over tomorrow on it.”

“It’s gorgeous.” Silver said as she looked at the fine detail work he did. “Why do you think it looks bad?”

He looked at her. “I don’t know… It’s her eyes… They could look better.” He pointed at a speck of paint with his claw.

Silver squinted. “Um… I don’t know what you see. This painting is perfect.”

He put up his paws and let out a sigh, “I’ll have to look at it later, and then I can find the major flaw.”

Silver frowned as she squinted at the painting. “It looks so good, beautiful detail.” She shook her head when she felt a little dizzy she gulped and placed her hoof on her belly. “I’m going to go sit back down.” She turned and stumbled slightly as she walked back to the couch and stretched out on it. He watched her as she walked back. He placed his paintbrush in the washing cup and followed her to the couch.concern

She didn’t notice he had followed her so after she had stretched out she looked up and saw his muzzle in her face. “Ah! Doxy!” She said in shock as she blinked at him.

“Are you alright? You don’t look alright. Is it the baby? Are you in labor? Do you need help? I can help you if you need help. Here is a pillow.” He fluffed up a pillow and placed it under her head. “Just tell me. Please.”

“I was only a little dizzy, that’s all.” She confessed. “I have a month before I even begin having labor pains.”

“Are you sure Silver? I worry…” He picked up her hoof and kissed it. “I want you to be comfortable. Are you hungry?”hoofkiss

Silver smiled at him and put her hoof on his cheek. “Thank you for thinking about me. I’m alright.”

He looked at her doubtfully. “Alright. I am here if you need anything at all.”

“I know. Thank you.” She relaxed and closed her eyes. He got up and went back to look at his painting while she relaxed.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 15


Silver was trying to read a book as Paradox stood next to a mirror and was making faces in it. She glanced at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m working on my expressions.” He answered as he made a surprise look.

She sat up a little bit, she was six months pregnant. “Why?”

Paradox blinked and looked at her. “Well, I was going to keep it a surprise but since you asked…”

Silver looked at him. “Yes?”

“I’m going to try out for a role in a Broadneigh play.” He placed his paws on his cheeks.

Silver’s eyes widened. “That sounds great! Oh Doxy I hope you get it.”

He swallowed hard. “I hope so too, but there is some good competition out there.”

“I know you can do it. You’re really good at acting.” She smiled.

“If you say so. I can adapt to situations fast.” He grinned as he changed to look like a pony. He had deep blue eyes and black as night mane.

Silver smiled at him, she knew he could shape change into a pony because she had met him while he was acting like a drunk unicorn, trying to spy on Zero. “See, you have the role in the bag.”broadneigh

“Thank you, my love.” He trotted over to her and kissed her.

“Oh my. I hardly know you stranger. My husband will tear your arms out if he saw me kissing you.” She giggled.

Paradox laughed. “Silver. I love you.” He nuzzled her as he changed back and placed his paw on her pregnant belly. “I love this one too.”

“I do hope you get the role. You have so much talent. Are you going to audition as you or as a pony?” She asked.

He blinked at the question. “I hadn’t thought of that. What do you suggest I do?”

Silver smiled. “Be yourself my love. Then show them what you can do.” She then whispered. “You have a lot of talent. Especially in bed.”

He grinned at her. “Silver. How do you do that?”

She looked at him innocently. “Do what?”

“Make me instantly turned on?” He placed his paw on her cheek as he looked in her eyes.

“I don’t know.” She whispered back she looked at his face and saw the love in his eyes. “You do the same to me.”

They both looked up when there was urgent knocking on their front door.

“I wonder who that is?” He asked as he got up and walked to it.

“Silver! Paradox… Hurry up! It’s horrible…” A voice said on the other side.

“Zero?” Paradox said as he opened the door.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 14


A few months along.

Silver was on her side sleeping comfortably after several times tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.sleepingsil

Paradox had awoken in the middle of the night. Since taking the medicine that Epona gave him, no other changes occurred to his body. He finally was able to retract his claws and his fangs weren’t has prominent as before. Although during mating, things changed. He looked over at Silver and sighed. He didn’t want to wake her up, but she looked so beautiful. Slowly he placed his paw on her swollen belly, he felt that familiar tingle and he smiled.

Silver’s eyes opened slowly at the feel of his paw. He moved his fingers through her fur slowly and softly. She sighed as he rubbed her fur. “Doxy…”

His ears went up and he looked at her guiltily. “I’m sorry that I woke you up. I just wanted to touch you.”

She smiled at him. “I’m hungry. So you didn’t really wake me up, the foal did.” As she said that, the baby suddenly moved in her belly and Paradox’s eyes widened it was the first time he felt it move.

“Silver…” He breathed out.

Silver nodded, “Yes, I felt it too.” She placed her hoof on her belly. “I think the foal is hungry.”

He sat up. “What does my love and our child want to eat?” He asked.

Silver thought about it. “Pancakes with grapple-berry jam.”

He licked his lips. “That sounds good. Yes my dearest.” He got up from bed giving her a kiss and nuzzling her belly. “I’ll be back soon.” He went down stairs.

Silver slowly moved up to sitting position and slowly rubbed her belly. “I wish I knew what was going on in there.” She could swear that she was bigger than the other pregnant mares at the Doctor’s waiting room. One was about the same term as her and she was smaller than her. “I bet there’re two of you in there.”

Paradox came in carrying a plate of pancakes smothered in grapple-berry jam. “For my love.”

“They look delicious.” She practically drooled over them as she started to devour them. “Oh my gods these are sinfully good.”

He watched her eat the whole thing and he blinked in surprise. “Whoa.”

Silver sighed in satisfaction. “Doxy, you’re a life saver. Those were delicious. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. Anything for my family.” He placed his paw on her belly as he leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

She put her hooves around him and pulled him into a deeper kiss. After the kiss she looked into his eyes. “Make love to me.”

His fangs suddenly grew at her demand and he smiled. “Oh yes my love… I’ll do what you wish.” He whispered as he moved against her and started to kiss along her neck.

She shuddered in desire as he kissed along her neck and he started to rub his paw over her flank slowly. “Ah… mmm.”

He growled low as he moved over her, looking into her eyes he rubbed his desire over her folds slowly. “You are so wet.” He whispered to her.

“Yes, oh… please…” She whispered as he teased her entrance.

Paradox pushed slowly into her and let out a soft moan. “Oh you’re tight… Silver.” He gripped her flank tightly.

She moaned in pleasure as he pushed deeply into her, he was larger than before and he felt good as he pushed and pulled into her. He rubbed just right over her button and she shuddered as she hit orgasm. “Ah Doxy… yes.”

He felt her climax and he panted with the feel of her, he pushed in deeper and pulled out then pushed in again. “Oh yes… Silver. Come for me again.” He moaned lustfully as he pulled and pushed faster.

She was panting with desire as he increased his speed. “Oh… oh yes! Oh Doxy please! Please!” She shook as she came again.

“That’s my girl.” He purred out as he pushed in deeply and released his pent-up desires. “Gods you’re hot.” He whispered as he kissed her softly. He pumped all his need into her and slowly pulled from her heat. “I love you.”

She panted as he snuggled against her. “I love you too, Doxy. Thank you.”

He grinned. “You know, I find you extremely sexy. Silver you are my love, my life, my forever.” He kissed her gently again.

“Oh Doxy.” She whispered back to him. “You say the most romantic things.”

He started to chuckle. “Of course. My parents raised me right.” He pulled her against him and she snuggled up against him, he placed his paw on her belly as they both fell asleep together.


Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 13


Silver was trying not to act nervous as she sat next to her mother at the restaurant. “Doxy should be here soon.”

Rainbow Dash chuckled. “What’s taking him so long?”

Silver shrugged. “I don’t know, let’s snack on these chips.” She started to eat the chips on the table. She nibbled on them since she really didn’t have an appetite. She had morning sickness for a couple of days and she didn’t want to start getting nauseous in front of her mom.

“Alright, but Paradox better get here soon or I’ll be a little grumpy.” Rainbow sighed as she picked up a chip.

Paradox appeared next to the table. “I’ve come with cake.” He placed the box in front of his mother-in-law.

“Are you always late for things?” Rainbow Dash asked him as she opened the box.

“No, I’m sorry.” He replied as her saw her start to open the box.

“I hope you like it.” Silver said as Paradox stood next to her placing his paw on her shoulder.

Rainbow Dash opened the box and looked at the cake then looked up at her daughter and son-in-law. “It’s a beautiful cake.” She saw the pacifiers on it. “Does this mean what I think it means?”

Paradox and Silver both nodded, Silver was blushing a lot as she looked at her mom. “Yes.”

Rainbow started to laugh and suddenly jumped up and flew over to them. “This is totally awesome! I’m gonna be a grandmother! Yes! In your face Apple Jack! I win again.” She hugged both Paradox and Silver. “Do you know what the baby will be?”

Paradox blinked. “What the baby will be?” He looked worried.

“She means a boy or girl Doxy.” Silver said to him. “No, we don’t know yet.”

Rainbow Dash was crying suddenly. “My baby is going to have a baby!” Silver started to hug her mom and pat her on the back. Paradox grinned as he sat down and looked at the cake, he wanted a bite.

“Can we have some cake?” He asked.

Rainbow Dash looked over at Paradox she had tears running down her cheeks. “Just wait, I’m having a moment here.”

He started to laugh deeply and saluted. “Yes ma’am.”

“Silver, you married a smart aleck.” Rainbow smiled between sniffles.

“I know.” Silver smiled because she had started to cry too.

Both stopped embracing and walked over to sit down. “Ok, we’ll have cake now.” Rainbow stated as she took in a deep breath. Paradox held a chair out for Silver to sit and went over for his mother-in-law to pull out her chair, but she sat down before he could. He sighed and went to sit back down.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 12


The cake was small and decorated beautifully. Pinkie Pie looked at it proudly. “Sprinkle, you’ve out done yourself!”pinkiecake

“Silver Dash requested it for her mother.” Sprinkle said proudly.

“The colors really match her personality.” Pinkie inspected it. “Rainbows all over and… a couple pacifiers on the top. Wait…” You could literally see the wheels in Pinkie’s brain working. “Does this mean?”

She watched her mom and waited for her to say it. “Hmm?”

“Paradox and Silver are expecting?”

“Yes.” Sprinkle nodded.

She let out a squeal of happiness. “Two? Twins? Please be twins… please.” Pinkie giggled.

“They don’t know yet…” She said to her mom. “I just thought two pacifiers looked good.”

The door of Sugar Cube Corner gave a small chime. “I’m coming.” Pinkie said and walked out.

Paradox was standing and waiting. Pinkie grinned at him. “Para… dox…”

He grinned at her she noticed that he looked little different but didn’t care. “Pinkie… Pie.” He replied back.

“Gonna tell your Auntie Pinkie something?” She said with a huge grin.

He casually looked around. “Hmm, no I don’t think so.”

She bounced over to him. “Dox, tell me… please!”

He watched Pinkie Pie bounce. “Pinkie, I’ve always wondered something…”

She stopped mid bounce. “Ask me anything! What is it?”

“You’re random and almost chaotic.” He paused for a moment and looked at her. “How come you and dad never hooked up?”

Pinkie fell on the ground and looked at Paradox. “Wow! You surprised me with that question. Very out of left field there Dox.”

He nodded. “I’m curious is all… You don’t have to tell me.”

Pinkie Pie stood up slowly and looked at him. “You are trying to distract me… I know your ploy!” She grinned again. “You are not going to distract me! Tell me if it’s true… Are you and Silver expecting?”

Paradox looked at her for a long moment. “Expecting what?”

Sprinkle Icing came out of the back carrying a cake box, she placed it on the counter. “Paradox, she already knows, just tell her.”

“Yes, Pinkie. Silver and I are expecting a little one.”

“Just… one?” Pinkie asked.

“I guess so, I don’t know.” He muttered as he walked over to the counter. “How much do I owe for the cake?”

“You should bring Silver over for lunch some time. I want to see her.” Pinkie giggled as she operated the register and told him the total.

“Alright Pinkie, but today we’re having lunch with Rainbow Dash.” He placed bits on the counter paying her. He picked the box up. “See you ladies later.” He then disappeared.

“Paradox looked so…” Sprinkle started to say and was interrupted by her mother.

“Sexy.” Pinkie finished.

Sprinkle blushed. “Mom!”

Pinkie Pie looked at her daughter. “What?”

“You’re old enough to be his mother!” Sprinkle made a face.

“Duh!” Pinkie said. “Doesn’t mean I can’t look.” She hopped out of the room and back into the kitchen. Sprinkle shook her head and realized she was still blushing… because what her mother said was true, he was sexy.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 11


He was laughing, why was he laughing? It wasn’t that funny. Why won’t he stop?laughingparadox

Silver looked at him. “Are you feeling alright?”

Paradox kept laughing as tears fell from his eyes. “No.” He managed to say and caught his breath as he looked at the doctor. “What did you say?”

“It’s a high possibly that Silver is going to have twins.” Epona repeated.

He was about to burst out laughing again. “Why would we have twins?” He asked as the urge to snicker rose.

“Your father was a twin, you’re a twin. High probability.” Epona answered. She looked at Paradox and blinked. “Are you alright?”

He stared at her. “Yeah. Peachy. Why?” He snickered and tried to compose himself.

“You have a crazed look on your face. When did your fangs grow in?” She asked.

“I’m not crazed am I? And I had fangs for a while they just recently grew in larger.”

Epona looked doubtfully at him. “Come here.”

He nodded as he snickered moving closer to Epona. “Yes?”

She looked into his eyes and then made him open his mouth. She looked at his paws, horns and fangs. “Unusual fur growth, claws won’t retract… hmm. Growth potion?” She asked casually.

Silver and Paradox looked at her in shock. “Yes.” they said together.

“You youngsters always in a hurry.” She muttered.

“Wait, no it was an accidental ingestion.” Paradox grinned he was still feeling giddy with laughter.

“Oh, you should have come to me sooner. Sounds like magical poisoning.” She disappeared and instantly reappeared holding with her magic, a bottle. “This should stop anything new that shall come up. It will also help with your claws and fangs.”

He looked at the bottle, it had some purple capsules in it. “I don’t trust it.”

“I didn’t ask if you trusted the medicine. Take one a day for five days and you’ll notice the difference. If you want to stop the changes to your body, I suggest you take it.” She looked at him.

“Can I take one now?” He asked and started to chuckle.

“Please do.” The Epona muttered.

Paradox took a capsule out of the bottle and looked at it. “It’s the size of a horse pill.”

Silver giggled. “You’re part horse.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I am… whoa awesome. Talking horses.” He took the capsule.

“As I was saying…” Epona turned to look at Silver. “You might have twins, but probably not. But I’d never rule that out. Look who the father is. It runs in his family. Yet they’re fraternal twins so…”

Silver nodded. “So the possibility is smaller of having twins.”

Epona nodded. “Let me check you.”

Paradox was sitting in a chair looking at his paws. Just staring at them and not paying attention to the Doctor or his mate. When he heard a heartbeat he sat up and looked over. “What is that?”

“That is your wife’s heart.” Epona replied and waited until he walked over before she moved the Doppler wand down. The sound changed to rapid fluttering noises. “That sound is the foal’s heart beat.”

Paradox’s mouth suddenly hung open. He looked at Silver and saw her smile at him. He placed his paws on his head. “I heard this before, but it’s totally different when it’s your own.” He smiled as he went over to Silver. “That’s our baby. Our foal. Silver, you’re awesome.” He kissed her.

Silver was blushing. “Oh… you helped.”

“With the fun part!” He laughed. Silver giggled along with him as she blushed.

Epona sighed and rolled her eyes. “Paradox, be sure to take those pills daily until they are gone. Plus help your wife as much as possible.”

He looked at her. “Help her do what?”

“Things around the house. Take care of her.”

“I do that already.” He smiled and kissed Silver’s cheek. “Don’t I?”

“Looking sexy isn’t helping. She means doing chores.” Silver replied as she pushed him with her hoof.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 10


Paradox sat in the unfinished room by himself. He absently rubbed his black beard that had grown in after he’d accidentally drank the growth potion. The residual backlash from the potion kept turning up. His horns had grown in, he developed fangs and now his beard. He was sitting in the nursery, it was only halfway built; the builders had left for the day.

Silver looked at her mate as he sat in the room by himself. She let out a sigh as she left him to his thoughts.

He heard her sigh and he was pulled from his thoughts right away. He turned and saw her start to walk into the other room. He got up quickly and walked to the doorway. “Silver?”

She stopped and looked at him. “Yes?”

He went over to her timidly and smiled at her. “How’re you feeling?” He asked.

“I feel alright.” She hesitantly stated. “I’m more worried about you.”

He blinked. “Me? Why me?”

She tilted her head. “Ever since you found out I was pregnant you seemed to be avoiding me.”

He gulped and looked at the floor. “I’m sorry. I’m not avoiding you, I just have a lot on my mind.”

“Our child is going to be perfect Doxy. Stop worrying about it.” She said softly. She looked at him for a long moment and he let out a sigh.

“I’m just nervous I guess.” He said as he sat down on the floor.rebuild

She slowly approached him. “Don’t be nervous.”

He looked up at her. “Every time I look in the mirror I’ve changed. I can’t recognize myself. Am I turning into a monster? I have fangs, my claws won’t retract, and my horns. Silver what is happening to me?”

She smiled as she sat with him. “You only think you’ve changed; your appearance… maybe a little, but you haven’t changed what is inside.” She pointed at his chest with her hoof. “Doxy, I still love you. You can turn into a large blob of green goo and I’d still love you.”

He snickered and she looked at him in confusion. “I’d not want to look like that.” He smiled.

She smiled. “There is the smile I know.” She whispered as she snuggled up against him. He put his arm around her and hugged her tight.

“I guess I’ll have to figure out what to do about my changes.” He said. “Later though, because right now…” He growled softly as he kissed along her neck.

Silver shivered at his kisses and leaned against him more. “Mmm Doxy…”

He licked up her neck softly and pulled her into his lap.lapcuddle

She sighed as she put her legs around his waist and let him lick and kiss along her neck. “Ah mmm love you.”

He moved his hips as he grew aroused and rubbed up against her folds. Rubbing his tongue along her neck slowly he angled his tip up and he had an incredible urge to bite her, he opened his mouth and rubbed his fangs against her neck.

Silver gasped when he teased his arousal against her folds. Slowly he pushed in as he growled deeply and lustfully. She shook in pleasure and moaned out as he pushed further into her. “Ah!”

He growled as he gripped her against him, he wanted to sink his fangs into her, he didn’t but the urge was there. He breathed out as he shuddered with desire. “Silver.”

She felt his fangs rubbing against her and she felt a chill run up her spine and a slight worry in the back of her mind. She was scared a little but yet excited too. Her wings spread out as he pushed deeper into her and she shuddered with his size and girth. “Oh Doxy. You feel so wonderful.”

He panted as he moved his paws down to her hips and gripped her tightly as he gave a thrust up into her hard. He felt her shake with pleasure as he slowly moved into another position pushing her slowly back lying her on the floor with her wings spread out under her. He kept himself inside of her as he looked down at her. “You’re gorgeous.”

Her cheeks were flush with desire as she looked up at him. “Doxy, please.”

“I’ll please you.” He whispered as he pushed into her deeper. “So tight.”

They moved together making love, he pulled and pushed into her heat as he gripped her tightly. She looked into his deep blue eyes losing herself into the depths of them. He felt so wonderful and she moaned out lustfully as she came. “Ahh!”

Pleasure washed over him and he gasped as she tightened and fluttered around him. He gave a hard thrust and released his own orgasm deep inside of her. He pushed and pulled a few more times until he felt drained, then slowly pulled from her. He pulled her against him as he lay on the floor with her. They both panted from the love making.

“I’m definitely not avoiding you.” He whispered as he nuzzled her cheek.

She snuggled against him. “That’s good. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He suddenly sat up and put his paw on her belly. “I hope I didn’t hurt the baby.”

She looked at him. “Does it feel like you hurt the baby?”

He pet her softly on the belly and he got the sensation of tingling. “Nope, it’s fine.” He smiled lightly.

“Too bad you can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl.” Silver giggled. “You know, I haven’t told mom yet.”

He grinned. “Oh? Why not?”

She giggled more. “I want to surprise her.”

Paradox shook his head. “Your mom is really excitable; I’d like to be there when you tell her.” He then sighed deeply. “She doesn’t know that I look different.”

Silver kissed him on the cheek. “She won’t care Doxy. She loves you.” She slowly stood up. He got up as well; she noticed him looking at her. “What is it?”

He smiled at her guiltily. “I was just imagining you… bigger.”

She blushed. “Doxy!”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 9


Paradox walked into the kitchen and sat down silently followed by Fluttershy and Discord. Discord rubbed his paw and claw together happily when Silver placed a plate of crepes in front of him. She placed a plate in front of Fluttershy and then Paradox. “Eat up!” She said cheerfully as she flapped her wings as she sat down and pulled a plate of crepes to her.

She watched as Discord was eating the crepes with gusto. “Silver, these are really good.” He said with his mouth full.

Fluttershy daintily cut the crepes and ate little bites. She smiled at her daughter-in-law. “They have so much flavor… very juicy too.”

Paradox looked at his crepes, it was his favorite and he didn’t have an appetite, although they looked really delicious. He looked up at his wife and she was smiling.

“It’s your favorite.” She said to Paradox and her smile faltered a little when she saw his look. “Is… there something wrong Doxy?”

“Nothing is wrong.” He muttered as he made himself eat the crepes.

“Are you sure?” She asked. “You look… upset.”

“I’m alright. They taste good Silver. I always love your cooking.” He smiled weakly.

“Ok.” She said as she ate hers.

They ate in silence for a moment until Snafu started to get fussy in the baby sling. Fluttershy smiled. “It’s okay Snafu, I know it’s time for your nap.” She got up from the table. “Thank you for breakfast Silver. It was really delicious.”

“It was fun to make breakfast for you!” Silver smiled as she placed her fork down and started to take the empty plates from the table. Discord had summoned a newspaper from thin air and he was reading it upside down as he sat back. Paradox just sat forward and was poking half of an uneaten crepe with his fork. She placed her hoof on his plate. “Are you done Doxy?”

“Silver, you’re pregnant.” He said as he put his paw on her hoof.

Several things happened all at once. Plates fell onto the floor from Silver’s hoof. Discord dropped the paper and placed his paw on his forehead in exasperation and Fluttershy squeaked at the plates falling on the floor and Snafu started to cry loudly at the noise of plates shattering. In that few seconds’ total chaos reigned in the kitchen. Discord smiled slightly under the exasperation and shook his head as the noise settled. “Total chaos… I applaud you on your timing Paradox.” He clapped.

“Sorry…” Silver whispered as she started to pick up the plates that she dropped. Her thoughts were spinning, she didn’t hear Dox right… did she? “I’ll clean this up… I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy.”

Paradox got up quickly and started to help Silver pick up the dishes. “It’s alright, Silver. I’ll clean this up.” He used his magic and cleaned the dishes off the floor making the larger shards float into a trash can. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” He whispered to her.

She sat back and looked at him as he picked little pieces of plate off the floor with his claws. “Doxy, what did you say? I think I heard you wrong.” She asked.

Discord looked under the table at them. “Paradox is suffering from hoof in mouth disease.”

Paradox pushed his father’s muzzle back. “Dad… Let me talk to her.”

Fluttershy grabbed Discord’s shoulder while she tried to sooth Snafu. “Come on.” She said to him. They left the kitchen leaving Silver and Paradox sitting on the floor looking at one another.

“Please, what did you say?” Silver repeated her question.

Paradox gave a small smile. “Well, remember when I said that I felt something odd and I had to ask Dad what it might have been?”

“Yes?” Silver nodded.

“I asked him…” He inched closer to her and reached over to her. “Come here.”

She moved closer to him and was surprised when he placed his paw on her stomach. “Doxy?”

He looked into her eyes as he slowly caressed her belly fur. She sighed softly at his touch and leaned closer to him, he gave her a soft kiss on her lips as they pulled apart he swallowed. “I love you, and while our cottage is being fixed, we’ll need a nursery built in… because you’re pregnant with our foal.”

She blinked at him. “How do you know this?”

“I’m a draconequus.” He smiled. “I hope you don’t care… I’m scared, but we’re going to be… parents.”sohappy

She started to cry; her tears were slowly running down her cheeks as she looked at him. “This makes me happy. Doxy… I am so happy that you and I are going to be parents!” She hugged him tightly and he started to laugh at how happy she was as he returned her hug tightly.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 8


Fluttershy was sitting in the kitchen patting Snafu on the back after she had fed him.FSnSnafu-20151112_225128

Silver walked in and saw her. “How are you this morning?” She asked.

Fluttershy looked at her daughter-in-law and started to blush. “Oh um… I’m ok.” She cradled Snafu and gave a shy smile. “I hope you slept alright.”

“The bed was kind of small but Doxy and I made it work.” She smiled and walked to the refrigerator. “I can make breakfast.”

“Are you sure? I was just getting Snafu fed before I made breakfast.”

“Not a problem.” Silver said as she started to get things out. “I’ll make my famous crepes with grapple-berries.”

“Sounds delicious.” Paradox said as he walked in. He saw his mom holding his brother and smiled. “Mom!” He went over and gave them both a hug.

“Good morning Dox.” Fluttershy whispered.

“It is a good morning, where is dad?” He asked as he took his brother from her.

“He’s probably still in bed.” She said as she sat back down on the chair.

Paradox held his brother and made faces at him. Snafu just giggled, flapped his gossamer wings and cooed. “I guess I’ll wait for him to get up then.”

Fluttershy stared at her son for a long moment when she finally spoke up. “Dox?”

He looked at her. “Yes?”

“I can’t help but notice that… um you have fangs now.” She said softly. “I don’t remember you having fangs like that.”

“It was pretty late last night when Silver and I got in here wasn’t it? You were already in bed.” He said. “Dad didn’t want to bother you I guess.”

She started to nod as she blushed. “Yes but… I woke up and heard… Oh never mind.” She put her hooves on her cheeks and turned around. “I am glad you and Silver are here. I miss seeing you.”

Silver giggled as she flipped the crepe and started to mix up some grapple-berries in a saucepan. “Sorry if Doxy and I kept you awake.”

The door opened to the kitchen as Discord walked in. He stopped in mid-step and looked at every pony in the room looking at him. “Okay… What did I do wrong?”

Paradox grinned. “Dad.” He gave Snafu back to Fluttershy. “I need to ask you something.”

“Okay, but I rather eat what is smelling really good right now.” He said as she looked at Silver cooking breakfast.

“It won’t take long Dad! Plus breakfast isn’t done yet.” He walked out of the kitchen hoping that Discord would follow him.

Discord sighed and looked at Fluttershy, she shrugged and he slumped as he followed his son back out of the kitchen. “What is it son?”

Paradox sat on the couch and sighed. “I got to ask you something. You know I’m not very good at magic and I am constantly learning. I just need to ask you something important and I don’t know how to word it.”

Discord’s eye brow went up as he sat down in the chair across from his son. “Ok, try to explain it to me.”

Paradox made a slight face he still had a difficult time with adjusting to the fangs. “Last night while I was um… petting Silver’s stomach… I kept getting shocked and…” He stopped talking when his father’s eyes widened.

Discord grinned as he got a normal face again. “Please… Continue.”

“Anyway… I thought maybe if I pet her in a different place I’d get shocked, but I only got this weird shock when I touched her stomach and…” He noticed his father’s eyes had widened again. “Dad you know what it means…”

Discord gave a huge sigh and he started to shake his head. “Yes… I know what it means.” He closed his mouth and started to suddenly snicker.

Paradox blinked. “What does it mean? You have to tell me!”

“Fluttershy!” Discord yelled.

“Dad… Why are you calling mom in here for?” Paradox said harshly.

Fluttershy flew into the room quickly thinking something was wrong. “What is it?” She was holding Snafu and she slowly landed when she saw that Discord was starting to laugh. “Discord? Why did you yell for me?”

“This is just something you need to know.” Discord motioned for his wife to come closer to him. She trotted over and he leaned into her and whispered into her ear.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh my goodness!” She started to blush.

“Mom!” Paradox said in a panic as she looked at him. “What does it mean Dad?” He looked to his father.

“You have nothing to worry about Paradox.” Discord said as he put his finger on Fluttershy’s lips just as she was going to say something. “I’ll tell him a few minutes Fluttershy my love. I like watching him worry.”

“Don’t be mean to your son.” Fluttershy said. “Tell him or I will go in there and tell Silver.” She frowned.

“One of you two tell me!” Paradox shouted.

Discord let out a sigh. “Okay.” He got up and picked Fluttershy up.

She let out a giggle as she held Snafu close to her chest. “Discord! No… let me down.”

He placed his paw on her tummy and started to rub it. “This is your Mom’s stomach.” Discord said to Paradox.

“Yeah Dad… I know that.” Paradox shook his head. “I don’t see what that has to do with me and Silver.

“Whenever your mom had become pregnant I knew it because I felt her belly and it gave shocks over my paw pads. The stronger the shocks the healthier the fetus.” He kissed Fluttershy as she blushed. “No shocks dear.” He said to her as he slowly put her back down on the floor.

Paradox stared at his father and his eye twitched slightly.shockdox
“Oh… I think I broke him Fluttershy.” Discord said as he saw the blank look on Paradox’s face.

Fluttershy looked at her son. “Dox? Are you alright?” She put her hoof in front of his face.

Paradox blinked but still didn’t say anything. His mind was racing, he remembered the shocks on his paw several times last night. Slowly he closed his mouth and swallowed.

“You can handle it.” Discord said. “Congrats Dox.” He pat him on the back.

“Uh… Dad are you sure about that?” He finally said.

“Oh definitely. You’re going to be a father. So when are you going to tell your wife?”

“I… Don’t know.” He shut his mouth tightly.