Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 1 and 2

Life with Paradox
Written By: C. Phillips
July 31, 2015going2kissyou

Mostly Other character story based in the World Of MLP:FiM. All Characters are copyright respected owners. I do not own Discord, Fluttershy, Zecora, Etc… Don’t sue me. I’m not making money from this. This story is Rated NC-17. If you are underage and don’t like reading adult situations or humor leave the page.

1.zecora1“Let me get this straight, you do not wish to procreate?” Zecora asked.

“Yeah. I don’t think I’d make a good father.” Paradox said. “I love the sex, but I don’t want children. I’d ask dad, but mom would get involved and…” He let out a sigh.

“Paradox, this concerns more than you, does your mate know what you intend to do?” The zebra asked.

“Uh… no. I didn’t think to ask her what she thought.” Paradox blushed and looked at the floor.

“Sorry to be true, but I cannot help you.” Zecora shook her head as she started to work on a couple potions.

Paradox was shocked. “You won’t help me?”

She looked at him. “You need to be honest with your mate, only then I will help with your fate.”

He nodded and sighed. “I understand, but it’s complicated.”

She suddenly looked at him. “You are afraid that your youngster will become a monster?”

He bit his lower lip and looked away. “I…” He slowly nodded. “Yes.”

“I will consider your plea, thanks for being honest with me. Courage you must need to tell your mate the reason why you do not want to breed.”

“Oh! I want to make love to her! Oh yes…” He nodded a lot.

The zebra smiled. “Yes. Do not mate with her until you ask her.” She started to throw some ingredients into her cauldron.

Paradox nodded as he watched her. “What are you making?”

She looked at him warily. “A couple potions you see that I mix up for emergencies.” She poured a couple of them and set them aside.

He went to her shelves and looked at her collection of potions. They were in a rainbow of colors and he looked at them reading their labels. “Anger, boils, crankiness, Discord’s favorite. What?”

Zecora chuckled. “That one was just for fun.” She turned back to brewing another potion. She didn’t explain the potion any further.

“Erotic potion, flakey flanks IV, green gropers? Hyper potion, innocence II, juggling, knock knees, love potion III. Why do some of these have numbers?” He asked as he touched the one that said hyper potion. It had several smaller vials next to it with the same label.

“Trial and error.” She stated. “Some original potions can be a terror.”

“Alright then.” He said as he walked to the door. “I’ll talk to Silver and I’ll be back.” He smiled as he left.

Zecora let out a heavy sigh. She looked at her potions and saw several small vials were missing. She shook her head. “He’ll be back; that is a known fact.”


Paradox looked at the potions he’d borrowed from Zecora. He grabbed them at random and had no idea what he took. Some of the labels started to peel off. Some had no labels at all.

“One is bound to help me.” He whispered as he disappeared and reappeared in front of his and Silver’s home. He walked in and noticed that she wasn’t home yet.

He looked at the vials and saw one had two labels stuck on it. “One of these labels belong on another vial.” He read them. “Stamina or lustful pleasure.” He grinned. “Neither one sound that bad.” He picked up another vial. “Hyper potion; handle with care. A little goes a long way.” Paradox looked at the blue liquid within the vial. “It’s my favorite color.” He opened it to smell it.potion

The door to the cottage opened. “Doxy, I’m home.” Silver announced as she walked in stripping her armor as she did so. “It was a long day. No pony would listen to me…” She looked at him and saw that he was acting stranger than usual. “What?”mouthful

He shook his head as he stood there. When he heard the door open he grabbed the vials and put them quickly into a box and had set it aside, but he had the hyper potion open and had stuck the whole thing in his mouth. It actually tasted sweet, but he remembered that it had a warning on it. “Nothing, just have my mouth full.” He mumbled and swallowed.

“Dox, you need to stop eating all the time.” Silver stated as she sat and started to pull her armored shoes off.

As she looked away he took the vial from his mouth and gulped when he saw that it was empty. “Oh… no.”

Silver smiled at him as she got up and walked to the kitchen. “You didn’t start dinner yet?”

“No.” He felt a strange tingling throughout his body. “Sorry Silver I was out. Oh no…” He was suddenly shaking all over.

She walked out of the kitchen and looked at him. “Are you alright?”

He shook his head and fell over, blacking out.

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