Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 127

127.snoorrreee1Silver awoke cuddled up against Paradox, she yawned and stretched as she sat up. He made a small grunt and rolled over in the bed. She got out of bed in the cottage and walked on wobbly legs to the kitchen. She opened the cabinets and refrigerator to see what she could make for breakfast. She noticed that she could make a lot of things so she started to make pancakes. She hummed as she worked on preparing breakfast.

Paradox’s ears twitched when he heard her humming. Slowly he sat up in bed without opening his eyes and he got up. “Silver?” He muttered while he kept his eyes closed.

Silver heard him and she quickly trotted to the bedroom door. “Yes?”

“I cannot see.” He stated as he walked forward with his paws put ahead of him. “I think it’s from lack of Silver loving.”

She looked doubtfully at him. “I fully doubt that Doxy. Maybe you overdosed on it?” She giggled as he stumbled toward her.

“Come here you.” He grinned as he opened his eyes a little bit to chase after her.

“No… Doxy…” She giggled as she dodged his groping paws.

He turned and chased her until he grabbed her flank and pulled her to him. “I’ve got you.” He growled as he nuzzled and kissed her neck.

She made a squeal and giggled more. “Doxy… Let me make breakfast.”

“Oh… Sure my sweet sexy wife.” He nuzzled and kissed more. “I can thrive on just you though.”

“No you can’t.” She said as she hugged him. “We can continue to have fun after we eat.” She smiled as she gave him a kiss.

“Alright.” He put his paws up and sighed as he walked to the table and sat down. He stared at her as she made breakfast. “So Silver? What would you like to do?” He pointed out the window. “Look at that beautiful lake.”

“We can go swimming if you want.” She smiled as she flipped the pancake she had on the stove.

“I want to swim in your love.” He said softly as he watched her hips.

“You’re so romantic. I love you Doxy.” She placed several pancakes on a plate.

“I love you.” He said softly. “When we get back to Ponyville, I’m going to buy you our dream cottage.”

Silver looked at him as she placed the plate on the table in front of him. “Really Doxy?”

“Yes. We’ll live there and be happy.” He put his paw on her chin. “I want you to be happy. Always happy.”

She looked into his eyes. “I’m happy now. I married my friend and lover. Maybe in a few months or years we’ll have a foal to share our happiness with.”

Paradox didn’t blink when she mentioned a foal but he smiled at her. “One day… we’ll have a foal…” He grabbed some pancakes and started to pour syrup on them. He looked away from her as he looked at the pile of pancakes he had.

Silver smiled at his answer and grabbed some pancakes for herself.

The End.

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