Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 125


The little cottage over-looked Bright Eye Lake. It was perfectly maintained and the unicorn pony that tended it walked up to it and knocked. There was no answer, he didn’t expect one but it was always safe to check first. Especially since the draconequus had paid him a fair amount of bits to rent the cottage out for a week.

He was checking the food stores, making sure it was well stocked as per agreement. He also made sure everything looked clean and organized. He looked at the bed, it was put together properly clean sheets, soft pillows. He nodded as everything looked put together. He remembered the conversation.

“I need you to make sure it looks perfect. This is for my son and he needs everything right for his honeymoon.” Discord said as he looked at the cottage.

“It will be done sir. When should I be expecting your son and his new bride?” He asked.

“He gets married in a week.” Discord muttered as he inspected the door. “He will be arriving by magic, and probably in the late evening. The food should be well stocked, plenty of water available and a lot of privacy.”

“I’ll have everything ready sir.” The unicorn pony answered as Discord gave him a bag of bits.

Discord nodded, “Very good. Do not disturb them when they get here.”

“I will not. Here is the key.”

The unicorn pony walked away from the cottage after making sure it looked perfect. He probably won’t be back until after the week had passed to clean up.

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