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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 4


Discord had his paw on his muzzle as he looked at the situation, he was trying really hard not to laugh out loud. He looked at Silver and saw her worried face and then looked at his son’s hoof that was sticking out the broken front door. He leaned against the hoof then coughed a couple times as if trying to control his impulse to start laughing. “So… What do you want me to do?” He tried to look serious but he kept grinning and making a strangled snorting laugh.oversize

“Is that Dad?” Paradox asked loudly. He didn’t wait for an answer. “Dad? Can you help me? I’m stuck.”

Discord snickered. “Dox, you’re a draconequus remember?”

“You don’t think I tried?” Paradox muttered to his father. “My magic has no effect on it.”

“Try many times; the punishment will not fit his crime.” Zecora said as she walked up.

“Crime? What crime?” Silver asked.

“I just borrowed those! Um… you know I’d pay for them later.” Paradox mumbled. “You said you wouldn’t help me.”

“No premade potion would help you. You put yourself in this fine stew.” Zecora chuckled as she looked at Paradox’s paw.

“Paradox, you disappoint me and your mother.” Discord sighed. “If you wanted to be larger all you had to do is snap your fingers.” He grew dragon sized.

“I didn’t want to be larger. I just want out of this house, can you at least give me that relief?” he moved his leg and it broke the front of the house.

Discord shrunk down to normal. He looked at Zecora and the zebra nodded. He snapped his fingers and Paradox disappeared then reappeared outside of the cottage. The cottage made a loud noise and half of it collapsed.

“My cottage.” Silver gasped then looked at Paradox. He was bigger than a full grown dragon as he stood up and stretched. “Doxy?!”

“Silver?” He asked as he slowly sat down to look at them all. He put out his paw to her and she was dwarfed by it. She looked at Zecora and Discord then stepped on to his paw. He lifted her up. “I’m so sorry, I was stupid.”

“Why Doxy? I don’t understand why you stole the potion.” Silver said. “Were you trying to impress me? If that was the case, I really don’t need you to impress me.”

“No. This was an unintentional potion. I didn’t really want to take it. I… wanted a potion that…” He stopped.

Zecora was looking up. “He’ll grow, until he lets her know.”

Discord’s ears went forward as he looked at Zecora. “Did I ever tell you, how much I hate your rhymes?”

The zebra just smiled at him.

Paradox blinked when he noticed that he was getting larger. “Honest, I went to Zecora to get a potion that would keep me from getting you pregnant. I don’t want a baby.”
“What, but Doxy why? I thought that… you just wanted to wait. But you don’t ever want a child? Ever?” She blinked back tears.

“I don’t, I guess it’s selfish of me.” His body suddenly stopped growing. “As for the reason why… it’s complicated…”

She sat on his paw and just looked at him. Sadness on her face. “Why? You can tell me. I love you.”

He let out a sigh. “I know you knew me when we were little and I ignored you. I’m sorry. Before that faithful night when you offered to help me up… I was terribly sick. Several times I attempted to take my life.” He didn’t notice but he started to shrink.

“Doxy you didn’t need to…”

“I know, I had terrible nightmares during my sickness and one of those nightmares it was revealed to me that if I was to have any offspring that they will become the monster that I was meant to be.”

She looked at him. “You were never a monster.”

He closed his eyes. “You are telling me this after I had destroyed our home and I’m this size? I’m a monster right now.”

She shook her head. “No, you’re not. You don’t understand Doxy… you’re only a monster if you believe you are. I don’t believe you’re a monster, your family doesn’t. You have a beautiful soul; I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a monster.” She noticed that his paw was shrinking and she flapped her wings when he couldn’t hold her easily.

“Thank you Silver, but I still don’t think we should have children.” He muttered as he shrank down a little more.

“We can talk about it more. Please. Don’t make the decision by yourself, we’re partners.” He was staying at one size. Still bigger than usual but she was looking at him eye to eye. “Okay Doxy?”

He looked at her and smiled. “Okay… I just noticed that I shrank.”

She nodded. “Yes, you did, though you still look bigger than before.” She blushed.

“I do?” He asked as he looked down at himself. His fur was shaggy and long, his teeth still sharp and caused him to lisp still. His claws wouldn’t retract all the way.

“You have been permanently changed by the potion Dox.” Discord said.

“What? How?” He asked his father as he placed his paw on his head, his horns had grown in completely.

“Chaos…” Discord grinned. “I knew you had it in you.”

“Seems I’m going to have to work on a version two of hyper huge potion brew.” Zecora chuckled softly. “Paradox? Maybe you should have come down with cutie pox?

“Whoa, that’s a thing?” Paradox asked and he made a face when he almost bit his tongue.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 3


blursilvercon“Paradox?” Silver’s voice came out of the haze.

He saw her silhouette looking over him. “Sil… Silver?” He asked and blinked several times. “What happened? Oh my head.” He placed his paws on his head and felt his horns they seemed bigger.

“Doxy? Are you alright?” She asked as she looked into his eyes. “You look umm…” She seemed nervous.

“What? I look… what?” He moved his paws onto his muzzle and he felt his mouth. He had very sharp teeth and his muzzle was shaggy. “What has happened to me?” He spoke with a grunt and lisp because his teeth seemed to be in his way.

“Um, what did you do?” Silver asked as a blush ran over her cheeks.

He sat up and seemed to tower above Silver. “Why are you so… what happened to me?” He looked at his paws they were big and shaggy as well and his claws were huge.

“Doxy, you grew…” She whispered.

“What do you mean?” He tried to stand up and suddenly hit his head on… the ceiling? “Oh, no, not happening.”

“What did you do? Were you practicing chaotic magic without your sister’s help?” Silver started to back away from him slightly.

“No, I wasn’t doing anything chaotic.” He saw the empty vial on the floor near her hoof. He reached down for it.

Silver’s eyes widened as his huge paw descended upon her. “Ah! Your paw!” She flapped her wings and stepped out of the way.

“Sorry…” He picked the vial up with one of his claws. “It was this.”

Silver grabbed the vial while looking at his claw. “This is a potion vial.” She read the label. “Why did you drink a whole vial of hyper huge potion?”

“I didn’t mean to. You came home and startled me and I hid it in my mouth. I may have drank some. Did you just say Hyper Huge?”

“Some? How about all?” Silver gasped. “Where did you get this?”

He gulped. “Zecora.”

“Why did she give you this potion? What did you want it for?” She then started to blush again. “As if you weren’t big enough.”

“What!? Oh no… I well, oh geez…” He put his paws on his head. “I didn’t know what this potion would do!”

Silver put her hoof on her forehead. “Maybe I’m having a nightmare.”

“YOU!?” Paradox said in a panic. “I cannot even get out of the house… I’m too big to even fit one paw through the doorway.”

“And you’re still growing Doxy.” She flapped her wings as the floor space started to shrink.

His eyes widened. “You’re right. Silver you’ve got to go and get the cure.”

She flew up to his muzzle to look into his eyes. “Do you think Zecora would have the cure?”

“I hope so.” He winced when his horns started to crack the ceiling. “I’m sorry Silver, I don’t mean to be breaking our dream home.”

She dodged a piece of plaster that fell. “I guess you’ll have to fix it later. I’ll go see about getting Zecora… and I’m going to tell your father as well.” She kissed his nose.

“Oh no… Not Dad…” He grumbled but made a face when his paw broke through a window. “Ok… anything Silver…”

She looked at him. “I’ll be back… Try not to break anything… else.” She flew out the window he had just broke.

“I can’t promise that.” The cottage’s foundation groaned and creaked.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 1 and 2

Life with Paradox
Written By: C. Phillips
July 31, 2015going2kissyou

Mostly Other character story based in the World Of MLP:FiM. All Characters are copyright respected owners. I do not own Discord, Fluttershy, Zecora, Etc… Don’t sue me. I’m not making money from this. This story is Rated NC-17. If you are underage and don’t like reading adult situations or humor leave the page.

1.zecora1“Let me get this straight, you do not wish to procreate?” Zecora asked.

“Yeah. I don’t think I’d make a good father.” Paradox said. “I love the sex, but I don’t want children. I’d ask dad, but mom would get involved and…” He let out a sigh.

“Paradox, this concerns more than you, does your mate know what you intend to do?” The zebra asked.

“Uh… no. I didn’t think to ask her what she thought.” Paradox blushed and looked at the floor.

“Sorry to be true, but I cannot help you.” Zecora shook her head as she started to work on a couple potions.

Paradox was shocked. “You won’t help me?”

She looked at him. “You need to be honest with your mate, only then I will help with your fate.”

He nodded and sighed. “I understand, but it’s complicated.”

She suddenly looked at him. “You are afraid that your youngster will become a monster?”

He bit his lower lip and looked away. “I…” He slowly nodded. “Yes.”

“I will consider your plea, thanks for being honest with me. Courage you must need to tell your mate the reason why you do not want to breed.”

“Oh! I want to make love to her! Oh yes…” He nodded a lot.

The zebra smiled. “Yes. Do not mate with her until you ask her.” She started to throw some ingredients into her cauldron.

Paradox nodded as he watched her. “What are you making?”

She looked at him warily. “A couple potions you see that I mix up for emergencies.” She poured a couple of them and set them aside.

He went to her shelves and looked at her collection of potions. They were in a rainbow of colors and he looked at them reading their labels. “Anger, boils, crankiness, Discord’s favorite. What?”

Zecora chuckled. “That one was just for fun.” She turned back to brewing another potion. She didn’t explain the potion any further.

“Erotic potion, flakey flanks IV, green gropers? Hyper potion, innocence II, juggling, knock knees, love potion III. Why do some of these have numbers?” He asked as he touched the one that said hyper potion. It had several smaller vials next to it with the same label.

“Trial and error.” She stated. “Some original potions can be a terror.”

“Alright then.” He said as he walked to the door. “I’ll talk to Silver and I’ll be back.” He smiled as he left.

Zecora let out a heavy sigh. She looked at her potions and saw several small vials were missing. She shook her head. “He’ll be back; that is a known fact.”


Paradox looked at the potions he’d borrowed from Zecora. He grabbed them at random and had no idea what he took. Some of the labels started to peel off. Some had no labels at all.

“One is bound to help me.” He whispered as he disappeared and reappeared in front of his and Silver’s home. He walked in and noticed that she wasn’t home yet.

He looked at the vials and saw one had two labels stuck on it. “One of these labels belong on another vial.” He read them. “Stamina or lustful pleasure.” He grinned. “Neither one sound that bad.” He picked up another vial. “Hyper potion; handle with care. A little goes a long way.” Paradox looked at the blue liquid within the vial. “It’s my favorite color.” He opened it to smell it.potion

The door to the cottage opened. “Doxy, I’m home.” Silver announced as she walked in stripping her armor as she did so. “It was a long day. No pony would listen to me…” She looked at him and saw that he was acting stranger than usual. “What?”mouthful

He shook his head as he stood there. When he heard the door open he grabbed the vials and put them quickly into a box and had set it aside, but he had the hyper potion open and had stuck the whole thing in his mouth. It actually tasted sweet, but he remembered that it had a warning on it. “Nothing, just have my mouth full.” He mumbled and swallowed.

“Dox, you need to stop eating all the time.” Silver stated as she sat and started to pull her armored shoes off.

As she looked away he took the vial from his mouth and gulped when he saw that it was empty. “Oh… no.”

Silver smiled at him as she got up and walked to the kitchen. “You didn’t start dinner yet?”

“No.” He felt a strange tingling throughout his body. “Sorry Silver I was out. Oh no…” He was suddenly shaking all over.

She walked out of the kitchen and looked at him. “Are you alright?”

He shook his head and fell over, blacking out.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 127

127.snoorrreee1Silver awoke cuddled up against Paradox, she yawned and stretched as she sat up. He made a small grunt and rolled over in the bed. She got out of bed in the cottage and walked on wobbly legs to the kitchen. She opened the cabinets and refrigerator to see what she could make for breakfast. She noticed that she could make a lot of things so she started to make pancakes. She hummed as she worked on preparing breakfast.

Paradox’s ears twitched when he heard her humming. Slowly he sat up in bed without opening his eyes and he got up. “Silver?” He muttered while he kept his eyes closed.

Silver heard him and she quickly trotted to the bedroom door. “Yes?”

“I cannot see.” He stated as he walked forward with his paws put ahead of him. “I think it’s from lack of Silver loving.”

She looked doubtfully at him. “I fully doubt that Doxy. Maybe you overdosed on it?” She giggled as he stumbled toward her.

“Come here you.” He grinned as he opened his eyes a little bit to chase after her.

“No… Doxy…” She giggled as she dodged his groping paws.

He turned and chased her until he grabbed her flank and pulled her to him. “I’ve got you.” He growled as he nuzzled and kissed her neck.

She made a squeal and giggled more. “Doxy… Let me make breakfast.”

“Oh… Sure my sweet sexy wife.” He nuzzled and kissed more. “I can thrive on just you though.”

“No you can’t.” She said as she hugged him. “We can continue to have fun after we eat.” She smiled as she gave him a kiss.

“Alright.” He put his paws up and sighed as he walked to the table and sat down. He stared at her as she made breakfast. “So Silver? What would you like to do?” He pointed out the window. “Look at that beautiful lake.”

“We can go swimming if you want.” She smiled as she flipped the pancake she had on the stove.

“I want to swim in your love.” He said softly as he watched her hips.

“You’re so romantic. I love you Doxy.” She placed several pancakes on a plate.

“I love you.” He said softly. “When we get back to Ponyville, I’m going to buy you our dream cottage.”

Silver looked at him as she placed the plate on the table in front of him. “Really Doxy?”

“Yes. We’ll live there and be happy.” He put his paw on her chin. “I want you to be happy. Always happy.”

She looked into his eyes. “I’m happy now. I married my friend and lover. Maybe in a few months or years we’ll have a foal to share our happiness with.”

Paradox didn’t blink when she mentioned a foal but he smiled at her. “One day… we’ll have a foal…” He grabbed some pancakes and started to pour syrup on them. He looked away from her as he looked at the pile of pancakes he had.

Silver smiled at his answer and grabbed some pancakes for herself.

The End.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 126 NC-17 For Wedding Night Fun


Paradox had Silver in his arms. She was snuggled up against him as he approached the cottage that his father had rented for them. “Silver look at this place.”

Silver looked up and gasped. “Oh it’s like a little fairy tale cottage. How romantic.”

Paradox suddenly smiled. “You’re my little red riding hood; I’ll be your big bad wolf.”

She blushed as she giggled. “Doxy, oh my goodness.”

He growled softly as he kissed her. The key to the cottage appeared and unlocked the door. The door opened and he walked into the cottage still carrying his bride. The door closed magically. “Mmm Silver.” He pulled from the kiss. “Let’s have fun.”

She giggled as she looked at him. “You know, I have to take the wedding dress off first.”

“Yes, the puzzle dress.” He said as he let her down.

“Doxy, it’s not that puzzling.” She trotted quickly into another room.

“Hey. I thought I’d watch you.”

“No. I’ve a surprise for you.” She said. “Go to the bedroom. I’ll be there soon.”

Paradox grinned as he went to the bedroom, he saw the bed and his grin widened. It was a large comfortable bed, he quickly got undressed and jumped up on the bed. He was hard with anticipation and he tried hard not to give himself some relief as he waited for his bride. “Silver, your husband is waiting.” He growled.

“I’m on my way.” She said softly.

His ears perked up when he heard her hoof steps on the hard wood floors. “I hear you.”

She pushed the door open. “Hello Doxy.”

Paradox’s eyes widened as he looked at her. She had on silk white stockings that were clipped on to a garter belt. She had a fine lacy corset on that matched her lacy delicate panties. She looked at him with her bedroom eyes. He had his mouth agape. “Hurr… Gah!” He managed to say.

“Do I look alright?” She asked him.howdoilook

He nodded his head slowly as he bit on his bottom lip. “Yes. You’re smoking hot.” He was throbbing painfully as he watched her walk up to the bed.

She turned around to model for him. “I thought you’d like this.” She said as she slowly flapped her wings and rose from the floor to delicately land on the bed.

He was itching to just grab her and make her moan in pleasure. “I like… I want… look at what you’re doing to me.”

Silver looked at him and smiled. “Mmm, you look like you need something. Let me kiss you.” She leaned over and kissed his tip.

“Uhhh… oh gods Silver.” He moaned out as he grabbed her. “Come here. I know how to get those off of you.”

Silver giggled as he started to nibble on her neck and moved his paw down her side. He slowly put his claw around one of the delicate laces of her corset and untied it slowly. He pulled the corset from her and dropped it to the floor. He then moved his paw down to her garter and un-clipped her silk stockings from it. He licked down her neck, as he used all his will-power to just un-clip her garter belt which joined the corset on the floor. He let out a low growl as he rubbed his paw down her back leg moving one finger along her silk stocking. Silver gasped at the feel of his tender touches. It was making her feel hot and extremely damp. “Ah… Mm Doxy…” She whispered.

He continued to move his paw down her leg, slowly pulling her stockings from one leg, then the other. He was breathing heavily as he continued to kiss and nuzzle her neck. “Silver… so beautiful.”

She gasped as she felt his paw move up between her legs and rubbed his finger against her lacy panties. He rubbed on them and felt her dampness upon the lace. “Ah…” She panted.

“Someone excited?” He whispered as he rubbed his fingers on her panties. He pushed them aside and pushed his fingers into her heat. “Hmm, yes… you are… Mm, I need you.”

She let out a small whimpering needful noise as she felt his fingers rub and move deeply into and then pull out to rub against her hard button. “I… need you too.” She panted deeply as she shook with the feel of him giving her pleasure with his fingers.

He moved down kissing along her neck as he moved his other paw down and pulled her panties slowly off of her. “Silver you are so wet… I’m about to pass out from my desire for you!” He confessed as he pulled her to him.nibbles

Silver made a soft squeak as he growled at her and mounted her swiftly. He kissed her neck as he pushed his hot need deeply into her.

“Oh! Paradox!” She shuddered in pleasure as he pushed into her deeply. “You’re so hard… feel so good.”

Paradox growled aggressively as he nuzzled into her mane and bit down gently around her shoulder and near the base of her right wing. He felt her sex tighten around him and he shook at the feeling. “Mmm, tight… Oh… so tight.” He moaned as he spread out his wings.

She huffed out as he bit her, her body felt electrified from the pleasure. “Please Doxy… harder please.”

His ears went forward as he heard her and he wasn’t sure if that is what she asked. “You… want what?” He asked as he thrust into her and pulled slowly reveling in the tightness of her.

“Please… Doxy…” She panted. “Harder… make… love to me harder.”

He moaned. “Yes, anything for my love…” He nibbled along her mane as he started to push into her harder and rougher.

“Oh! Yes!” She groaned out loudly.

Paradox felt her tighten and flutter around his shaft as she hit orgasm  and tightened around him. “Ffff! Oh gods Silver!” He groaned as he started to push hard and fast into her. He moved his hips and pushed in deeper until he started to hit up against her cervix.

Silver gasped at the feel of him hitting her cervix, she let out a shuddering moan of desire as she hit another orgasm. “Ah! Oh! Dox… Oh my! Oh… oh… oh…. I’m gonna cum again!’ She shook under him her whole body shivered from pleasure and she had an orgasm one after the other.

“Silver…” He moaned as he felt her tighten around him in pleasure. “I’m about to… Oh AH!” He pushed in hard and deep as he released his desire and seed deeply into her spraying against her cervix and filling her up. “Hh… Oh gods… Oh mm…”

She moaned out in total pleasure as he pumped into her. He kept himself buried in her as he licked up her neck and kissed her. “Doxy… you feel so good.”

“You’re heavenly…” He panted against her neck as he moved his hips, grinding against her to revive himself. With each movement he grew harder. “I… need to make love to you all night.”

“Oh my love.” Silver purred in pleasure as he started to make love to her again.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 125


The little cottage over-looked Bright Eye Lake. It was perfectly maintained and the unicorn pony that tended it walked up to it and knocked. There was no answer, he didn’t expect one but it was always safe to check first. Especially since the draconequus had paid him a fair amount of bits to rent the cottage out for a week.

He was checking the food stores, making sure it was well stocked as per agreement. He also made sure everything looked clean and organized. He looked at the bed, it was put together properly clean sheets, soft pillows. He nodded as everything looked put together. He remembered the conversation.

“I need you to make sure it looks perfect. This is for my son and he needs everything right for his honeymoon.” Discord said as he looked at the cottage.

“It will be done sir. When should I be expecting your son and his new bride?” He asked.

“He gets married in a week.” Discord muttered as he inspected the door. “He will be arriving by magic, and probably in the late evening. The food should be well stocked, plenty of water available and a lot of privacy.”

“I’ll have everything ready sir.” The unicorn pony answered as Discord gave him a bag of bits.

Discord nodded, “Very good. Do not disturb them when they get here.”

“I will not. Here is the key.”

The unicorn pony walked away from the cottage after making sure it looked perfect. He probably won’t be back until after the week had passed to clean up.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 124


Paradox was holding Silver as they appeared just outside the ballroom. The guards looked at them and then they saluted them. “Lord Paradox, Lieutenant Silver Dash.”

Silver started to giggle as Paradox set her down. “At ease, geez guys this is my wedding day, relax a little bit.”

“We cannot sir, you and Paradox’s safety is paramount to anything else.” One guard said.

“You have permission to go eat cake.” Silver smiled.

Paradox was snickering. “They called you sir.”

She shook her head. “They’re not used to me yet. Next one calls me sir I’ll box their ears. She looked at the one that called her a sir.”

The one that called Silver “sir” gulped. “Sorry ma’am.”

“Is any pony going to announce us or?” Paradox asked.

The other guard’s eyes widened. “Oh yes!” He opened the door and went in.

Paradox looked at Silver and smiled. He was already starting to get excited again and bit his lower lip.

“Mr. and Mrs. Paradox.” A pony announced inside.

Silver started to walk in, but Paradox picked her up and carried her in. “I love to carry you.”

The ballroom was full of cheers and congratulations as they both went to the table. Paradox put her on the floor and pulled the chair out for her. She graciously sat down and smiled as he sat next to her.

“Oh my! I thought you’d forgotten to come here and ditched us!” Sprinkle fretted over Silver.

“I wanted to.” Paradox said. “Silver wouldn’t let me.”

Sprinkle gasped. “Ah, Dox! That would’ve been terribly mean.”

He grinned. “Yeah. I know.” He was fidgeting in his seat and leaned over to Silver and whispered in her ear.

Silver’s eyes widened as her face turned red. “Doxy…”

He grinned as he got the reaction he wanted. “Heh.”

Fluttershy walked over. “Paradox.”

He sat up and smiled. “Hi mom.”

“What took you and Silver so long to get here? The castle isn’t that big.” She asked as she held Snafu.

“I know, but just following some advice dad gave me.” He replied.

Fluttershy frowned. “Oh, well I’ll have to give him a stern talking to.”

Paradox reached out. “Let me hold my brother.”

She smiled as she passed Snafu over to Paradox. “He’s wide awake now, but being quiet.”

“Hey bro. Sup?” Paradox said as he held his brother. He didn’t notice Silver looking at him as he held the foal.

“Doxy, you’d make a good daddy.” Silver blushed.

Paradox looked up. “Um… nope. Just a good older brother.” He gave his brother a kiss and held him up to show him to Silver. “That is your sister in law. She’s my wife. She’s super sexy hot.”

The foal giggled and blinked at Silver. Silver smiled as she reached out and took Snafu from Paradox. “Hey little brother.” She gave him a little kiss on the muzzle. She then handed the foal back to Fluttershy. “Back to mommy.”

Fluttershy smiled to herself as she took Snafu back. She wanted to put the thought in one of their heads to having a baby. Discord appeared next to her. “What are you doing?”

She giggled at him. “Nothing.”

Discord shook his head. “Fluttershy, we already have grandchildren…”

“I know but…” She whispered.

Discord sighed at his wife. “Run along.” He patted her flank she giggled as she carried Snafu back to her seat.

Discord sighed as he watched her. “We have enough grandchildren…” He muttered then looked at Paradox and Silver. “Right?”

Paradox was nodding fast. Silver just looked at her father in law with big eyes. “I… um… guess so?”

Discord nodded as he walked away. Paradox looked at Silver. “Are you alright?”aftre

“Of course. Today is my day. I got to marry you and that makes me the happiest mare in the world. You’re my dream come true.” She was tearing up as she said it.

He watched as his bride was crying he didn’t know what to do. “Silver, um… don’t cry. D-Did I do something wrong?”

She wiped her tears. “No, I’m just so happy!” She started to bawl and every pony stopped and looked at them.

Rainbow Dash flew over to the table faster than any pony else. “Paradox! What did you do to Silver?”

Paradox put his paws up. “I didn’t do it! Don’t make me fly laps.” He gasped.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapters 123


“Where is the bride and groom?” Pinkie and Sprinkle said in unison. Both mother and daughter were pacing opposite one another as they waited.

“Don’t worry so much.” Fluttershy said as she held Snafu and watched Pinkie and Sprinkle pace. “They know about the reception. They’ll be here.”

Twilight helped Celestia walk into the ballroom. “Just sit here Princess, I’ll be right back with some tea for you.”

Luna walked over to her sister. “How are thee?”

Celestia looked at her sister. “I could be better. I shouldn’t have let you and Twilight talk me into coming to the wedding. I’m exhausted by just sitting up.”

“’Tis was best ye had been here. The ponies respect thee and seeing thee has made them less frightened on the future of the kingdom.” Luna stated as she sat with her sister. “Discord has been a good replacement until thou returns. There was never a doubt that ye would return.”

“There wasn’t? Twilight told me that she thought she’d almost lost me.” Celestia said.

“Twilight is very excitable sister. Is one of the reasons why we didn’t choose her for thou’s replacement.” Luna said calmly. “In a few more years, she may be a better choice.”

Celestia nodded as she looked at Twilight as she came back to the table. “I agree with you Luna.”