Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 97 – 98


Silver stood watch over Paradox and every time he was about to drift off to sleep she poked him with her armor clad hoof. “Stay awake Doxy.”

“But… I’m tired.” Paradox said and then suddenly grinned. “Why don’t you… take off some of your armor… and we can make some amore…”

“No… That will just cause you to be weary and you’re already tired as it is.” She said as she blushed. “Although you’re as sexy as ever.”

“Even while sleepy, I still got it.” He yawned then flinched when she jabbed him in the side with her hoof again.

“Keep awake my love.”


Aidoneus was grinning at Discord. “So you’ve finally decided to become one of my disciples? My war bringer?”

Discord crossed his arms. “No. I’ve come to see my brother.”speakingofdeath

Aidoneus kept grinning as he stood up. “That is a shame, are you sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“Sorry, Pestilence isn’t available. He’s working.” Aidoneus stated as he slowly started to change shape. “If you want to wait, you have all eternity.”

“I don’t want to wait.” He growled. “You have no power over me here, unlike my brother, I’m not your demon. Call him here or I shall invoke his true name and make him obey me.”

Aidoneus growled. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

Aidoneus stared at Discord at least that is what it looked like since he had no eyelids. “Pestilence is coming to see you. Don’t invoke his true name.” He then burst into flame and melted into the earth disappearing.

“Discord.” Came a deep voice as a green flame grew in size in front of Discord. “What brings you here? Can’t you see I’m a little bit busy?” His brother was wearing a black chef hat and an apron.

Discord blinked in confusion. “You’re a chef?”

Sorrow/Pestilence nodded and gave a slight smile. “Oh yes, it’s very rewarding, the lesser demons love my cooking I’ve never been so welcome as I am here. Thank you brother, death has given me life in a sense. Did you want to talk?”

He looked at his brother for a long moment, his eyes were green flames, his teeth were sharp needles and he had long green nails on his paws. “Are you trying to pass off innocence to me? Do not do my family harm.”

Pestilence grinned. “Is there something happening making your little heaven a hell? You should join me and become who you were meant to be… War. Maybe then your family won’t be in danger. Has your son realized his inner potential? Is he ready to take my place?”

“Paradox is not to be touched by you, he’s not taking your place and my name isn’t War! I don’t know what you are doing, but you are not going to destroy my family!” Discord growled as he leapt forward to grab Pestilence by the neck only to grab at nothing.

“Go home.” Pestilence said as he disappeared, leaving Discord alone.

“If you were a demon, you could defeat him.” Aidoneus suddenly appeared.

“Go suck on an egg.” Discord muttered as he turned and walked away.

Aidoneus chuckled. “You’ll be back. They always come back.”

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