Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 96


The gates of Tartarus loomed in front of them. They were securely locked and Cerberus was laying on his stomach gnawing on a large bone. One of his three heads looked up at Discord and Twilight and growled menacingly.

“Well, it looks secure.” Twilight said nervously.

“Yes, so it seems.” Discord said, then he turned as he got down to look her in the eyes. “Twilight, it was a pleasure bothering, pestering and annoying you… if I do not come back… Tell Fluttershy I love her a lot.”

“Discord…” Twilight said.

“Please tell her that.” He said as he grabbed Twilight’s hoof. “She is my love and eternal light to my darkened day. I… I need you to tell her that.”

“I’ll tell her.” Twilight said as she fought back the tears that were threatening to escape. “But you should tell her that yourself.”

“I… will if I can…” He stood up and turned to face the gates of Tartarus. “I have come to see my brother.” Cerberus suddenly got up as all three heads started to snarl at him as he approached. “Let me enter!”

Twilight gasped when the gates suddenly opened for him. “Welcome back… Discord or shall I say… War?” A deep voice intoned. “Come and we’ll have a chat. Will your friend be joining us?”

“No… She was only a guide.” He said as the gates closed behind him. “She’s not coming.”

“So shall it be.” The voice said.

Twilight blinked as Discord disappeared from view. She didn’t know if she should wait or go back. She decided to wait.

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