Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 90


Luna brought the box into the room. She looked at it and shook her head. “Unusual spell on this.” She looked at her sister then over to Twilight who was snuggled in a bed. “It will help though.” She opened the box and suddenly stumbled back as she gasped, her hooves shook slightly as the chaotic spell spilled invisibly out of the box. “Alright, now to see what Celestia is dreaming.”thebox

She went over to Twilight and placed her hoof on her forehead. “I’ll help thee.”

She blinked and her eyes turned the color of the moon as she sat down.

Luna walked down many corridors, she was used to walking through the dreams of others and she stopped in front of a large door. She opened the door and saw Twilight sitting in an empty room. “Are ye ready Twilight?”

Twilight jumped and turned to look at Luna. “Oh! Yes! I was wondering why I wasn’t dreaming what I usually dreamt.”

“The box is helping with that.” Luna stated.

“There was something in that box?” Twilight asked.

“Of course.” Luna said as she opened a door. “Now please follow me. We’re going to visit Celestia.”

Twilight got up she blinked and suddenly everything changed around them, they were in a room that was painted a very light pink. A table was in the middle with a red and white checked table cloth on it, on the table was a banana split. Sitting on the opposite of the table was Princess Celestia and she was eating the banana split. She put a huge spoonful in her mouth as she suddenly looked up and saw Luna and Twilight looking at her. She blinked her violet eyes at them as she swallowed what she had in her mouth. “Twilight Sparkle… Little Sister? What are you two doing in my dream?”

“Princess Celestia…” Twilight said nervously. “Are you alright?”

“Of course I am. Why do you ask?” She smiled and she lifted the spoon with her magic to eat more of the banana split.celestiaeat

“Sister, ye have been sick for over a year. Ye have been; forgive me for saying, of not the right mind.”

Celestia put the spoon down. “What do you mean?”

“Discord has been in charge of raising the sun for over a year and a half.” Twilight said quickly. “He and his family have been in the castle making sure that everything is kept safe and working properly while you’ve been away.”

Celestia got up. “What? Is this true, not that I am doubting you Twilight but… This is a dream and dreams can quickly turn.”

“Tis true sister. We had put Discord in charge of the day.” Luna said without apology.

Celestia smiled. “That is interesting, hmm I guess Fluttershy had tamed him down quite a bit then hadn’t she? So how did I end up being … Out of my senses for so long?”

Luna approached her. “The shadow, it was different this time, it consumed thee before we knew it had invaded thy mind. We were completely shocked that Discord and his daughter showed up as it grew in strength, we didn’t even call for help. The shadow had changed it was a different entity and it wanted not only ye, but it wanted LillyRose and Discord as well.” She stopped talking for a moment as she looked down. “It escaped after Lilly banished it… Ye became terribly ill.”

“I still cannot awaken.” Celestia suddenly said. “Are you sure LillyRose purged all of the shadow from me?”

Twilight and Luna both looked at one another and back at Celestia.

“What does thou mean?” Luna asked cautiously.

Celestia looked behind her as a shadow started to form on the wall behind her. Twilight started to back away. “Luna, we need to leave…” Luna frowned as she stepped forward.theshadow“Very unwisssseee of you to come into my domain. Celesssstia isss sstill mine…” The shadow started to take a faint shape. “You figured it out Luna… I am not the sssame ssshade that had taken you… I need Dissscord… I need hisss children… I need to…” The shadow stopped talking. “I’m not going to reveal my plansss to you!” The shadow engulfed Celestia suddenly and they both disappeared. Both Luna and Twilight were pushed out of Celestia’s dreams.

Twilight sat up in bed gasping and panting loudly. “What went wrong? I used the potion… It should have worked.” Twilight flapped her wings. “What do we do?”

Luna looked over to her as she stood up. “Twilight, my sister isn’t cured yet. We need to inform Discord. Perhaps he knows what this shadow is and why it wants him and his children.”

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