Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 89


Twilight leaned over Celestia and looked to see if she’d awaken, she remembered telling Zecora that she told Discord the truth of having a crush on him. The zebra gladly handed over the potion, but Twilight still felt like there was something else bothering her a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach. Zecora said something about not following through with something. Twilight snorted.

Celestia was sleeping soundly and her face looked very relaxed. A smile was also on her lips. Twilight looked up suddenly to see Luna looking down at her sister. “She seems to be sleeping soundly. Shall we visit her dream and see if that potion has started to heal?”

“We can do that?” Twilight asked.

“Thou need to be asleep to enter a dream with me, but Discord and I, we can enter dreams just by touch.”

Twilight looked up suddenly. “He can do that? He can enter dreams?”

Luna nodded. “He can, but he hasn’t used the ability for a few moon cycles. Last he used it was when he was trying to help Fluttershy sleep. We ran into him then, told him we’d help her.”

Twilight frowned.

“Thou shouldn’t worry about it. Thou has strange dreams, but those dreams have not come from him, he is not physically in dreams thou had dreamt. It is coming from the wisp at the Spring of Eternity. That little one had planted a seed in thou that makes thou think ye need him.” Luna explained.

“Luna? Can you help me?” Twilight asked.

“Did he offer thou anything to help?” Luna asked.

“He gave me a box and told me not to open it until I got home. I thought it was a joke so I left it in the throne room.” she muttered.

Luna smiled as she nodded. “Twilight, thou has been so good to my sister, ye hadn’t been able to sleep well. We suggest ye go over to that bed and get sleep. We’ll fetch the box that Discord gave thee.”

“What? Why do I need that box?” Twilight asked.

“Thou need it.” She smiled as she walked to the door. “Get some sleep Twilight Sparkle. We shall see ye in thy dream.”

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