Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 71 (mature NC-17)

71.DoxycharmsParadox was painting a portrait that he’d been agonizing over for a few weeks. Silver Dash opened his door and peeked in; she was the only one he let look at his art. “Doxy? How’s everything going?”

He placed the paint brush down and sighed heavily as he stepped back. “I’m not sure.”

She walked in and stood next to him to look at the painting. “It looks good to me, but I don’t know a lot about art.”

Paradox looked at her. “I think you’re a work of art. Let me draw you, please?”

“Oh, no.” She put her hooves up.

He smiled and approached her. “Please. Those curves and your lovely smile.” He put his paw under her chin. “Perfection.”

Silver Dash blushed deeply. “Oh, no I’m not that perfect.”

He smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. “Please let me draw you?” He asked.

She shook her head. “No, I…”

“Okay, but I’ll ask you again and again.” He whispered as he picked up his paint brush again. “Your body is beautiful.”

She stood there and watched as he put his brush against the canvas and moved it gently over a part of the portrait he’d agonized over. It was that final stroke that suddenly made the portrait look perfect. “Dox…” She said in awe. “That is beautiful.”

He looked at her as he put the brush down again. “You think so?”

Silver nodded slowly. “I wouldn’t have said it, if I wasn’t being honest.”

Paradox approached her again. “So, did you need something?”

She shook her head. She had started to let her mane grow out since she started dating him. She liked the feel of his paw as he moved it through her mane. Although her mane was sometimes difficult to keep from her face while she wore her helmet. “No. I just got off duty and I wanted to see you.”

Grinning Paradox stood in front of her and put his arms out he was exposing himself to her. “Here I am. Gawk upon this awesome body.”

Silver Dash blushed deeply. “Doxy. You do know that you’re… excited?”

He nodded. “Yes, because you’re in the room with me babe.”

“What makes you think I want to mate with you today?” Silver asked softly as her cheeks were burning.

“My question is: why wouldn’t you?” He countered.

She looked at him and still felt her face burning. “You have paint all over your paws.”

He smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry let me get them cleaned off.” He walked to her and placed his paws on her rump smearing paint on her and over her cutie marks. So she had two large paw marks on her. “Go home with those on your tush and see how awesome your mom thinks they are.”

“Doxy, you know that Mom would be happy with it. She keeps telling me to make her a grandma.”

His ears perked up. “Oh yeah, let’s go through the motions but without making Rainbow a grandma.” He started to move his paw over her tail getting paint on it as well.

She started to giggle as he walked around her. “You’re so bad.”

He moved his hips up against her rump. “Oh? Tell me that in a few minutes.”

Her eyes widened when she felt his arousal rub up against her. “Doxy. I don’t think we… ooh…” she moaned as he moved against her and pushed up into her.

“Silver.” He sighed as he pushed deeply into her. “Do you still think I’m bad?”

She nodded. “Yes, but good… oh so good.” Her legs started shake as he put his paws on her wings and started to grip them as he pushed into her harder. Silver let out a loud moan as she hit an orgasm.

He paused to just feel her body react to him to feel her heat flow around his own. “I love you.” He said passionately and pushed into her deep and hard. He leaned up against her as he felt his own orgasm build up.

Silver panted as he increased his momentum, feeling every movement he made inside her. He grind up against her sensitive button and she let out a gasp as she came again. “Yes, Dox!”

He felt his heart beating in his ears as he felt her tighten around him and flutter in pleasure. He wanted to let go deeply in her; he bit his lower lip as he pulled from her heat. Just as he pulled from her he let his orgasm spill. “Ooh… Silver, I’m sorry.” He spilled onto her flank and near the middle of her back.

Silver felt him spray his orgasm over her back and she blushed because she knew why he did it that way. “It’s okay I understand.”

He leaned on her back and hugged her. “I love you; I’m just not ready to be a father yet.” He whispered to her.

She nodded as he stood up. “I love you too.” Shaking her mane she turned to look at him.

“Silver, I was getting a towel for you.” He said as he placed his paw on her flank. She blushed as he cleaned her off. “I made a mess on you. Oh, I got paint on your wings too.”

“Don’t clean the paint off of me.” She whispered.

“Why not?” He asked.

Silver smiled at him. “I love making my mother guess what I have been doing.”

Paradox grinned. “Ha, and you said that I’m bad.” His smile widened as he walked to his paints and started to get some on his paws more. He then returned looking at her “Allow me.”

paintedponyShe smiled as he placed his paw gently against her side and started to move his paw slowly on her. “I still want to draw you.” He whispered as he placed another paw on her.

“Maybe later Dox.” she sighed at the feel of him. They weren’t making love but the way he touched her was extremely erotic. Slowly, he put his fingers of his paw through her mane and tail getting streaks of multiple colors through them. “Oh Doxy.” She breathlessly moaned.

He felt the hair rise on the back of his neck. “Um Silver. Do that again and…” He ran his paw down her neck.

“I know, but…” She suddenly shook as pleasure ran throughout her body. “Your touch drives me wild.”

He smiled as he looked into her eyes. “You’re one of my art projects now; a painted pony.” He put a color dot on each freckle on her cheeks. He then kissed her deeply their tongues wrapping around one another as he placed his paw on the back of her neck.

Silver seemed to melt into the kiss as her knees wobbled. She moved forward her urge for him to take her again rising. When he pulled back from the kiss she was panting. “What do you do to me? I want you so bad.”

Paradox’s ears perked up. “Ooh. I think I know why. Silver… you’re in season. No way are we going for a round two right now.” He kissed her muzzle lightly. “Sorry my love.” He rubbed his paw under her chin getting yellow on her. “As I said before… I’m not father material. Yet.”

She looked at him, her eyes big as she wobbled her bottom lip at him. “But… Doxy.”silverpoutHe grinned. “Oh… The heck with it…” He went over to her and started to kiss her passionately again as he picked her up and carried her to his bed.

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