Story: Paradox’s Despair Chapter 62


Paradox paced back and forth as Zero sat staring at Discord, Silver and Twilight. They were just within reach but not. They both felt helpless by the fact they couldn’t do anything.

“Dox if you had studied enchantments you wouldn’t need my help.” Lilly said as she walked around the corner.

“Lilly.” Zero sighed as he went over to nuzzle her.

“What kind of enchantment is it?” Paradox asked as he indicated the barrier and the unconscious bodies of Discord, Silver and Twilight.

Lilly assessed the situation then stepped closer to the barrier. She felt the ringing in her ears and stepped away quickly. “Whoa, that is powerful.” she shook her head and moved further away.

“What kind of enchantment is it?” Paradox asked again.

“It’s a sleep enchantment, but it’s something else.” She started to look around the room. “We have to find something in this room that doesn’t seem to belong, just do not go near the barrier.” She instructed them.

Zero and Paradox started to search the room visually while Lilly trotted to the far end and looked at the barrier. The crystal was extremely fragile and she was looking at the leaking holes along it.

“Hey, I think I see something.” Paradox yelled.

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