Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 58 (Rated mature)

58. (rated mature)

Twilight opened her eyes slightly, she was in a large bed and she blinked suddenly as she felt her cheeks burning at remembering the last thing that was happening to her a stallion nibbling her neck? She sat up fast panting heavily. It was pitch black in the room and she knew some pony was in the bed with her and she started to breath in deeper and faster. Her eyes were wide as she tried to see anything in front of her trying to filter any type of light into her eyes so she could make out shapes. Nothing. She moved her hoof over the sheets and stopped when she felt a warm body next to her.

Whoever belonged to the body moved and she made a strangled cry in which she covered her mouth with both front hooves. “Mm…” She tried to get out of the bed, but it seemed the bed was big and she ended up in the same place she was a few seconds before, sitting up in the dark room right next to a warm body… a stallion? A mare? Both? She still couldn’t see all she could do was feel around. She concentrated to see if she could light her horn and suddenly she realized she didn’t have a horn. “What?” She put her hoof on her forehead. “Oh no…”

The body moved again and she froze in place she felt her heart start to race and she gulped. The owner of the body suddenly sat up next to her, she knew it because she felt the movement and the cold air moved around her body as the sheet was pulled up with the body. She heard breathing next to her and she tried to see who it was that she was in bed with, was it one of those strange stallions? ‘Please don’t be a mare; please don’t be a …m…’

She felt the pony nibble on her neck and she bit her bottom lip as she started to relax at the feel. She suddenly shook her head as hooves were put around her waist she then blinked when she noticed that those weren’t hooves around her waist. “Oh No! Oh No… No…” She gasped as she shook her head more. “No…”twiscared

“Aww Twilight. You’ll hurt my feelings.” He said in her ear as she felt his teeth nibbling and his tongue licking it. “I thought you enjoyed my company.”

She was breathing deeply as she saw his claw and paw around her waist and she put her hoof on them and started to pry him off of her. “No… I don’t want to… No… This isn’t real…”

Discord pulled her to him as he kissed down her neck. “If you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t be here with me.”

She shook in his arms as he moved his paw up her side and moved his claw down her front. “No, this is not… real. It cannot be.” She whispered as he slowly moved his claw down her stomach.

“Of course it’s not real.” He replied as he kissed down her neck. “The real Discord wouldn’t do this to you…” He inched his claw down between her legs and she let out a gasp as he started to slide his fingers over her wet folds. “See, I knew you wanted me.” He muttered softly.

Twilight moaned out as he rubbed her expertly with his fingers. “N… uh… oh… uh…” She sighed as she closed her eyes.

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