Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 55


Silver awoke in a room full of flowers; she looked at them they were blue roses. She blinked in confusion. Roses didn’t come in the color blue; or did they? She put her muzzle up to one and sniffed in the scent of it. She suddenly felt her stomach lurch as she fell into a pit she flapped her wings but she didn’t have them and she screamed in fright. “NO! I don’t want to die!”

She was suddenly caught by some pony she opened her eyes; they were blurred with her tears as she glanced at her savior. He was strong and he flew up into the sky with her. “It’s alright, I have you.”

“What happened to my wings? I was so scared…” Her eyes started to clear up when she suddenly looked at who was carrying her. “Who are you!?” She pushed herself away from the stranger, a gryphon with green feathers and ebony eyes.

The gryphon grinned at her as he let her fall from his arms. “I thought you wanted to be saved.”unnamedgryphon

Silver twisted in the air as she let out another scream in panic. “I don’t want to fall… I…” Her wings spread out suddenly and she flapped them; stopping just inches from the ground and she was surrounded by roses again, this time they were purple.

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