Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 54 – Mildly PG rated.


Twilight blinked as she stood up, looking around she wasn’t in the cave anymore. She was in an empty room and it was eerily quiet. Her ears twitched when she heard a strange whispering to the left of her. She turned and spotted a door. She trotted towards it and reached for the handle. The door opened right before she touched it swinging inwards and she looked in the room. The room was luxuriously decorated with large silk pillows everywhere; it wasn’t empty, there were ponies in the room all relaxing, some ate, some slept and she blushed when she had noticed some ponies were doing other things she felt should be done in a more private setting. She tried to walk through the room, but as she walked further in the ponies she noticed were doing more naughty things. She was blushing a lot and she stopped to go back the way she came, but noticed that she couldn’t find the door she used before.

“Join us here.” A young stallion smiled at her, he was looking at her as he lounged on a large satin pillow. “You look healthy, you’d have fun.”

“You have pretty wings.” A mare smiled up at her and Twilight suddenly gasped because the mare was still in the middle of mating with another stallion. “I want to pet them.”

“Um, no.” Twilight muttered. She was trying to back up but ended up bumping into another stallion. “Where are we?”

“You’re nowhere, you’re dreaming, so have fun until you wake up.” The first stallion said as he stood up and nuzzled her neck.

Twilight gasped and stepped further away from him. “No. I’m not comfortable with that, I… I don’t even know you. Where are we? I can’t be dreaming… I don’t dream about things like this.”

“Yes, you do…” Some other pony whispered in her ear and started to nibble along her neck.

“No… I don’t…” She sighed as she closed her eyes. “I only dream about… books…?”

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