Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 51

Discord stopped as they came to a dead end. “Well, I guess we didn’t choose the correct way.”

Twilight stopped and looked at the solid stone wall. “It doesn’t look like there was a landslide or anything. I guess we’ll have to go back and catch up with Paradox and Zero. Maybe they found something.”

Silver grinned as she turned around to start trotting back when there was a crackling noise under her hoof. She lifted her hoof up and looked at the ground, “What is… Ah!” The ground broke apart from under her and she fell.

Twilight ran to the hole that appeared out of nowhere and looked down. “Silver!”

Silver flew up. “Ha, I am so glad I can fly.” She let out a relieved sigh. “Wow, I almost thought I was going to die.”

Twilight put her hoof to her chest and sighed too. “Thank goodness you are okay.”

Discord walked over to the hole and looked down. “Well, it looks like another tunnel down there. This wasn’t a dead end. Good job Silver.”

Twilight gasped at him. “Discord, Silver almost died.”

Discord looked at Twilight and frowned. “No, she didn’t. She has wings she was perfectly safe.”

Silver flew down and landed on the ground below. “It’s safe down here.”

Discord stepped off the edge and floated down like a feather. Twilight flew down and looked around and saw that the walls were green and glowed like all the other walls in the cave.

Discord leaned over to Silver and whispered in her ear. “I’m glad you are okay. You almost gave me a heart attack.” He looked over to Twilight. “Be more careful, you and Paradox’s relationship reminds me of Fluttershy’s and mine. So please don’t die.”

Silver blushed and smiled at him. “Okay. I’ll try not to.”silverD

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