Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 44


Lilly landed on the balcony of her tower. She glanced around and waved him down as she trotted to her door. Zero landed not too gracefully on the balcony almost falling on his face for the third time in a few days.

“Hurry up.” Lilly whispered as she opened the door to her room and was waving him in.

“I’m sorry, these wings.” He whispered back as he ran into her darkened room. She followed him in and closed the door.

They had been gone for about a week since getting married and Lilly was worried about her sister too much to be gone for longer. “Why is it so dark in here?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Zero answered as he stood in the darkness trying to adjust to it. “Use your magic to get some light in here.”

Lilly used her magic and lit a candle she knew she had nearby. The light of the candle revealed a looming figure of Discord standing over Zero. His claws out and ready to grab him as he had a malevolent grin on his face. She whinnied in shock and the candle snuffed out.EEPquickcoloreepZero wasn’t sure why Lilly whinnied and why she put the candle out so fast. “Dear? What happened?” He blinked into the darkness then a chill ran up his spine as he felt a paw placed on his shoulder and he froze in place. “Horse nuggets…” He managed to mutter.

“Horse nuggets indeed.” Discord said. “LillyRose?” The candles in the room all lit up at once.

Lilly was still standing in the same place as before but she was staring at her father who had his paw on Zero’s shoulder. “Um, Dad. I can explain. Don’t kill him. Please.”

Discord laughed low and menacing. “If ever a thought crossed my mind? My little double flower, your mother is devastated that she didn’t get to watch her little girl get married.” He kept his paw on Zero’s shoulder as he spoke. “Your aunt Misery was here the other day.”

“She said she wouldn’t tell him.” Zero said but flinched when he felt one of Discord’s claws dig into his shoulder.

“She didn’t tell me. She told your mother.” He growled deeply. “While I was in the room, in her own special way. Even revealing the fact that you’re pregnant as well.” He looked at her.

“Heh, yeah. Still Dad, please don’t kill Zero.” She blushed as she looked at the floor she then looked at Zero. “Eloping was my idea.”

Zero gulped as he nervously glanced up at Discord. “Sir, I love your daughter with all my heart and soul.”

Discord grinned and let Zero go. “I know you do.” He then looked at his daughter. “Lilly in the morning, bring your new husband down with you to breakfast. Your mother needs to tell you some news.” He then snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Zero’s legs shook and he collapsed on to the floor. “Holy horse nuggets.” He whispered as he stood up again.

“Yeah.” Lilly whispered. “I guess it could’ve been worse.”

“Worse? I think I might need to run to the little colts room.”

Lilly laughed. “Don’t be silly. Since the secret is out, we don’t need to be sneaky. Let’s go to bed.”

Zero blinked at her. “You’re right. I never thought of that.”

“And so far Dad has accepted you. Just don’t show him fear, he’ll milk it for all its worth. Scarlet Grace’s husband is utterly terrified of him, and Dad takes every advantage of it.” She smiled as she went to him. “Tired lover?”

“Lilly, I’m tired, but not that tired.” He kissed her and they both went to bed together.

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