Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 30


LillyRose was panting hard as she landed just on the outskirts of the gryphon kingdom. She looked up in the sky and didn’t see Zero so she extended her wings again and was going to try and retrace her steps to finding him. When he came into her sights, he erratically flew down to her and landed on his face. She trotted over to him and helped him up.

“I am terribly sorry, I didn’t mean for us to fly that long of a way.” She still panted as she relaxed her wings.

“Lilly, I never knew that flying was so difficult.” Zero was sweating and panting. He looked at the grass in the clearing she found and he trotted over to it and flung himself on the cool green blades and started to roll around. “Ah!”

Lilly smiled as she walked over to him and watched as he rolled. She looked around and then slowly settled on the grass, but just sat there. “I’m still sorry we flew so long, that is quite a work out for a first time flyer like you.”

Zero looked up from rolling on the grass. “It’s ok Lilly, I went through rough training. I’m used to this.” He looked at her as she curled her long tail around her as she settled on the grass calmly.

She acted regally as she looked at him. “You are such a male.” She muttered then she looked up suddenly when she saw a couple shadows move along the ground. “Oh! Gryphons! We need disguises.” She clicked her tongue and Zero gasped when he looked at his hooves to see claws. She looked like a gryphon as well, a very good looking one.grifflilly

“Please Lilly don’t tell me this is permanent.” He whispered as he saw them start to circle as if they were preparing to land.

“It’s an illusion.” She whispered as one of the gryphons landed and walked towards them.

“Hey, what are you two doing out here?” He asked.

“We were just resting.” Zero stated as he stood up. “We are on our way to visit a friend.”

Lilly stood up and stretched. She flapped her feathered wings catching the attention of the gryphon. He looked at her and grinned she returned the smile slightly. “It would be nice if you’d let us go on our way. I have to see a dear friend of mine who is very ill.”

Zero blinked at the way Lilly held herself as if she was used to gryphon protocol. She ruffled up her feathers as she moved closer to the gryphon. Zero started to frown and felt jealousy well up inside.

The second gryphon landed and moved fast up to Zero getting in his face. Zero noticed that it was a female. “Carl, I don’t trust them. They smell like they hang out with ponies.” She had dark feathers framing her face and her eyes were greenish yellow, her beak looked harsh and sharp.

“Bianca, just chill. Can’t you see I’m talking to this hot number here?” Carl stated and looked back at Lilly. “So visiting a sick friend?” He asked.

Lilly looked at him and frowned. “Yes, and please get away from me. I already have a mate for life.”

Carl looked at her claws and smiled wide. “You don’t have a ring, what mate doesn’t get his hot gal a ring?”

Zero let out a very loud snort. “One that hasn’t married her yet.” He side stepped the female gryphon and charged at the larger gryphon.

“Stop.” Lilly grumbled and clicked her tongue. All of them froze in place. “Carl, not all gryphon gals are objects. Zero aww, you got jealous, love you. And you, Bianca… don’t go around smelling boys; that is gross. You don’t know where they’ve been.”

Zero looked at her as she walked over to him. “Come on love.” She said as she touched his muzzle and he unfroze. They both stretched out their wings, she let Zero fly off first as she looked at the two gryphons. “In about an hour, the paralysis spell will wear off. I learned it from a basilisk.” She jumped up into the sky and flew up following Zero.

Zero sighed as she joined him. “I wish those hadn’t butted in just then.”

Lilly looked at him. “Oh? Why is that?”

“I wanted to mate with you on that grass.” He smiled.

“Oh? Hmm… what makes you think I was in the mood for mating?” She asked.

Zero shrugged but flew around her. “I don’t know. Did you know that you look great as a gryphon?”

“So it seems.” Lilly stated. “You look rather small by gryphon male standards.”

Zero blinked. “What? Really, oh man. What a way to make me feel inadequate. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” she grinned at him. “While in the Gryphon Kingdom let’s get married.”

“Wait! What?” He asked.

“Let’s get married.” She smiled as she watched him.

“That is what I thought you said… Your father would kill me.”

Lilly giggled at that. “He hasn’t killed you yet.”

“Yeah, well I think he is just biding his time…” Zero swallowed hard.

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