Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 24


Fluttershy hugged Lilly tightly. “Please be careful. I am already worried about you.”

“I’ll be safe Mom. I don’t think I will be gone as long as I was last time.” Lilly tried not to show emotions but Fluttershy just made her want to cry.

Discord placed his paw on Lilly’s shoulder. “Just come back home safely.”

“I will.” She smiled up at Discord. “Sorry, I have to leave at this time.”

“You aren’t sorry; you wanted me to be asleep when you left.” Paradox said as he walked up to her. “But I fooled you, I haven’t fallen asleep yet.”

“Paradox, eleven o’clock in the morning isn’t early.” Scarlet Grace stated.

Lilly approached her sister and hugged her. “Don’t have that little one until I get back. I’ll see you all later. I love you, my family.” She spread out her wings and she swallowed as she flew up into the air.

They had all watched as she flew off and Fluttershy looked up at Discord. “Will she be okay?”

He looked down at her as he placed his claw on her back. “She’s smart, she’ll come back safely.”

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