Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 20 NAUGHTY! (NC-17 for SEXY times)

Chapter 20 (Just a reminder! Lilly is an Adult in this story.) 

LillyRose sat in the study as she read a book. One lone pony guard stood outside the study. Zero had been originally chosen to watch Lady Chaos until she had left from the castle almost a year ago. He remembers the day that she had left when she was crying and had flown off to Celestia knows where, and he had to tell Lord Discord that he had failed in his assignment, but here he was guarding her again.

She moved in the study and Zero snapped out of his thoughts to check on her, he leaned into the room to look around and saw that she had moved to a couch where she lounged with a book. She glanced at him and looked back at her book. He stepped back into position.

Lilly rolled her eyes; she couldn’t believe she had to deal with a guard nosing around every single thing she did. She moved slightly and he would check on her. She sneezed and he’d look at her. Just now he had checked on her she felt like throttling him. Then a thought came to her as she suddenly grinned showing her sharp teeth. The look of evil that she had, matched exactly her father’s devious smile.

Devious smile
Devious smile

Zero heard her shift slightly the position she had on the couch, but kept looking down the empty hall. He knew she hated that he looked in on her too much so he waited. His ear suddenly twitched when he heard something odd in the study.

Lilly grinned as she noticed his ears twitching as she started to pleasure herself on the couch. She let out a soft sigh as she started to move her hoof up and down her wet folds. She just hoped that no one else would come and disturb her while she teased her appointed guard.

Zero blinked as she heard her sigh and his ear twitched again. She then made a purring noise that caught his attention more than anything. He looked down the hallway still and felt himself sweating suddenly.

“Ah…” Lilly said softly as she slowly moved her hoof up and down her slick lips, rubbing up against her button of pleasure. She was thinking about the pleasure more than getting the guards attention now; as she stuck her tongue out as she rubbed harder. “Ah… oh…” She moaned again.

Zero blinked as she let out a moan and he felt himself get hot under the collar. He tried hard not turn to see what was going on but his curiosity peaked as he slowly turned around to look in on LillyRose in the study. His eyes widened and he felt himself grow instantly aroused. She was lying back on the couch pleasuring herself. He gulped as he gawked at her.

Lilly looked at her guard and smiled as he stared at her. She rubbed her sex in front of him and slowly moved both hooves down to expose herself to him. She grinned deviously as she moved one hoof up and down her slick entrance. “Guard.” she whispered. “I need assistance.”

He felt suddenly conflicted. He had duty to protect Lady Chaos, but Princess Luna told him he had to be at her beck and call, do whatever she required of him. Right now she said she required his assistance. He approached her slowly and found it difficult to walk because he was trying hard to hold back his raging hard on. “My Lady what do you require from me?” He gulped as he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

She smiled at him as she licked her lips. “I require you to kneel then use that tongue of yours and pleasure me.” She scooted down the couch a bit. She saw him hesitate. “Come on, don’t delay. Do it before I change my mind.”seduction1Zero kneeled down and put his muzzle up to her, his nostrils flared at the smell of her, she was ripe for mating and he felt light headed. He looked up at her and she looked back she had desire and lust in her eyes. He leaned in and licked along her lips slowly. He was young and was inexperienced in pleasuring anyone but apparently she was about as inexperienced as he was as she let out a soft sigh at just a gentle lick of his tongue. He pushed his tongue up into her folds as he started to lick and taste her.

She gasped at the feel of his tongue and she panted as he pushed his muzzle up against her folds running his tongue up against her pleasurable center. “Uh yes… oh…” her legs shook with the feel as she gasped and writhed, her tail slowly wrapped around his waist.

Zero put his hooves on her hips as he pushed his muzzle deep into her hot desire as he pleased her. He throbbed as he kept rubbing his tongue deep into her, tasting her desire as she bucked her hips up. He looked up at her as he ran his tongue up over her hard button and he felt her whole body shudder as she came, her orgasm flooded over his tongue and he slurped her up. She looked down at him as her heart beat like a drum.

Her eyes glowed crimson with an inner fire as she gestured for him to stand. Zero stood up as he looked at her his muzzle wet with her. “You know how to use that don’t you?” she asked in a sultry voice indicating his aching member.

“Yes. My Lady.” he stated as he felt his hardness throb.

She slowly slinked off the couch and on the floor where she got into mounting position. “Then show me.” She whispered her tail slowly moved to the side.

He’d never mated before though but he knew how to… at least he hoped he knew. He bit down on his lower lip as he mounted Lilly pushing himself into her tightness. His head swam in pleasure at the feel of her. Slowly he pushed in until he hit up against her barrier, she was a virgin and he was surprised gritting his teeth he pushed in harder but just the feel of her muscles contracting around him was causing him to come almost prematurely. He shook his head concentrating as he thrust hard into her, she let out a loud gasp as he broke through and felt his body shake as desire took over to his instincts and he started to mate with her rough and hard he pushed deeply into her and she moaned in pleasure. He had no control of his timing as he suddenly released his pent up lust and desire into her. Spraying his hot seed deeply into her virgin body and making her his. He thrust several times afterward until he felt thoroughly drained of his lustful need to fill her. He withdrew his desire and nibbled along the back of her neck.

She sighed deeply and looked at him. “That felt good.” she whispered as she blushed.

“Yes… My Lady.” he muttered as he blushed as well, he moved off of her back and tried to make himself look presentable again, his helmet was on the floor and his armor was a bit skewed.

She watched him try to look presentable again and she grinned. “You will do that when I ask you to. Okay?”

“My Lady?” he asked.

“Call me Lilly, and you are to mate with me when I tell you to.” She grinned at the shocked look on his face. “What is your name?”

“My name is Zero Clash. My Lady…. Umm Lilly.” he felt really dizzy at all that she was saying to him. “As I said to you when Luna placed me with you. I am here to protect you and to do whatever you require of me.”

“I require you to mate with me for now on. Only when I tell you.” she whispered. “Also, no bragging to your fellow guards. What we do together is at my discretion if you so much mention our mating. I will personally cut you up… I mean, off.” She grinned malevolently.

He caught himself nodding and felt his desire for her renew again, but he knew she wouldn’t mate with him unless she wanted to. “Yes Lilly. I shall do whatever you require of me.”

Lilly smiled, “Good, now go back to doing whatever guards do.” she sighed happily as she grabbed her book and started to read again.

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