Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 16


Paradox curled up in a ball, he had pulled the pillows around him and cried deeply as he felt like his whole life was shattering around him at that moment.

Fluttershy had landed outside of his door her own guard stood outside near the door. Fluttershy walked in closing the door to see him curled up crying. “Doxy? What is wrong?”

He looked up at his mother and his whole body had seemed drained of color. “It’s happened Mom, don’t you feel it? The emptiness…”

Fluttershy shook her head as she looked at him. “I don’t know what…” Paradox covered his head with the pillow.

drowningunderpillow“I’m drowning.” He said in a muffled voice. “And Lilly is gone. I can feel it.”

“No, Lilly is here, she just was up here with you… wasn’t she?” Fluttershy looked around.

He peered out from under the pillows. “No… she didn’t see me this morning.”

“Oh no.” Fluttershy said as she felt her heart tighten in her chest. “I have to tell your father.”

Paradox reached out and held his mother’s hoof. “Not yet Mom… I can’t be alone. Please stay with me.”


“Okay Doxy.” She leaned against him putting her wing over him.

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