Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 14-15

14.pancakepokeLilly was brooding at the large table as she sat at the end of it. It was breakfast time and she poked at her pancakes that the chef in the castle kitchen had made. Her guard stood close by and she was surprised that he had found her quarters last night and met her when she awoke the next morning when she had opened the door.

She pushed the plate with her breakfast away from her and looked up at her guard. “Hey, you want something to eat?” She asked him.

Zero looked at her. “No, thank you Lady Chaos.” He replied just as his stomach growled.

Lilly snickered. “Just eat this, I command you to.” She clicked her tongue and the plate hovered in front of his face then slowly landed on the table.

Zero sighed as he went over to the table and ate the pancakes that Lilly commanded him to eat. It was rather good though and he was hungry.

Lilly just put her elbows on the table and yawned as she looked at the empty seats across from her where her parents should be sitting. She was about to push away from the table and leave when Fluttershy came trotting into the room giggling, followed by Discord walking after her trying to grab at her tail.

Fluttershy stopped when she noticed Lilly sitting looking at her and Discord didn’t stop as fast as he tripped over his wife and used his magic to stop himself from completely falling over as he floated on his back. Fluttershy shook her body and flapped her wings slightly as she righted herself better. “Hi Lilly.” She said shyly.

Discord smirked at Lilly. “Hello my double flower.” He stopped floating and stood up easily.

“Mom, Dad… I wanted to talk to you last night but… your guards wouldn’t let me in your room.” Lilly crossed her arms.

“Oh, yes… um.” Fluttershy blushed.

“Sorry Lilly, I didn’t know you wanted to talk last night.” Discord said softly as he pulled a chair out for Fluttershy to sit. “We can talk now.”

Lilly gave her guard a stern look. Zero blinked at her in shock but then took the hint and left the room quickly. She looked at Fluttershy and Discord. “I’m leaving.”

“What!?” Fluttershy said. “What is wrong Lilly?”

“What are you saying Lilly?” Discord frowned.

“I’m going to find my destiny… I need to find out why I am sad… I want to find out why Paradox thinks he is a monster. I am not finding the solution here. So… I am leaving.” She stared at them and held her breath without realizing it.

Fluttershy kept staring at her daughter and she started to breath in shallow gasps. Discord stared at Lilly then glanced at his wife and placed his paw on her back and started to rub her softly. “Relax Fluttershy, breath regular.” He frowned at Lilly and started to shake his head. “No… You cannot go.”

“You cannot force me to stay.” She growled at him. “I don’t think you are very fair, if it was Paradox you’d let him leave.”

“Not in the state he is in now!” Discord growled back. “There is too much going on in our lives to have you leave right now.”

argumentLilly stared at her father for a long amount of time and he stared back. Fluttershy just watched them both back and forth. “Um…” she said softly and Lilly blinked and looked at her mother. Discord smirked as if he knew that he won the stare off.

“Sorry Mom.” Lilly said as she sighed deeply. “I’m going to go see Dox.” She trotted out of the room.

Fluttershy looked at Discord. “Why are you treating her like she is a foal?”

“To me she will always be my little double flower. I don’t want her to grow up so fast.” He sighed.


leavingLilly trotted quickly along the corridor and Zero tried hard to keep up with her. She was sniffling as she went; he noticed she wasn’t heading towards her brother’s tower. “I’m leaving anyway; I cannot watch Dox fall into despair… I cannot be dragged down with him.” She whispered and suddenly stopped as they reached a courtyard and turned around to look at her guard.

Zero stopped and blinked at her. “Lady Chaos?” He said as he looked at her; her crimson eyes had tears in them.

Tell my parents good bye for me.
Tell my parents good bye for me.

She let out a deep breath. “Tell my parents Good Bye for me.”

“My Lady?” He asked again, but stepped back when she spread her wings and jumped up into the air and flew off.

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