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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 80


Paradox and Silver appeared next to a bench that was along a trail in White Tail Woods. On the bench was a piece of paper held down with a rock. Paradox walked to the bench and set Silver down on the bench.

Silver blinked at him. “Now that we’re here what are we going to do?”

He pointed at the paper under the rock. “What is that?”

Silver moved the rock and looked at the piece of paper. She unfolded it. “It says: ‘Say the magic word, trot twenty spaces to the left of the bench and find another piece of paper’.” Silver said as she read the note. She opened the paper and there was a word written on it. “Revlis.” She said it out loud.

Paradox suddenly disappeared when she said the word written on the paper. “Doxy?” She gasped. She looked around for him. “Where’d you go?”

Paradox’s voice drifted to her from all directions. “Read the instructions and follow them.”

“Ok…” Silver said as she looked at the paper again. She followed the clue and went twenty spaces left of the bench. She found a piece of paper stuck to a tree, she opened it and read it. ‘Fly over to Luna Falls and land on the rock closest to the falls and read the magic words that are written on the paper there.’

Silver spread her wings and flew to Luna Falls and looked around and saw a large rock next to the falls in the middle of the lake. She landed and saw a piece of paper with a red rose on top of it. She gently moved the rose off it and opened the piece of paper. She blinked at the words and tried to figure out how to say them out loud. “Emyrramuoylliw Revlis.” She managed to say.

With a loud pop Paradox appeared in front of her. He was on one knee and was smiling up at her. “Well? Will you?”

Silver blinked at Paradox in shock. “Will I what?” She asked.

He grinned as he gently grabbed the piece of paper from under her hoof. “Read it backwards.” He said as he held it up to her to read again.

Silver looked at the words. “Revlis is my name.” She smiled. “Let me see, Oh…” she suddenly shuffled her hooves as she looked at him; her eyes filling with tears. “Oh… Doxy…” She breathed out.

Paradox grinned as he brought a box from his vest pocket. “You have made… me… very… h… happy.” He swallowed hard trying not to stutter as he opened the box revealing the engagement ring he had chosen for her it was a simple ring gold and silver band with a large blue gem on it. “I will say it as well. Silver, I love you very much; will you marry me?”proposal2

Silver smiled as tears ran down her face. “Yes, of course I will. I love you Doxy.” She leapt at him, he was taken by surprise; he snapped the box shut as she tackled him and they both fell into the water that surrounded them. He held her tightly as they kissed each other passionately.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 78


“So what is this party about?” Silver Dash asked as she placed her helmet next to a box of odd paints and brushes that Paradox had just left on a table. His room overlooked a lot of wonderful landscapes. Since he had recovered from his depression he had been a lot more creative. Silver though seemed to be the only one to have seen a lot of his creations and she had told him that he should show some of the paintings and drawings he had done to his family. He was adamant in the fact that his family wouldn’t understand his ambition and Silver knew that was just an excuse.

“I am not sure what the party is about.” Paradox replied from the other room. “Why are you here so early? I thought maybe you wanted to stay with mom a little longer than usual.”

“Why would I do that?” She asked as she walked further into the room. “My shift was over as soon as your mom was with your dad.”

Paradox’s eyes widened as he saw her walk further into the room. “Silver, can you please wait over there?” He said vaguely.

“Oh, sure Doxy? Can you elaborate more?” She looked behind her and she stepped back until she was near the opposite wall.

“Nope, I don’t think so.” He snickered as he kept hidden.

Silver leaned against the wall and let out a deep sigh. “I wish you would hurry in getting ready. I would love to get cake sometime tonight. No matter what the party is about.”

“Cake does sound delicious.” Paradox replied as he slowly stepped out from his hiding place. Silver blinked at him. He was dressed up really nice, wearing a suit with a tie. She blinked several times.suitedDox

“Doxy?” Silver questioned him.

He smirked as he looked at her. “Yes Silver?”

“Why are you dressed up? Not that I am complaining, since I don’t see you dressed like that often. This is Sprinkle Icing’s party we are going to, and she usually doesn’t have fancy dress up parties.” Silver Dash admired him.

“Actually, I wasn’t planning on going to Sprinkle Icing’s right away.” He smirked as he put his paw through his mane. “I thought that we’d go take a walk through Whitetail Woods for a while.

“Whitetail Woods?” Silver blinked. “What’s in there?”

“Once you and I get there, we’ll be there.” He replied.

“Well, gee… I never would have figured that out Doxy.” She sighed. “Why do we have to go there?”

“It’s a secret.” He smiled at her. “Come here and I will take us there.”

Silver looked at him doubtfully and slowly walked over to him. “I hope what you’re planning isn’t scary.”

He looked at her. “Scary? I may be a monster… but I am far from a scary one.”

She suddenly blinked in surprise. “You’re not a monster.”

“I know that.” He picked her up and nuzzled her neck as they disappeared.