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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 38


“These two are so precious.” Rarity cooed. “I have two little dresses from my filly line. Wait here.” She trotted into the other room.

Silver and Paradox waited for Rarity. They stopped by early just as Rarity opened her shop. She was happy they came by as she always was. Paradox was grinning because he remembered when he was little he was a terror making Rarity fret over his behavior.

Rarity came out holding four dresses up with her magic. “These four are just divine.”

Silver’s looked at them wide eyed. “Oh Rarity… these are beautiful. They’d look like princesses if they wore these.”

Selene and Solana were both looking at their mother and Rarity then at the dresses hovering above them.

Paradox was getting bored as his wife and Rarity started talking about princesses and royalty and putting the dresses up against the girls. He smirked suddenly when he saw something behind a curtain he walked casually to the curtain.

“This one stands up to little fillies that may tug and pull on the fabric.” Rarity explained about the light pink dress. She noticed Paradox out of the corner of her eye wandering around the boutique.

“That would be lovely. Rarity perhaps we can get two the same? I think they’d look adorable dressed the same.” Silver asked as she reached in the carrier and picked Solana up.

“Sure darling, but never deny these sweeties their individuality.” Rarity smiled when she saw that Selene wanted out as well. “May I?” She asked.

“Of course.” Silver nodded as she watched Rarity pick Selene up.

“Oh she’s heavier than I thought. I always wanted to have a filly, but I was always so busy.” She hugged Selene. “You and your sister are so adorable.”

Paradox opened the curtain and grinned evilly. “I knew it…” He disappeared behind the curtain.

Silver suddenly looked around. “Wait. Where’s Doxy?”

Rarity looked around as well. “No worries darling, he probably discovered Spike’s horde room.”

“Horde room?” Silver asked.

Rarity nodded. “Oh yes, please come with me. I’ll show you.” They placed Selene and Solana in the carrier.

Rarity led Silver to the curtain and opened it. There was a hallway that slanted downward and a light was coming from a room down below. Silver heard Paradox laughing and also heard Spike talking. She looked at Rarity. “Spike had been here all this time?”

“Of course he’s here. He likes to relax in his horde room while I run my shop. A husband needs time to himself every so often.” She let the curtain go as she turned to Silver. “Would you like those dresses or something else?”

Paradox sat in the large chair. “So Spike… how many horde stashes to you have?” He asked as he picked up a gem and looked at it.

“Counting this one? Five.” Spike answered as he organized the gems by color. “Rarity let’s me keep this horde because she brings me new gems and it’s easier for her to just drop them off in here. The other four I have in Twilight’s castle.”

Paradox nodded. “So, why didn’t you and Rarity have a family?”

Spike’s wings drooped. “Not for lack of trying, she and I aren’t compatible in that aspect. I offered to just well, let her find a stallion instead of staying with me and she insists that we are meant to be and I love her.”

“That’s tough.” Paradox muttered. “Did you want to be a father?”

Spike blinked. “Well, actually. I’d rather not be. I’d hate to see my collection of comics get ruined. I hear babies get into everything.”

Paradox started to laugh. “Spoken like a true dragon.” He got up from the chair. “I hope Silver is now done, I’m going to see. Bye Spike. Talk to you later.”

“Bye. Tell Rarity I’ll be up in a few.”


Silver smiled when she saw Paradox emerge from behind the curtain. “Where have you been?”

“Oh, just talking with Spike.” He grinned as he walked over to the carrier and Silver, he saw that Selene and Solana were in a dress similar to one another. He took in a deep breath and suddenly clutched his chest and stumbled back. “Oh no! Ah!”

Rarity and Silver blinked. “What?” They asked in a panic.

Paradox smiled. “They stole my heart again. These two girls making their father lose his heart every time he sees them.” He swallowed hard as he looked at them again. Selene and Solana looked at him and smiled sweetly as they behaved one another. They were in an exact same dress and looked like little angels. “Hello my princesses. You two look gorgeous.” He said as he reached in and pet each of their heads. “Daddy loves you.”

“What do you think?” Silver asked and suddenly tilted her head at him. “Doxy, are you crying?”

He stood up straight. “No. I’m fine just these two…” He rubbed his eyes. “How much do we owe you Rarity?”

She was smiling. “Your reaction is a great payment, but if you insist on paying. Six bits for each dress. Silver chose four dresses. ”

“We definitely insist on paying. Here.” Paradox placed a bag of bits on the table he didn’t count them out. “This should be enough and then some.”

Rarity gasped as she looked in the bag. “This is too…”

He put his paw up. “I don’t want to hear it. Take that please.”

“You better take it. No use arguing with him. Stubborn as his father.” Silver smiled as they left. “Thank you Rarity.”

“Thank you darlings.” Rarity said in shock as she looked at the hundred bits that Paradox and Silver paid her.

“The most generous pony deserves to be paid more than she asks for…” Paradox said to Silver as they walked down the street.

Silver nodded in agreement as she looked at the twins. “Oh. Doxy. They look so adorable.”

Paradox looked at them. “Oh. Yes. I agree. Silver, how am I going to keep the colts and stallions away from my babies when they’re older?”

Silver started to laugh. “You’re already worried about them as they get older? They’ll be fine Doxy. Remember you can be quite intimidating if you want to be.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 37


Paradox looked out the window and gave a deep sigh. Silver looked up from where she was teaching the girls how read basic words. “What is wrong Doxy?”

He glanced at her. “I think I’m going to have to try out for the new Broadneigh play, ‘The Postpony Always Rings Twice’.”

She blinked. “Are you sure? What is the story about?”

“The plot is about a pony falling in love with another, but she’s already married and kills off her husband and make it look like an accident. I’m going to try out for the role of the husband. I’ve practiced many death scenarios.”

“Oh? You don’t want to be the one that kills the husband?” She held up a card that said bird on it to Solana.

Solana blinked. “bir!”

He smiled at Solana as he answered Silver. “I’m not into the roles where I have to be the bad guy.” He grinned as he went and sat next to Silver to grab another card to hold up for Selene.

“Oh, you don’t want your father’s reputation?” Silver asked. He held up a card but didn’t see what it was. “Dad can be an evil tyrant if he wanted to be. He’s got it in him. I don’t believe I can do that. After that incident; I really don’t want to talk about dad…”eviltyrant1“Dra-gon!” Selene squeaked.

“Unca Spike!” Solana squeaked as she started to giggle.

Both Silver and Paradox looked at the girls and then looked at the card Paradox was holding. It was a picture of Spike. “How’d that get in there?” Silver asked.

He shook his head. “I have no idea. That reminds me. I have to ask Rarity to design some dresses for the girls. Mom wants to have lunch with us soon and I want the girls to look good.”

“We’ll go tomorrow morning. I have to go to the market.” Silver held another card up of a cat.

“Mew!” Selene said.

“Mew!” Solana giggled. Then they both started meowing and making cat noises. Solana pounced on Selene as they purred and mewed at one another.mewmewcolored
“Now they’re totally distracted.” Silver sighed as she put the cards up. “I think they believe you’re an excuse to start playing.”

He chuckled. “No, they just get bored.” He put his arm around Silver and hugged her. “I love you.”

She smiled at him. “Oh, I love you too Doxy.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 110


Paradox stood looking at himself in the mirror. “I wonder what Silver is doing?” He adjusted his tie and looked at himself sideways.

Crispin laughed. “Probably pacing back and forth being nervous. Yer taking this rather calm.”

“Believe me, I’m not calm.” Paradox muttered “I’m trying not to run from this room.”doxy

There was a knock on the door. Both Paradox and Crispin looked at it. “Come in.” Crispin spoke up.

Spike poked his head in. “Hey guys, have any of you seen Big Mac?”

“My uncle? Why?” Crispin asked.

Spike shrugged. “Um… no reason.”

Paradox suddenly snapped his fingers and Spike was dragged into the room. “Why?”

Spike’s eyes widened. “You know I’m older than you Paradox. You can’t force me to talk.”

“True, but I need to know why you are asking for Big Mac?” He asked as he placed his paw on one of Spike’s small wings.

“Don’t hurt me. My wings are sensitive.” Spike whimpered. “I’ll tell you what I know!”

(Note: Spike in this story developed wings later on. He’s older and more mature in these stories. Although… Paradox is taller than Spike. He is no longer a baby dragon.)

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 84


“Are you sure you want me to send this letter?” Spike asked Twilight as he looked at what she dictated to him.

She looked at him and bit her lower lip. “No.” She muttered. “As soon as you send it… I cannot take it back.” She stood up and started to pace back and forth. “Spike what should I do? The potion that Zecora made will only work if I am honest.”

Spike looked at the letter again. “Well, from what you had me write; you were brutally honest. Kind of graphic too.”

Twilight’s eyes widened and she used her magic to take it from his claws. She read it and started to blush. “I said that?”

“I wrote everything word for word. Like you told me to.” He smirked.

“No! I cannot tell him this.” She crumpled up the scroll and tossed it into the fireplace. She started to pace back and forth in irritation. “What do I do?”

Spike shrugged. “I don’t know, but I wish I had mind bleach.”

“Ha… ha… Very funny Spike.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m not laughing at all.” He made a face. “Ugh.”

She hung her head and started to sigh loudly. “I’ll have to talk to him face to face.”

Spike shrugged as he walked away from the writing desk. “Yeah, I think that would be better. Will save my claw from getting a cramp from writing. You have a habit of saying too much for one little thing. You can always say you love him for his intelligence and then be done with it.”

Twilight blinked. “Spike? Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with?”

“You just told me to write the letter Twilight, you didn’t ask for my opinion. And I don’t even know who you were writing to.”

She opened her mouth to tell him, but shut it quickly. “Just some pony I know.” She muttered as she blushed.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 38


“It won’t hurt to just ask.” Spike said to Twilight. “All he can say is no, right?”spike

Twilight sighed. “I guess so Spike; it’s the fact that Luna asked Discord to run Canterlot and not me… that really…” She let out a sigh.

“Maybe she thought you weren’t ready? Discord is a lot older and he has better control of magic than any other pony I know.” He stopped when Twilight gave him a look. “Besides you of course.” He smiled.

She shook her head. “Celestia is getting worse by the day; she just stares off into nothing. I’ve read all my books and I cannot find a solution. I’ve even read books in Canterlot’s library.”

“Have you tried Discord’s library?” Spike asked.

“I don’t like his library; I can’t find anything in it. His organization is…” She sighed deeply. “Chaotic.”

Spike looked at her and laughed in spite of the situation. “What did you expect from Discord?”

She nodded. “Yes, I know. I’ll just ask.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 7



Spike belched up a scroll and made a face. “Ugh, this scroll tastes like coconut.” He looked at the scroll and it didn’t look like Celestia’s normal looking scroll. It had a different seal on it. “Twilight, a scroll from Celestia… I guess…”

Twilight looked at Spike. “You guess? What would make you guess?” She lifted the scroll up with her magic and looked at it. “That isn’t Celestia’s seal, whose seal is that?”

Spike shrugged. “What does it say?”

Twilight opened and read it. “Dear Twilight Sparkle, your presence is requested immediately in Canterlot. Signed Princess Luna.”

“Princess Luna?” Twilight asked. “Spike something isn’t right, I think I might have to teleport there.”

“Are you sure Twilight?” Spike asked nervously.

She nodded. “Yes I am sure. I’ll be back.” Her horn glowed and she disappeared.

Twilight appeared outside the throne room. Everything seemed normal guards were standing at their posts and they bowed when they saw her.

“Princess Twilight.” One guard bowed to her lower than the others. “You are expected.”

“Is everything okay?” Twilight asked.

“Oh yes, Princess.” The guard stated as he opened the throne room door. “Go right on in.”

Twilight trotted into the throne room confidently and stopped in mid stride when she saw Discord grinning at her from the throne. He waved at her, “Come on in Twilight, I am glad you are so punctual to summons.”

“What in Celestia's name is going on?”
“What in Celestia’s name is going on?”

“What in Celestia’s name is going on?” Twilight demanded. “Are you the reason why Luna requested me? Where is Celestia?”

Discord started to chuckle at her look. “Oh this is too perfect; I want to cherish that look on your face forever.” He stared at her for a moment. “Yes, Luna requested you, but I sent you the message. Did Spike enjoy the flavor?”

“He doesn’t like coconut.” Twilight muttered.

“Oh, I’ll have to remember that.” Discord grinned.

“Are you going to explain to me what is going on?” Twilight growled. “What are you doing on the throne, where is Celestia? Why are the guards listening to you and working for you?”

“Dad, I think you had enough fun with aunt Twilight.” Lilly said as she walked from behind the curtain.

Twilight suddenly felt relieved when she saw Lilly. “Oh so this is just an elaborate joke, right? Celestia you are very funny, come out.”

Lilly shook her head. “No, it’s not a joke; Dad is the ruler of Equestria. Celestia isn’t here.”

Twilight blinked. “What, but… what did you do to Celestia?” She flapped her wings and confronted Discord.

He put his arms up. “I didn’t do anything; it was all Lilly’s idea. Luna agreed.”

She landed while she looked at Lilly; she didn’t understand why Discord had been appointed by Luna. “Lilly?”

“Come on Twilight, we have a lot to talk about.” Lilly said. “Talk to you later Dad.”

“Yeah, sure leave me alone to run a kingdom.” Discord muttered as he sat back on his throne. He then grinned as he summoned a throne right next to him; it was smaller but looked to accommodate a pony. “Yes, she would look beautiful right here beside me.”

Lilly walked with Twilight down the hallway. “Tell me what is going on?” Twilight demanded as her tail flicked in irritation.

“We need your help Twilight,” Lilly said as she sighed. “Celestia is gravely ill and Luna can only do so much, we need you to help Celestia get better. Her mind has been corrupted and is badly injured she needs constant attention something that none of us could do on our own.”

“How did it happen? You didn’t corrupt Celestia did you?” She asked.

Lilly sighed. “No and neither did Dad. It was a shadow; it took Celestia and then tried to take me. Apparently, something is deep inside of me that enables me see my way out of darkness. I don’t know what it is, but right now I am very weak. It’s by sure will power I am still standing.” She sighed again.

“You should rest then.” Twilight looked at her. “Does Fluttershy know that you and your father are here?”

Lilly nodded, “Yes, but she doesn’t know what had transpired here. I think Dad wants to tell her. Paradox is extremely ill, so she is taking care of him.”

“Oh! What is wrong with Paradox?” Twilight was looking more worried with all the bad news.

Lilly stopped and sighed. “I don’t know. Twilight can you help us? If you can, Luna will take you to see Celestia.”

Twilight was suddenly surprised that they were standing next to Luna’s room; two of her guards were standing at attention. “Oh! Yes I would like to help anyway I could.”

“Thank you.” Lilly knocked on Luna’s door as the guards bowed to her.

Luna opened the door, Lilly and Twilight bowed to her. “Ye had brought me Twilight Sparkle. We are so pleased, thank ye Lady Chaos.”

“You’re welcome Princess.” Lilly said. “I have told her only a little bit, you will have to tell her the rest. I don’t remember a lot.”

Luna nodded in understanding. “Tis true Lady Chaos, ye were busy. Thank ye again for saving her.”

Lilly nodded. “Princess, I tried my best. If you would excuse me? I think I need some rest.”

“Yes, ye should get rest; tomorrow we shall get thou family into the castle and appoint ye some guards.” Princess Luna nodded as she looked at Twilight. “Princess Twilight, please accompany me to tend to Celestia.”

“Yes Princess.” Twilight nodded as Luna let Twilight into her room shutting the door as Lilly walked away back towards the throne room.

Lilly yawned as she slowly opened the door to the throne room and looked in. Discord was redecorating, using dark colors that matched his throne. “Dad. This room looks too dark.” She muttered as she walked over to him.

“You think so?” He asked as he rubbed his beard.

“Yeah, you should hire Aunt Rarity to redecorate for you.” She suggested.

Discord tapped on his tooth. “Maybe… or… I can ask the opinion of your mother.”

discordthought“You haven’t told her yet? Dad, she’s probably worried sick about us.” Lilly blinked tiredly. “I’m… so sleepy…” She wobbled unsteadily. She started to fall over Discord caught her quickly.

“My little double flower. I will take you home.” He looked around the throne room smiled and snapped his fingers.