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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 60


“Doxy, please relax.” Silver said to him as he paced back and forth in the living room.

“I am mad that Dad decided to teach the girls after I told him I didn’t want him to teach them anything.” He put his paws up.

“They just learned to fly Dox, it’s not like they know chaotic magic.” Silver said calmly as she walked into the kitchen.

“Silver!” Paradox went after her.

“Yes?” She asked as she started to take plates from the cupboard.

“What if he’s teaching them chaotic magic without my knowledge? I don’t want them to learn it. I never got the hang of it and I know it’s the reason that LillyRose is missing.” Paradox helped her by taking utensils out of the drawer.

“Are you really sure that is the reason?” Silver asked as she opened the oven and looked at the dinner that was cooking. It was vegetarian lasagna. “I think another ten minutes.” She said as she closed the oven.

Paradox sniffed the dinner and smacked his lips. “That smells so good.” He shook his head. “I am not sure… but I know it has to be a factor.”

“It’s not ready yet.” She said softly. “Maybe you should talk to your father about the girls again.”

“I have already told him not to teach them chaotic magic.”

“Ah, but you didn’t tell him not to teach them to fly.” She replied.Iseeu

He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Silver, you are too smart for your own good. You discovered the loophole and Dad has a clever way of finding loopholes and taking every advantage of it.” He kissed Silver on her cheek as he placed the utensils next to the plates she had put on the table.

“He is your father. You should talk to him Dox. You can’t stay mad at him forever; he has every right to be around the girls as your mother does.” Silver said as she bumped her hip against him.

Paradox nodded. “You’re right as always.” He shook his head. “There is a reason why I keep you around.”

“I thought it was because of the sex.” Silver smiled.

“That my love; is known as a perk.” He gave her a smirk and winked at her.

Silver went to the oven as she shook her head she pulled the lasagna out and set it on top to cool off. “Get the girls; dinner is ready.”

He saluted her. “Yes, Lieutenant Silver Dash.”

“Mother was right…” She muttered.

“Oh?” He paused before going out the door.

“You’re a smart aleck.”

He laughed as he went to get the twins.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 59


The train stopped in Ponyville. Paradox stepped out and he put his paw out for Silver. She put her hoof in his paw and he assisted her out of the train.

“Da! Ma!” The twins said in unison as they both flew into their parent’s arms.

“Oh! You two are flying now!” Silver said as she hugged Solana.

“My little girls are getting so big.” Paradox said as he nuzzled Selene.welcomeshome

Rainbow Dash flew over to them. “Did you two have a good vacation?” She then tilted her head. “Paradox? Your wing is broken?” She had noticed the bandages around his wing.

He smirked. “Yeah, well that is a long story. I’ll tell you later.”

“Did you teach the twins how to fly?” Silver asked.

Rainbow Dash started to laugh. “Oh no… I walked into their room and they were sitting up on the highest point in the room. I actually thought you had taught them to fly before you two left, to surprise me.”

Paradox laughed. “No… Opportunity lost.” He looked at Selene as she hugged him. “You and Solana teach yourselves to fly?”

Selene looked at her sister then looked back at him. “Yes.”

“No.” Solana said. “Granspa Dissy taught us.”

Silver gulped and looked at Paradox. He slowly closed his eyes and then let out a breath he was holding in. “I am guessing you didn’t know about this?” He asked Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow shook her head. “I didn’t know. Sorry Paradox. I wouldn’t have allowed it unless you said it was okay.”

“It’s ok Mom.” Silver stated as she smiled. She took Selene from Paradox and held both twins.

“Yeah, it’s not your fault.” He stated as he tried to control the anger that was welling up inside of him. He sighed and looked at the twins. “I am so proud of you two. You fly really good too!”

The twins both smiled suddenly. “Thank you!” They both said and both flew at Paradox, tackle hugging him.

Paradox fell backwards with both girls in his arms. “Oh no! Attack of the cute girls!” They both hugged him as he flinched slightly from landing on his injured wing. “I love my girls…” He said softly. “Thanks for watching them Rainbow.”

“Hey it was my pleasure… They are my granddaughters… I got to spoil them.” She smiled.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 50


The Ponyville Train Station.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Rainbow Dash asked as she held Selene and Solana in her arms, she was flapping her wings easily as she held them.

“Yeah, I think Paradox and I need a small vacation.” Silver said as she looked at her mother. “Doctor’s orders.”

“Where’re ya going to go?” Big Mac asked as he took Solana from Rainbow Dash.

Paradox smirked as he carried a bag. “I think we are going to head to the shore. I think some sunshine will do us some good.”

“The ocean?” Silver asked suddenly.

“Yes. A rather large body of water that is usually blue like your lovely fur.” Paradox smiled. “Don’t worry Silver I will keep you safe.”

“I… Just never seen it before.”

“It’s beautiful.” He said as he walked over to Rainbow Dash and took Selene from her. “We’ll be back in a week. I don’t know if we can be away from these two sweeties for too long.” He kissed Selene on her cheek and she giggled as she put her paw on his muzzle. “Da…”triptimecolor2

Silver started to sniffle. “I… I don’t know Doxy… maybe we should…”

“No… We’re going.” He gave Selene back to his mother-in-law. “Our little ones are in good hooves. If you need any help, you know Mom will be there for you RD.”

“I know Dox. You and Silver have fun. I want to spoil them.” Rainbow smiled.

“Dad, don’t let Mom spoil them too much.” Silver said to Big Mac.

“Ya’ll just have fun, don’t ya worry a bit about yer young ‘uns.” Mac said as he gave Solana a kiss on her cheek.

Solana giggled and hugged Big Mac. “Gran’ pa.”

“You two be good.” Silver said to Solana and Selene as she kissed them both. “Keep an eye on your grandparents.”

“Come on Silver.” Dox put his paw on her shoulder. “Don’t worry RD, I will keep Silver safe.”

“Yeah, but who will watch over you?” Rainbow smirked.

“Ha! Funny…” He gave his mother-in-law a smirk in return.

The train whistle went off.

“Oh! Our train is about to leave.” Silver gasped as she looked at her foals. “Oh… I’m gonna miss you two.”

“Go Silver before I push you onto the train myself.” Rainbow Dash smiled.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 46


Silver cried softly as she sat on the couch. Paradox wasn’t home and the twins were playing with the blocks.

Selene looked up at her mom and tilted her head. “Mama?” She asked.

Silver moved her hoof up and wiped her tears then smiled at her foal. “Yes Selene?”

Selene crawled over to her. “You ok?”

“I’m alright dearest. What’re you and your sister building?” She got up and walked over to the blocks and sat down.

Solana looked at her. “A bridge.”

Selene grabbed a block. “A castle.”

“A bridge and a castle, oh? Who lives in the castle?” Silver asked as she sniffled.

Both girls smiled. “We do. We’re princesses.” They replied in unison.

Silver laughed. “That is wonderful. If you two are princesses… what does that make daddy and I?”

Selene looked at the blocks. “You’d be a queen.”

Solana giggled. “Daddy be a jester… and a king.”

Silver laughed again. “So daddy is working two jobs?”

They both nodded.

“I’m just a queen? Do I do anything else?” She asked as she looked at the ‘castle’ the girls built.

“You tell every pony what to do.” Selene replied.

“You also take care of our brother.” Solana whispered. “He becomes the prince, but not for a long time. A very long time.”

Silver got up quickly. “I’ll be back… Don’t get into anything.” She stifled a sob as she went into the other room.

Selene looked at her sibling. “Mama cry.”

“I sorry.” Solana muttered as she started to tear up.

Selene sniffled and looked down as tears started to flood her eyes.

They both were suddenly crying as they both said “Mama!” in unison as they cried.

Silver came back her eyes red from crying and both of the twins were crying holding their paws out to her. She went over to them and they both crawled up to her and settled up against her hugging and snuggling her.

“We love you.” Selene and Solana said. “No sad. Please.”

Silver held them close pulling them near her as she settled down putting her hoof around them protectively. “My little ones. Mama is sorry she made you cry. She just feels sad.”

Selene and Solana both nuzzled her. “Sorry.”

Silver nuzzled them as they snuggled her. “Don’t be sorry. I love you.” All three of them fell asleep on the floor. Silver covered them protectively under her wing as she held them close with her hooves.

Paradox came home and stopped short when he glanced in the living room to see his three girls asleep on the floor. He smiled as he got on all fours went over to them and curled up around them. He gave Silver a small kiss and her eyes fluttered open.slepyfam1

“Doxy?” She whispered.

“You three are beautiful.” He whispered back to her. “Why are you on the floor?”

Silver looked at him without a word and he saw her eyes start to well up with tears.

He looked at her in concern. “Why are you crying?”

“Oh Doxy…” Silver sobbed softly. “I’m sorry.”

He felt hair on the back of his neck stand up. “For?”

“I was going to surprise you and tell you but…” she cried softly.

“Tell me what? Silver?” He asked with concern.

“I was pregnant again.” She whispered. “But… I lost the baby.” Tears ran down her cheeks slowly.

He sat up slowly. “Silver. Are you alright?” He asked as he looked at her. “Was it anything I did?”

She shook her head. “I’m alright. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. It wasn’t anything you did.” She moved her hooves around the foals tighter. “I think it was going to be a boy. I hope you’re not mad.”

He kissed her gently on her cheeks. “Why would I be mad? I love you.”

“I wanted to make you happy. I… wanted to surprise you… I’m so sorry.” She sighed and cried softly.

He curled up more around her and the girls as he nuzzled her mane. “I love you. Don’t be sorry, things happen for a reason. You told me that once.” He said softly.

Silver nodded. “I know, but I wanted another foal. I…” She paused as he kissed and nibbled her neck. “Doxy, I’m holding the twins.”

He nodded. “I know, can’t a draconequus kiss and snuggle his wife without her thinking about sex?” He asked as he snickered.

She gave a small giggle. “Hey, I’m addicted to you.”

“As I am of you.” He whispered. “Let’s get some dinner ready.” He slowly sat up and gave her a final kiss. “After dinner and the girls are asleep, we’ll work on a new addition to the family.”

She blushed as she got up, waking the twins who looked up sleepily at her. “Come on little ones, mama has to make dinner.”

Selene and Solana both stretched as they yawned. They both noticed their father at the same time, he was met by their smiles. “Dada!” They said in unison.

Paradox smiled as he hugged them. “Hello my beautiful girls. I love being surrounded by beautiful girls.” He pulled Silver into the hug. Silver blushed and hugged him back as the twins giggled.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 45


“Watch me! Dox! Dox watch.” Snafu was yelling. “Come on! Watch me!”

Paradox sat on the couch holding Selene she was sniffling and crying lightly. “Snafu, please I’m busy with Selene.”

“But Dox. I’m tryin’ to cheer you and Selene up.” Snafu landed next to his older brother and looked at his niece. The colt tilted his head. “What’s she crying for?”snafu

Paradox looked at his brother, he was just a young colt had just started to fly, he was the same age as Rune Eclipse, but she was way more advanced in magic and flight talent. “She teething.” He answered as he tried to use some healing magic on her.

“Teasing?” He tilted his head the other way.

“No… You see… her teeth are coming in. It hurts her.” Paradox mumbled. “Why did mom drop you off here?”

“I wanted to visit you and Silver.” Snafu said haltingly.

Paradox gave him a look. “Uh huh… I don’t believe you.”

“Dad wanted to tell you he’s sorry?” Snafu grinned.

Paradox shook his head. “If he’s sorry he should apologize to my face.”

Snafu smiled. “Want me to tell dad that?”

Paradox rocked Selene in his arms, his healing magic was able to make her fall asleep. He shook his head. “No. I’ll talk to him later. Eventually.”

“Why are you mad at dad?” He asked as he stretched his gossamer wings. The wings resembled the butterfly wings on Fluttershy’s cutie mark.

Paradox looked at his brother with a slight frown. “He knows why I’m mad, you don’t need to be a part of it.” He stood up and carried Selene upstairs, Snafu followed him. Paradox went into the nursery. Solana was sleeping soundly as Paradox placed Selene next to her in the crib. He turned to his brother. “Come on.”

Snafu walked out if the nursery with his brother. Paradox closed the door gently and started downstairs. Snafu looked at the door then followed his brother. “They sleep a lot.”

“They’re just starting to get teeth, and they are learning to talk. A full day makes them sleepy so they need a nap.” Paradox explained.

“Do I need a nap?” Snafu asked.

“If only I was that lucky.” He muttered. “No Snafu, you’re old enough to make that decision on your own.” Paradox said for his brother to hear.

Snafu yawned and looked at his brother guiltily. “I’m not tired.”

“Yeah. I don’t believe you. The couch is unoccupied go take a nap, I have to start a new painting.”

Snafu grinned. “I can help!”

Paradox frowned. “I don’t need help painting. It’s what I do… please Snafu go take a nap, I can tell you’re tired.”

His brother made a face. “But Dox… I’m not sleepy.” He yawned again.

“Hmm yeah. You’re not sleepy… when Silver gets home. I’ll take you back to mom and dads.”

Snafu didn’t say anything as he watched his brother pick up a paint brush.

Paradox walked to the canvas that he had placed on an easel earlier in the day. He looked at the blank white surface and stared at it.

Snafu blinked, he looked at his brother then at the canvas. He looked back and forth again then suddenly yawned. “I’m going to take a nap.” He announced as he flew into the living room and landed on the couch.

Paradox grinned to himself as he put the brush into the first color. “That’s what I thought…” He had put a mild sleep spell on his brother and was wondering when it was going to kick in.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 42


Silver, Paradox and the twins were sitting at the restaurant waiting. They smiled when Fluttershy walked in with Rainbow Dash.

“Oh my goodness.” Fluttershy gasped when she saw the girls in their dresses.

“Kind of girly aren’t they?” Rainbow Dash asked with an adoring smile in her face. “Who am I kidding? They look so adorable.”

Both grandmothers fawned over the twins. Paradox and Silver smiled at one another. “So, how’s everything going?” Paradox asked.

Fluttershy looked up. “Everything is fine.” She had Solana in her arms as she flew over and sat down next to him.

“Yeah. We fought off a monster the other day.” Rainbow Dash replied as she carried Selene over.

“You did mostly.” Fluttershy whispered. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about violence around the girls?” Solana was snuggling up against Fluttershy’s chest.

“Fluttershy, you worry too much. These girls will get to experience a lot. Look they even have claws to protect themselves.” Rainbow said as Selene pet her grandmother’s rainbow colored mane with her paw.

Silver looked around. “Where’s Snafu?”

“Discord has him today.” Fluttershy answered. “He thinks Doxy is still mad at him.”

Paradox frowned and looked away. “Yeah… I am, and I think I know why, but I also don’t know.”

Silver bit her bottom lip and let out a sigh. “I thought I knew but it fled from my memory.”

“Whatever it is, can’t be that important.” Rainbow Dash smiled as she gave Selene a kiss. “Isn’t that right? Oh no! I’m gonna kiss your nose.”

Selene squealed and giggled as Rainbow Dash kissed her nose she looked over at Silver. “Mama. Mama!”

“Selene it’s alright let your grandmother hold you.” Silver smiled.

“Can you really trust dad with Snafu? He’s a little immature and Snafu is so young too.” Paradox muttered.

Silver snickered. “Doxy…”

Fluttershy looked at her son in shock. “Dox, your father took you out all the time. Why are you acting like this?”

Paradox frowned. “Okay mom, I’m going to ask you something…”

Fluttershy nodded as she sighed. “Alright, ask.”

“Who is Rune Eclipse?”

Fluttershy smiled. “My granddaughter.”

Paradox nodded. “Who is her father?”

“That is easy. It’s Zero. My son in law.”

He nodded at his mother. “Who is Rune’s mother?”

Fluttershy blinked several times. “I… um I know this. It’s right on the tip of my tongue.” She flapped her wings in frustration. She looked over at Rainbow Dash she just shrugged.

Paradox growled and put his arms up. “That is the reason why I’m mad at dad. He altered our memories. Only Zero knows that his wife is missing. Mom doesn’t even believe she’s real.”

Fluttershy squeaked. “Rune is my foal?” She then shook her head. “No… She’s Scarlet Grace’s.”

“No mom. Remember I’m a twin.”

Fluttershy’s eyes filled up suddenly with tears. “Doxy. You know your twin is dead. Why do you keep insisting she’s alive?”

Paradox blinked and placed his paw on his chest. “I feel it in here. Mom now that we are talking about it. I am remembering a little. She was pushed into something. What was her name mom? What was it? I know it. I need to know if you remember it too.”

“Dox, please. I’m not really in the mood to play these games. I want to spend time with these little jewels.” She whispered as she nuzzled Solana.

Solana gently placed her paws on Fluttershy’s cheeks and looked at the tears that were falling from her grandmother’s eyes. “Grrma. No…” She purred out softly. She looked over at her father. “Daa. No…”

Paradox sighed. “Fine.” He put his paw up to his face and walked away from them for a moment.

Silver felt a bit out of place suddenly as she sat next to her mom. “Hey mom, do you remember?”

Rainbow Dash nodded. “Of course. Paradox’s sister was named LillyRose. You and her were friends long before you and Paradox got along. I vaguely remember a fight where I believe that LillyRose got killed or something and Discord erased Fluttershy’s memory to keep her from becoming an emotional wreck.” She then blinked. “I can hardly remember that fight though. I know that Dox had been angry with his father ever since.”

Silver blinked. “I think someone else erased all of our memories. I can hardly remember it myself.”

“Doxy come back and relax.” Fluttershy called her son back. “Please?”

Paradox walked back, his eyes were red with tears. “She’s still alive mom. I know it… I do.”

Silver smiled. “We’ll figure it out later. Let’s eat and talk about something different.” She started to set up the high chairs. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash placed the foals in the chairs.

Paradox sat down and crossed his arms as he looked away from his mom. “Yeah, we’ll talk about something else.” A tear ran down his cheek as he let in a deep breath.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 39 – 40


Silver looked at the girls. They were snuggled in their beds sleeping soundly. She let out a sigh as she left the room slowly. “Goodnight my sweet babies.”

She walked to the bedroom and yawned, Paradox was gone for the day, and he had rehearsals. He got the role in the play he auditioned for. Silver gave another yawn as she got into bed and snuggled up into the warm covers. Usually Paradox got home late and she just went to bed as she waited for him. Tonight though she felt exhausted she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Paradox looked at his line. “I don’t want to kiss her. Should we just have a friendly hug?” He asked the director. The actress pony that was his leading lady was blushing and gave a shocked look at his request.

The director looked at him. “You have to kiss her. It’s part of the script. She’s supposed to be your wife. You love her.”director

Paradox looked at the actress then back to the director. “But she’s not my wife.”

The director put his hoof on his face. “I know that, you have to pretend that she is.” He muttered under his breath. “Geez actors.”

“No offense to you.” Paradox said to the actress. “You’re not my wife. I can’t kiss you.”actress

The actress blushed at him. “Can’t you just close your eyes and imagine I’m her?”

He made a face. “Yeah, I guess, but I know you’re not her.”

“Alright! I’ll take the kissing out of the script!” The director grumbled. “Can we please get to the next scene?”

Paradox turn the page of the script and read it, his eyes widened. “I have a problem with this next scene…”

The director looked at him. “What?”

He looked at the director. “Do I really have to do this with her?”

The director stood up while staring at Paradox. “No. Of course not…” He threw his copy of the script in the air. “Let’s take a break!” He growled as he walked up onto the stage. “Paradox. I need to speak with you.”

Paradox stood and waited as the pony actress walked away. “Yes?” He asked the director.

“What is going on? I thought you wanted this part?” The director asked. “I can’t rewrite this script because you can’t kiss a girl or get into a bed with her… I’m not asking you to do anything with her.”

“I know but… she’s not my wife.” He said softly. “It’s hard to explain…”

The director sighed. “Paradox, if you can’t do it, I’ll get some pony else who can.”

He stood and looked at the director as he let out a sigh. “You’re firing me?”

“No. It’s not a firing. Maybe you can be the understudy?”

Paradox growled low. “I can do it. I just want to talk with my wife first. I just feel so disloyal to her if I kiss another pony.”

The director grumbled and gave a slight smirk. “Yeah. I’ll give you one more chance. We’ll work on your death scene next. Take a break.” He turned and walked off the stage.theplay

Paradox looked at the script in his paw and sighed as he walked off the stage as well.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 38


“These two are so precious.” Rarity cooed. “I have two little dresses from my filly line. Wait here.” She trotted into the other room.

Silver and Paradox waited for Rarity. They stopped by early just as Rarity opened her shop. She was happy they came by as she always was. Paradox was grinning because he remembered when he was little he was a terror making Rarity fret over his behavior.

Rarity came out holding four dresses up with her magic. “These four are just divine.”

Silver’s looked at them wide eyed. “Oh Rarity… these are beautiful. They’d look like princesses if they wore these.”

Selene and Solana were both looking at their mother and Rarity then at the dresses hovering above them.

Paradox was getting bored as his wife and Rarity started talking about princesses and royalty and putting the dresses up against the girls. He smirked suddenly when he saw something behind a curtain he walked casually to the curtain.

“This one stands up to little fillies that may tug and pull on the fabric.” Rarity explained about the light pink dress. She noticed Paradox out of the corner of her eye wandering around the boutique.

“That would be lovely. Rarity perhaps we can get two the same? I think they’d look adorable dressed the same.” Silver asked as she reached in the carrier and picked Solana up.

“Sure darling, but never deny these sweeties their individuality.” Rarity smiled when she saw that Selene wanted out as well. “May I?” She asked.

“Of course.” Silver nodded as she watched Rarity pick Selene up.

“Oh she’s heavier than I thought. I always wanted to have a filly, but I was always so busy.” She hugged Selene. “You and your sister are so adorable.”

Paradox opened the curtain and grinned evilly. “I knew it…” He disappeared behind the curtain.

Silver suddenly looked around. “Wait. Where’s Doxy?”

Rarity looked around as well. “No worries darling, he probably discovered Spike’s horde room.”

“Horde room?” Silver asked.

Rarity nodded. “Oh yes, please come with me. I’ll show you.” They placed Selene and Solana in the carrier.

Rarity led Silver to the curtain and opened it. There was a hallway that slanted downward and a light was coming from a room down below. Silver heard Paradox laughing and also heard Spike talking. She looked at Rarity. “Spike had been here all this time?”

“Of course he’s here. He likes to relax in his horde room while I run my shop. A husband needs time to himself every so often.” She let the curtain go as she turned to Silver. “Would you like those dresses or something else?”

Paradox sat in the large chair. “So Spike… how many horde stashes to you have?” He asked as he picked up a gem and looked at it.

“Counting this one? Five.” Spike answered as he organized the gems by color. “Rarity let’s me keep this horde because she brings me new gems and it’s easier for her to just drop them off in here. The other four I have in Twilight’s castle.”

Paradox nodded. “So, why didn’t you and Rarity have a family?”

Spike’s wings drooped. “Not for lack of trying, she and I aren’t compatible in that aspect. I offered to just well, let her find a stallion instead of staying with me and she insists that we are meant to be and I love her.”

“That’s tough.” Paradox muttered. “Did you want to be a father?”

Spike blinked. “Well, actually. I’d rather not be. I’d hate to see my collection of comics get ruined. I hear babies get into everything.”

Paradox started to laugh. “Spoken like a true dragon.” He got up from the chair. “I hope Silver is now done, I’m going to see. Bye Spike. Talk to you later.”

“Bye. Tell Rarity I’ll be up in a few.”


Silver smiled when she saw Paradox emerge from behind the curtain. “Where have you been?”

“Oh, just talking with Spike.” He grinned as he walked over to the carrier and Silver, he saw that Selene and Solana were in a dress similar to one another. He took in a deep breath and suddenly clutched his chest and stumbled back. “Oh no! Ah!”

Rarity and Silver blinked. “What?” They asked in a panic.

Paradox smiled. “They stole my heart again. These two girls making their father lose his heart every time he sees them.” He swallowed hard as he looked at them again. Selene and Solana looked at him and smiled sweetly as they behaved one another. They were in an exact same dress and looked like little angels. “Hello my princesses. You two look gorgeous.” He said as he reached in and pet each of their heads. “Daddy loves you.”

“What do you think?” Silver asked and suddenly tilted her head at him. “Doxy, are you crying?”

He stood up straight. “No. I’m fine just these two…” He rubbed his eyes. “How much do we owe you Rarity?”

She was smiling. “Your reaction is a great payment, but if you insist on paying. Six bits for each dress. Silver chose four dresses. ”

“We definitely insist on paying. Here.” Paradox placed a bag of bits on the table he didn’t count them out. “This should be enough and then some.”

Rarity gasped as she looked in the bag. “This is too…”

He put his paw up. “I don’t want to hear it. Take that please.”

“You better take it. No use arguing with him. Stubborn as his father.” Silver smiled as they left. “Thank you Rarity.”

“Thank you darlings.” Rarity said in shock as she looked at the hundred bits that Paradox and Silver paid her.

“The most generous pony deserves to be paid more than she asks for…” Paradox said to Silver as they walked down the street.

Silver nodded in agreement as she looked at the twins. “Oh. Doxy. They look so adorable.”

Paradox looked at them. “Oh. Yes. I agree. Silver, how am I going to keep the colts and stallions away from my babies when they’re older?”

Silver started to laugh. “You’re already worried about them as they get older? They’ll be fine Doxy. Remember you can be quite intimidating if you want to be.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 37


Paradox looked out the window and gave a deep sigh. Silver looked up from where she was teaching the girls how read basic words. “What is wrong Doxy?”

He glanced at her. “I think I’m going to have to try out for the new Broadneigh play, ‘The Postpony Always Rings Twice’.”

She blinked. “Are you sure? What is the story about?”

“The plot is about a pony falling in love with another, but she’s already married and kills off her husband and make it look like an accident. I’m going to try out for the role of the husband. I’ve practiced many death scenarios.”

“Oh? You don’t want to be the one that kills the husband?” She held up a card that said bird on it to Solana.

Solana blinked. “bir!”

He smiled at Solana as he answered Silver. “I’m not into the roles where I have to be the bad guy.” He grinned as he went and sat next to Silver to grab another card to hold up for Selene.

“Oh, you don’t want your father’s reputation?” Silver asked. He held up a card but didn’t see what it was. “Dad can be an evil tyrant if he wanted to be. He’s got it in him. I don’t believe I can do that. After that incident; I really don’t want to talk about dad…”eviltyrant1“Dra-gon!” Selene squeaked.

“Unca Spike!” Solana squeaked as she started to giggle.

Both Silver and Paradox looked at the girls and then looked at the card Paradox was holding. It was a picture of Spike. “How’d that get in there?” Silver asked.

He shook his head. “I have no idea. That reminds me. I have to ask Rarity to design some dresses for the girls. Mom wants to have lunch with us soon and I want the girls to look good.”

“We’ll go tomorrow morning. I have to go to the market.” Silver held another card up of a cat.

“Mew!” Selene said.

“Mew!” Solana giggled. Then they both started meowing and making cat noises. Solana pounced on Selene as they purred and mewed at one another.mewmewcolored
“Now they’re totally distracted.” Silver sighed as she put the cards up. “I think they believe you’re an excuse to start playing.”

He chuckled. “No, they just get bored.” He put his arm around Silver and hugged her. “I love you.”

She smiled at him. “Oh, I love you too Doxy.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 36


Silver looked at the trophy for second place Paradox got for racing her mother. He had placed it on a shelf with his thank you plaque for helping with putting up decorations in the town hall and a statue for most memorable performance in a Broadneigh play. She looked over at him as he leaned back on the couch and held Selene and Solana. Selene was placing her paws on his muzzle as he was making faces at her. Solana was napping on his chest.

“Do you ever feel like you were cheated out of a cutie mark?” Silver asked him suddenly.

He looked at her. “What?”

“You never got a cutie mark. Why?”

Paradox blinked. “I never dwelled on it.” He said. “I figure it’s because dad doesn’t have one and I’m a draconequus. Why do you ask?”

“No pony ever teased you or your sisters?” She asked.

He started to laugh. “Anyone teased Grace she’d predict their demise… and…” He paused as he slowly placed Selene on the couch as he sat up. “Why does Lilly seem to slip my mind?” He shook his head. “I guess it wasn’t that big of deal for us.”

“Do you think our little girls will get cutie marks?” She said as she walked over to him.

He looked at Solana napping on his lap and at Selene who was playing with strands of his tail running her paws along his hair and smiling. “The only thing not pony about them are their paws. They might get cutie marks or not… I’m not sure. What are you afraid of?”

“I’m afraid they’ll be teased about it.” She whispered.

He looked at her. “Silver, I don’t believe they’ll be teased, I’m sure they’ll get along with most of the ponies here in Ponyville.”

“I just want them to be happy. I don’t think they should worry about getting a cutie mark. If they don’t have to.” She looked at Selene.

“When they are older we’ll explain it to them if they ask. It’s all we can do.” He placed his paw down next to Selene and started to move his fingers fast along the couch to make her pounce on him. She pounced and dug her claws into him. “Ouch…” He whimpered. Selene giggled. Seleneattacks

Silver laughed. “Serves you right. Teasing her.”

“I wasn’t teasing her, I was playing with her… Her claws are sharp.” Selene made a loud growling noise as she gripped his paw with her front claws and bit his thumb. “Hey!” Paradox yelped as he tried to extract his paw from her grip. She growled more and bit his other paw. He looked pitifully at Silver. “Help?”

Silver laughed and put her hooves up. “Sorry, this is between you and your daughter.”