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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 59


The train stopped in Ponyville. Paradox stepped out and he put his paw out for Silver. She put her hoof in his paw and he assisted her out of the train.

“Da! Ma!” The twins said in unison as they both flew into their parent’s arms.

“Oh! You two are flying now!” Silver said as she hugged Solana.

“My little girls are getting so big.” Paradox said as he nuzzled Selene.welcomeshome

Rainbow Dash flew over to them. “Did you two have a good vacation?” She then tilted her head. “Paradox? Your wing is broken?” She had noticed the bandages around his wing.

He smirked. “Yeah, well that is a long story. I’ll tell you later.”

“Did you teach the twins how to fly?” Silver asked.

Rainbow Dash started to laugh. “Oh no… I walked into their room and they were sitting up on the highest point in the room. I actually thought you had taught them to fly before you two left, to surprise me.”

Paradox laughed. “No… Opportunity lost.” He looked at Selene as she hugged him. “You and Solana teach yourselves to fly?”

Selene looked at her sister then looked back at him. “Yes.”

“No.” Solana said. “Granspa Dissy taught us.”

Silver gulped and looked at Paradox. He slowly closed his eyes and then let out a breath he was holding in. “I am guessing you didn’t know about this?” He asked Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow shook her head. “I didn’t know. Sorry Paradox. I wouldn’t have allowed it unless you said it was okay.”

“It’s ok Mom.” Silver stated as she smiled. She took Selene from Paradox and held both twins.

“Yeah, it’s not your fault.” He stated as he tried to control the anger that was welling up inside of him. He sighed and looked at the twins. “I am so proud of you two. You fly really good too!”

The twins both smiled suddenly. “Thank you!” They both said and both flew at Paradox, tackle hugging him.

Paradox fell backwards with both girls in his arms. “Oh no! Attack of the cute girls!” They both hugged him as he flinched slightly from landing on his injured wing. “I love my girls…” He said softly. “Thanks for watching them Rainbow.”

“Hey it was my pleasure… They are my granddaughters… I got to spoil them.” She smiled.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 44


Silver walked in the bedroom and saw Paradox lying on the bed. He had been moody ever since talking to Zero. She walked slowly over to him didn’t say anything as she sat down on the bed.

He glanced over at Silver and slowly turned on his side facing her. “Silver…”

She looked at him. “Yes Doxy?”

“I’m not going crazy am I? I do have a twin right?” He asked.

She shook her head. “You’re not going crazy. You have a sister named LillyRose; remember I was her friend. I remember the first time I met her…”


Silver was sitting next to Rainbow Dash at preschool. She was shaking nervously as she looked at the other fillies and colts around. “Hey, relax Silver, you won’t be going here full time.” Rainbow Dash smiled at her foal. “You’ll be going to flight school part time in Cloudsdale. Here you’ll socialize with others your own age.”

“I don’t wanna.” Silver said as she hid her face inside Rainbow’s tail.

“Hello?” A voice said to Silver.

Silver uncovered her eyes and looked up at the owner of the voice. LillyRose was smiling at her showing her fang. “I umm… Hi.” Silver said softly. “I’m Silver.”

LillyRose smiled. “I’m Lilly. It’s so good to see you.” She flapped her wings as she turned to look behind her. “That colt over there talking to that filly… it’s my twin brother Paradox.”

Silver looked at the colt and just stared. He was standing on his back legs and leaning against a shelf as he chatted with a filly who was blushing and giggling. “That’s your twin?” She looked back at Lilly.flashbackclr

Lilly nodded. “Yeah, he’s weird. Come on. I want to show you these toys I found.”

Silver looked up at her mother. “Go on Silver, Lilly is my friend’s daughter, she’s almost as cool as you.” Rainbow Dash smiled. Silver trotted after Lilly but looked back at Paradox again and gave a huge sigh.

Lilly and Silver played all that day. Silver enjoyed playing hide and seek. Found out Lilly was really good at magic when they played make believe. She made the little dolls move.

Fluttershy came over to the daycare to get Lilly and Paradox. She saw Lilly playing with Silver and smiled. Rainbow Dash showed up a few moments later landing next to Fluttershy. “Thank you Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy blinked at her friend. “Why are you thanking me?”

“My little filly started today and Lilly was the first one to make friends with her.”

“You should thank Lilly as well.” Fluttershy whispered.

“Mom!” Paradox said as he flew over to Fluttershy and hugged her front leg. “This place is boring. I don’t want to come back. There aren’t enough ponies to talk to.” He looked up at Rainbow Dash. “Hi… aunt Rainbow… um… I swear I’ve been good… I don’t wanna do laps…”

Lilly and Silver walked in giggling and talking. They both stopped and looked at their mothers. Silver turned to Lilly. “I had fun. Friends?”

Lilly nodded. “Yes. Friends.” They giggled as they hugged.

Paradox made a face at Lilly as she walked up to him and Fluttershy. She stuck her tongue out at him.

Silver trotted over to her mom waving at Lilly but her eyes were drawn to Paradox. She felt her cheeks warm up as she looked at him she also felt like her little heart was going to fall out of her chest. She looked at her mother in shock when she realized she was talking to her.


“Did you have fun?” Rainbow asked her daughter again.

“Yes. Lilly and I had a lot of fun. Do I really have to go to flight school?”


Paradox looked at her as he lay in his back. “You had a crush on me way back then?”

She nodded. “Of course. As soon as I saw you… I was fascinated with you. You ignored me. I think you ignored me because I was Lilly’s friend.”

He stared at her for a long moment. “Lilly is a good sister. I guess I didn’t think of her friends as date material, because I didn’t want to ruin her friendships because I dated them.” He made a face as he sighed. “What is Solana and Selene doing?”

Silver smiled. “They aren’t here… Mom is watching them today, she’s visiting Sweet Apple Acres and she wanted to show the foals off. Plus, Dad wanted to see them, he’s been so busy with cider season going on.”

Paradox’s ears went up. “Oh… really?” He started to smile slightly.

Silver smiled and nodded as her cheeks started to redden with a blush. “Yes, we have all afternoon together.” She slowly crawled onto the bed more while looking into his eyes. He kept lying on his back as he watched her crawl towards him.

“You have a wicked little smile on your face.” He said softly.

“I know.” She said as she got closer to him.

“Should I be scared for my life?” He asked.

“Do you think you should be?” She asked as she placed her hoof on his leg. She sat up slightly and looked at him as he lay on his back. “It doesn’t look like you’re too scared.” Her cheeks were burning as she looked at him.

Paradox looked up at her she was so sexy and he was fully aroused. “Oh, I’m scared… stiff.” He whispered to her.

Silver grinned as she slowly moved closer to him and saw his full arousal. “I see that.” She said seductively. “I wonder if I should alleviate your fears.” She moved her hoof up his leg and inner thigh.

He breathed out shakily. “I think that would be a good idea.”

Silver kissed his knee and smiled at him. “Does that help?” She asked innocently.

He shook his head. “I think up further.” He said.

Silver slowly moved up more and looked at his arousal. “I hope it’s not painful, you are swollen.” She said softly as she slowly moved her hoof up and rubbed him slowly.

“Oh… Silver… Your touch.” He moaned.

She nodded as she glanced at his face. “I think I should wrap it in something warm and moist to help its swelling. What do you think?”

Paradox was panting as she rubbed him softly. “Oh yes. Please.”

She lifted one of her legs up over him and held his cock in place as she lowered herself on him, she rubbed his tip over her folds as she gasped out at the feel of his girth spreading her. “Oh… Doxy. You’re so hard…” She panted as she pushed down on him more.

He let out a huff of pleasure as she pushed down on him. He shuddered at the feel of her, she was tight and hot; he bit on his bottom lip to control his urge to let his desire go. “So… tight…” He managed to say.cowgirlresize

She slowly moved her hips as she rode him. She looked at his face as she did so and was rewarded with a look of pleasure and lust.

He put his paws on her hips and rubbed his fingers through her fine fur she was moving on him making him growl in desire. “Oh… Silver…” He grit his teeth.

“Ah… uh Doxy…” She panted out as she rode him rhythmically, pulling and pushing setting a steady pace which caused him to growl more and more as his need to take over the love making increased.

“Silver… gods… I’m…” He grabbed her tightly on her hips. “You’re causing me to…” He held her tightly suddenly as he started to take over and thrust up into her hard and fast. “Ah… Silver…”

“Oh! Yes! DOXY!” She panted out as he gripped her and thrust up into her hard and fast. “Yes! Yes! Oh! Please yes!”

They both shuddered in orgasmic pleasure as they came together. “Oh!”

He growled deeply as he held her tightly. “Oh Silver… You make me feel wonderful.”

She panted as she felt his arousal was still hard within her. She moved slightly and he let out a growl as he tightened his grip. “Doxy, you feel so good.”

“Yes…” He panted as he pulled and pushed up into her again. “I need you…”

She moaned out at the feel of him. “Oh Doxy…”

“Silver…” He said as he thrust up into her hard and deep digging his claws into her hips. “I’m going to fill you. So hot… oh… yes.”

She gasped loudly as she shuddered on top of him her body orgasmed hotly around him again.

“Oh Yes!” He growled as he pushed in deeply as he let his orgasm flow into her for the second time in a few minutes. “Your heat drives me crazy.” He huffed out softly as he pulled her against his chest.

She panted on his chest having spent her energy on the act of lovemaking. He slowly pet down her back and kissed Silver lovingly upon her face. “Doxy…” She whispered between breaths. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He whispered as he pushed a strand of her mane from her eyes. “If I knew how much you loved me all those many years ago, maybe I would have introduced myself sooner to you. Maybe, you could have kept me from being verbally abused by some pony.”

“Things happen for a reason Doxy.” She whispered to him. She couldn’t help notice though, he kept himself buried deep in her.

“I know.” He answered as he placed his paw on her chin, lifted it and gave her a deep kiss.

Silver seemed to melt into the kiss. He held her tightly against him as they continued to kiss deep. Their tongues intertwining and slowly rubbing together. The kiss made her wetter as she felt him push and pull back again. He was growing hard again inside of her. He moved his paws to her rump and held her tightly against himself as he started to make love to her as they kissed.

He moved in her, she was so tight. He thought about how much he loved her. It made him just so very horny. The mother of his twin girls, the keeper of his heart she made him purr, growl and roar. He pushed his tongue against hers and she rubbed it back with her own tongue.

She was lost in his kiss, it felt so good. He was holding her, loving her, it was as if they were the only two beings in existence at that moment. She shook as she came and she felt his heart beating in time with hers.

Paradox felt her heat spread around him and he started to give her short quick thrusts. His tongue slowly moved away from hers as he broke their kiss. “My love.” He moaned out as he pushed into her hard and released his seed into her again.

“Oh Doxy.” She whispered as she snuggled up against his chest panting.

Holding her to him, he slowly pulled from her heat. He was spent for the time being and he saw from the satisfied look on Silver’s face that she was spent too. He kissed her face gently. “You’re beautiful.”

“I am so lucky.” She whispered. “I’ve got the sexiest husband ever. All to myself.”

He started to chuckle. “You are beautiful, sexy and a flatterer. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered as she placed her head against his chest. They drifted off to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 35


The crowd of ponies cheered as the fliers lined up. Paradox looked over at his mother-in-law as he stretched at the starting line. Rainbow Dash looked back at him. “Just because you’re my daughter’s husband doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.”

“You’re also a grandmother to twins.” He answered and she gave him a stern stare. He gave her a smug grin in return.

Other fliers looked at them, at each other and shrugged. A couple were gryphons, one was a young dragon and three more ponies. Celestia stepped out and waved to the crowd the cheering from the crowd increased and quickly quieted down when Celestia raised her hoof.

“Thank you. I am happy so many of you came out today to watch this race. This race is for various charities here, across Equestria and surrounding kingdoms. To help all that need help. I hope for a fair and fun race. We have the fastest fliers in Equestria and surrounding kingdoms.” The fliers all waved and bowed. Paradox just waved at Silver, she waved back at him and her mother as she stood next to the baby carriage. “Now fliers, on your mark!” Paradox stood at his place same with Rainbow Dash and the others. “Get set!” They all crouched down eyes focused ahead. “Go!” Celestia shouted.

The fliers took off like a shot and Paradox as well as Rainbow Dash flew ahead of them easily. “I imagine you are tired already.” Rainbow Dash asked him as she flew around him.

Paradox looked at her. “I’m not tired at all. You sound winded… are you feeling your age?” He asked her as they flew through the first mile marker cloud together.

“Not even close to feeling winded.” She retorted as she flapped her wings and passed him.

Paradox let her fly ahead and set his pace he didn’t want to lose steam as the race went. He let the gryphons pass him by but didn’t allow the dragon or the other ponies get ahead of him.

Silver watched her mother at the head of the race and looked for Paradox. She saw him and let out a sigh at where he was in the race.

The announcer pony was giving all the details over the PA system. “Paradox the draconequus is letting his competition pass him by. Our own Rainbow Dash is ahead of the pack. Wait. Here comes the gryphon Havok; he’s catching up to Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow looked behind her and saw the gryphon flying up behind her. “I don’t think so.” She whispered as she pumped her wings. She smiled satisfied when the gryphon was left far behind her.

“We are getting closer to the last lap and there is some movement.” The announcer continued. “What is this? Paradox is making a move!”

Silver gasped as she watched as Paradox casually flew around the gryphons as if they weren’t moving. “Come on Doxy. You can do it.” She whispered.

Paradox pumped his wings as he passed the gryphons they looked at him and frowned. “I’m just flying like I usually do.” He said to them.

He flew up behind his mother-in-law without a word and effortlessly flapped his wings as he caught up to her. “Hey. You’d think I’d disappoint my wife if I didn’t at least come in second to you?”racing

Rainbow Dash looked at him. “Dox, you know I adore you but no way am I going to let you come in first.”

“I guess we’ll see what happens.” He grinned as they flew side by side.

Rainbow Dash nodded as she kept pace with him.

“It’s neck and neck! Rainbow Dash and Paradox! This is so exciting!” The announcer shouted over the cheers of the gathered ponies.

Silver watched as both her husband and mother went zooming past the finish line. She didn’t know who was first. She blinked. “Who won?”

“This is totally unprecedented. Both Paradox and Rainbow Dash crossed the finish line at the same time. We have to look at the photo to see who really won.” The announcer sounded shocked.

The other racers went through the line and the gryphon Havok got third place.

Paradox and Rainbow Dash flew up and landed close to Havok and the announcer as Celestia looked at the photo. Celestia looked up from the photo and smiled. “This is amazing.” She whispered and then talked to one of the race officials. Rainbow Dash sat and didn’t look winded at all. Paradox was shaking and breathing heavy as he looked around for his wife.

Silver flew up with the baby carriage and landed close to him and her mother. “Mom! Doxy!” She said.

“Hey Silver.” He smiled at his wife as she approached him.

“You’re sweaty.” Silver giggled as she hugged him. “Just like the way you get in bed.” She whispered.

He grinned as he gave her a small kiss. “Don’t be naughty… we’re in the presence of royalty and your mother.”

She nodded and hugged her mother. “You did great mom. You and Doxy both did.”

“I’ve got to admit it, Dox gave me good competition.” Rainbow Dash smiled.

“The winner of the race has been determined. By just a hair…” Princess Celestia said loudly. “Rainbow Dash came in first. Lord Paradox was second. The gryphon Havok third.”

There was cheering and Rainbow Dash jumped up and cheered for herself. “Oh! Yeah! I still got it!”

Silver and Paradox clapped for her. “Congratulations mom.” Silver replied and looked at Paradox. “Congratulations Paradox.”

He looked at her and blushed. “I tried my best. Your mother is tough.” He suddenly stumbled back when Rainbow Dash flew down and hugged him. “Whoa!”

“Way to go! You gave me great competition! Thank you Dox!” She exclaimed and stopped hugging him when she realized her daughter was looking at her smugly. “Ahem… Good job.” She cuffed his shoulder.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 34


“Uh oh Doxy yes…” Silver moaned out as she shuddered.

“Silver… gods.” He replied softly as he gripped her shoulders. “Let me…” He let out a harsh grunt. “Uh… gods yes!”

She panted as she let out another moan. “Doxy. Please.”

He nodded as he let the strap go and quickly buckled it. “There we go. Your ceremonial armor is now on you tight.”

She smiled at him. “Thank you my love. I appreciate it a lot.” She stretched in the armor and wiggled her hips a bit. “When did I get so out of shape?”

He chuckled. “When you had twins.”

“Oh.” She replied. “Mom wasn’t kidding then.”

“Maybe you should fly forty laps.” He grinned.

“You’re still going on about that? I wasn’t showing favorites…”

“You know how much I hate flying.” He spread out his wings. “These beauties are for decoration only.”

She shook her head. “They are gorgeous and functional you should use them more for flight. You could out fly mother if you flew daily.”

He shook his head. “No way am I going to challenge your mom to anything flying related.”

Silver suddenly blushed and closed her mouth tightly. She looked around and acted like she was trying to find parts to her ceremonial armor.guiltysilvercolor

Paradox noticed how she got quiet. “Silver? What did you do?”

“Don’t get mad.” She whispered.

“You know I don’t lose my temper often. What did you do?” He asked warily.

“I signed you up to race next week against mom and a couple of Equestria’s best fliers…” Silver blushed as she shuffled her hooves.

He stared at her. “What? Why?”

She didn’t look at him as she shuffled her hooves more. “Mom was bragging again and I um… kind of said you’d win in a race against her.”

Paradox blinked at his wife. “Silver…”

She looked up at him. “I love you…” she grinned sheepishly.

“Sometimes I have to wonder.” He whispered as he sat down. “How am I going to get out of this race?”

“You won’t race?” She asked.

“I’m not in shape for a race Silver. I haven’t trained.”

She blinked. “A few weeks ago you did forty laps in no time at all. You didn’t even get winded.”

“I know. This is different. I have to race against Rainbow Dash.” He muttered as he put his head in his paws. “My mother-in-law. One of the fastest fliers in Equestria. Competition is everything to your mom.”

“Yes Doxy, but she has a very good sense of loyalty too.” Silver stated. “I know that you two would have a wonderful time racing.”

He looked up at her. “I guess I’ll have to start training, but you’ll owe me…”

She looked at him innocently. “Oh?”

He nodded. “Big time.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 33


The next day.

“Get it together. Stop flying right when I said to fly left.” Silver growled.

The recruits saluted her as she landed in frustration. “Yes ma’am.”

She looked at them then her ears perked up at seeing Celestia walking with a young Pegasus recruit. She looked at her recruits. “Fly laps, twenty times.” They jumped up and started to fly laps as Celestia approached Silver with the Pegasus. He had jet black mane and a gray coat. His eyes were a deep shade of blue. Silver’s recruits watched her talk to Celestia as they did laps. All three wondering who the new recruit was.

“Princess Celestia, thank you.” Silver smiled.

“Anything to help you.” Celestia winked as she turned. “I expect these guards to be in tip top shape next week.” She said as the recruits doing laps landed and approached.

“Yes Princess.” Silver saluted and then bowed. When Celestia was gone she looked at her recruits and the new recruit and frowned. “Alright. Celestia had given me the task of getting you four into shape. She wants you to start guard duty next week for the Grand Galloping Gala.”

“Next week?” asked the clumsy recruit. He had a dark green mane.

She looked at him. “Yes Emerald. Next week.” She sighed as she looked at them all. “Oh, and this is the newest recruit, Fallacy.”

The new recruit didn’t say anything and just looked straight ahead. The other three looked at him curiosity burning them.fallacy

“I’ll give you four a break, and I’ll be back. Get acquainted for a moment.” She flew off.

The new recruit saluted. “Yes ma’am.” The other three saluted too, a bit flustered.

All three looked at the newest recruit. He had relaxed and looked at them. “Um, hi.” Emerald greeted him first.

Fallacy looked at him. “Greetings. What are your names?”

“I’m Emerald.” Emerald replied.

The one with a white and red mane grinned. “I’m Grey Shark.” Fallacy gave him a curious glance.

The third one stepped up, he had a yellow mane. “My name is Drop Zone.”

“Nice to meet you.” Fallacy nodded. He then flapped his wings. “So how is this trainer? Is she any good?”

“Lieutenant Silver Dash is really a hard worker. But she gets frustrated easily when we make a mistake.” Emerald replied.

“She’s freaking hot. I love looking at her flanks; bet she’s awesome in the sack.” Grey Shark replied.

“Grey, don’t say that out loud.” Emerald growled. “I hear her husband is some magical genius. Also one of those jealous sorts.”

“He’s also an actor.” Drop Zone added.

“Do you even know much about the lieutenant besides the way she looks or who her husband might be?” Fallacy asked.

The three looked at him and shook their heads.

“Shouldn’t we be figuring out how we can become the best guards we can?” He continued.

“Yeah. I guess so.” Emerald replied.

Grey Shark looked at Fallacy. “What does it matter?

Fallacy stared at Grey Shark for a moment his expression didn’t change. “Have it your way. Just don’t have your downfall bring me down with you.”

“You have a problem with me?” Grey Shark asked.

“I have no problems with you. In a battle of wits I have the better ammunition.” Fallacy stated. “Here comes the Lieutenant.” He stood up straight and saluted.

Silver landed in front of them. “Sorry, I had to talk to Princess Luna.” She looked at them. “I hope you’ve gotten acquainted, now I want you all to fly another twenty laps. Including you Fallacy, you should fly forty laps. To make up for the twenty laps that the other recruits had to fly before you got here.”

Fallacy looked at her and narrowed his eyes. “Yes Lieutenant Silver Dash.” He stretched out his wings and took flight. The other three joined him as they started to fly along with him.

Emerald closer to Fallacy. “She doesn’t seem to like you.”

Fallacy looked at him. “This isn’t a popularity contest.” He flapped his wings and started to fly faster than all of them. Grey Shark started to fly fast to catch up, but Fallacy effortlessly pumped his wings and went faster. Silver watched them fly and she smiled as Fallacy bypassed her recruits. He was the first to land having done forty laps faster than their twenty. He wasn’t even out of breath as he stood and waited for the others to land.

“I think you cheat.” Grey Shark panted as he approached Fallacy.

“I am just far more superior then you.” Fallacy said as he looked straight ahead.

Grey Shark frowned as he was about to yell at Fallacy but he was interrupted by Silver approaching. “Very nice. I am impressed Fallacy.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Fallacy said.

The other two recruits landed panting as they stood next to Fallacy and Grey. “Sorry Ma’am. We’re trying to improve.” Drop Zone muttered.

Silver looked at Drop Zone. “I can see that.” She smiled at all of them. “I guess we’ll call it a night. I am hoping tomorrow we can really train to be attentive through a party atmosphere like at the Grand Galloping Gala. So please be prepared to work with focusing on the task that is set before you.”

“Lieutenant?” Grey Shark saluted.

“Yes?” She asked the recruit.

“I think that Fallacy has cheated in his laps.”

Silver looked at him and shook her head. “What makes you say that?”

“No pony can fly faster than I.” Grey Shark frowned as he looked at Fallacy

“Oh?” Silver started to chuckle. “You obviously don’t know my mother then.”

Fallacy saluted. “If I may Ma’am; your mother is Rainbow Dash, the only pony that can do the Sonic Rainboom.”

The recruits looked at Silver in shock and then looked at Fallacy. “Correct Fallacy.” Silver smiled. “If I wasn’t married I’d give you a hug.”

Fallacy didn’t reply to that he just smiled lightly.

Drop Zone slowly walked forward. “Ma’am?” He saluted.

“Yes Drop?” She asked him.

“I am curious, why are we going to guard at the Gala? I don’t think we’ll be ready, well not all of us.”

“Who do you think, out of all of you, is ready to guard at the Gala?” Silver asked.

“Fallacy is.” Emerald said quietly.

“Sorry, I cannot guard at the Gala. I will be busy that night.” Fallacy stated.

“Wait.” Grey Shark growled as he stepped forward. “You’re training with us! You need to guard with us.” He looked sternly at Fallacy. “What is so important that you cannot guard at the Gala?”

Fallacy suddenly grinned as he walked forward. Emerald’s eyes widened when he noticed that the new recruit’s teeth were sharp and dagger-like. “Uh…” Emerald stepped back.

Grey didn’t notice the teeth as Fallacy walked up to him. He frowned at Fallacy and poked him in the chest. “Come on perfection of a guard! Tell me what you will do the night of the Gala? You cheat at laps what other things do you cheat at?”

Fallacy chuckled softly. “I didn’t cheat at laps because I had a lot of practice at flying from one of the best teachers in Equestria.” He slowly started to stand up on his hind legs. “The next thing, I am attending the Gala with my wife so I cannot “guard” the Gala.” His front hooves started to change into paws slowly. “Oh, and if I catch you looking at my wife’s flanks again… I will tear your wings off.” Fallacy’s whole visage changed and Paradox was staring at Grey Shark with a menacing grin on his face.

Grey Shark gulped and stepped back slowly from Paradox. “I um… I.”

“You were looking at my flanks?” Silver asked incredulously.

Grey Shark looked over at Lieutenant Silver Dash. “Ma’am, I uh…”

She shook her head. “I’m sorry Grey, I cannot teach you if you are going to stare at my flanks.”

“I am sorry Ma’am. No disrespect but… your flanks, they are…” He slowly closed his mouth before he got into more trouble.

Paradox started to chuckle. “Silver my dearest…”

Silver looked up at him. “Yes Doxy?”

“At least he can admire the finer things.” He answered her. “I say give him another chance, but…” He suddenly looked at all three of the recruits. “Be warned, if I hear my lovely Silver complain about you not paying her attention again. I’ll come by and start plucking your feathers out.”

All three of them shook their heads. “We’ll pay attention.” Emerald said.

“I’ll give Grey another chance Doxy.” Silver said as she walked over to him.

He smiled at her as he looked in her eyes. “Good.”

They suddenly kissed in front of the recruits.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 32


Silver got home and opened to door to the house. No pony was in sight. “Any pony here?” There was no answer.

She sighed as she flew upstairs went into the bedroom and slowly took off her armor. She placed her helmet on the dresser and pulled her shoes off. She stretched her body as she yawned still listening for any sounds in the house. She glanced at the bed and saw that it was made. “I guess I could take a nap. That bed does look inviting.” She whispered as she got into the bed and snuggled into the sheets. Soon she had fallen asleep.

Paradox opened the front door he was carrying the twins. “Alright girls, did we have fun at the park?” He asked them. Solana nodded and Selene shook her head. “Always a critic.” He laughed at Selene. “It’s nap time come along sweethearts.” He carried them upstairs into the nursery.

After a few minutes in the nursery and getting the twins to bed Paradox walked out and paused to look at the door to the bedroom. It was open. He could have sworn he closed the door when he left to the park. Slowly he approached the door and pushed it open more. He smiled when he saw who was snuggled in the bed. “Silver…” He whispered softly as not to awaken her.

Silver rolled in the bed and got more comfortable as Paradox walked closer to the bed. “You came home early.” He muttered as he sat down on the bed he reached over and moved her mane from her face. “You’re beautiful.”

Silver’s eyes opened slowly and she looked up at him. “Doxy?” She asked.

“Hello my sweet, how was your day?”

She slowly sat up in the bed. “I had a long day.” She placed her hooves on the blankets and let out a sigh.

He moved up onto the bed and placed his paws on her shoulders. “Tell me about it.” He started to massage the muscles in her shoulders and along her wings.

Silver let out a deep sigh as he massaged the tenseness out of her muscles. “I have to train three Pegasus guards and I swear they are extremely distracted. They ask me questions about you… of all the things to ask about; they ask about you? I don’t get it Doxy.”

He was confused. “Why did they ask about me? I’m not that exciting.”

“They asked if I was married to you… the famous actor.”

Paradox started to laugh. “Oh, I have acted in two plays on Broadneigh, and ponies still talk about that?”

Silver nodded slowly. “Yeah. Don’t ask me why.”

“You should tell them that I have retired from that. Maybe that will shut them up.” He pet her shoulders slowly down to her wings and rubbed up her feathers, as he did so he gave her a kiss on the back of her neck.

“You think they’ll listen to me? Sometimes I think they don’t really want to be guards.” She let out a soft sigh.

He nodded as he listened. “You just need to inspire them.” He said softly. “Do you think they’d do better if I came by one day?”

“Oh Doxy. Will you? I would love you to see me working.”

“Alright love. What would be a good day?” He asked as he rubbed down her back with his paws.

Silver suddenly got a wide grin. “Oh Doxy! I know what you can do…” She turned around to look at his face and paused when she saw that he was aroused.

He grinned at her sheepishly. “Um… I cannot help it; you turn me on.” He replied to her look.

“Ahem…” She tried to look at him seriously. “I have an idea.” She started to explain to him what her idea was and after she explained it to him he nodded and gave her a smile. She then looked at him as she suddenly pounced giving him a deep kiss. He put his arms around her and kissed her in return as they fell into the bed.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 31


A few weeks later.

Silver landed on the far tower roof and sighed as one of the recruits she was training landed and stumbled off the roof only to catch himself. “What was that?” She asked.silverarmor

“Sorry ma’am, I wasn’t paying attention.” He saluted as she flew over to look at him.

“Not paying attention is what gets you and your partner in trouble. Always be aware of your surroundings. Always be on the lookout for potential threats. You’re a guard you need to be alert at all times.” She flew back to where she landed to begin with. She looked at the three recruits that were trying to become royal guards.

“Ma’am?” One of the recruits saluted.

She looked at the recruit. “Yes?”

“Um…” He looked at the other two recruits and they nodded. “We were wondering…”

“Spit it out!” She said to him.

“Are you married to the actor Paradox?” He said quickly.

Silver stared at the recruit and then looked at the other two. They gave her a weak smile. “Does this have anything to do with our training?”

All three of them shook their heads. “No Ma’am.” They answered together.

“I didn’t think so.” She sighed. “Yes, I’m married to Paradox. He’s more than an actor though, so can we get back to training please?”

All three saluted. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Follow me then.” She jumped up and flapped her wings. She then flew towards the ground quickly. The recruits flew after her in surprise. “I cannot wait until my shift is over today.” She muttered.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 30


A few days later

Paradox was sleeping on his back on the living room couch his mouth was open wide as he snored loudly. Solana looked up from playing with her blocks and put her paws to her ears. Selene giggled as she went and looked at her father as he slept. It was usually the time of day that Paradox caught a nap since he had become pretty much the house husband while Silver worked in Canterlot.couchnap1
The twins were now crawling and getting into things more often. Selene looked into her father’s mouth as he snored. She put her paw on his mouth and closed it for him. It stopped his snoring for a moment until he snored through his nose. She put her paw on his nose too. After a few seconds his eyes flew open and he sat up gasping for air. Selene had let his nose go when she saw his eyes open. Both foals giggled together as Paradox looked at them.

“What are you two trying to do?” He asked as he stretched. “Daddy has to breathe.”

“Da!” Selene said as she reached out opened and closed her paws at him.

He picked her up. “Want to be picked up?” He asked as he held her. Selene snuggled up in his arms and started to give a happy little purring sound. Solana crawled over put her paws up to him too. He picked her up as well. He had both of them on his lap and they both purred as they snuggled up with each other. “Oh. I get it, daddy can’t take a nap because you two want to nap on him.” He gave a heavy sigh as he sat back and put his paws around them to keep them safe on his lap.

An hour later.

Silver opened the door and walked in to see Paradox asleep on the couch with the twins sleeping on him. “Oh my goodness, so adorable.” She whispered as she walked over to them. She gently placed her hoof on Paradox’s shoulder. “Doxy?”

He lifted his head. “Huh?” Blinking a couple times he looked at his wife smiling at him. “Hey Silver. I’d get up to hug you, but I have a twin infestation.”

Silver smiled. “I see that.” She kissed him and walked to the kitchen. “Let me make some dinner.”

He nodded as he looked at Selene and Solana. “And to think, I thought I’d never be a good father. You two proved me wrong.” He whispered.

Solana stretched and yawned as she opened her eyes slowly she wiggled her nose and nudged her sister with her paw. Selene opened one eye, curled up tighter and fell asleep again.

He chuckled. “Solana, looks like your sister is still sleepy.”

Solana looked up at him and tilted her head slightly. “Mama. Mama…”

He blinked. “Silver.”

Silver walked into the room. “What is it?”

Solana looked over at Silver and she put out her paws to her. “Mama… mama.” She opened and closed her paws. “Mammaaa?”

Silver gasped as she went over to them. “Yes, Solana, I’m your mama.”

“Mama!” The foal reached for her. “Mmmama.”

“I think you’ll have to pick her up.” Paradox said. “She wants her mama.”

Silver picked up Solana. “Hey sunshine.”

Solana giggled as she was picked up and snuggled against Silver. “Mama.”

Silver held Solana. “Mama loves you. Sorry I’m not here a lot.”

Selene stretched and sat up. “Mama?” She asked as she looked at Silver holding her sibling. She then made a small squeak as she reached out to Silver.

“Looks like Selene wants her mom too.” Paradox grinned as he picked Selene up and got up off the couch. He carried his daughter over to Silver. Silver held out her hoof and he put Selene in her arms as well. Both foals snuggled up against their mom. “I’ll make dinner.” He said as he went into the kitchen.

“Doxy? You’re just going to leave me like this?” Silver asked as the kitchen door closed. She waited for him to reply but he didn’t. She looked at the foals they just hugged and snuggled against her. “You two planned this all along… you and your dad.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 23


A month later.

Silver was stretched out on the bed as she was reading a book. She had put Selene and Solana to bed and she was happy to have some time alone. She turned a page as she read the adventure book that her mother let her borrow. She knew Paradox was down stairs working on a new painting so she took the advantage of the time she had.doxart

Paradox made a face as he looked at his latest painting. He flapped his wings in frustration as he placed his paint brush in the cleaning cup. He stretched as he looked outside. The sun was setting and he didn’t realize how late it was.

She placed the book to the side as she rolled over in the bed. She spread out her wings upon the bed as she lay on her back and stretched. She closed her eyes slowly.

Paradox yawned as he disappeared. He reappeared upstairs, his father would have told him to not be lazy and walk every so often but he didn’t want to walk when he can just use his magic. He went into the bedroom and stopped when he saw her. He grinned as he looked at her and realized it had been over a month. His grin widened.relax
Silver opened her eyes slightly and closed them again; she could’ve sworn she heard him. She shrugged as she put her hooves on her hips and stretched again. She moved one hoof over and she started to move it over herself. Rubbing her folds slowly.

He stood up again. She almost saw him. Whew. He snuck up to her and stood looking over her as she was pleasing herself. He wanted to kiss her all over. His fangs started to grow as he stared at her. His paw moved down and he started to slowly rub himself. He wanted her badly.

She let out a soft moan as she rubbed up against her button. Her back hoof kicked slightly as she increased the speed she gave herself pleasure.

He watched as her wings quivered on the bed as she was on the verge of orgasm. He could practically taste her need in the air. He wanted her bad as he felt his member throb.

Silver gasped and panted as she moved her hoof faster. “Ah. Ohh Doxy.” She moaned out.

He couldn’t hold back as he knelt down at the end of the bed and crawled onto the bed swiftly to move her hoof and put his muzzle in where she was rubbing.

Her eyes flew open as he pushed his tongue deeply into her folds taking over her self-pleasure. “Doxy… oh gods.”

He licked up into her rubbing his tongue over her folds and pushing into her deep tasting her and tasting her button. He slowly pulled away and looked up at her his muzzle wet from tasting her sweetness. “Gods you’re hot.”

She panted as she looked down at him. “Doxy.” Her legs were quivering and she felt all her nerves vibrating.

He licked his lips as he moved up, he looked at her full breasts and nipples and grinned wickedly at her.

She looked at his face and knew that look. “What are you thinking?”

He didn’t say anything as he put his paw up on her thigh. He inched up her body slightly but still looked at her full ample breasts. He licked his lips again then ran his tongue over one of them.

“Oh!” She gasped out.

He put his mouth over one nipple and started to suck on her. He tasted her as he rubbed his tongue over her and he moved his mouth to her other nipple.

“Oh… Doxy… I need you so bad.” She moaned out.

He let her other nipple go as he licked his lips and started to kiss up her body, his kisses were hot like burning embers of desire over her. Until he was on top of her looking into her eyes. “Do you need me?” He asked.

She nodded as she stared into his eyes. “Yes, I need you bad.”

He moved his hips and rubbed his tip over her hot folds. “I need you bad too.” He whispered as he pushed past her folds.

She gasped with the feel of him, her whole body shook as he gave her what she desired. “Ah yes!”

He pushed into her slowly and he let out a moan at the feel of her. She was tight and felt so good around him. “Silver…” He said with a shudder in his voice as he looked into her eyes. Feeling her muscles squeeze him, oh how he’d missed that feeling.

She bit her lower lip as she moaned out with desire. “Please… please…”

Then he started to really move fast in her as she gasped out in pleasure. He huffed as he pushed and pulled into her. “Oh… Silver…” He sank his claws into the sheets as he pushed in deep. “I’m gonna…”

Suddenly one of the foals started to cry. The noise made Paradox freeze as his eyes widened and Silver looked up at him as her cheeks started to burn. “It’s okay, please don’t stop.” She whispered. “I’ll take care of her after.”

He swallowed hard as he looked at her apologetically. “Whoa… instant mood killer.” He said as he moved off of her. “Sorry Silver.”

Silver sighed as well, feeling really pent up. “Sorry.” She got out of bed. “I’ll go see why she’s crying.” She left the bedroom.

Selene was wide awake and crying. Silver went over to the crib. “What’s wrong Sweety?” She asked as she reached in and picked her up, she flapped her wings as she held her. “Little Selene.” Selene started to calm down as Silver held her and hummed.

As Silver held Selene; she saw Solana was sleeping comfortably in her crib.

Paradox walked in the room and saw that Silver was holding Selene. “What is wrong with my little moonbeam?” He asked as he held his paws out to her.

Silver let him take Selene from her, she then got on the rocker and relaxed as she got in a comfortable position to feed Selene. “She might still be hungry.”

He looked at Selene as he held her, she looked at him with her deep purple eyes and then cooed softly at him. “I love you, even though you picked the perfect time to cry, daddy was gonna give your mommy a hot gift until you started the fussy fuss.”

Silver’s cheeks burned. “Doxy, just put her here. I’ll feed her.”

She started to nurse immediately and Silver gave a heavy sigh. “Maybe, we should get a foal sitter?”

“Why?” Paradox asked.

Silver looked at him. “I’m totally pent up and you felt so good.” She blushed.

He sat down next to her. “I don’t know why hearing her cry made me stop. You felt wonderfully tight and I wanted you bad. Still do.” He whispered.

She looked at him for a long moment and then picked up Selene after she stopped suckling and she started to pat the foal on the back. “We can try again after we get her back to bed.”

He grinned. “I’ll try not to be distracted.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise.” She replied as Selene burped.

Paradox took Selene from her. “Now little moonbeam, time to get some sleep.” He placed her in the crib and she looked up at him with her big purple eyes.

Silver walked back to the bedroom, she got in bed and yawned.

Paradox walked in about a few minutes later, he saw Silver sleeping and he got in bed as well, he looked at the lamp and it turned off. Slowly he moved up against his wife and kissed down her mane. Silver made a small moan and wiggled against him. He grinned as he moved his hips and slipped his arousal into her. They slowly made love under the covers and weren’t disturbed for the rest of the night.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 22


It was good to be back home again Paradox thought as he made some food for Silver. She was upstairs in the nursery with the twins. He finished preparing the plate he disappeared and reappeared upstairs. The twins were both being fed and he paused as he watched and then brought the food to Silver.

“Dinner for my lovely wife.” He smiled.

“Thank you Doxy.” She said as she slowly picked up Selene. She put Selene on her shoulder and started to pat the foal’s back. The foal spread out her blue wings and flapped them slowly. The foals looked exactly alike except for a few minor differences. Selene had no freckles and deep purple eyes. Solana had freckles and deep blue eyes. They both resembled ponies except they had front paws like their father. When they nursed on Silver they both kneaded her, which tickled a lot at first until they used their claws.

“So, getting used to having two foals?” He asked.

“It’s not too bad. Ouch.” She suddenly winced. “Until they use their claws.”

He smiled as he licked his lips. “Interesting. I don’t think I ever did that.” He held up his paws.

Selene let out a small noise. “Good girl.” Silver smiled as she placed Selene on the bed and picked Solana up and started to pat her back.

Paradox got on the bed and lay down next to Silver. “Oh, can I nurse next?” He grinned.

Silver looked at him. “No. Don’t be weird.”

He kept smiling as he slowly pet Selene on her wings. The foal was already sleeping. Solana gave a small burp as well and Silver put her next to Selene. The twins snuggled up against each other. “They are so beautiful.” Paradox said softly. “Just like their mother.”

“Oh Doxy. You’re so sweet.” Silver blushed.

“I’m horny, let’s do it.” He grinned.

“No. The doctor said to wait a month.”

He blinked. “A month?” He closed his mouth and made a low growl. “Silver, I’ll die.”

“No, you won’t.” She giggled. “Besides she said abstain from sex until I heal. I think she meant intercourse there are other ways to get relief.”

His ears went up and he grinned at her. “Do tell.” He leaned back on the bed and she looked at him, she saw that he was quite aroused.

“Wait.” She blushed as she picked Selene up and moved her to the bassinet then picked Solana up and placed her next to Selene. For a brief moment Solana fussed, but once she was near her sibling she fell back asleep. Silver turned back to him. “As I was saying.” She crawled over to him on the bed. “There are other ways to get relief.”

He watched her and his grin widened. “Please tell me all you know.” He whispered as she got closer. “I’m all ears… Oh mmm gods yes.”

She licked his arousal slowly and moved her mouth over his tip. Slowly she sucked him deeper into her mouth.

“Uhh… yes… Silver.” He moaned out.

She looked up at him as she moved closer to him taking him slowly into her mouth more. Her tongue rubbing up against him as he started to swell.

He gasped out as she rubbed her tongue along the bottom of his length. Then pulled back to lick around his tip slowly. She looked up at him as she stopped for a moment. “Oh? Are you alright? You’re acting out of breath. I can stop if it hurts.”

He looked at her quickly. “Don’t… you… dare…” He panted.

She gave him a crooked smile. “Are you sure? You seem to be struggling to breathe.” She gave a long lick up his shaft which made him whimper loudly.resizedbj4u

He kept whimpering as she moved her tongue over him, teasing him with her mouth. “Silver… Please…” He sank his claws into the bedsheets.

She nodded her head as she moved her mouth down his shaft to the base to kiss up along him. As she got to his tip she opened her mouth as she slowly sucked him into her mouth again.

He moved his hips up pushing into her mouth more. “I’m go… going to explode.” He moaned.

She took him into her mouth squeezing his shaft with her tongue and relaxing her throat as she let him push into her deeper. She wanted him to release into her mouth and wanted to taste him badly.

He put his paw on her head as she moved her head up and down taking him in and releasing and sucking him deep again. He thrust into her mouth along with her. He was panting as he felt his orgasm building up. “Ah… your mouth… your tongue… uh…”

She worked her tongue around him as she pulled back and rubbed his tip with her tongue tasting his precum, she moved down again, he thrust into her mouth and she pulled back he thrust again, she stopped moving her head as he started to thrust in and out of her mouth pushing into her deeply.

“Uh… Yes… mmm Fff… Silver… I’m…” He pushed in deep into her mouth, she relaxed her throat as he let his orgasm go.

She felt his hot seed fill her mouth as she started to swallow him, drinking him down. She looked up at him as some of his cum dripped from her mouth. She kept swallowing what she could as he thrust into her mouth a couple more times releasing himself into her mouth each time.

He panted as he watched her swallow, she looked at him as she slowly opened her mouth and licked him to clean the extra cum from his shaft. “I hope that helps you.” She smiled at him and licked her lips as she moved up and lay down next to him.

“It helps a lot. Silver… I love you.” He nuzzled her as he snuggled up against her. “You know… your dinner is still sitting on the table over there.”

She started to giggle. “It’s ok. I just ate.”

Paradox laughed and kissed her on her forehead. “You’re amazing.”