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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 35


The crowd of ponies cheered as the fliers lined up. Paradox looked over at his mother-in-law as he stretched at the starting line. Rainbow Dash looked back at him. “Just because you’re my daughter’s husband doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.”

“You’re also a grandmother to twins.” He answered and she gave him a stern stare. He gave her a smug grin in return.

Other fliers looked at them, at each other and shrugged. A couple were gryphons, one was a young dragon and three more ponies. Celestia stepped out and waved to the crowd the cheering from the crowd increased and quickly quieted down when Celestia raised her hoof.

“Thank you. I am happy so many of you came out today to watch this race. This race is for various charities here, across Equestria and surrounding kingdoms. To help all that need help. I hope for a fair and fun race. We have the fastest fliers in Equestria and surrounding kingdoms.” The fliers all waved and bowed. Paradox just waved at Silver, she waved back at him and her mother as she stood next to the baby carriage. “Now fliers, on your mark!” Paradox stood at his place same with Rainbow Dash and the others. “Get set!” They all crouched down eyes focused ahead. “Go!” Celestia shouted.

The fliers took off like a shot and Paradox as well as Rainbow Dash flew ahead of them easily. “I imagine you are tired already.” Rainbow Dash asked him as she flew around him.

Paradox looked at her. “I’m not tired at all. You sound winded… are you feeling your age?” He asked her as they flew through the first mile marker cloud together.

“Not even close to feeling winded.” She retorted as she flapped her wings and passed him.

Paradox let her fly ahead and set his pace he didn’t want to lose steam as the race went. He let the gryphons pass him by but didn’t allow the dragon or the other ponies get ahead of him.

Silver watched her mother at the head of the race and looked for Paradox. She saw him and let out a sigh at where he was in the race.

The announcer pony was giving all the details over the PA system. “Paradox the draconequus is letting his competition pass him by. Our own Rainbow Dash is ahead of the pack. Wait. Here comes the gryphon Havok; he’s catching up to Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow looked behind her and saw the gryphon flying up behind her. “I don’t think so.” She whispered as she pumped her wings. She smiled satisfied when the gryphon was left far behind her.

“We are getting closer to the last lap and there is some movement.” The announcer continued. “What is this? Paradox is making a move!”

Silver gasped as she watched as Paradox casually flew around the gryphons as if they weren’t moving. “Come on Doxy. You can do it.” She whispered.

Paradox pumped his wings as he passed the gryphons they looked at him and frowned. “I’m just flying like I usually do.” He said to them.

He flew up behind his mother-in-law without a word and effortlessly flapped his wings as he caught up to her. “Hey. You’d think I’d disappoint my wife if I didn’t at least come in second to you?”racing

Rainbow Dash looked at him. “Dox, you know I adore you but no way am I going to let you come in first.”

“I guess we’ll see what happens.” He grinned as they flew side by side.

Rainbow Dash nodded as she kept pace with him.

“It’s neck and neck! Rainbow Dash and Paradox! This is so exciting!” The announcer shouted over the cheers of the gathered ponies.

Silver watched as both her husband and mother went zooming past the finish line. She didn’t know who was first. She blinked. “Who won?”

“This is totally unprecedented. Both Paradox and Rainbow Dash crossed the finish line at the same time. We have to look at the photo to see who really won.” The announcer sounded shocked.

The other racers went through the line and the gryphon Havok got third place.

Paradox and Rainbow Dash flew up and landed close to Havok and the announcer as Celestia looked at the photo. Celestia looked up from the photo and smiled. “This is amazing.” She whispered and then talked to one of the race officials. Rainbow Dash sat and didn’t look winded at all. Paradox was shaking and breathing heavy as he looked around for his wife.

Silver flew up with the baby carriage and landed close to him and her mother. “Mom! Doxy!” She said.

“Hey Silver.” He smiled at his wife as she approached him.

“You’re sweaty.” Silver giggled as she hugged him. “Just like the way you get in bed.” She whispered.

He grinned as he gave her a small kiss. “Don’t be naughty… we’re in the presence of royalty and your mother.”

She nodded and hugged her mother. “You did great mom. You and Doxy both did.”

“I’ve got to admit it, Dox gave me good competition.” Rainbow Dash smiled.

“The winner of the race has been determined. By just a hair…” Princess Celestia said loudly. “Rainbow Dash came in first. Lord Paradox was second. The gryphon Havok third.”

There was cheering and Rainbow Dash jumped up and cheered for herself. “Oh! Yeah! I still got it!”

Silver and Paradox clapped for her. “Congratulations mom.” Silver replied and looked at Paradox. “Congratulations Paradox.”

He looked at her and blushed. “I tried my best. Your mother is tough.” He suddenly stumbled back when Rainbow Dash flew down and hugged him. “Whoa!”

“Way to go! You gave me great competition! Thank you Dox!” She exclaimed and stopped hugging him when she realized her daughter was looking at her smugly. “Ahem… Good job.” She cuffed his shoulder.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 30


A few days later

Paradox was sleeping on his back on the living room couch his mouth was open wide as he snored loudly. Solana looked up from playing with her blocks and put her paws to her ears. Selene giggled as she went and looked at her father as he slept. It was usually the time of day that Paradox caught a nap since he had become pretty much the house husband while Silver worked in Canterlot.couchnap1
The twins were now crawling and getting into things more often. Selene looked into her father’s mouth as he snored. She put her paw on his mouth and closed it for him. It stopped his snoring for a moment until he snored through his nose. She put her paw on his nose too. After a few seconds his eyes flew open and he sat up gasping for air. Selene had let his nose go when she saw his eyes open. Both foals giggled together as Paradox looked at them.

“What are you two trying to do?” He asked as he stretched. “Daddy has to breathe.”

“Da!” Selene said as she reached out opened and closed her paws at him.

He picked her up. “Want to be picked up?” He asked as he held her. Selene snuggled up in his arms and started to give a happy little purring sound. Solana crawled over put her paws up to him too. He picked her up as well. He had both of them on his lap and they both purred as they snuggled up with each other. “Oh. I get it, daddy can’t take a nap because you two want to nap on him.” He gave a heavy sigh as he sat back and put his paws around them to keep them safe on his lap.

An hour later.

Silver opened the door and walked in to see Paradox asleep on the couch with the twins sleeping on him. “Oh my goodness, so adorable.” She whispered as she walked over to them. She gently placed her hoof on Paradox’s shoulder. “Doxy?”

He lifted his head. “Huh?” Blinking a couple times he looked at his wife smiling at him. “Hey Silver. I’d get up to hug you, but I have a twin infestation.”

Silver smiled. “I see that.” She kissed him and walked to the kitchen. “Let me make some dinner.”

He nodded as he looked at Selene and Solana. “And to think, I thought I’d never be a good father. You two proved me wrong.” He whispered.

Solana stretched and yawned as she opened her eyes slowly she wiggled her nose and nudged her sister with her paw. Selene opened one eye, curled up tighter and fell asleep again.

He chuckled. “Solana, looks like your sister is still sleepy.”

Solana looked up at him and tilted her head slightly. “Mama. Mama…”

He blinked. “Silver.”

Silver walked into the room. “What is it?”

Solana looked over at Silver and she put out her paws to her. “Mama… mama.” She opened and closed her paws. “Mammaaa?”

Silver gasped as she went over to them. “Yes, Solana, I’m your mama.”

“Mama!” The foal reached for her. “Mmmama.”

“I think you’ll have to pick her up.” Paradox said. “She wants her mama.”

Silver picked up Solana. “Hey sunshine.”

Solana giggled as she was picked up and snuggled against Silver. “Mama.”

Silver held Solana. “Mama loves you. Sorry I’m not here a lot.”

Selene stretched and sat up. “Mama?” She asked as she looked at Silver holding her sibling. She then made a small squeak as she reached out to Silver.

“Looks like Selene wants her mom too.” Paradox grinned as he picked Selene up and got up off the couch. He carried his daughter over to Silver. Silver held out her hoof and he put Selene in her arms as well. Both foals snuggled up against their mom. “I’ll make dinner.” He said as he went into the kitchen.

“Doxy? You’re just going to leave me like this?” Silver asked as the kitchen door closed. She waited for him to reply but he didn’t. She looked at the foals they just hugged and snuggled against her. “You two planned this all along… you and your dad.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 29


“Zero hadn’t been showing up to work again.” Silver was telling Paradox.

“Yeah, of course not, he has to take care of Rune. When does he have the time?” He asked.

“Your mom watches Rune a lot too.” Silver said.

“As if she doesn’t already have her hooves full with Snafu?” He said sarcastically. “Don’t worry about Zero, he is surviving, as we all are.” Paradox was trying to feed Selene a spoon full of pureed carrots. The foal gave a face at him so he moved the spoon to Solana. “Nom nom. Carrots. We all like carrots.”

Solana blinked at him as she opened her mouth. He put the spoon in her mouth and she ate the puree. Selene blinked at her sister and opened her mouth at Paradox. “Don’t want to be showed up by your sister do you?” He asked as he gave Selene some puree as well.

Silver watched as he fed the twins. “How do you get them to eat? They only want to nurse when I try to feed them.”

“I don’t have ample supply of milk in which to feed them.” He grinned at her. “You need to not spoil them, yes you have a natural beautiful way of feeding them. But I’m trying to introduce them to regular food, even if it does look like this.” He looked at the orange goop of pureed carrots.

Silver looked at the puree. “Yeah, that looks so delicious.” She made a face. The twins both looked at their mother and then back at the puree on the spoon and made a face.

Paradox sighed as he put the spoon down. “Thank you Silver.”

Silver snickered. “Sorry.”

He picked up the bowl of pureed carrots and placed it in the sink and he brought a cloth over and cleaned the twin’s faces. “Okay girls it is time for you two to play.” He lifted each one from their high chair and placed them on the floor. They sat for a moment and just looked up at their dad and mom. Solana reached over with her paw and bat at Selene’s tail. Selene squeaked and turned to look at her sister. They both pounced at each other and started to play.smtwins

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 28


Paradox was laughing lightly as Silver opened the door to the room. “What’s so funny?” She asked.

“I’ll tell you after we send the nanny away.”

The room was quiet and they saw the nanny sitting in a rocking chair beside the crib holding one of the twins. She looked up and gave them a smile. She was an earth pony a little older than Silver. She spoke in a whisper. “These little ones are angels. I just got this one asleep.” She stood up and placed Selene in the crib.

Paradox nodded. “Selene is our little night owl.” He whispered and walked to the crib to look in on them.

“Thank you for watching them.” Silver replied.dewdrop

“It’s what I’m here for.” The nanny walked over to them. “Celestia had known my family for a long time. My great great grandmother once was a nanny to the castle.” She smiled. “If you two ever need some pony to watch them again. I’ll be glad to. Remember my name is Dew Drop.”

“Alright. It’ll be a pleasure to employ you again in the near future.” Silver replied.

They both said good bye to Dew and the earth pony left. Silver looked at Paradox and grinned. “So what were you laughing at?”

He grinned malevolently. “The guards in the west wing hallway… didn’t you noticed how they were all blushing?”

She blinked at him then started to giggle lightly. “Oh yeah, I forgotten that the hallway echoed. Those guards heard us.”

“Oh… yes, and one of those guards was the one that used to be my guard.” He shook his head as he grinned. “Silver, I love you. Let’s go to bed.”

She nodded as she agreed about bed. “Alright.” She looked into the crib. The twins were both snuggled against one another. “Sleeping like angels. Oh Doxy, I’m so happy with our family.”twinsleep

He hugged her to him. “I am too. I’m happy that you’re happy.” They stood watching the twins sleeping then slowly they themselves went to bed.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 25-26


Couple months later.

The crowd of ponies made him nervous. Paradox stood to the side and watched as the procession went by. His wife Silver was standing next to him and he had their children in a couple baby slings. As the ponies started to disperse a stallion walked over to Silver and started to talk to her.

“Hey young mare, what brings you to Canterlot?” the stallion asked as he blatantly was hitting on her.

Paradox grabbed Silver and started to growl possessively. “She’s here with her husband and daughters.”mywife

The stallion looked at Paradox in surprise. “Oh uhh. I… didn’t notice you um…” He ran off.

Silver looked at Paradox. “I could have told him…”

He let her go. “Sorry Silver. I just get nervous when I feel threatened. You’re so beautiful and I’m… me.”

“Doxy, you know I love you. No other stallion would turn my head.” She looked at him as she faced him. “Ever since I was a little filly. I had been infatuated with you.”

“Silver… I feel as if I did wrong by ignoring you those many years ago.” He whispered.

Silver leaned against him. “Water under the bridge. Come on, we’re invited to the palace. We need to get there soon. They’ll be having dinner in a couple hours.” She spread her wings out and he did the same holding the twins against his chest tightly. They both took off flying towards the palace.


A guard saluted Silver. “Lieutenant Silver, Ma’am; Princess Celestia has assigned a nanny for the evening.”

Silver looked shocked. “A nanny? Why?”

“The dinner party is going to run late, and Princess Celestia doesn’t want the twins to be up too late at night.” The guard answered.

“Selene is a night owl.” Paradox said as he looked at the twins in the ornate crib, they were sleeping soundly. “I guess they’ll be okay for one night as long as the nanny is reliable.”

“Alright, but I want to know if anything happens. Anything.” Silver said to the guard.

The guard saluted again. “Yes ma’am. I’ll send the nanny over.”

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 21


“The suspense is killing me.” Rainbow Dash got up and walked over to the waiting room entrance and jumped back when the door opened and Paradox came out.

Paradox looked at his mother-in-law. “Hey RD.”

“Well? I want to see my daughter and my grandchild!” Rainbow Dash demanded and poked Paradox in the chest.

“Alright.” He smiled as he opened the door for Silver. “Dear, the natives are restless.”

Silver walked out and smiled. “Hey Mom. What’s… eep!” Rainbow Dash hugged her daughter tightly. Silver hugged her mother for a long moment. “I’m alright mom.”

Rainbow let her go and looked at her. “Looks like you lost some weight. Remember after having a foal, you have to get back into shape. So where is my grandchild?”

Paradox already went to the observation room. “In here. The nurse should be ready.”

Discord walked past him and ruffled Paradox’s mane. “Proud of you.”

Every pony went into the room where the window was to the nursery. There were several bassinets in the nursery with several foals. Rainbow Dash flew from one side of the window to the other looking into bassinets hoping that one of them was her grandchild. “That one looks strong. Oh maybe that one there?”

Discord’s eye twitched as Rainbow Dash kept flying past him.

Fluttershy looked in the window and saw two bassinets next to one another with twins. “Oh… Oh my…”

Paradox walked in. “Did you guess which foal is ours?” He asked.

Fluttershy spoke up quietly. “Um… I think I know…”

“Ya’ll have ta’ tell us Paradox.” Big Mac said. “An’ do it quickly before Dash has an anxiety attack.”

“Or I make her wings disappear.” Discord grumbled.

Rainbow Dash looked around. “Where’s Silver?”

Paradox pointed into the nursery. “She went back in to stand near the baby.”

They all looked and saw Silver walk into the nursery. She waved and smiled at them as she walked toward the front of the nursery. She walked forward and turned around in between the two bassinets with the twins. She then looked up at them and looked down at the twin foals.

Rainbow Dash blinked and let out a sudden squeak. “Twins! That is totally awesome!”

Fluttershy blushed. “I knew it…” She sniffled as she started to tear up. “Twins.”

Discord went over to Fluttershy and rubbed her shoulders. “You guessed or did Scarlet tell you this?”

She shook her head. “No… The twins have Doxy’s eyes. Look at them.”

Discord looked and smiled. “You’re right.” He laughed. “They better give them back.”

Paradox leaned on the glass as he looked at Silver and the foals. Slowly he signed, ‘I love you’ to Silver. He then signed, ‘you’re beautiful’ to her and Silver suddenly blushed.

Apple Jack watched him do the sign language and wondered what he was doing. “What is going on?”

Paradox’s ears went up. “What? Oh um… I’m talking to Silver.”

“How do ya do that?” AJ asked.

“Well, I use my paws.” He moved his fingers. “I just told her that I loved her and I think she is beautiful.”

Discord chuckled as he approached and signed something to his son.

“Dad! Silver knows what you just signed!” Paradox blushed and looked over to Silver and she was looking at Discord with her eyes wide.

“Sorry Dox.” Discord glanced at Silver. “Nope, not sorry.” He grinned then signed something at Silver and her eyes widened more as she suddenly shook her head fast.

“Dad! Stop it.” Paradox said and pushed his father out of the observation room.

“What are their names?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Paradox was happy to answer. “Selene and Solana.”

“Oh my goodness, those are beautiful names.” Fluttershy sighed. “I cannot wait to hold them.”

“I can’t wait till I can spoil them!” RD laughed.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 20


Silver panted as she pushed down. “Ahhh! They never told me it would hurt so much!”

“You are doing great Silver. Just breathe and push when I tell you. Remember you have two foals to push out.” Epona stated.

“Wait… What?” Paradox said as he looked at his wife and the doctor. “No pony told me this.”

Silver nodded. “Found out… before you came back in here. The doctor was checking the vitals and discovered two heart beats. We’re having twins.” She panted out.

Paradox blinked in shock. “T… t-twins?”

Epona nodded as she put her mask on and the nurse helped her get cleaned up. “Yes, twins.”

He nodded suddenly. “Alright. Awesome.” He started to shake suddenly as he gulped.

Silver’s ears went back as she let out a yell. “Ah! Doxy!” She whimpered as he went to her, placing his paw on her hoof.

“I’m here for you. Yell at me, curse me and be mean to me, but know this. I’ll always love you.” He told her as he kissed her.

Epona went over and placed her hoof on Silver’s stomach. “Alright Silver; when I tell you to push do so as hard as you can. Paradox you encourage her and make sure she breathes.” She didn’t wait for them to reply as she looked at the situation.

Paradox looked at his wife as she looked at him. She had tears in her eyes and she already looked exhausted and all he could think about is how absolutely gorgeous she was. “We can do this.” He said to her.

She looked at him, his eyes looked sunken in and tired and he smiled at her with encouragement. She loved him so much and he was beautiful to her. “Yes.” She grit her teeth as pain hit her. “We can do this.”

“Silver I want you to push.” Epona said.

Silver pushed with all her strength. “Uhggggh.”

“Good. Rest.” The doctor said. “You’re progressing well, looks like you have stubborn foals.”

Paradox rubbed Silver’s back around her shoulders. “I wish I could help you more.”

“You help me by just being here.” She whispered.

Epona suddenly looked up. “Alright, I need you to push again Silver, but try not to push too hard. I have to check something.”

Silver gulped and pushed down “Ah… ohh.”

Epona smiled as she looked up. “Yes that’s great. Now breathe and push again.”

Paradox rubbed her shoulders as he talked to her. “Breathe deep. You can do this.”

Silver looked at him and started to cry. “No… I can’t. Doxy, I’m tired so tired.”

“So am I, after this we’ll go home and snuggle in bed.” He whispered to her. “I love you. Just push and breathe deeply.”

Silver breathed and pushed she was getting tired but she did what the doctor told her. “Ah! This pain!” She felt pressure release suddenly.

“Oh, here is the first foal.” Epona smiled under her mask. She worked on cleaning its airway. “A beautiful girl.” The baby started to cry and Paradox tried to get a good look. Epona held the foal up. “Cut the cord Dox?” She asked.

He gulped as he took the scissors that the nurse offered him. “Uh… yes.” He shook as he cut the cord. “A girl.” He muttered softly.

“Silver, you have a brave, strong husband. His father would have already been on the floor.”

He felt the pounding in his ears but he knew his wife wasn’t done. He fought off the urge to black out even though he saw spots in front of his eyes. “Don’t count on it for long.” He muttered.

The foal cried loudly as the nurse took her to the warming table. “Good set of lungs.” She announced.

Epona went back to position. “Almost there… Just push and breathe like before.”

Silver nodded as she took in a deep breath then pushed. “Ah… maybe there is a better way.”

“There is, but it’s messier and a lot more painful.” Epona answered. “Come on push more.”

Paradox rubbed her shoulders. “You were able to get one, now the other. Maybe a boy?”

“Doxy…” Silver panted.

“Yes, my love?” He asked as he kissed her cheek.

“Shut it.” She growled as she pushed.

“Yes, gorgeous.” He whispered.

“Oh, another girl! Identical twins. Congratulations.” Epona held the other foal up. “Daddy you’re needed for the cutting of the umbilical cord.”

Dox swallowed as he cut the cord. “Identical t-twins… I… I-identical.” The room spun and he fell.

“Father down.” Epona yelled. “Silver. I applaud your husband’s endurance. Discord fainted faster. Nurses, get him into a bed.”

The nurse took the crying foal to the warming table to clean her up. “She’s healthy as well.” She picked both of them up, they were bundled up and brought them to Silver. “Here you go, Mommy.” She went over and helped the other nurses drag Paradox into a bed.

Silver held them and started to cry. “Oh! They’re beautiful.” She nuzzled them both. “My sweet twins. You two need names. We’ll wait for daddy to wake up.”newmommy

Epona got up and smiled. “All done. Now, you look great. The foals are healthy. I need you to abstain from sex for about a month until you’re healed properly. I’ll see you in a week to see how you are.” She smiled as she left. The nurses left as well after dragging Paradox on to a bed.

Silver held the foals and looked at them. They both had a little gold mane on their foreheads. Their coats were a very faint blue. One had freckles while the other didn’t. “That’s how we’ll tell you two apart.” The foal with freckles opened her eyes, they were deep blue like Paradox’s.

“Oh my head.” Paradox mumbled as he sat up. “What happened?”

She looked over to him. “Does Daddy Doxy want to see his daughters?” She asked.

He jumped up quickly and used his wings for balance as he stumbled to her bed. He then stopped briefly. “Wait, do they look alright?”

She smiled. “Here. Look for yourself.”

He took one of them and looked; he let out a deep breath. “She’s beautiful… she’s so beautiful.” He swallowed hard. “Oh no.”oneangel

Silver blinked. “What’s wrong?”

He smiled. “This one is a little thief.” He brought the foal back and picked up the other one to look at her. “Oh… This one is also a thief!” He stumbled a little. “Stole my heart right away. Little thieves.”

Silver started to giggle. “Are you happy?”

“Silver, I am overwhelmed. They are gorgeous just like you.” He kissed her as he gave her the other foal.

“What should we name them?” She asked as she nuzzled the foals and then kissed him on the cheek.

“I want to name one Selene.” He said softly.

“And the other one?”

He looked at her. “Silver why won’t you name the other?”

“You’re more creative. Please name them both.”

“Alright Silver, but I really think you should name her.” He thought for a moment. “Solana.”

“Selene and Solana. Those are beautiful names. Oh Doxy… We are parents!” She giggled as she started to cry again. He kissed her again and nuzzled her.