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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 64


white-roses-“White roses.” Silver said softly as she looked at the beauty of the roses, she was shaking as she looked at them afraid that if she touched one or looked too long at one the room would throw her into another confusing drop, she didn’t want to fall again.

“Fall again, and again, you will still fall in a loop and you will still fall in love with him.” A voice whispered.

Silver blinked as she shook her mane. “There is nothing wrong with falling in love.”

“No…” The voice answered. “But if you never awake… what is the point of being in love?”

Silver stood in the middle of the white roses and blinked as she felt her chest hurt. “Never awake? What? I don’t want to sleep anymore.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 59


purpleroseSilver was walking carefully around the beautiful purple roses and kept her wings up and ready in case something bad happened while she examined them. She turned around a couple times when she heard a noise. All she saw was roses many different roses but all the same color, purple.

She turned one more time and was facing Paradox and he was slowly kneeling in front of her. She put her hoof to her face as he opened the box he held out to her. An engagement ring was there and she saw Paradox moving his lips but she couldn’t hear him.silvergaspShe felt tears well up in her eyes as she put her hoof out to him. The floor around her started to fall away again and Paradox disappeared. “No… I… didn’t get to tell him that I will… my love. I…” she started to flap her wings before she began to fall. She turned and was flipped around. She was falling again even with wings and she started to panic as the ground raced up to her this time she landed and she was surrounded by white roses.