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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 3


blursilvercon“Paradox?” Silver’s voice came out of the haze.

He saw her silhouette looking over him. “Sil… Silver?” He asked and blinked several times. “What happened? Oh my head.” He placed his paws on his head and felt his horns they seemed bigger.

“Doxy? Are you alright?” She asked as she looked into his eyes. “You look umm…” She seemed nervous.

“What? I look… what?” He moved his paws onto his muzzle and he felt his mouth. He had very sharp teeth and his muzzle was shaggy. “What has happened to me?” He spoke with a grunt and lisp because his teeth seemed to be in his way.

“Um, what did you do?” Silver asked as a blush ran over her cheeks.

He sat up and seemed to tower above Silver. “Why are you so… what happened to me?” He looked at his paws they were big and shaggy as well and his claws were huge.

“Doxy, you grew…” She whispered.

“What do you mean?” He tried to stand up and suddenly hit his head on… the ceiling? “Oh, no, not happening.”

“What did you do? Were you practicing chaotic magic without your sister’s help?” Silver started to back away from him slightly.

“No, I wasn’t doing anything chaotic.” He saw the empty vial on the floor near her hoof. He reached down for it.

Silver’s eyes widened as his huge paw descended upon her. “Ah! Your paw!” She flapped her wings and stepped out of the way.

“Sorry…” He picked the vial up with one of his claws. “It was this.”

Silver grabbed the vial while looking at his claw. “This is a potion vial.” She read the label. “Why did you drink a whole vial of hyper huge potion?”

“I didn’t mean to. You came home and startled me and I hid it in my mouth. I may have drank some. Did you just say Hyper Huge?”

“Some? How about all?” Silver gasped. “Where did you get this?”

He gulped. “Zecora.”

“Why did she give you this potion? What did you want it for?” She then started to blush again. “As if you weren’t big enough.”

“What!? Oh no… I well, oh geez…” He put his paws on his head. “I didn’t know what this potion would do!”

Silver put her hoof on her forehead. “Maybe I’m having a nightmare.”

“YOU!?” Paradox said in a panic. “I cannot even get out of the house… I’m too big to even fit one paw through the doorway.”

“And you’re still growing Doxy.” She flapped her wings as the floor space started to shrink.

His eyes widened. “You’re right. Silver you’ve got to go and get the cure.”

She flew up to his muzzle to look into his eyes. “Do you think Zecora would have the cure?”

“I hope so.” He winced when his horns started to crack the ceiling. “I’m sorry Silver, I don’t mean to be breaking our dream home.”

She dodged a piece of plaster that fell. “I guess you’ll have to fix it later. I’ll go see about getting Zecora… and I’m going to tell your father as well.” She kissed his nose.

“Oh no… Not Dad…” He grumbled but made a face when his paw broke through a window. “Ok… anything Silver…”

She looked at him. “I’ll be back… Try not to break anything… else.” She flew out the window he had just broke.

“I can’t promise that.” The cottage’s foundation groaned and creaked.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 83


“Why wait for my advice?” Zecora said as she walked to a wall and pulled a vial from it. “You know I would not ask a price.”

Twilight sighed. “I know Zecora, but I didn’t know that you would actually have a cure for what is wrong with Celestia.”

The zebra smiled at Twilight. “It’s not a difficult task to just ask.” She looked at the vial she had taken down from the wall and shook her head as she placed it back up on the wall again.

“So, I’m asking now, is there a cure for Celestia?”

“Calling it a cure is a bit obscure.” Zecora looked at all the vials she had on her wall and frowned. “It was here, maybe it is over there?” She trotted over to the other wall and was looking at her collection of vials and containers.

“What does the vial look like?” Twilight asked as she looked at the walls.

“The vial contains something volatile and green. And yet it cannot be seen.” Zecora seemed to be a little perplexed.

Twilight looked at a wall full of dried plants and several vials. One vial she spotted was green and looked like it had bubbles in it. “Is it this one?” She asked as she pointed at the vial.

Zecora looked at the vial and smiled. “It is found. Safe and sound.” Zecora took it from the wall and went to a mortar and pestle unstopped the vial and dripped two drops into the mortar. She walked over to some dried plants and grabbed some red looking seeds and placed them next to the mortar. She walked to another set of dried plants and looked through them and smiled when she spotted what she was looking for. She grabbed the green plants and went to the mortar and placed some of the leaves into the mortar. She placed the red seeds in the mortar and grabbed the pestle with her mouth and started to grind all the ingredients together. When she was done she pushed the mortar to the side and grabbed the vial of green liquid again.

“This is highly powerful, I was surprised that Discord let me have this in exchange for the advice I gave him. I had asked him for the water of the Spring of Eternity, but he wasn’t easily swayed to give that to me.” She lifted the mortar and filled a flask with the ingredients then added the rest of the vial into the flask. She held it up and swirled it, the color changed from a bright green to a light lavender color.

Twilight just looked at the flask and looked at Zecora. “So what do you call this? Is this the cure I’ve been needing?”

The zebra placed the flask on the table and looked over at Twilight. “For you there is an easy task, your reward shall be this flask.”

“You want me to do something for you?” Twilight asked.

“You feel that it is uncouth, to reveal the truth. You have to see; that the truth will set you free. Tell him how you feel then maybe I will give this to help her heal.”

Twilight blinked as her cheeks burned. “What do you mean?”

Zecora chuckled. “Oh, I see. This, I didn’t foresee. Denial will not get you this vial.” She placed it on a shelf.

“Wait! Zecora! Please I need that to help Celestia. I really don’t know what you are asking me to do.” Twilight bit her bottom lip nervously.

Zecora looked Twilight in the eyes. “You tell him how you feel. Then you can have this to heal.”

Twilight swallowed and put her head down. “I can’t tell him how I feel.”

“Only when the truth is in motion, will you receive the full magic of this potion.” Zecora stated.

“Okay Zecora, how long will that last?”

“It’s an exotic brew, it will keep for a week or two.” The zebra nodded.

“Alright. I’ll be back.” Twilight left the hut empty hooved.