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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 17 (nsfw)


A month later.

Silver stumbled slightly and let out a deep breath, she looked behind her and saw that Paradox was concentrating on the painting before him. She shook her head and flapped her wings to go upstairs.

Paradox glanced over to Silver and she was trying to fly up the stairs. She was two weeks due and she had gotten too big to fly so he helped her around the house a lot. She had also taken five months off from her duty as Celestia’s guard.

She looked at the stairs and let out a frustrated sigh. She stepped on the first step when Paradox came up and picked her up. “Oh Doxy, I can do it.”

He shook his head. “Nope, I won’t hear of it. You’re about to have our foal, and you need to conserve your energy.”carryme

“I don’t like this, I was used to not needing help and all I can do is walk a little distance.” She started to cry. “I feel like I’m all worthless.”

He kissed her. “You’re not worthless, you’re a gorgeous mare with a life inside of her.” Paradox nuzzled her neck.

“Why are you so sweet?” She asked in between sniffles.carrymecolored

“I take after my mother.” He whispered as he carried her upstairs. When they got upstairs he opened the door to their bedroom and placed her on the bed. “There we go. In the snuggly bed.”

She looked at him and suddenly blushed. “Doxy, did I ever tell you that I’m the envy of all the mares in Ponyville?”

“No, why is that?” He asked as he got on the bed and started to rub her shoulders and wing joints.

She sighed at the massage. “That feels wonderful.” Her wings spread out.

“You’re the envy why?” He asked as he looked at her wings. He bit his lip as he felt himself grow aroused. He rubbed her shoulder again.

“Yes, they all think you’re sexy and they all want you. They’re jealous of me. Some even say that I took you away from them.” She felt his paw stop rubbing her shoulder.

“Who said that?” He asked as he moved his paw over to her back.

“Some grey mare with a snobby attitude. She said you gave her a lot of attention, but you just stopped seeing her one day.” She felt him stop massaging her back and lean slowly over her.

She felt his lips touch her ear. “That mare told me that I was a monster and I’d never be loved. She laughed in my face and broke my heart. You never treated me like she treated me and I am grateful to this day that destiny brought us together.”

She blinked as she looked at him. “Doxy why did she do that to you?”

He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. What matters now is that you just relax.” He whispered as he rubbed down her back with both paws. He was still aroused as he looked at her muscles in her back.

She nodded. “I wanted to punch her in the face then. Now I really want to punch her in the face.”

He grinned at her. “Silver, you are very sexy. Don’t worry about that mare she isn’t worth your beautiful wrath.” He moved his paw down her back feeling the muscles relax under his touch. He kissed down her neck slowly as he moved his paws to her thighs.

Silver melted into the bed as he kissed her. “I am grateful to have you in my life. I love you Doxy.”

He moved her tail to the side. “I love you too.” He murmured softly as he kissed along her mane. He was throbbing hard for her.

She moved her hips up. She let out a gasp when he slowly rubbed his arousal over her folds. “Mmm please.” She whispered.

She was wet for him and that made him want her more. “You’re wonderful.” He moaned out as he pushed into her carefully.

Silver began to pant as he made love to her. Every nerve in her body was electrified making every sensation enhanced. So much that she shuddered from an instantaneous orgasm. “Ah oh…yes…”

He blinked in shock as he felt her quiver around him, but he continued to make love to her pushing in deeply and pulling back. She felt tight and perfect he felt her body shudder under him as she tightened around him. “Oh uhh… Silver. You’re squeezing me like a vice…” He groaned out.

“Cannot help it. Oh Doxy! Ohhh!” She exclaimed as she came again.

He growled softly as he pushed deeply into her and grind up against her rear. “So tight, uhh by the eternal moon you feel so wonderful.” He released his pent up need into her.

Silver gasped when he released and she came again their orgasmic pleasure flowing together making them both feel euphoric.

He leaned over her and hugged her against him as he emptied into her. Giving her quick thrusts spilling every bit into her before pulling out of her tightness.

They both lay in the bed breathing hard from the love making. Soon both of them drifted off to sleep.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 16


The painting was looking good, Paradox stepped back from it and looked at it he turned his back on it and quickly turned to look at it fast then turning away again.

Silver watched him do this several times. The fifth time he did the quick turnaround she started to snicker.

His ears perked up at her snicker. He ignored her and did the quick turn again this time flapping his wings when he almost fell over. He did it again quicker and ended up flailing his paws and losing his balance. He stumbled back and ran into the wall. “Horse nuggets.”

Silver laughed loudly at him. “Doxy? What are you doing?”

He stood up as he grabbed one of his wings and pet the feathers down with his paws. “I was trying to see what was wrong with the painting. It’s a commissioned piece and I want it to look perfect.” He let his wing go and grabbed the other one and pet his feathers there too.

Silver slowly got up and walked over to him. She looked at his painting. It was a portrait of Princess Luna. Her mane was long and flowing that blended with the night sky with a beautiful array of stars. Silver let in a deep breath.

“Yeah, exactly… It’s terrible.” He muttered as he put his claws through his feathers. “You don’t have to say anything. I’ll just start over tomorrow on it.”

“It’s gorgeous.” Silver said as she looked at the fine detail work he did. “Why do you think it looks bad?”

He looked at her. “I don’t know… It’s her eyes… They could look better.” He pointed at a speck of paint with his claw.

Silver squinted. “Um… I don’t know what you see. This painting is perfect.”

He put up his paws and let out a sigh, “I’ll have to look at it later, and then I can find the major flaw.”

Silver frowned as she squinted at the painting. “It looks so good, beautiful detail.” She shook her head when she felt a little dizzy she gulped and placed her hoof on her belly. “I’m going to go sit back down.” She turned and stumbled slightly as she walked back to the couch and stretched out on it. He watched her as she walked back. He placed his paintbrush in the washing cup and followed her to the couch.concern

She didn’t notice he had followed her so after she had stretched out she looked up and saw his muzzle in her face. “Ah! Doxy!” She said in shock as she blinked at him.

“Are you alright? You don’t look alright. Is it the baby? Are you in labor? Do you need help? I can help you if you need help. Here is a pillow.” He fluffed up a pillow and placed it under her head. “Just tell me. Please.”

“I was only a little dizzy, that’s all.” She confessed. “I have a month before I even begin having labor pains.”

“Are you sure Silver? I worry…” He picked up her hoof and kissed it. “I want you to be comfortable. Are you hungry?”hoofkiss

Silver smiled at him and put her hoof on his cheek. “Thank you for thinking about me. I’m alright.”

He looked at her doubtfully. “Alright. I am here if you need anything at all.”

“I know. Thank you.” She relaxed and closed her eyes. He got up and went back to look at his painting while she relaxed.