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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 46


Taking a vacation from the office wasn’t a good idea now that she thought about it, since she’d come back with a little more than just a souvenir. Epona felt so uncomfortable today as she slowly opened the door to the examination room.eponapreg

“Good morning,” She said cheerfully and stopped when she saw LillyRose sitting on the examination table. “Lady Chaos…” She suddenly bowed.

“Dr. Epona, please don’t bow, geez you helped bring me into the world.” Lilly sighed.

“Lilly, you’re pregnant?” Epona asked as she looked at Lilly and saw her little belly bulge.

“Yeah…” Lilly blushed suddenly. “Mom suggested I see you.”

“I see, so where is the father?” Epona asked.

“He’s working. One of Dad’s guards now.”

“Oh, whose guard was he before?” She asked while she started the examination on Lilly.

“Um, mine.” Lilly blushed.

“Oh… I see…” She grinned as she brought a stethoscope down to listen to her.

Lilly looked at Dr. Epona and her ears suddenly went forward. “You’re pregnant too.”

Epona looked at herself. “Yes, so I am. You’re about as observant as your father.”

“Dad is very observant apparently.” She blushed again.

“Let me guess… he knew you had been with some pony?”

“Yes. How did you know?” Lilly asked.

“Lucky guess,” She shrugged. “Father’s always have a sixth sense when it comes to their daughters. Especially to the ones they are the most connected to. You are like him in so many ways. Lady Chaos.” Epona winked.

“That title… I sometimes like it but sometimes it irritates me.” Lilly sighed and jumped when Epona strapped an instrument to her belly.

“Okay, let’s see.” Epona said cheerfully as she moved a wand over Lilly’s stomach.

Lilly heard noises come from the machine a heartbeat strong and firm. “Oh! That’s my heart.”

“Yes, your heart is strong. That’s great.” She used her magic and moved the machine down more until it picked up a fluttering fast beat. Lilly’s ears went forward. “That is your foal. Sounds nice and healthy.”

Lilly blinked. “Oh my goodness. I wish Zero was here. Do you know what it’ll be?”

Epona started to chuckle. “I don’t know, you have a 50 percent chance of getting a boy or a girl.”

“Oh… that narrows it down. Thanks doctor.” Lilly replied sarcastically.

Epona grinned. “I’m always willing to help. Your sister is going to foal soon. I am so happy to be your family’s Doctor. How is your father and mother?”

“Dad is here with mom in the other exam room.” Lilly stated.

Epona blinked suddenly. “They’re here?”

Lilly nodded. “Yeah, mom is pregnant again.”

“At her age?” A look of worry went across Epona’s face.

“Epona? What do you mean at her age? You’re older than mom and you’re pregnant.”

“I’m also an Alicorn. My body ages differently than other ponies.” She unstrapped the device from Lilly. “You are doing very well, try to not do too many spells where you manipulate your body. Too much magic will affect your foal.”

Lilly blinked at the news. “How do you know that?”

“As I said before, I’m an Alicorn.” She smiled.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 27 (rated NC-17 for naughty)


Lilly and Zero kissed under the willow tree and he pulled from the kiss reluctantly. “So where do we go from here?” he asked.

Lilly looked around and suddenly saw something across the field. She saw her brother picking a pony up? She blinked again and looked at Zero. “We go to my room.” she whispered. She put her hoof over him and clicked her tongue.

They were in her room. “I’m not going to ask you for anything.” Lilly stated as she walked to her bed, crawled in it and leaned back pulling her pillows around her.

Zero grinned as he approached her, “Nothing?” he asked.

“Nothing.” She looked at him with her crimson eyes as she snuggled against her pillows erotically.lillylove

He slowly got on her bed and looked into her eyes as he pulled pillows away from her. “If it is up to me …” he moved over to her “I’d just love to kiss and talk to you, get to know you more. You stole my heart, but we don’t know a lot about each other.”

She nodded as she watched him. “You can tell me about yourself. Unless you want to know more about me?”

“I’m rather boring. Tell me about your childhood Lilly.”

Lilly smiled. “My childhood,” she paused. “Thinking in the fact that my father is Discord, it was actually a pretty normal childhood. My mother has a lot of love, caring and understanding. It rubbed off on father and he loves us a lot. He says we are not villains, but having taken over Canterlot makes others think we are.”

He shook his head, “Luna is still in power, you and your family are more likely stewards than dictators.” Zero stated.

“I agree. I was the main catalyst in the banishment of corrupted Celestia.” She shifted uncomfortably on her bed as she moved over to have him settle next to her. “If I didn’t do what I did, Canterlot wouldn’t be here.” She smiled when he relaxed next to her on the bed. She leaned against him. “Back to your original question, Paradox and I are twins, we may not look it, but we are. He and I have a connection to one another. We were taught magic from our father and caring from our mother. We had our mother’s friends around often who were cheerful and always willing to help out.” She quieted down as she nuzzled Zero.

“So, it is true that Fluttershy tamed the Lord of Chaos?”

“Do you think it is wise to talk about your future in laws in that way?” she asked.

Zero gulped suddenly as he looked at her. “I never thought of it that way.”

“Our union up in the study. You know the one.” She said softly.

Zero nodded as he remembered her telling him to mount her and how good she felt, he suddenly got aroused as he thought of it. “Oh yes.” He grinned.

“It seems I was in season at the time; you are going to be a father.” She stated.

Zero blinked as the news sunk in. “I, but it was our first time.”

She smirked. “It only takes once. Father said he knew when Dox and I were conceived, it was the second time he and mother ever mated.”

“Don’t you find it odd that your father would tell you that?” Zero asked.

“No. Can you tell me a little about yourself?” she asked suddenly as if the news of her pregnancy wasn’t a big deal.

“You know that I was just your guard. I grew up outside of Canterlot my father was a farmer, mother was a great cook. I wanted to be more than a farmer, so when my cutie mark appeared after I saved my little sister from drowning, I knew my calling was to protect.” He looked at his cutie mark which was a plain gold shield on his flank. “I joined the ranks of the guards here in Canterlot, the odd one though since I’m just a mere earth pony. All the others are unicorns and Pegasus, but I made my way through the ranks to become one of the elite. Only to be fired by you.”

She laughed. “I don’t know how father found out about you. He made me fire you and I know why.” She moved her tail around him slowly.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because he knew it before I did, he knew I was in love.” Lilly blushed. “Ever since we mated all I thought about was finding the time to be alone with you. You were always on my mind and I saw you every day. Everyday standing there. Everyday being there to do what I ask of you. I wanted you. I needed to be held by you.” she pulled a pillow toward her and he pushed the pillow from her hooves and gave her a kiss. They kissed softly at first; his lips pressing gently with hers then slowly and firmly. She moved her tongue out slightly and he pushed more until his tongue invaded her mouth. The struggle of tongues as they fought to control the mouth one wrapping around the other in a passionate erotic kiss. She sighed as he kissed her passionately her body surrendering to his as he moved up against her. She moved her tail granting him what they both desired. He released her tongue and mouth as he moved over her body to rub his hard need up against her hot desire.

Zero pushed into her and he felt himself instantly in euphoria, she was as tight as before and he just loved the feel of her surrounding him. “Lilly… you are gorgeous.” he moaned as he slowly pushed deep into her; reveling in her heat and feel, losing himself within her.

Lilly gasped as he pushed deeply and she purred with the feel of him spreading her and filling her with his girth again. She let herself get lost in the sensation of him deep inside of her and her body vibrated with her desire. “Ah… love me…”

He moaned as he started to mate with her again, slowly as if to savor every bit of her and then a little faster as his cock started to throb and swell beyond what he could handle. He held back when he heard her mutter her need for love. “Lilly… I love you.” he replied as he felt his heart clench with the confession as his body ached for release.

Lilly felt tears escape her eyes as he told her he loved her and she panted from the feel of him pushing into her. Her body started to quake as he rubbed himself up against her need and she let out a gasp as her muscles tightened and fluttered in orgasmic pleasure. “Ooh Zero yes. I love you too.”

Zero gasped as she muttered those words and he couldn’t hold back as he flooded her with his own hot desire. He pushed as deep as he could and let himself flood and fill her. His body vibrating as his final deep thrusts delivered his need into her. “Thank you, Lilly for choosing me.” He whispered as he kept himself buried within and he nibbled her neck tenderly and lovingly.

Lilly and Zero spent the rest of the night together. She hadn’t told any of her family she had returned and she snuggled up against Zero. “I’m a bad daughter.”

Zero opened his eyes. “Why would you say that?”

“I returned without telling my family. I only thought of being with you.” She sighed as she looked up at him. “What should I do? Should I tell them or leave without them knowing I came back?”

Zero shrugged as he looked at her. “It’s all up to you my lovely.”

Lilly sat up and looked at him. “Let’s go.”

Zero looked at her confused. “Go? Where? How? If you didn’t notice I’m just an earth pony.”

Lilly grinned almost evilly; she licked her lips; as she did so Zero was watching her little tongue moving along her soft lips. Then she made a click with her tongue and Zero suddenly felt a tingle run along his spine and he looked at her. “What did you do?” He asked her.

Lilly kept grinning as she looked at him. “Oh if you don’t notice in a few moments I will tell you.”

He still lay back and shifted a little. “How come I itch suddenly?” He sat up as he suddenly had a great urge to scratch his back. His wings spread out as he tried to scratch his back. He suddenly stopped and looked at his… wings? “What? Lilly…”

Lilly grinned at him. “What is wrong?”

“Lilly, you gave me wings… I don’t know how to use them.” He moved one wing and it made him fall to the side. “Can you, turn me back?”

She shook her head. “No… I cannot. You’re stuck with them.”yougavemewings

“What?” Zero gasped as he stumbled out of bed with his wings waving a bit erratic. “But, I… Lilly I don’t even know how to fold them to put them against my body!”

Lilly approached him as she tilted her head slightly. “Look at my wings.” She stretched out her bat wings, showing the bone structure of them. “The bones know where to go… just relax them and they fold naturally.”

Zero folded his wings slowly and winced at the feeling. “Hey, it’s not that hard.” He then spread his wings out. “Wait a minute… Lilly, I’m too heavy to be a Pegasus.”

“You think I do half magic? I used chaotic magic on you; it usually does what is necessary.” She pushed him with her hip. “Now flap those wings of yours like me.” She flapped hers and she easily lifted off the floor.

Zero looked at her doubtfully as he spread out his wings and flapped them opposite of one another and he fell over onto the floor.

Lilly tried not to laugh as she helped him up again. “You are a soldier and a guard you know that you have to be organized and structured, think of your wings as part of a whole and flap them together.”

“You are tougher than the Captain of the Guard.” He muttered as he started to flap his wings in unison. He then was surprised how he suddenly lifted off the floor. “I can fly.” He said in shock.

“Of course you can.” Lilly giggled. “So are you ready to come with me to the gryphon kingdom to find my aunt?”

Zero stretched out his wings. “Alright, but are you sure you want to drag me along?”

“I’m sure.” Lilly smiled and gave him a kiss. “We’ll tell my family.”

“You are going to tell Lord Discord about us now?”

She smiled at him. “Yes. He needs to know that I am with some pony that can protect me.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 25

“Oh… that is rough news Zero.” A young recruitment officer mumbled to Zero when they had heard Zero had been fired. “At least you don’t have to see that viper’s face any longer.”

“She isn’t a viper.” He muttered. “Don’t any pony in here say anything bad about LillyRose; if they do, they’ll have to go against me.” Zero stated as he got up from the bunk and left the barracks, he trotted out to the training grounds and sighed as he looked up at the night sky. Silver Dash looked over at the commotion curiously, watched him leave and turned back to her friends.

Paradox was watching over Zero on his own time; he grinned as he transformed into his disguise of a gray unicorn guard. He approached Zero outside acting like he was a little drunken. “Oh… is you? What are you doing here?” he slurred his words as he fell against Zero.

Zero looked at the unicorn in irritation. “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing… why is sum thin wrong with you?” Paradox asked as he stumbled and used Zero as a way to steady himself.

“There is…” he whispered “But I rather not talk about it.”

“Was it about Lady Chaos?” He asked as he slipped off Zero’s side and fell to the grass.

Zero nodded and trotted away from the drunken unicorn. “Please, just leave me alone.”

Paradox was going to get up when a hoof was offered to him. He looked up and saw a mare with a silver and gold mane smiling down at him. “You need help up?” She asked.silverwoarmor

His eyes widened and he swallowed hard. “I… um, I…” he slowly transformed and took her hoof in his paw. She kept smiling at him as he stood up.

“You didn’t need help up.” She giggled. “Are you Paradox?”

He nodded and still had her hoof in his paw. “Did anyone tell you that you look beautiful?”

Zero trotted towards the other side of the training field, didn’t notice anything going on around him as he approached the tree at the far end. He sat down on the bench next to the old willow tree.

She landed softly near the old willow. Her wings folded gently and silently as she looked at Zero who was sitting on the bench facing away from her.

Paradox felt stupid at what he said to the mare, but he wasn’t lying and the mare was still there smiling at him. “What is your name?”

“Silver.” she said as she looked at his beautiful blue eyes. “You don’t remember me?”

He shook his head as he just stared at her. “I am sorry I don’t, but I would love to make new memories of you.”

Lilly slowly walked to Zero as he sat on the bench; she sat opposite of him and looked at him. He had his head down and he looked a little angry.imhere

Zero was irritated. He wanted to be alone but even being alone there was always some pony else there. He wanted to tell the other pony to beat it and leave him be so he looked up with a frown on his face and a bitter retort on his lips when his eyes widened to see Lilly staring at him.

“You wanted to say something?” Lilly asked him, a smile on her face.

“My Lady.” he jumped up and bowed to her.

Lilly chuckled. “Do friends really bow to one another?”

He looked up. “I… don’t think so.” He stood up and looked at her.

She stood up also and walked to him. “You looked so sad and angry; what is wrong?”

Zero looked at his hooves. “I am angry because the other guards keep making me angry I wanted, no, I needed to get away from them. You were gone too, might be the reason why I was sad. I missed you.” He blushed. “You’re back now and I feel a little better.”

“Zero…” she whispered. “I wasn’t planning on coming back as soon as I did. I still have to leave to find my aunt Misery, but I had to return.”

“So you’re leaving again? Why did you come back? Did you forget something?” He looked at her crimson eyes.

Lilly nodded. “I forgot something very important.”

Paradox realized that he was still holding Silver’s hoof and he blushed. “I guess you’d need that.”silverdashmeet

Silver giggled at his wit and she went over to him and smiled more. “Dox, I really like you, I’ve liked you when Lilly and I would play and you’d just be there.” Her blue cheeks highlighted with a blush. “I wanted to tell you then, but you liked another filly and I…” she looked down at her hooves.

“You don’t think I look like a monster do you?” He asked suddenly.

Silver looked at him in shock. “No? Why would you ask that?”

He smiled as he went over to her and gave her a hug. “Thank you.”you'renot

Silver hugged him back; a little confused. “You’re welcome?”

Lilly leaned up against Zero and gave him a hug. “I forgot my heart here.”

Zero swallowed hard when she said that and he hugged her back. “You mean?”

“I mean that you are my heart and I need you with me.” She whispered softly as she let him go from the hug. “Unless you don’t want to be with me.”

“I… I want to be with you Lilly. I want to be a part of your life.” They kissed under the willow tree.

Paradox stepped back from the hug and blushed. “I’m sorry it’s just… I remember you… You’re Aunt Rainbow Dash’s daughter.”

“Yes. Rainbow Dash is my mom, but, I am an adult Dox, so are you…” She smiled shyly at him.

Paradox blinked as the urge rose within him and he couldn’t help himself as he pulled Silver to him; kissing her soft lips tenderly. Silver was surprised by the kiss but thoroughly melted in his arms as he rubbed his tongue up into her mouth entwining with her own tongue and they kissed deeply as her wings spread out and quivered.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 21

Zero stared ahead as he guarded the royal bath house, Lilly, Lady Fluttershy and Lady Scarlet Grace were all within. He stood next to the guards appointed for Lady Fluttershy and Scarlet Grace, one was a young Pegasus mare with a mane of gold and silver, the other guard was a bored unicorn stallion with a black mane.

“My charge is so easy to take care of, as soon as she is with her husband I can take my break.” The unicorn muttered.

“My charge is my aunt.” The Pegasus said proudly sticking out her chest.silverdashbath“Who is your charge?” Zero asked.

“Aunt Fluttershy.” The Pegasus stated proudly. “My mother is one of her friends, so I call her my aunt.”

“I am guessing your charge is the Lady of Chaos?” The unicorn asked Zero.

Zero looked at him and nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh, I hear she is difficult, she hates every pony.” The Pegasus stated. “Which I find odd because Lilly and I used to play when we were little. She was so sweet then, just that… every time a boy liked her, she would do something to scare them away.”

“I hear she has a disposition of a viper.” The unicorn muttered. “Good luck to you then.”

They all suddenly snapped to attention when all three walked from the bath house. Fluttershy was smiling and talking to her daughters lovingly. “I am so glad we were able to spend time together again.” She approached Lilly and hugged her. “I am sorry to hear that you will be leaving in a few days. Please write to me and your father.”

“I will.” Lilly said.

“Why are you leaving again?” Grace asked as she rubbed her swollen belly. “Paradox is better and you are leaving again. You probably won’t see the baby born too.”

“I still haven’t found what I am looking for.” Lilly stated and smiled lightly at her Mother and sibling.pregnantsg

“What if, what you are looking for isn’t out there, but here?” Grace asked.

“Then I shall find it later than sooner.” Lilly answered, she stretched her bat wings as she suddenly turned to her guard. “Zero. I am going for a flight by myself. I will be at my room later.”

“Wait.” Fluttershy stated before her daughter took off. “I need you to meet my guard!”

Lilly looked at her mom lovingly. “Okay…” She turned to look at the guards and she smiled suddenly. “Silver Dash!”

The Pegasus guard bowed to Lilly and Lilly shook her head. “Silver! You don’t need to bow! How is Aunty Rainbow?”

Silver started to blush deeply. “Well you know… She is always trying to whip the new Wonder Bolt recruits into shape. I am just glad she let me become a royal guard. It’s easy taking care of Aunt Fluttershy.”

“Well, I can think of no one better.” Lilly smiled and gave her friend a hug. “Give your mother love from me.”

“I will. I am so glad you remembered me.”

Lilly smiled some more which shocked the unicorn guard and Zero. “I cannot forget one of my best friends.” She then looked over to her mother and her sister. “Thank you Mom. We’ll talk later.” She spread out her wings and she flew up into the sky. Zero put his head down and sighed deeply.

Zero let out a deep sigh...
Zero put his head down and sighed deeply.

Fluttershy and Scarlet Grace both walked off, their guards following them, Fluttershy had a friendly conversation with her own guard. Zero started to trot off quickly, he knew if he showed up too late Lilly would reprimand him, so he rushed as he trotted through the castle to the tower where Lilly’s room was.

He was panting as he arrived at the tower where she usually retired for the night. He walked into her room and started to get the room all ready for her. Lighting candles, throwing more wood onto the fire and making sure the place looked perfect for her. He smoothed out the sheets on the bed and trotted out the doorway of her room then stood stoic and still.

She landed delicately on the balcony and trotted past Zero without even looking at him. She walked in her room; clicking her tongue the door slammed shut behind her.

actnaturalZero sighed deeply and relaxed a little bit. Suddenly the door opened again, he heard her tongue click and he was magically pulled into the room and the door shut again.

“I commend you on getting my room ready Zero.” She smiled as she walked over to him. “You even smoothed the sheets on my bed.”

“I do what I can… Lilly.” He nodded. “It’s what is required of me.”

She thought his same reply was quite funny as she chuckled. “So if I required you to get in the bed… you would?”

“Of course.” He tried not to blush as he looked at her… she was slowly walking around him as if sizing him up for something.

“I am going to be leaving in a few days and I am curious as to what you will be doing while I am gone.” She moved close to him and he suddenly felt her long tail curl slowly around one of his legs briefly.

“I don’t know.” He honestly answered as he stepped slightly to regain his balance.

Her tail seemed to have a mind of its own as she talked to Zero. It slowly snaked up his back leg and started to rub up against him. He gulped in air as he felt her tail slowly rub against his growing need. “So, I am guessing that you won’t miss me then?”

He felt his temperature rise as she moved closer to him. She slowly tilted her head and pressed her lips against his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and he kissed back their tongues entwining.kiss1ZL

The door to the room opened suddenly with a loud bang. Lilly quickly pulled away from the kiss with Zero her tail untangled instantly from around his body. She clicked her tongue as quietly as she could and Zero felt her magic tingle around him he looked around confused and saw her place her hoof against her lips. “You are paralyzed temporarily. Don’t worry.” She whispered to him.

Discord walked into the room. “Lilly? You are leaving again? When were you going to tell me?” He looked around the room and saw the guard standing there. “Oh… Lilly were you talking to your guard?”

“Yes, I was giving him instructions in how to take care of my room while I was gone.” She looked at her father and felt so vulnerable. “I didn’t think you would have a problem with me leaving again. Mother seemed comfortable with me leaving.”

“No, she isn’t.” He rubbed his muzzle. “Your mom is worried.”

Lilly sighed as she glanced over at Zero. “I am sorry she is worried, but… I must go. I have to find my destiny.”

Discord tapped his hoof and looked around her room then he looked at the guard. He approached Zero and looked at him. “LillyRose…”

Lilly looked at him. “Yes Father?”

“Paralyzing your guard? Why?”

“Paralyzing your guard? Why?” He poked Zero with a claw.

Lilly blushed and looked away from Discord. “No reason.”

“Then… you wouldn’t have a problem with me doing this.” He snapped his fingers and Zero suddenly collapsed to the floor and let out a deep breath.

Lilly stood there, her cheeks burning with a blush. “Dad, why did you do that?”

Zero suddenly stood up. “Sorry Lady and Lord… May I leave?” He started to back out of the room as fast as he could.

“STOP!” Discord commanded.

Zero stopped in his tracks and he started to sweat as Discord approached him. “Yes My Lord?”

Discord frowned and suddenly smiled as he handed Zero his helmet. “You dropped this.”

“Thank you my Lord.” Zero took the helmet jammed it on his head and made himself scarce.

Lilly frowned. “He was my guard.”

“Just because he is your guard, really doesn’t make him your sex toy Lilly.” Discord muttered to her. “Don’t do that to them. They have feelings too.”

She gasped. “How did you know?”

Discord sighed and looked at her. “Do you think I am that clueless?”

She didn’t answer as he walked over to the door and looked out, he then shut it. “I’m your father first and foremost, when I found out that you had been with that guard I wanted to kill him. Your mother though she’s was all: Discord your daughter is older now and she can make her own decisions…” He did a perfect impersonation of Fluttershy. “So today I was hoping to catch you before you did anything so you’d stop playing around with that guard’s feelings. Unless of course you love him then all this is a moot point.” He sighed as he looked at her.

Lilly shuffled her hooves, she hadn’t had to listen to her father give her a lecture in a long time and she hung her head. “That is why I am leaving.”

“Because you have feelings for a guard?” His ears went forward.

“No, um maybe. I just don’t know Dad. I need to do something; the ponies here fear me except for Zero.” She looked up at her father and she had some tears in her eyes. “I want to find somewhere that doesn’t shun me because of yours and my reputation.”

“I’ll have you know I have a very good reputation.” He grinned and then got serious again in a blink of an eye. “You are not a villain you are trying to keep Equestria safe, just because the ponies here don’t understand our intentions doesn’t mean they fear us. They are more afraid of the unknown; Luna alleviates a lot of those fears. Maybe you should sit on the throne a few hours and see if these ponies really fear you. I don’t envy Celestia any longer after being in charge now.” He placed his paw on his face and looked worn out. “If you want to leave you can, I only want you to know that your mother and I have your best interest at heart. It was so nice that you did return when your mother was at her wits end; Paradox was in a very dark place before you came back. I thought we’d lose him.”

Lilly shuffled her hoof again. “Dad, I would have felt terrible if anything bad had happened to Paradox. He was the reason why I left to begin with. I had to find a way to make him happy again. When he was in that dark place; made me feel like I was in that same dark place and felt like I was drowning.”

Discord sat down heavily on the chair nearby. “How did you come to the realization that we are all monsters?”

She sighed heavily as she focused on the fire in the fireplace. “You told me that there were a lot of different creatures out in the world. I came across one. Some weird bird deer cross breed. He made me realize that we are all… monsters but not all monsters are evil. So, I am going to search out this creature again, I have questions for him that I need answers to.”

Discord blinked in shock. “A peryton? You seek answers from a peryton? Lilly, be careful… perytons can be a little unpredictable.”

“Like the Lord of Chaos?” Lilly asked.Lillysarcasm

Discord looked at her and smirked. “Yeah, I can be unpredictable, except when your mother is involved, she can predict me. I still don’t know how she does it.”

“Probably from being around you for so long.” Lilly said. “So what do you know about perytons?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know a whole lot about them. The pony you should ask is your mother.”

“No, I don’t want to ask her. I’ll try to find him in the last place that I met him. I won’t leave yet Dad. I will stay for a few more days. I am sorry I did what I did… I will not do it again.”

Discord stood up. “Okay Lilly, I guess we’ll appoint you a new guard, unless you really do care about Mr. Zero?”

“I don’t know Dad.” She was blushing. “He knows what I like and he’s not afraid of me.”

“I’m sure…” Discord made a face. “A new guard it is.”

She stared at him in shock. “But…”

“I have made the decision for you.” Discord stated as he walked out of her room. “I’ll let you tell your previous guard the news of his dismissal. Maybe with you telling him it will lessen the blow.”

Lilly frowned. “How do I tell him?”

“Figure it out my little double flower.” He then disappeared.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 20 NAUGHTY! (NC-17 for SEXY times)

Chapter 20 (Just a reminder! Lilly is an Adult in this story.) 

LillyRose sat in the study as she read a book. One lone pony guard stood outside the study. Zero had been originally chosen to watch Lady Chaos until she had left from the castle almost a year ago. He remembers the day that she had left when she was crying and had flown off to Celestia knows where, and he had to tell Lord Discord that he had failed in his assignment, but here he was guarding her again.

She moved in the study and Zero snapped out of his thoughts to check on her, he leaned into the room to look around and saw that she had moved to a couch where she lounged with a book. She glanced at him and looked back at her book. He stepped back into position.

Lilly rolled her eyes; she couldn’t believe she had to deal with a guard nosing around every single thing she did. She moved slightly and he would check on her. She sneezed and he’d look at her. Just now he had checked on her she felt like throttling him. Then a thought came to her as she suddenly grinned showing her sharp teeth. The look of evil that she had, matched exactly her father’s devious smile.

Devious smile
Devious smile

Zero heard her shift slightly the position she had on the couch, but kept looking down the empty hall. He knew she hated that he looked in on her too much so he waited. His ear suddenly twitched when he heard something odd in the study.

Lilly grinned as she noticed his ears twitching as she started to pleasure herself on the couch. She let out a soft sigh as she started to move her hoof up and down her wet folds. She just hoped that no one else would come and disturb her while she teased her appointed guard.

Zero blinked as she heard her sigh and his ear twitched again. She then made a purring noise that caught his attention more than anything. He looked down the hallway still and felt himself sweating suddenly.

“Ah…” Lilly said softly as she slowly moved her hoof up and down her slick lips, rubbing up against her button of pleasure. She was thinking about the pleasure more than getting the guards attention now; as she stuck her tongue out as she rubbed harder. “Ah… oh…” She moaned again.

Zero blinked as she let out a moan and he felt himself get hot under the collar. He tried hard not turn to see what was going on but his curiosity peaked as he slowly turned around to look in on LillyRose in the study. His eyes widened and he felt himself grow instantly aroused. She was lying back on the couch pleasuring herself. He gulped as he gawked at her.

Lilly looked at her guard and smiled as he stared at her. She rubbed her sex in front of him and slowly moved both hooves down to expose herself to him. She grinned deviously as she moved one hoof up and down her slick entrance. “Guard.” she whispered. “I need assistance.”

He felt suddenly conflicted. He had duty to protect Lady Chaos, but Princess Luna told him he had to be at her beck and call, do whatever she required of him. Right now she said she required his assistance. He approached her slowly and found it difficult to walk because he was trying hard to hold back his raging hard on. “My Lady what do you require from me?” He gulped as he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

She smiled at him as she licked her lips. “I require you to kneel then use that tongue of yours and pleasure me.” She scooted down the couch a bit. She saw him hesitate. “Come on, don’t delay. Do it before I change my mind.”seduction1Zero kneeled down and put his muzzle up to her, his nostrils flared at the smell of her, she was ripe for mating and he felt light headed. He looked up at her and she looked back she had desire and lust in her eyes. He leaned in and licked along her lips slowly. He was young and was inexperienced in pleasuring anyone but apparently she was about as inexperienced as he was as she let out a soft sigh at just a gentle lick of his tongue. He pushed his tongue up into her folds as he started to lick and taste her.

She gasped at the feel of his tongue and she panted as he pushed his muzzle up against her folds running his tongue up against her pleasurable center. “Uh yes… oh…” her legs shook with the feel as she gasped and writhed, her tail slowly wrapped around his waist.

Zero put his hooves on her hips as he pushed his muzzle deep into her hot desire as he pleased her. He throbbed as he kept rubbing his tongue deep into her, tasting her desire as she bucked her hips up. He looked up at her as he ran his tongue up over her hard button and he felt her whole body shudder as she came, her orgasm flooded over his tongue and he slurped her up. She looked down at him as her heart beat like a drum.

Her eyes glowed crimson with an inner fire as she gestured for him to stand. Zero stood up as he looked at her his muzzle wet with her. “You know how to use that don’t you?” she asked in a sultry voice indicating his aching member.

“Yes. My Lady.” he stated as he felt his hardness throb.

She slowly slinked off the couch and on the floor where she got into mounting position. “Then show me.” She whispered her tail slowly moved to the side.

He’d never mated before though but he knew how to… at least he hoped he knew. He bit down on his lower lip as he mounted Lilly pushing himself into her tightness. His head swam in pleasure at the feel of her. Slowly he pushed in until he hit up against her barrier, she was a virgin and he was surprised gritting his teeth he pushed in harder but just the feel of her muscles contracting around him was causing him to come almost prematurely. He shook his head concentrating as he thrust hard into her, she let out a loud gasp as he broke through and felt his body shake as desire took over to his instincts and he started to mate with her rough and hard he pushed deeply into her and she moaned in pleasure. He had no control of his timing as he suddenly released his pent up lust and desire into her. Spraying his hot seed deeply into her virgin body and making her his. He thrust several times afterward until he felt thoroughly drained of his lustful need to fill her. He withdrew his desire and nibbled along the back of her neck.

She sighed deeply and looked at him. “That felt good.” she whispered as she blushed.

“Yes… My Lady.” he muttered as he blushed as well, he moved off of her back and tried to make himself look presentable again, his helmet was on the floor and his armor was a bit skewed.

She watched him try to look presentable again and she grinned. “You will do that when I ask you to. Okay?”

“My Lady?” he asked.

“Call me Lilly, and you are to mate with me when I tell you to.” She grinned at the shocked look on his face. “What is your name?”

“My name is Zero Clash. My Lady…. Umm Lilly.” he felt really dizzy at all that she was saying to him. “As I said to you when Luna placed me with you. I am here to protect you and to do whatever you require of me.”

“I require you to mate with me for now on. Only when I tell you.” she whispered. “Also, no bragging to your fellow guards. What we do together is at my discretion if you so much mention our mating. I will personally cut you up… I mean, off.” She grinned malevolently.

He caught himself nodding and felt his desire for her renew again, but he knew she wouldn’t mate with him unless she wanted to. “Yes Lilly. I shall do whatever you require of me.”

Lilly smiled, “Good, now go back to doing whatever guards do.” she sighed happily as she grabbed her book and started to read again.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 19


Fluttershy looked outside; it was beautiful with the sun shining and the birds singing. The castle in Canterlot had the best views of everything, even when Discord wanted the horizon to show pinstripes and argyles in the sky. She sighed deeply as she went to sit back down to work on her knitting.

“Mom?” A low whisper came from the adjacent room.

Fluttershy got up quickly and walked into the darkened room. “Yes Dox? You need me?”

“Yes, am I still a monster?”

“You’re my unique child, and I love you.” She whispered.

He sat up to look at her as he flapped his beautiful blue wings. “I don’t think you know what I am. I’m horrible. I’m a monster. Monster.” He grabbed one of his wings and started to tear his feathers out one by one.

Fluttershy ran to him. “No! Don’t do that… Those are your wings, they are beautiful. Stop it Dox, please!!” She put her hooves in between his paws and his wings. He scratched her and she gasped pulling away.

Paradox stopped when he saw he had harmed his mother and he suddenly curled around himself. “See… I am a monster.” He started to cry and shake.

Fluttershy recovered quickly, walking up and slowly lying down next to him as she put her soft wing over his shaking body. He was twice her size but she still said, “No…no… You are my sweet little boy… my little boy. I love you. Please don’t cry, don’t cry…”

My sweet little boy.
My sweet little boy.

There was a noise in the other room and hoof steps were heard. Fluttershy looked up from trying to comfort Paradox and her eyes widened at seeing her daughter Lilly walk into the dark room.

“Lilly!” Fluttershy got up. “Where have you been? What are you doing here?”

“Hello Mom. I have missed you. How is Paradox?” Lilly’s eyes were shining slightly. Fluttershy hadn’t seen her in almost a year.

“Dox had just tried to pull out his feathers, so he is the same.” She held up her hoof and showed Lilly what he had done to her. Lilly nodded and leaned down and kissed her mother’s hoof. The scratches started to heal instantly.

“I have a plan Mom, has Dad been around?”

Fluttershy sighed and looked at a castle spire across the way. “He has been distant, he gives me his love, but he is hurting inside. I can sense it.”

Lilly approached Paradox he looked up at her without moving, his mane was long and unruly his eyes were sunken in and shallow looking. It was as if he had given up, Lilly stepped around the feathers that he had just torn from his wings. “Look at you; you are nothing but a pitiful heap of worthlessness.” She said to him bitterly. “How can I call you my brother? We are supposed to be equals. You are supposed to protect me; not the opposite!”

Paradox Stares into space

Paradox just watched her; his eyes were dim and seemed to show nothing but loss.

Fluttershy went to Lilly, “Please Lilly, don’t make him feel worse.”

Lilly looked at her mother. “It’s ok. Let me do this. Please Mom, if you don’t want to see me do this you can wait in the other room.”

Fluttershy placed her hoof on her lips and just sat down to watch Lilly.

Lilly turned back to Paradox. “You are older than me by five minutes, Dad saw you first before he fainted. Our Dad, the Spirit of Chaos; fainted… he was so happy that you were born. He loves us, he loves you… You know this.”

Paradox didn’t say anything as he looked up at his sister, slowly blinking his dull blue eyes.lillyhome

“You used to protect me Paradox. You would come to me when I was sad.” She moved her long tail over to her brother’s muzzle. “You’d even bite Aunt Misery’s tail when you thought she was going to hurt me. She didn’t of course.”

“That was kind of funny.” He finally said softly.

“Of course it was.” Lilly looked at him sternly. She then looked at Fluttershy. “Mom, can you get Dad. Please?”

Fluttershy looked at her children reluctantly. “I will, don’t hurt your brother Lilly.”

“I will not hurt Paradox.” Lilly nodded.

Fluttershy spread her wings and flew out the window to fly to the spire across the courtyard of Canterlot Castle. “I’ll be back.”

Lilly nodded to her mother and then turned back to Paradox. “I am a monster. If there ever was a monster. I am one.” Her mane started to glow deeply. Her eyes started to glow a deep crimson that seemed to radiate within.

Paradox sat up as he looked at his sister. “What makes you say that?”

“We… are all monsters Paradox. You, me, Dad, Mom, our aunts, our uncle and our little sister. We are all monsters. It may come as a shock, but… it is true. We are… all monsters.”

His eyes widened as he stared at his sister, her soft red coat was glowing as she revealed the truth. “You… mean…”

“I mean… that you are not alone, you are a monster, but not all monsters are evil. You are not evil Dox. You never have been; you never will be. I, on the other hoof… am evil.”

“No, you are not!” Discord walked in, grabbed Lilly and hugged her.

“Dad…” Lilly gasped as her father put his paw and claw around to pull her in a comforting hug.hugsdiscord

“Never say that you are evil.” Discord muttered as he let his daughter go to look at her. “You are my little LillyRose. My double flower.” He sniffled as a tear started to roll down his cheek.

Paradox slowly got up off the bed he had been in and took a step. Lilly gasped at the fact that Dox was moving, something he hadn’t done in a while. “Sister…”

Lilly moved away from Discord as she trotted to her brother quickly as he took another step towards them. “Do you understand what I have told you?” She asked as he placed his paws on her supporting back.

Paradox nodded as tears rolled down his cheeks. “Yes, Lilly. Thank you… You have opened my eyes. I’m a monster, but I am not an evil monster. I shouldn’t dwell on it.”

“Yes…” Lilly said softly to her brother, tears started to form in her eyes and she smiled lightly. “You are my only brother; I do not want to lose you to despair.”


Fluttershy put her hooves to her mouth as she watched Paradox holding onto Lilly. Her eyes were filled with tears as her mane fell slightly in front of her face. “That is what I have been trying to tell you, my Doxy.”

Discord watched as he moved towards his children. “There will be some time to heal. Paradox, will you be okay? You have been on the edge of despair for over two years. I have only seen one other descend into despair before, but he was never able to escape its poisonous grip…” Discord stopped and wiped a tear that was threatening to fall from his eyes.

“It warped him, consumed him like a flame that caused his body to twist and change. It made him bitter and vile.” Fluttershy finished for Discord as she leaned against him. Discord hugged and looked at her. “I never want that to happen to you Dox.” She sniffled as she put her head against Discord’s chest.

Lilly blinked as she looked at her parents and her ears suddenly went up. “You… are talking about our uncle Sorrow.” *note

Discord made a low growl at the name and frowned. “It is alright.” Fluttershy said to him softly. “You know he is no longer around.”

“Even from beyond he tries to destroy my family.” Discord muttered. “That is in the past though… Come here Lilly and Dox.” He hugged them both and he couldn’t stop from crying; one feeling better and the other finally home. “My family… together again… Wait until Scarlet Grace finds out…”

Lilly wiped her eyes and looked at her family. “I’m sorry I left… I just… I needed to help Doxy…”

“You missed Grace’s wedding.” Fluttershy said.

“She’s married?” Lilly was shocked.

“Yeah, and we’ll be grandparents soon.” Fluttershy smirked as she leaned on Discord.

Lilly shook her head, “I came back to a lot of changes.”

“Yes,” Discord said. “Except… you will still have a guard assigned to you.”

“I don’t need a guard Dad.” Lilly muttered.


* Read Her Butterflies

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 18


Lilly felt her wings grow tired as she flew, she never flew this far before. Most of the times she used her magic to get her from one point to another and usually she liked showing off the fact that she knew more spells than Paradox did. She was crying when she had left the castle and she felt like her heart was being torn in half followed by loss and emptiness spreading over her whole entire body.

She flew towards the Crystal Mountains and she was determined to get to them that day and she faltered when her wings weakened slightly so she flew down towards a waterfall that she saw below her. When she landed she felt all her emotions flood around her as she fell down onto the damp grass. “I… cannot do this.”

“Do what?” A voice asked from the water.

Lilly looked up and saw a pony looking at her from the water. The pony blinked at her curiously and suddenly disappeared below the water. Lilly blinked and crawled to the edge of the water and looked for the pony. “Hello?”

“Hello?” The voice echoed from down the stream.

Lilly stood up slowly and looked down the stream trying to see the pony before. “Who are you? Where are you?”

“Hello?” A voice said right next to Lilly. Lilly looked back down to the stream and saw the pony she saw before in the water her mane looked very damp and was red and her coat was orange with strange iridescent colors that shined as she moved in the sun light in certain ways . The pony smiled up at her. “What are you?”

Lilly backed away from the water. “Come out of the water and talk to me.”

“That is impossible. What are you? I have seen a lot of ponies here, but you… you are different. I don’t talk to any other ponies, but you made me very curious.” The pony said as it looked at Lilly curiously.

“What do you mean impossible, just step out of the water.” Lilly flapped her wings in irritation.

“No can do.” The pony whispered as she slowly sank back down into the water. “I am beginning to think I should have kept my mouth shut.”

“Wait, I’m sorry. I’m not a pony.” Lilly said suddenly.

The pony in the water was just looking at her. She put her muzzle up slowly. “Not a pony? I knew it. What is she then?”

Lilly was thinking the same thing. “I’m a draconequus. What are you?”

kelpie“I’m a kelpie.” The pony in the water said proudly. “I come from a long lineage of kelpies. I cannot live out of the water though, my great, great, great, great, great… so many greats grandfather was able to come out of the water, but now we kelpies cannot.” She suddenly moved as her tail came up out of the water and made a splash.

“A kelpie…” Lilly mused. “How long have you been here? Wherever here is.”

The kelpie sunk below the surface of the water while still watching Lilly. Lilly saw her swim in the clear water and she actually looked like a fish, when she resurfaced she was a closer to the waterfall. “I have been here as long as the waterfall has been here.” She then swam back to Lilly. “Come into the water… It is nice.”

“No thank you.” Lilly said as she walked away from the water’s edge.

The kelpie lifted slightly out of the water and looked at her. “Why won’t you swim with me? I just want to hold you down so you can live with me forever.”

“Sorry, not interested.” Lilly growled.

“I love you though. You have pretty horns on your head and your long tail reminds me of a dragon.” The kelpie pouted.

“No.” Lilly said as she spread out her wings.

“Oh! Wings!” The kelpie looked at them and suddenly dived back down into the water then came back up and spit water toward Lilly. “Come swim before leaving… It will relax you; the water is nice and warm.”

“Sorry, but I am leaving.” Lilly jumped up into the sky and flew off.

“I shouldn’t have told her I wanted to drown her.” The kelpie muttered and dived back into the clear water.

Lilly shook her head as she flapped her wings tiredly; she changed her trajectory as she flew more towards the northwest where she had heard about gryphons. She paused in midair though when she remembered her mother telling her about a gryphon that yelled at her for no reason than just being in the way. She decided to just fly that way and see what happened when she got there. “I need to rest though, and I’m hungry.” She murmured to herself.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 17


Discord leaned on his throne and he listened to several different complaints and several other things that he really found quite tedious and boring. He sat up slightly when he noticed that Lilly’s guard was next to have an audience with him.listens

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be watching over my daughter?” Discord asked.

Zero gulped and saluted Discord. “Yes sir… but… um Sir. I…”zerosalute

Discord frowned at the guard. “What is it? Spit it out.”

“Lady Chaos has a message for you.” Zero’s legs were shaking so much that he felt like he might collapse.

“Yes?” Discord was getting impatient.

“She said: Good Bye.” Zero closed his eyes and cringed ready for anything violent to befall him. When nothing happened he opened his eyes slowly.

Discord sat back in his throne arching one of his eyebrows. He sat up again as he looked at Zero and he rubbed his goatee with his claw slowly. He then looked at the captain of the guards. “I won’t be taking any more meetings today.”

“Sir?” The Captain said. “We have been here for only an hour.”

Discord growled at the Captain. “My daughter ran away… I think I can cancel meetings for the day.”

“Yes sir.” The Captain saluted. Zero started to back out of the throne room.

“You! Don’t leave.” Discord growled at him and Zero stopped in his tracks.

Discord got up from the throne and walked over to Lilly’s guard. “Tell me what she said.” He demanded. “Did she say where she was going? What was she doing before she left?”

Zero gulped as Discord approached him and was suddenly demanding answers from him that he didn’t have the answer to. “I… Sir… I’m… She was… I…” He stuttered.

“Calm down.”

Discord put his finger on Zero’s muzzle. “Calm down.”

Zero blinked as all his thoughts that were jumbled before became organized. “What happened?”

“You are about to tell me what happened with LillyRose.” Discord muttered.

“Yes Sir.” He saluted. “Lady Chaos left the dining room this morning and I followed her she was muttering something about being dragged down into despair with her brother and she didn’t want to be. She had turned to me and she was crying. She told me to inform you and her mother Good Bye. She spread her wings in the southwest courtyard and flew north.” Zero blinked in amazement at remembering everything.

Discord frowned with the news. “You are dismissed.”

“Sir?” Zero said. “What do I do?”

“When Lilly returns you will be her guard again, but until then… consider it a vacation. With little or no pay.” Discord grumbled.

Zero nodded and slowly left the throne room.

Discord extended his wings, snapped his fingers disappeared and reappeared outside the castle. He looked around the southwest courtyard and flew up into the sky. He sighed as  he looked in the northerly direction all he saw was the Crystal Mountains in the distance. He had no idea how he would begin the search for Lilly; he slowly landed back on the ground taking in a deep breath, he had to tell Fluttershy. He placed his paw on his muzzle. “Oh my double flower. You didn’t have to run away.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 11


“Um, I… don’t like how every pony is staring at me.”
“Um, I… don’t like how every pony is staring at me.”

Fluttershy felt so embarrassed sitting on the throne that Discord had fashioned for her. “Um, I… don’t like how every pony is staring at me.”

Discord looked at his wife and smiled. “They are not staring at you, they are admiring your beauty and envious of me who has such a beautiful wife. Eat your hearts out! She is mine!” He rubbed behind her wings as she blushed and tried to make herself look smaller.

“Lord?” The Captain of the guards addressed Discord. “Luna has assigned guards for you and your family. I do hope they meet your approval.” He stepped back and indicated the guards standing behind him at attention.

“Oh?” Discord leaned forward as he looked at the guards. “Which one is my wife’s?”

A young Pegasus stepped forward. “I… I am.” She said nervously.

“Excellent, I approve all of them, whatever Luna thinks would be best for my family so be it.” He grinned and sat back on the throne. “Oh, this is easy Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy just looked terrified on the throne. “C… can I go?”

Discord looked at her in shock. “But we just got here…” He noticed her panicking. “Oh, alright.”

“You.” Discord pointed at the Pegasus. “Take Lady Fluttershy to our room.”

“Thank you.” Fluttershy squeaked to him as her guard went over to her.

“Come on Aunt Fluttershy. I mean… Lady Fluttershy.” The Pegasus said.


Fluttershy looked at the Pegasus better and hazarded a smile. “Little Silver Dash, thank goodness you are someone I know. Aren’t you a little young to be in the guard?”

“Well you know how mom is…” Silver whispered as she walked with Fluttershy out of the throne room.

Fluttershy looked back at Discord as he started to get up and walk around the throne room. “Yes… I do know how Rainbow Dash can be.” She didn’t notice that Lilly had walked into the throne room quietly as the door closed.

The guards went to where they were supposed to go and meet up with their charges. Only one guard left was standing with the Captain. The earth pony guard Zero stood with the Captain as Discord kept changing their uniforms for his amusement. The Captain stood without emotion as Discord snapped his fingers making the guard’s uniform turn into pink tutus, cheerleading outfits, etc.

“Why are you still here?” Discord asked them both as he changed their uniform the color of puce. “I am sure you aren’t here because you want my company.”

“Your daughter told me that she would be here.” The Captain said. “This is her appointed guard.”

Discord looked at Zero and shook his head as he shrugged. “Well, if Lilly says she’ll be here she’ll be here.” He went back to his throne and sat down.

“I don’t need a guard Dad.”
“I don’t need a guard Dad.”

Lilly appeared out of thin air next to the Captain and the earth pony guard. “I am here.” She said calmly then looked at her appointed guard and back at her father. “I don’t need a guard Dad.” She said as she trotted up to Discord and went to sit on Fluttershy’s throne. “I am not a foal; I can take care of myself without a guard tagging along.”

“Lilly, the guards are here to protect us.” Discord sighed as he looked at his daughter.

Zero’s eyes widened as he watched Lilly argue with her father, but then he snapped to attention when he saw her point at him while she argued.

“What makes you think that he can even keep up with me?” Lilly huffed.

“You are not suggesting that you would try to lose the guard?” Discord muttered at her.

“No…” She grumbled, because that is what she was going to try to do the first chance she got. “Can we talk about this in private? I hate having them listen to me.” She waved at the guards. “I have to tell you something important, plus… where is Mom?”

“Your Mom got nervous being here, so I let her leave with her guard.”

Lilly sighed and looked tiredly at her father. “I need to talk to her too. I still don’t need a guard…”

“Too bad LillyRose. I’m going to put my hoof down… You will have a guard.” Discord folded his arms and put his hoof down.

“Fine!” Lilly groused as she stormed past the guard and to the door of the throne room. She looked back at him. “Well?!” She shouted at him.

Zero blinked suddenly when he realized she was talking to him. “Oh, um yes… Lady Chaos.” He trotted after her.

Lilly trotted quickly down the hallway and her mane seemed to spark with electricity as she walked. Zero followed behind her and he didn’t say anything as he heard her grumbling. “All I want to do is help and then I am told to have a guard watching me all the time…” She stopped for a second and turned to look right at Zero. “You! Don’t repeat what I say!” She growled.

“You! Don’t repeat what I say!”
“You! Don’t repeat what I say!”

Zero blinked at her. “Yes Lady Chaos.”

“Good.” She then started to walk again and he followed her.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 10

Luna was walking back and forth in front of the guards. She looked at the guards one by one. Some were extremely young and she shook her head at the newness of them. She looked at one; an earth pony guard. “Ye, tell me how ye shall watch the charge, and how thou shall protect them?”
lunatroop“Ever vigilant and to the death ma’am!” The guard saluted and bowed.

Luna nodded and waved her hoof and the guard stood with the others again. Most were Pegasus and unicorn guards. “We have asked the captain of the guard to choose the most elite of the guards for this assignment. We do not know if ye have heard any rumors, but we shall enlighten thou. Discord is to be obeyed as he is now the ruler of Equestria as such a time that my sister, Princess Celestia is to return. His Daughters and his Son shall be treated right, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for LillyRose; Lady Chaos. As ye all know, Fluttershy shall also be here, she is married to Discord so thou shall take instructions from her as well. Is there any questions for us?”

A young Pegasus guard stepped forward. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Yes?” Luna nodded

“I… I just started this week… are you sure I am fit for this assignment?” She asked nervously as she bowed shakily.
SilverdasharmorLuna looked at her for a long moment. “Ye will be assigned Fluttershy. Ye will guard her with thou life and do what she commands thou to do.”

“Yes ma’am.” She saluted and looked relieved all at once.

Luna then assigned guards to the family members. The one she didn’t assign was a guard for Discord, since he’d be surrounded by guards no matter what and he didn’t really need a guard.

Luna pointed to the earth pony guard. “Ye are one of the bravest of the guards, we pick thou to be Lady Chaos’ personal guard. Ye shall be at her side all the time, be at her beck and call. Do whatever she requires of thou… Can ye do that?”

He had bowed to the Princess and nodded. “I shall make you proud my Princess.”
zeroguardLuna nodded at them, “We are already proud of all of thou. The family will be arriving today. We suggest ye all be prepared.” She walked off with two of her own personal guards walking behind her.

The earth pony guard blinked. “Doesn’t Lady Chaos have wings? How do I keep up with that?”

A unicorn guard laughed. “I guess you will be running a lot then. Didn’t you hear the rumor about her?”

“What rumor?” The earth pony guard asked.

“I heard that she eats the flesh of ponies.” The unicorn guard whispered. “She has sharp fangs that she will sink deeply into your flesh. Her bat wings blotted out the sun on the day that Celestia lost her throne.”

“She has sharp fangs that she will sink deeply into your flesh. Her bat wings blotted out the sun on the day that Celestia lost her throne.”
“She has sharp fangs that she will sink deeply into your flesh. Her bat wings blotted out the sun on the day that Celestia lost her throne.”

The earth pony guard looked doubtful. “Come on that is just a rumor.” He shook his head. “I fully doubt that Luna would let some pony like that take over Equestria.”

“That is what I have heard.” The unicorn guard muttered. “Good luck with her Zero. Be prepared to get a lot of exercise by running up and down hallways trying to keep up with some pony that has magic and can fly.”

“It won’t be that bad.” Zero muttered. “Will it?”

The unicorn laughed and shrugged. “Who knows; I was assigned to Lord Paradox and I heard that he is ill, should be an easy assignment.”