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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 55


Silver awoke in a room full of flowers; she looked at them they were blue roses. She blinked in confusion. Roses didn’t come in the color blue; or did they? She put her muzzle up to one and sniffed in the scent of it. She suddenly felt her stomach lurch as she fell into a pit she flapped her wings but she didn’t have them and she screamed in fright. “NO! I don’t want to die!”

She was suddenly caught by some pony she opened her eyes; they were blurred with her tears as she glanced at her savior. He was strong and he flew up into the sky with her. “It’s alright, I have you.”

“What happened to my wings? I was so scared…” Her eyes started to clear up when she suddenly looked at who was carrying her. “Who are you!?” She pushed herself away from the stranger, a gryphon with green feathers and ebony eyes.

The gryphon grinned at her as he let her fall from his arms. “I thought you wanted to be saved.”unnamedgryphon

Silver twisted in the air as she let out another scream in panic. “I don’t want to fall… I…” Her wings spread out suddenly and she flapped them; stopping just inches from the ground and she was surrounded by roses again, this time they were purple.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 42


Twilight had helped Discord through the day with the politics of the kingdom. “Thanks Twilight, that was helpful of you. Thank goodness you knew some of those answers because I think I would have just turned them into a bunch of chickens.” He muttered as he yawned and stretched on the throne.bawk

Twilight gasped. “You really wouldn’t; would you?”

He looked at her and grinned. “Oh… no… never.” A halo slowly formed over his head and it twisted slightly then tilted.

“Hmmm.” Twilight muttered. “So Discord, when would be the best time to check on the fountain?”

Discord stood up, stretching and looked at her. “Well, it won’t be today. I have to entertain my sister. Is it urgent about Celestia? I know you have been trying to help with her health… I’ve got to tell you something though… I don’t think the water will help.”

“Why don’t you think the water will help?” Twilight asked.

“I tried it on Scarlet Grace. It didn’t help with her blindness and deafness. I believe it will purge poisons, but I don’t know about the problems of the mind.”

“It’s a risk I am willing to take.” Twilight stated.

Discord nodded. “Okay… In a month, we’ll go to the fountain. In the meantime, don’t give up searching for a different solution. Thanks again Twilight. I have to lower the sun and have dinner.”

As he finished saying dinner the throne room door opened and Misery walked in followed by Bleak Claw. “Dissy, we’re here!”

Twilight looked at Discord’s sister and backed away. Discord’s sister made her very uncomfortable. “Um, bye Discord, see you later. Say hello to Fluttershy for me.” She then blinked out.twilight

Misery stopped in mid stride. “Dissy? Who was that?”

“That was Princess Twilight Sparkle.” He said. “Apparently she’s nervous around new arrivals.”

“Oh! So you’re enjoying the princesses time then? Having some alone time with them?” She teased and nudged her husband in the side. Bleak Claw just righted himself and fluffed out his feathers.

Discord sighed and looked at his sister. “No Misery, Fluttershy is my one and only.”

“Just keep telling yourself that Dissy, that princess was looking at you like she wanted you.” She teased more.

Discord’s eye twitched. “Twilight? No, I fully doubt that. Come on, dinner will be ready soon and I still have to make the sun set.” His sister still made him annoyed and what she was suggesting was ridiculous. “Twilight is just a friend. A best friend to Fluttershy, come along.” He strode out of the throne room past his sister and didn’t wait for her to follow him.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 39


Misery and Bleak Claw landed near the west entrance of Canterlot. Two guards looked at them with wide eyes as they approached. “Halt, what bring you to Canterlot?” One asked.

“I’ve come to visit my dear sweet brother.” Misery said. “You know him, he’s tall, has the most beautiful yellow and red eyes. He’s got a horn and an antler…”

The guard swallowed hard. “Is it okay if we inform him that you’re here?”

She grinned showing her rows of sharp teeth. “Oh yes, it is quite alright.” One of the guards flew off towards the castle. She turned to look at Bleak Claw. “My love, have you been here before? I know I haven’t.” She blatantly lied.

Bleak Claw grinned at her. “A few times. This will be the first visit I’ve come with my sweetness though.” He grabbed her claw and kissed it. Misery blushed.

Discord appeared instantly at the entrance and saw the gryphon kissing his sister’s claw. “Gross.” He stuck his tongue out.gross

“Dissy!” Misery yelled, turned and pounced on him. They fell to the ground she was hugging her surprised brother.

Discord disappeared and reappeared out of his sister’s grasp and off the ground. “Misery, where have you been?”

She stood up and dusted herself off. “Well, I moved to the gryphon kingdom and married Bleakie here.” She went over to Bleak Claw and kissed him. “He’s a clan leader.”

He looked at the gryphon. “You married my sister?”

Bleak Claw nodded. “Yes, and she’s a good mother too.”

Discord shook his head and looked at Misery. “Mother?”

Misery laughed. “No. Bleakie’s wife passed away. I helped him raise his son. Speaking of raising the sun… Dissy…?” She grinned at her brother and looked up at the castle. “Going to invite me in?”

Discord smiled. “Yes, come to the castle. I have to go back, I was in the middle of a meeting actually.” He turned to the other guard. “Let my sister and her husband in.”

“Yes sir.” The guard saluted.

Discord nodded then looked at Misery. “Stay out of trouble. I’ll let the castle guards know you’re coming.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 35 and 36


Lilly put her claw through her gryphon plumage and looked at the leader of the gryphon clan. They had come upon a gryphon clan on the outskirts of the gryphon kingdom. The clan that Zero and she came to was friendly and welcomed them. They were able to become friends with the leader quickly, because his eldest son was having a bit of a relationship problem. LillyRose was able to solve it easily, by just telling him to be himself.

“Are you sure that if we marry here, it will be binding everywhere?” She asked the leader. The leader was a gray gryphon with gray eyes. He had a scar on one cheek where he had fought for leadership of his clan years ago.

“Oh Yes, LillyRose.” He winked at her. “Even in the pony lands this marriage will be binding.”

Lilly blushed as she took in a deep breath. “Okay Bleak Claw, can we have the ceremony tomorrow?”grifflilly

He laughed. “Of course. I guess that Zero would like to know this plan as well?”

She giggled. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“I’ll have my son tell him. You and my daughters shall stay in. He shall not see you until the day you and he exchange your vows.” Bleak Claw announced.

She blinked. “What? I didn’t know that…” Lilly started to fluff up her feathers.

“Don’t ruffle your feathers so. It will be fine daughter of chaos.” Bleak Claw winked to her. “I am glad you were honest with me, but as clan tradition… you shall not see your chosen mate until you say I do. We are going by gryphon clan tradition.”


“Why must I be blind folded?” Zero asked nervously. “These gryphon clan traditions are quite unusual.”

Bleak Claw’s son Falco laughed. “It’s okay; we all have to wear the blind fold when we marry. This represents that you are blind in soul before finding your mate for life.”

Zero tried to see beyond his blind fold, and really felt like it was a dumb idea. He also was afraid they’d dupe him into marrying the wrong girl. “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you worry Lilly has to wear a blind fold too.” Falco said. “Now come, grab my tail and follow me.”

He reached out with his claw and found the other gryphon’s tail and held on to it. ‘Weird being able to hold things.’ He caught himself thinking. Falco lead him through the clan village and the other gryphons watched, some clapped, some cheered and a couple made a loud scree noise.

“This is so odd.” Zero stated.

“Its tradition, I am hoping I shall have this traditional walk sometime soon.” Falco stated. “We have arrived. Good luck my friend.” Falco patted Zero on his flank and pushed him over to a spot.

“You look to be a little nervous?” Falco’s father said.

“I cannot see a thing. Of course I’m nervous.” Zero stated as he blinked under the blind fold.

“Ah, here is the bride.” Bleak Claw announced.

Zero’s ears perked up as he heard some pony crying and snuffling. It wasn’t Lilly, but some pony else. “So proud of her…” was all that Zero could hear.

“Let it be known that these two wish to be bound together with the sacrament of marriage. Two young ones, forever life mates.” Zero felt Bleak Claw grab his claw and place it into Lilly’s paw.

“LillyRose and Zero Clash, two lost souls, finding one another from within darkness. “Remove your blind folds and look upon your mate for life.”

LillyRose and Zero Clash

They both took off their blind folds and Zero stared at her. She was blushing and staring back, she looked really beautiful as a gryphon.

“As you see your life mate and you have only eyes for one another, as I can see here. Then you are married.” Bleak Claw bowed. “Kiss one another and give your rings.”

They kissed; a long lingering one and Zero placed a ring on Lilly’s finger, she did the same. “I love you.” Zero said.

“I love you.” Lilly blushed.

“Good, now let’s celebrate!” Bleak Claw shouted.

The room erupted in cheering gryphons and carts of food and drink were brought in. There was a sudden appearance of a rather large female hippogryph that made Zero’s eyes widen in surprise. She had tears running down her face and she stood looking at Lilly and Zero. She stood on her hind legs and held herself the way Discord held himself.

Lilly looked at the hippogryph and blinked. “Aunt Misery?”

“Oh, I wasn’t wrong. I knew it…” She whispered. “Little Lilly having a mate, my little Lilly.” The hippogryph approached Lilly and smiled. “I heard you were searching for me?”

Lilly smiled as a tear started to run down her cheek. “Yes we were, but apparently you found us first. Dad was worried about you, he doesn’t say as much but I know how he is.”

“Is it true Lilly? Rumor has it that Dissy is the ruler of Equestria?”

Lilly nodded. “Yes. It’s not a rumor.”

She grinned showing she had sharp teeth. “That makes me so happy for him. Tell me more please. I know you and Zero just gotten married and such but I need to know more.” She looked at Zero.miseryhappy

“Aunt Misery, this is Zero. He was my guard in Canterlot. Now he isn’t”

Misery started to smile evilly. “Oh, Lilly you’re naughty I can tell. So… when is it due?”

Zero blinked in shock. “How did you know?”

Misery clapped. “Hee! I didn’t know, now I do.”

Lilly laughed. “Misery, you know how to manipulate men don’t you?”

“You just have to know what questions to ask.” she said with a wink.

Zero gave Misery a surprised look and frowned. “She “is” your father’s sister.” He mumbled to Lilly.

“So Lilly, when are you going to tell Dissy about your wedding?” She rubbed her claws together. “Can I tell him?”

Lilly shook her head. “No. Oh no. I don’t want him to kill my husband before we even consummate our marriage. Don’t Aunt Missy… please?”

“Spoil sport.” Misery pouted.

Zero looked absolutely terrified and was suddenly looking around the room as if he was waiting for Discord to appear out of thin air. “I rather not die at all.”

Misery grinned and got close to Zero. “Good, it is best not to die.” She licked her lips as she looked at Zero closer. She then stood up straight and looked at Lilly. “Oh I am so very envious of you!”

“What? Why?” Lilly asked.

“Your husband, he wants to be dominated. Lucky Lilly.” Misery grinned.

“I… do?” Zero asked in surprise.

Lilly was blushing deeply. “Missy, please. He doesn’t really.”

“I’m serious Lilly.” Misery suddenly leaned over to her niece and started to whisper in her ear.

Zero blinked at them and Lilly suddenly put her claw on her mouth and looked at him. “Oh Aunt, you’re funny.”

Misery winked at Lilly and then at Zero. “Okay, I can take hint. I’m going to go to Equestria in a few days. You and Zero please go and have fun on your honeymoon. I won’t tell Dissy about your wedding… yet.” She winked at them and slowly walked through the gathering of gryphons and up to Bleak Claw who she suddenly kissed. He grinned at her as she went by and followed her out of the room.

Lilly blinked when she noticed that her aunt left with Bleak Claw. “Oh. Ha… I see what is going on now.”

Zero huffed. “I sure wish I did.”

“I’ll explain later. I think we should be going soon.” Lilly smiled at her new husband. “I missed you last night and I’m feeling a bit…” She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

He smiled as he looked at her. “Let’s go…”

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 30


LillyRose was panting hard as she landed just on the outskirts of the gryphon kingdom. She looked up in the sky and didn’t see Zero so she extended her wings again and was going to try and retrace her steps to finding him. When he came into her sights, he erratically flew down to her and landed on his face. She trotted over to him and helped him up.

“I am terribly sorry, I didn’t mean for us to fly that long of a way.” She still panted as she relaxed her wings.

“Lilly, I never knew that flying was so difficult.” Zero was sweating and panting. He looked at the grass in the clearing she found and he trotted over to it and flung himself on the cool green blades and started to roll around. “Ah!”

Lilly smiled as she walked over to him and watched as he rolled. She looked around and then slowly settled on the grass, but just sat there. “I’m still sorry we flew so long, that is quite a work out for a first time flyer like you.”

Zero looked up from rolling on the grass. “It’s ok Lilly, I went through rough training. I’m used to this.” He looked at her as she curled her long tail around her as she settled on the grass calmly.

She acted regally as she looked at him. “You are such a male.” She muttered then she looked up suddenly when she saw a couple shadows move along the ground. “Oh! Gryphons! We need disguises.” She clicked her tongue and Zero gasped when he looked at his hooves to see claws. She looked like a gryphon as well, a very good looking one.grifflilly

“Please Lilly don’t tell me this is permanent.” He whispered as he saw them start to circle as if they were preparing to land.

“It’s an illusion.” She whispered as one of the gryphons landed and walked towards them.

“Hey, what are you two doing out here?” He asked.

“We were just resting.” Zero stated as he stood up. “We are on our way to visit a friend.”

Lilly stood up and stretched. She flapped her feathered wings catching the attention of the gryphon. He looked at her and grinned she returned the smile slightly. “It would be nice if you’d let us go on our way. I have to see a dear friend of mine who is very ill.”

Zero blinked at the way Lilly held herself as if she was used to gryphon protocol. She ruffled up her feathers as she moved closer to the gryphon. Zero started to frown and felt jealousy well up inside.

The second gryphon landed and moved fast up to Zero getting in his face. Zero noticed that it was a female. “Carl, I don’t trust them. They smell like they hang out with ponies.” She had dark feathers framing her face and her eyes were greenish yellow, her beak looked harsh and sharp.

“Bianca, just chill. Can’t you see I’m talking to this hot number here?” Carl stated and looked back at Lilly. “So visiting a sick friend?” He asked.

Lilly looked at him and frowned. “Yes, and please get away from me. I already have a mate for life.”

Carl looked at her claws and smiled wide. “You don’t have a ring, what mate doesn’t get his hot gal a ring?”

Zero let out a very loud snort. “One that hasn’t married her yet.” He side stepped the female gryphon and charged at the larger gryphon.

“Stop.” Lilly grumbled and clicked her tongue. All of them froze in place. “Carl, not all gryphon gals are objects. Zero aww, you got jealous, love you. And you, Bianca… don’t go around smelling boys; that is gross. You don’t know where they’ve been.”

Zero looked at her as she walked over to him. “Come on love.” She said as she touched his muzzle and he unfroze. They both stretched out their wings, she let Zero fly off first as she looked at the two gryphons. “In about an hour, the paralysis spell will wear off. I learned it from a basilisk.” She jumped up into the sky and flew up following Zero.

Zero sighed as she joined him. “I wish those hadn’t butted in just then.”

Lilly looked at him. “Oh? Why is that?”

“I wanted to mate with you on that grass.” He smiled.

“Oh? Hmm… what makes you think I was in the mood for mating?” She asked.

Zero shrugged but flew around her. “I don’t know. Did you know that you look great as a gryphon?”

“So it seems.” Lilly stated. “You look rather small by gryphon male standards.”

Zero blinked. “What? Really, oh man. What a way to make me feel inadequate. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” she grinned at him. “While in the Gryphon Kingdom let’s get married.”

“Wait! What?” He asked.

“Let’s get married.” She smiled as she watched him.

“That is what I thought you said… Your father would kill me.”

Lilly giggled at that. “He hasn’t killed you yet.”

“Yeah, well I think he is just biding his time…” Zero swallowed hard.