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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 4


Discord had his paw on his muzzle as he looked at the situation, he was trying really hard not to laugh out loud. He looked at Silver and saw her worried face and then looked at his son’s hoof that was sticking out the broken front door. He leaned against the hoof then coughed a couple times as if trying to control his impulse to start laughing. “So… What do you want me to do?” He tried to look serious but he kept grinning and making a strangled snorting laugh.oversize

“Is that Dad?” Paradox asked loudly. He didn’t wait for an answer. “Dad? Can you help me? I’m stuck.”

Discord snickered. “Dox, you’re a draconequus remember?”

“You don’t think I tried?” Paradox muttered to his father. “My magic has no effect on it.”

“Try many times; the punishment will not fit his crime.” Zecora said as she walked up.

“Crime? What crime?” Silver asked.

“I just borrowed those! Um… you know I’d pay for them later.” Paradox mumbled. “You said you wouldn’t help me.”

“No premade potion would help you. You put yourself in this fine stew.” Zecora chuckled as she looked at Paradox’s paw.

“Paradox, you disappoint me and your mother.” Discord sighed. “If you wanted to be larger all you had to do is snap your fingers.” He grew dragon sized.

“I didn’t want to be larger. I just want out of this house, can you at least give me that relief?” he moved his leg and it broke the front of the house.

Discord shrunk down to normal. He looked at Zecora and the zebra nodded. He snapped his fingers and Paradox disappeared then reappeared outside of the cottage. The cottage made a loud noise and half of it collapsed.

“My cottage.” Silver gasped then looked at Paradox. He was bigger than a full grown dragon as he stood up and stretched. “Doxy?!”

“Silver?” He asked as he slowly sat down to look at them all. He put out his paw to her and she was dwarfed by it. She looked at Zecora and Discord then stepped on to his paw. He lifted her up. “I’m so sorry, I was stupid.”

“Why Doxy? I don’t understand why you stole the potion.” Silver said. “Were you trying to impress me? If that was the case, I really don’t need you to impress me.”

“No. This was an unintentional potion. I didn’t really want to take it. I… wanted a potion that…” He stopped.

Zecora was looking up. “He’ll grow, until he lets her know.”

Discord’s ears went forward as he looked at Zecora. “Did I ever tell you, how much I hate your rhymes?”

The zebra just smiled at him.

Paradox blinked when he noticed that he was getting larger. “Honest, I went to Zecora to get a potion that would keep me from getting you pregnant. I don’t want a baby.”
“What, but Doxy why? I thought that… you just wanted to wait. But you don’t ever want a child? Ever?” She blinked back tears.

“I don’t, I guess it’s selfish of me.” His body suddenly stopped growing. “As for the reason why… it’s complicated…”

She sat on his paw and just looked at him. Sadness on her face. “Why? You can tell me. I love you.”

He let out a sigh. “I know you knew me when we were little and I ignored you. I’m sorry. Before that faithful night when you offered to help me up… I was terribly sick. Several times I attempted to take my life.” He didn’t notice but he started to shrink.

“Doxy you didn’t need to…”

“I know, I had terrible nightmares during my sickness and one of those nightmares it was revealed to me that if I was to have any offspring that they will become the monster that I was meant to be.”

She looked at him. “You were never a monster.”

He closed his eyes. “You are telling me this after I had destroyed our home and I’m this size? I’m a monster right now.”

She shook her head. “No, you’re not. You don’t understand Doxy… you’re only a monster if you believe you are. I don’t believe you’re a monster, your family doesn’t. You have a beautiful soul; I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a monster.” She noticed that his paw was shrinking and she flapped her wings when he couldn’t hold her easily.

“Thank you Silver, but I still don’t think we should have children.” He muttered as he shrank down a little more.

“We can talk about it more. Please. Don’t make the decision by yourself, we’re partners.” He was staying at one size. Still bigger than usual but she was looking at him eye to eye. “Okay Doxy?”

He looked at her and smiled. “Okay… I just noticed that I shrank.”

She nodded. “Yes, you did, though you still look bigger than before.” She blushed.

“I do?” He asked as he looked down at himself. His fur was shaggy and long, his teeth still sharp and caused him to lisp still. His claws wouldn’t retract all the way.

“You have been permanently changed by the potion Dox.” Discord said.

“What? How?” He asked his father as he placed his paw on his head, his horns had grown in completely.

“Chaos…” Discord grinned. “I knew you had it in you.”

“Seems I’m going to have to work on a version two of hyper huge potion brew.” Zecora chuckled softly. “Paradox? Maybe you should have come down with cutie pox?

“Whoa, that’s a thing?” Paradox asked and he made a face when he almost bit his tongue.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 3


blursilvercon“Paradox?” Silver’s voice came out of the haze.

He saw her silhouette looking over him. “Sil… Silver?” He asked and blinked several times. “What happened? Oh my head.” He placed his paws on his head and felt his horns they seemed bigger.

“Doxy? Are you alright?” She asked as she looked into his eyes. “You look umm…” She seemed nervous.

“What? I look… what?” He moved his paws onto his muzzle and he felt his mouth. He had very sharp teeth and his muzzle was shaggy. “What has happened to me?” He spoke with a grunt and lisp because his teeth seemed to be in his way.

“Um, what did you do?” Silver asked as a blush ran over her cheeks.

He sat up and seemed to tower above Silver. “Why are you so… what happened to me?” He looked at his paws they were big and shaggy as well and his claws were huge.

“Doxy, you grew…” She whispered.

“What do you mean?” He tried to stand up and suddenly hit his head on… the ceiling? “Oh, no, not happening.”

“What did you do? Were you practicing chaotic magic without your sister’s help?” Silver started to back away from him slightly.

“No, I wasn’t doing anything chaotic.” He saw the empty vial on the floor near her hoof. He reached down for it.

Silver’s eyes widened as his huge paw descended upon her. “Ah! Your paw!” She flapped her wings and stepped out of the way.

“Sorry…” He picked the vial up with one of his claws. “It was this.”

Silver grabbed the vial while looking at his claw. “This is a potion vial.” She read the label. “Why did you drink a whole vial of hyper huge potion?”

“I didn’t mean to. You came home and startled me and I hid it in my mouth. I may have drank some. Did you just say Hyper Huge?”

“Some? How about all?” Silver gasped. “Where did you get this?”

He gulped. “Zecora.”

“Why did she give you this potion? What did you want it for?” She then started to blush again. “As if you weren’t big enough.”

“What!? Oh no… I well, oh geez…” He put his paws on his head. “I didn’t know what this potion would do!”

Silver put her hoof on her forehead. “Maybe I’m having a nightmare.”

“YOU!?” Paradox said in a panic. “I cannot even get out of the house… I’m too big to even fit one paw through the doorway.”

“And you’re still growing Doxy.” She flapped her wings as the floor space started to shrink.

His eyes widened. “You’re right. Silver you’ve got to go and get the cure.”

She flew up to his muzzle to look into his eyes. “Do you think Zecora would have the cure?”

“I hope so.” He winced when his horns started to crack the ceiling. “I’m sorry Silver, I don’t mean to be breaking our dream home.”

She dodged a piece of plaster that fell. “I guess you’ll have to fix it later. I’ll go see about getting Zecora… and I’m going to tell your father as well.” She kissed his nose.

“Oh no… Not Dad…” He grumbled but made a face when his paw broke through a window. “Ok… anything Silver…”

She looked at him. “I’ll be back… Try not to break anything… else.” She flew out the window he had just broke.

“I can’t promise that.” The cottage’s foundation groaned and creaked.