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Story: Paradox’s Despair Chapter 61


Lilly trotted through the broken diamond wall, she didn’t see how the wall had been shattered but she walked faster and then slipped on the slope as she spread her wings and flew down. She was amazed how beautiful the caves were as she looked around. She folded her wings when she hit solid ground. Her hooves made a strange echo in the cave as she walked.lillytorescueTurning to look at the stalactites she suddenly saw a cricket looming above her. Its long antenna was moving over her slightly and it moved toward her. She saw its jaws and mandible working in tandem as it drooled. She physically shivered in disgust and fear. She started to move slowly away from it and it moved with her.

She thought about the magic she had and smirked as she clicked her tongue and used her magic to shrink the cricket down. It stopped advancing on her as it realized it was too small. It then hopped away into a crack. Lilly let out a deep sigh as she continued on her way.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 52


Paradox grumbled as he walked ahead of Zero. “What are we looking for?” He asked.

“I guess we will know when we see it.” Zero stated as he looked at the walls that seem to change different colors as they walked.

“I think we should go back and tell Dad that this way was a dead end.” He looked back at Zero. “What do you think?”

Zero started to slow down and looked at Paradox his eyes growing wider. Paradox didn’t like that look and stopped walking backwards. “What’s behind me?”whatsbehindmeZero started to back up. “Um… just start walking towards me like you don’t know it’s there.”

Paradox started to walk towards Zero as Zero backed up. “I don’t know what’s there; you have an advantage knowing what I don’t.”

“Well, if we were our normal size, this wouldn’t bother us at all but since we are as small as we are… Hurry up Dox.” Zero said.

Paradox glanced behind him and saw a cricket; a huge cricket and it was heading towards them. “Ugh, I hate crickets!” He started running and Zero turned and ran with him.

They ran faster and they heard the scrape of the cricket as it moved through the cave on their trail. “Oh… I don’t want to be cricket food.” Zero was saying as they reached the fork in the cave. “Maybe we should go down the way Discord went.”

“I agree.” Paradox said as they both turned the sharp corner. The cricket went past them as they ran down the left tunnel.

They kept running until they came to the dead end of the tunnel. Paradox stopped and placed his paw on the wall; he was panting and trying to catch his breath. “If… this is the end of the tunnel… where is Dad, Silver and Twilight?”

Zero looked around and then stopped when he saw the hole on the floor of the cave. “It’s not a dead end. There is a cave down below.”

“This place is too full of bugs and caves.” Paradox grumbled. “I just want to find out why the water isn’t working so we can get out of here.” He flapped his wings and jumped down into the hole. Zero followed after he looked down the tunnel where they came, he hoped that they had lost the cricket.