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Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 33


The next day.

“Get it together. Stop flying right when I said to fly left.” Silver growled.

The recruits saluted her as she landed in frustration. “Yes ma’am.”

She looked at them then her ears perked up at seeing Celestia walking with a young Pegasus recruit. She looked at her recruits. “Fly laps, twenty times.” They jumped up and started to fly laps as Celestia approached Silver with the Pegasus. He had jet black mane and a gray coat. His eyes were a deep shade of blue. Silver’s recruits watched her talk to Celestia as they did laps. All three wondering who the new recruit was.

“Princess Celestia, thank you.” Silver smiled.

“Anything to help you.” Celestia winked as she turned. “I expect these guards to be in tip top shape next week.” She said as the recruits doing laps landed and approached.

“Yes Princess.” Silver saluted and then bowed. When Celestia was gone she looked at her recruits and the new recruit and frowned. “Alright. Celestia had given me the task of getting you four into shape. She wants you to start guard duty next week for the Grand Galloping Gala.”

“Next week?” asked the clumsy recruit. He had a dark green mane.

She looked at him. “Yes Emerald. Next week.” She sighed as she looked at them all. “Oh, and this is the newest recruit, Fallacy.”

The new recruit didn’t say anything and just looked straight ahead. The other three looked at him curiosity burning them.fallacy

“I’ll give you four a break, and I’ll be back. Get acquainted for a moment.” She flew off.

The new recruit saluted. “Yes ma’am.” The other three saluted too, a bit flustered.

All three looked at the newest recruit. He had relaxed and looked at them. “Um, hi.” Emerald greeted him first.

Fallacy looked at him. “Greetings. What are your names?”

“I’m Emerald.” Emerald replied.

The one with a white and red mane grinned. “I’m Grey Shark.” Fallacy gave him a curious glance.

The third one stepped up, he had a yellow mane. “My name is Drop Zone.”

“Nice to meet you.” Fallacy nodded. He then flapped his wings. “So how is this trainer? Is she any good?”

“Lieutenant Silver Dash is really a hard worker. But she gets frustrated easily when we make a mistake.” Emerald replied.

“She’s freaking hot. I love looking at her flanks; bet she’s awesome in the sack.” Grey Shark replied.

“Grey, don’t say that out loud.” Emerald growled. “I hear her husband is some magical genius. Also one of those jealous sorts.”

“He’s also an actor.” Drop Zone added.

“Do you even know much about the lieutenant besides the way she looks or who her husband might be?” Fallacy asked.

The three looked at him and shook their heads.

“Shouldn’t we be figuring out how we can become the best guards we can?” He continued.

“Yeah. I guess so.” Emerald replied.

Grey Shark looked at Fallacy. “What does it matter?

Fallacy stared at Grey Shark for a moment his expression didn’t change. “Have it your way. Just don’t have your downfall bring me down with you.”

“You have a problem with me?” Grey Shark asked.

“I have no problems with you. In a battle of wits I have the better ammunition.” Fallacy stated. “Here comes the Lieutenant.” He stood up straight and saluted.

Silver landed in front of them. “Sorry, I had to talk to Princess Luna.” She looked at them. “I hope you’ve gotten acquainted, now I want you all to fly another twenty laps. Including you Fallacy, you should fly forty laps. To make up for the twenty laps that the other recruits had to fly before you got here.”

Fallacy looked at her and narrowed his eyes. “Yes Lieutenant Silver Dash.” He stretched out his wings and took flight. The other three joined him as they started to fly along with him.

Emerald closer to Fallacy. “She doesn’t seem to like you.”

Fallacy looked at him. “This isn’t a popularity contest.” He flapped his wings and started to fly faster than all of them. Grey Shark started to fly fast to catch up, but Fallacy effortlessly pumped his wings and went faster. Silver watched them fly and she smiled as Fallacy bypassed her recruits. He was the first to land having done forty laps faster than their twenty. He wasn’t even out of breath as he stood and waited for the others to land.

“I think you cheat.” Grey Shark panted as he approached Fallacy.

“I am just far more superior then you.” Fallacy said as he looked straight ahead.

Grey Shark frowned as he was about to yell at Fallacy but he was interrupted by Silver approaching. “Very nice. I am impressed Fallacy.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Fallacy said.

The other two recruits landed panting as they stood next to Fallacy and Grey. “Sorry Ma’am. We’re trying to improve.” Drop Zone muttered.

Silver looked at Drop Zone. “I can see that.” She smiled at all of them. “I guess we’ll call it a night. I am hoping tomorrow we can really train to be attentive through a party atmosphere like at the Grand Galloping Gala. So please be prepared to work with focusing on the task that is set before you.”

“Lieutenant?” Grey Shark saluted.

“Yes?” She asked the recruit.

“I think that Fallacy has cheated in his laps.”

Silver looked at him and shook her head. “What makes you say that?”

“No pony can fly faster than I.” Grey Shark frowned as he looked at Fallacy

“Oh?” Silver started to chuckle. “You obviously don’t know my mother then.”

Fallacy saluted. “If I may Ma’am; your mother is Rainbow Dash, the only pony that can do the Sonic Rainboom.”

The recruits looked at Silver in shock and then looked at Fallacy. “Correct Fallacy.” Silver smiled. “If I wasn’t married I’d give you a hug.”

Fallacy didn’t reply to that he just smiled lightly.

Drop Zone slowly walked forward. “Ma’am?” He saluted.

“Yes Drop?” She asked him.

“I am curious, why are we going to guard at the Gala? I don’t think we’ll be ready, well not all of us.”

“Who do you think, out of all of you, is ready to guard at the Gala?” Silver asked.

“Fallacy is.” Emerald said quietly.

“Sorry, I cannot guard at the Gala. I will be busy that night.” Fallacy stated.

“Wait.” Grey Shark growled as he stepped forward. “You’re training with us! You need to guard with us.” He looked sternly at Fallacy. “What is so important that you cannot guard at the Gala?”

Fallacy suddenly grinned as he walked forward. Emerald’s eyes widened when he noticed that the new recruit’s teeth were sharp and dagger-like. “Uh…” Emerald stepped back.

Grey didn’t notice the teeth as Fallacy walked up to him. He frowned at Fallacy and poked him in the chest. “Come on perfection of a guard! Tell me what you will do the night of the Gala? You cheat at laps what other things do you cheat at?”

Fallacy chuckled softly. “I didn’t cheat at laps because I had a lot of practice at flying from one of the best teachers in Equestria.” He slowly started to stand up on his hind legs. “The next thing, I am attending the Gala with my wife so I cannot “guard” the Gala.” His front hooves started to change into paws slowly. “Oh, and if I catch you looking at my wife’s flanks again… I will tear your wings off.” Fallacy’s whole visage changed and Paradox was staring at Grey Shark with a menacing grin on his face.

Grey Shark gulped and stepped back slowly from Paradox. “I um… I.”

“You were looking at my flanks?” Silver asked incredulously.

Grey Shark looked over at Lieutenant Silver Dash. “Ma’am, I uh…”

She shook her head. “I’m sorry Grey, I cannot teach you if you are going to stare at my flanks.”

“I am sorry Ma’am. No disrespect but… your flanks, they are…” He slowly closed his mouth before he got into more trouble.

Paradox started to chuckle. “Silver my dearest…”

Silver looked up at him. “Yes Doxy?”

“At least he can admire the finer things.” He answered her. “I say give him another chance, but…” He suddenly looked at all three of the recruits. “Be warned, if I hear my lovely Silver complain about you not paying her attention again. I’ll come by and start plucking your feathers out.”

All three of them shook their heads. “We’ll pay attention.” Emerald said.

“I’ll give Grey another chance Doxy.” Silver said as she walked over to him.

He smiled at her as he looked in her eyes. “Good.”

They suddenly kissed in front of the recruits.

Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 31


A few weeks later.

Silver landed on the far tower roof and sighed as one of the recruits she was training landed and stumbled off the roof only to catch himself. “What was that?” She asked.silverarmor

“Sorry ma’am, I wasn’t paying attention.” He saluted as she flew over to look at him.

“Not paying attention is what gets you and your partner in trouble. Always be aware of your surroundings. Always be on the lookout for potential threats. You’re a guard you need to be alert at all times.” She flew back to where she landed to begin with. She looked at the three recruits that were trying to become royal guards.

“Ma’am?” One of the recruits saluted.

She looked at the recruit. “Yes?”

“Um…” He looked at the other two recruits and they nodded. “We were wondering…”

“Spit it out!” She said to him.

“Are you married to the actor Paradox?” He said quickly.

Silver stared at the recruit and then looked at the other two. They gave her a weak smile. “Does this have anything to do with our training?”

All three of them shook their heads. “No Ma’am.” They answered together.

“I didn’t think so.” She sighed. “Yes, I’m married to Paradox. He’s more than an actor though, so can we get back to training please?”

All three saluted. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Follow me then.” She jumped up and flapped her wings. She then flew towards the ground quickly. The recruits flew after her in surprise. “I cannot wait until my shift is over today.” She muttered.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 42


Twilight had helped Discord through the day with the politics of the kingdom. “Thanks Twilight, that was helpful of you. Thank goodness you knew some of those answers because I think I would have just turned them into a bunch of chickens.” He muttered as he yawned and stretched on the throne.bawk

Twilight gasped. “You really wouldn’t; would you?”

He looked at her and grinned. “Oh… no… never.” A halo slowly formed over his head and it twisted slightly then tilted.

“Hmmm.” Twilight muttered. “So Discord, when would be the best time to check on the fountain?”

Discord stood up, stretching and looked at her. “Well, it won’t be today. I have to entertain my sister. Is it urgent about Celestia? I know you have been trying to help with her health… I’ve got to tell you something though… I don’t think the water will help.”

“Why don’t you think the water will help?” Twilight asked.

“I tried it on Scarlet Grace. It didn’t help with her blindness and deafness. I believe it will purge poisons, but I don’t know about the problems of the mind.”

“It’s a risk I am willing to take.” Twilight stated.

Discord nodded. “Okay… In a month, we’ll go to the fountain. In the meantime, don’t give up searching for a different solution. Thanks again Twilight. I have to lower the sun and have dinner.”

As he finished saying dinner the throne room door opened and Misery walked in followed by Bleak Claw. “Dissy, we’re here!”

Twilight looked at Discord’s sister and backed away. Discord’s sister made her very uncomfortable. “Um, bye Discord, see you later. Say hello to Fluttershy for me.” She then blinked out.twilight

Misery stopped in mid stride. “Dissy? Who was that?”

“That was Princess Twilight Sparkle.” He said. “Apparently she’s nervous around new arrivals.”

“Oh! So you’re enjoying the princesses time then? Having some alone time with them?” She teased and nudged her husband in the side. Bleak Claw just righted himself and fluffed out his feathers.

Discord sighed and looked at his sister. “No Misery, Fluttershy is my one and only.”

“Just keep telling yourself that Dissy, that princess was looking at you like she wanted you.” She teased more.

Discord’s eye twitched. “Twilight? No, I fully doubt that. Come on, dinner will be ready soon and I still have to make the sun set.” His sister still made him annoyed and what she was suggesting was ridiculous. “Twilight is just a friend. A best friend to Fluttershy, come along.” He strode out of the throne room past his sister and didn’t wait for her to follow him.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 41

Misery was looking at the shops in Canterlot, she really wanted to go to the castle and bother her brother. Bleak Claw wanted to find something for her though in the shops. So she let him lead her into shop after shop. She was getting tired though. She knew that Gryphons liked bright shiny things but he was putting a lot of gold baubles on her and it was weighing her down.

Bleak had another ring in his claw as he approached her. “This has sapphires; they shine like your eyes.”

“Bleakie, those are beautiful. Thank you, but can we go to the castle now? Please?”

Bleak Claw scratched his head slightly and tilted his head at her. “I just want to make you happy.”

“Oh Bleakie, you make me very happy.” She kissed him lightly on the beak. “I’m itching to tell Dissy about his LillyRose.”

“Oh! Dearest you promised her you wouldn’t tell him.” The Gryphon blinked.

Misery laughed. “I’m not going to tell him right out… I didn’t promise to not tell her mother and if Dissy is in the same room at the time then… oops.”

“I have married a truly evil female.” Bleak Claw shook his head as his feathers fluffed out.

“Yes, but I make things exciting.” They started walking to Canterlot castle.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 39


Misery and Bleak Claw landed near the west entrance of Canterlot. Two guards looked at them with wide eyes as they approached. “Halt, what bring you to Canterlot?” One asked.

“I’ve come to visit my dear sweet brother.” Misery said. “You know him, he’s tall, has the most beautiful yellow and red eyes. He’s got a horn and an antler…”

The guard swallowed hard. “Is it okay if we inform him that you’re here?”

She grinned showing her rows of sharp teeth. “Oh yes, it is quite alright.” One of the guards flew off towards the castle. She turned to look at Bleak Claw. “My love, have you been here before? I know I haven’t.” She blatantly lied.

Bleak Claw grinned at her. “A few times. This will be the first visit I’ve come with my sweetness though.” He grabbed her claw and kissed it. Misery blushed.

Discord appeared instantly at the entrance and saw the gryphon kissing his sister’s claw. “Gross.” He stuck his tongue out.gross

“Dissy!” Misery yelled, turned and pounced on him. They fell to the ground she was hugging her surprised brother.

Discord disappeared and reappeared out of his sister’s grasp and off the ground. “Misery, where have you been?”

She stood up and dusted herself off. “Well, I moved to the gryphon kingdom and married Bleakie here.” She went over to Bleak Claw and kissed him. “He’s a clan leader.”

He looked at the gryphon. “You married my sister?”

Bleak Claw nodded. “Yes, and she’s a good mother too.”

Discord shook his head and looked at Misery. “Mother?”

Misery laughed. “No. Bleakie’s wife passed away. I helped him raise his son. Speaking of raising the sun… Dissy…?” She grinned at her brother and looked up at the castle. “Going to invite me in?”

Discord smiled. “Yes, come to the castle. I have to go back, I was in the middle of a meeting actually.” He turned to the other guard. “Let my sister and her husband in.”

“Yes sir.” The guard saluted.

Discord nodded then looked at Misery. “Stay out of trouble. I’ll let the castle guards know you’re coming.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 34


After Paradox walked with Fluttershy she asked him to walk her to the throne room, she thought that maybe if she just sat with her husband for a while she would give Paradox time to be alone with Silver Dash.

“Fluttershy! My sweetness!” Discord said cheerfully as he patted her small throne next to him. “Come sit and keep me company.”

“Okay, but don’t give me too much attention.” She whispered as she walked over to her throne and sat down. She looked around and noticed that the throne room was empty beside the few guards standing close by. “Where is every pony?”

Discord shrugged. “Oh, it’s one of those quiet days.” He sat back in his throne then sat up again as a pony walked into the room.

One of the guards stepped forward. “State your business.”

The pony was an earth pony with a light gray coat and a cutie mark that resembled hay bales and he looked older than the ponies that Discord had seen lately. “Um Lord Chaos, I’m Hearty Clash a simple farmer on the outskirts of Canterlot and I have been having a problem with mice eating my crops. I was wondering if there was a safe way to get rid of them.”

Discord thought about it for a moment, but Fluttershy spoke up before he said anything. “Mice are very particular and they seem to latch on with what they like. Maybe you should plant a different crop next year and then rotate the crops and maybe the mice will stop eating into your profits. If that doesn’t work, I will give them a talking to myself and ask them politely to leave your plants alone.”

Hearty blinked and bowed. “Oh, thank you. I will try that.” He then cleared his throat again. “I was also wondering… My son… he works here at the castle… I was wondering if he could have some time off to spend with me.”

Discord blinked. “Well. I don’t see why not. What’s your son’s name?”

“Zero Clash.” The farmer said quietly.

Fluttershy looked at Discord quickly.

“Ah yes, Zero…” Discord muttered. “A fine young stallion. I’m sorry. Zero is not here.”

Hearty looked at him in shock. “Are you sure? My son is very dedicated to his work.”

“Dedicated… hmmm yes… well…” Discord muttered and Fluttershy noticed that he was digging his claws into the wood of his throne.

She spoke up again as she got up. “Mr. um… Clash. Sorry to say something again, but… you see, right now Zero has gone on assignment with Lady Chaos, our daughter, and we don’t know when he will be back. I will though, let him know when he returns that he needs to visit his family soon.” She steered the earth pony away from Discord and was walking with him towards the door. “I really would love to meet your family sometime soon too. Sorry that you had come all this way to see him only to be turned away. Don’t be upset, Zero is quite safe with our daughter.”

“Thank you Lady Fluttershy.” Zero’s father replied as he trotted away.

She trotted back up to her throne and sat down and stared at her husband. “Discord… why did you act like that?”

Discord’s eyes narrowed. “His son… violated my double flower.”

She shook her head. “Two consenting adults… having sex.”

“Yes, and one is my daughter.” Discord mumbled.

“Discord, it wasn’t Zero’s father’s fault. I am sure he’d be the same way if he had a daughter. Besides, I don’t think he knows that he and Lilly are a couple now.” Fluttershy smiled.

“Okay Fluttershy I guess I’ll give it a rest until they get home. Wherever they are. I bet they are doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.” He grumped.

She looked at him. “Cheer up.”

He looked over at her. “Why Fluttershy? One of our daughters is just about to have a baby, and the other is somewhere Luna knows where with her boyfriend! Our son had just gotten out of being terribly ill to falling head over heels for some pony he had ignored for years… What more can go wrong I ask you?”whatmore

“I’m pregnant.” Fluttershy said suddenly.

He sat up. “Fluttershy, you have played this trick on me before… Are you doing it again?”

She looked at him. “What do you think?”

He looked around and saw the guards standing stoically and he leaned over to her placing his paw and claw on her stomach as he closed his eyes. He slowly rubbed her fur spreading his fingers through the softness. His eyes opened fast as he looked up at her face. “We’re pregnant again.”discordflutters

She nodded at him as she smiled shyly. “Yes.”

“Fluttershy, I don’t count that as something going wrong.” He couldn’t help but smile. “You have cheered me up exponentially.” He looked around. “Oh! I’ve got to tell someone the news…” He jumped up off his throne and ran over to one of the guards. “MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!!” He shook him on his shoulders.

The guard blinked in surprise. “Uh, congratulations Sir.”

“Thank you!” Discord went back over to Fluttershy and kissed her. “I love you Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy blushed as she smiled at him. “I love you too.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 31

Discord had put the sun down again as he did so he stretched and walked slowly into the bedroom. Fluttershy wasn’t in bed yet and he wasn’t sure why. He fell onto the bed face first and scooted on better, wrapping himself in the blankets. He was about to drift off to sleep when he heard something odd in the other room. His ears perked up when he heard Fluttershy crying? He quickly jumped out of bed and looked into the other room.

Fluttershy was lying on the couch looking at something in a box. She was crying lightly as she looked in it. Her ear twitched when she heard him enter the room and she quickly closed the box.

“Fluttershy? What is wrong my dear?” He asked as he approached trying to ignore the box she had.

She moved her hoof over her face. “Nothing is wrong.” She whispered. “I was um going to put this on the shelf.” She got up and walked to the book shelf and placed the box on it. “I had no idea it was this late. Let’s go to bed.”

He watched her as she walked by him. He reached out and put his fingers through her mane as she walked by. “Fluttershy, why were you crying?”

She blinked at the question. “Oh, umm no reason. I’m just tired I guess.” She continued in the bedroom and he followed her after glancing at the box one last time.

They curled up together in bed and fell asleep. It was in the middle of the night when Discord’s curiosity got the better of him. He sat up in bed and looked at Fluttershy sleeping soundly, her mane a beautiful mess upon the pillow. He admired her for a moment then slowly slinked out of bed.beautifulmess

He walked into the other room and saw the box on the shelf and he summoned it to his claw. He hesitated in opening it for just a moment not sure what to expect when he did.

Fluttershy awoke and noticed that he wasn’t in bed with her. She flapped her wings tiredly and got up out of bed. She slowly went into the other room and gasped when she saw he had the box in his hand.

He looked at her when he heard her gasp. “Explain this.” He placed the box in front of him on the table.

“You opened it?” She asked; then shook her head. “You didn’t open it. I can tell.”

Discord blinked. “What’s in it?”

She smiled. “Nothing is in it. Although, something used to be, it’s empty now.”

“Empty?” He turned the box toward him and slowly opened the lid.

“Told you. Empty.” She stated.

“Yes, but not quite.” He held the box up and sniffed it. “Smells like herbals.” he then gasped. “Fluttershy! Why?”

She suddenly blushed. “Because… I umm… it was Epona’s idea.” She squeaked.

He started to chuckle. “It’s quite alright my dear. I already knew you had been taking something. I think we can get you more if you really want to.”

“You’re not angry?” Fluttershy asked.

He shook his head. “No, of course not, although, I guess we’ll have to stop having some bedroom follies until we get you more herbs.”

She looked at him with her eyes wide. “But… um… I start my estrus tomorrow and you… cannot…”

“I have you know, I can resist the temptation.” He smiled with a slight twitch of his eye.

“Um… sure you can.” Fluttershy answered. “I guess we can go back to bed.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 13 (naughty) NC-17

Discord moved the sun down and grinned at how simple it was. He then looked at Fluttershy who was watching him command the sun, he made it do a little loop around and finally set, she shook her head at him. She was lounging on her side on the large bed in their bedroom in one of the castle towers. He couldn’t help but admire her as he jumped on the bed. “My Queen Fluttershy.” He whispered as he snuggled up against her. “What is your pleasure?”

Fluttershy felt her cheeks start to burn as she wiggled against him. “Oh, you are just teasing me now.”

He placed his paw on his chest. “I never tease you. I’d rather please you.” He leaned down and kissed her softly as he curled up around her; he rubbed his claw over her flank and her cutie mark. “It’s our first night here… I say we have some fun.”

Fluttershy blushed as he rubbed her flank. “What if… Um… the guards hear us?” She asked.

Discord chuckled. “I don’t care if they do. You recall my love, that I’m an exhibitionist. They could watch for all I care, maybe they will learn something.”

“Um, I don’t want them to watch.” She whispered.

He chuckled. “It’s okay, I won’t allow them to watch, and they cannot hear us. At least I don’t think they can.”

Fluttershy blushed deeply. “Can you make sure?”

“My love, don’t you worry, they already know we’re married…” He paused when she gave him a pouting face. “Okay I’ll make sure.”

He snapped his fingers and disappeared to reappear outside the room. He saw two guards standing there. “Make sure we aren’t disturbed and don’t listen.” they both nodded curtly. “If you hear a small pony moaning in pleasure ignore it, more than likely it is my wife.” He grinned as he reappeared in their room again. “They cannot hear you.” He reassured Fluttershy as he slowly crawled into the bed again.

She sighed as she relaxed when he slowly curled up around her again. “Thanks for making sure.”

“My pleasure.” He whispered as he nibbled along her neck and rubbed his paw over her body.

“Oh…” she seemed to melt under his attention. Her wings fluttered as he moved his paw over her back and down across her flanks.

He moved his claw over her shoulder as he moved his body over her. “I cannot ever get enough of you.” He whispered as he pushed her tail to the side with his paw.

She looked back at him as he leaned over her. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.” she said softly.

He rubbed himself up along her hot, damp entrance as he leaned down and kissed her. He pushed his tongue in her mouth as they kissed deeply at the same time he pushed himself into her. Their bodies moved in synch with one another they each knew what the other needed and they didn’t mind the knowledge.

Fluttershy moaned out when their kiss ended and he moved his hips against her as he gripped her shoulders. “Oh, yes my love.” He encouraged as he thrust into her harder.

“Oh please, Discord.” Fluttershy panted out loudly as she felt her orgasm over take her. “Oh yes!”

He felt her flow over his need and he kept the pace up as he moved in and out of her like a piston. “So silky smooth so tight and oh, Fluttershy.” He moaned lustfully when he felt her tighten around him.

“Discord, please…” she shuddered as her wings quivered with another orgasm.

Discord gritted his teeth as he felt her pleasure flow around him again and he couldn’t hold back any longer. With a deep grunt he pushed in deeply and released himself into her, spilling fourth his seed up against her cervix filling her up. “You feel so good…” He moaned as he bucked up into her letting her muscles flutter and milk him of all his desire.

Reluctantly he pulled from her and he kissed along her neck as she snuggled up against him. “That felt wonderful.” Fluttershy whispered.

“You felt wonderful.” He whispered back as he rubbed her shoulders with his paw and claw. “Thank you for trying to sit with me today in the throne room.”

“Oh, I’m sorry that I could not stay longer. All that attention on me… scares me.” She blushed.

“While I am with you, you shouldn’t have any fear. I will not let anyone harm my beautiful queen.” He whispered as he curled around her protectively. He then grinned as a thought occurred to him and he started to laugh softly.
afterloveFluttershy knew better than to ask but she had to. “Why are you laughing?”

He looked her in the eyes. “Let’s go down to the throne room right now.”

She blinked. “Why? Its night time, no one will be there.”

“I know.” He grinned evilly and winked at her.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she blushed at his suggestion. “I… um… Okay.” She said.

Discord looked at her in shock. “Did you just say okay?”

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay then,” He sat up in the bed picked her up and with a snap of his fingers they disappeared.

The throne room was dark and quiet as Discord and Fluttershy appeared in it. He put her down as he watched her. “It is quiet in here…” She murmured as she walked up to the thrones. She looked at his throne smiled and looked at him as he watched her. “How long have you had this throne?”

Discord was puzzled by the question. “Several centuries, why?”

Fluttershy grinned as she put her hooves on it and started to rub the wood slowly. “The wood is nice and hard on it.” She leaned against it and then looked over her shoulder at him. “Is it a comfortable throne?”

He was biting is lower lip as he watched her rub against his throne. “It’s very comfortable.” He muttered as he walked up to her slowly.

“Hmm, I don’t know.” Fluttershy said as she climbed up on the throne and started to rub the back of it with her hooves. “The wood is sure hard here too.”

Discord smirked as he reached out and placed his claw on her hip. “You want to feel some hard wood?” He asked as he pulled her to him. “I have some right here for you.”

She made a small squeak as he rubbed his arousal against her already damp folds. “Oh yes, that feels pretty hard to me.” She moaned.

“Yes… It’s hard and needs some polishing.” He said as he moved his arousal up slipping it slowly into her entrance and started to make love to her again as she leaned against his throne.

Fluttershy gasped as he pushed in her as she shuddered in pleasure. “Oh, yes…” She moaned loudly.

Discord gripped her tightly as he pushed into her deeply. “You deliberately wanted to do this.” He panted.

“Ooh Discord. Of course I did.” She moaned out when he pushed into her hard. She rested her cheek against the back of his throne as he increased his thrusts.

He huffed in pleasure as they mated on his throne. “Oh. I’m going to…” He pushed into her deeply as he released himself into her again.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 6


Discord and Lilly both appeared in a long hall with large stained glass windows stretching from one end to another. The place was huge and Lilly’s eyes widened in surprise at seeing the colorful windows that showed her mother in a lot of them. “Dad… it’s beautiful in here.”

Discord nodded as he frowned looking around the hallway. “Yeah, you seen one… you seen them all. This is very odd… where are the guards?”

“Dad?” Lilly said nervously as she looked at the other end of the hallway she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end as she stared at what she didn’t quite understand.

“What Lilly?” He said as he looked in the direction she was looking. “Oh… That is why there are no guards…” He reached for his daughter as long black wispy tendrils rushed down the hallway towards them. He snapped his fingers and they disappeared. They reappeared up in a tower.

Oh... that is why...
Oh… that is why…

“What was that!?” Lilly asked her father.

Discord frowned. “I don’t know Lilly, but I am going to find out. Stay here.”

“Dad… be careful!” Lilly said as she looked at Discord before he disappeared. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I’ll be back my double flower. Don’t worry about me.” He disappeared with a snap.

Lilly looked down from the tower and saw the whole city of Canterlot. It seemed that the ponies below had no idea what was going on inside the castle. “I hope everything is ok…” She whispered to herself. A shadow suddenly appeared over her and she started to shake as she slowly turned around. The hair on her shoulders stood up like hackles… she backed away from the hideous shape that was forming from the walls of the castle itself. Slow wispy tendrils started to float around her hooves as she backed up to the balcony of the tower. “What are you?” She asked as she backed up until her rump hit the side of the balcony and she felt so much fear welling up inside of her that she couldn’t make her wings work.

The wisps of smoke seemed to hiss.

“I’ll have you know… I’m a strong draconequus. I can use my magic against you.” She swallowed hard and she finally was able to unfurl her wings as she jumped from the balcony. She floated down from the balcony then flapped her wings and went back to the shadow to look at it better but it was quickly receding, she touched her hoof onto the balcony though and it returned looming larger over her. She felt her heart clench up in fear as it coalesced and was forming shapes within it. Lilly stared fascinated and scared all at the same time she suddenly let out a strangled cry when she saw one of the shapes within was her father.

“Dad!” She yelled. “Dad!”

The wisps of smoke started to flow around her as she looked at her father within; her heart was feeling despair and sadness.

“Don’t let it fool ye Lilly; Daughter of Chaos. That is not your father in there.” A soft voice floated to Lilly’s ears.

Lilly’s hoof slipped from the rail of the balcony and she fell, her wings spread out and she glided down slowly. The shadow quickly dissipated. Lilly landed lightly on one of the streets of Canterlot. The ponies on the ground looked at her in surprise and a couple backed away unsure of her since she didn’t look like them with her horn, antler, long scaly tail and bat wings. She looked around breathing heavily not knowing what she should do.

What should I do?
What should I do?

“Ye need to get back to the tower.” The voice said to her.

“If I go back to the tower, it will get me.” Lilly looked around for the source of the voice. “Where is my dad?” She spread her wings as she pushed off the ground and took flight again. All the ponies watched her fly upwards and they started to whisper and talk nervously.

“Your father is safe, but he is weakened. Lilly ye must help me and your father; maybe all three of us can do this.”

“What? Do what? I don’t understand…” Lilly flew up towards the tower where she had confronted the shadow and landed again. The shadow wasn’t there but she was scared that it’d return. “How do I know if my dad is safe? You could be lying to me.”

The voice didn’t answer and Lilly had a feeling that it was lying to her. She swallowed hard not knowing what to do. She was still feeling sick from being around Paradox and she felt despair sitting inside of her like a cold stone. “My double flower. Please listen to Luna.” Discord sounded strained within her head.

“Dad?” Lilly’s ears perked up. “Where are you?”

“I’m okay, the shadow is a manifestation of your fears and doubts, try not to let it get a hold of you.” His voice was fading.

“Daddy…” Lilly cried out, but he didn’t answer her and she sat down. “What do I do?”

The other voice broke into her thoughts. “Lilly, ye have to go to the throne room; from there we can talk to ye better.”

Lilly put her head down, as she felt her tears fall down her muzzle. She felt scared and very alone, she knew her father needed her, but she felt that emptiness deep inside. “I don’t know where the throne room is.”

“Find the hallway of stained glass, at the far end is the throne room,” Luna said.

“That was the room where the shadows emerged from when Dad and I got here.”

“I know that Lilly and that is where ye have to go. It is where my sister is and where we must confront her.”

“I have to confront Princess Celestia?” Lilly said in a panic. “You didn’t say I had to go against her!”

She was met with no answer.

Lilly let in a deep breath. “I will go find the throne room, but wouldn’t it be much easier if I got Aunt Twilight to help me?”

“No, Twilight would be easily swayed to be on Celestia’s side. She will not see the fear and doubt within her, Twilight will end up being feasted upon and it will make defeating Celestia so much more difficult. Quickly Lilly the longer you take the stronger it becomes.”

Lilly stood up and took in a deep breath. She thought of all the magic that Discord taught her as she put her head down and started the focus her thoughts. She felt her fur burn from within and she shifted her hooves slightly. She closed her eyes slowly as she thought of a protection spell and cast it upon herself. “Okay, I will find the throne room. You better not be lying to me or intending to trap me.” She opened her eyes, they glowed red with an inner fire. She spread her wings as she flew down to the hall that she thought contained the stained glass.

She walked to the double doors and opened them, the hallway echoed emptily as she looked down it. It was the hallway to the entrance of the throne room. Lilly stepped into it and started to walk to the far end. The hallway started the stretch and Lilly walked faster, then she started to gallop as it stretched longer than before. Lilly flapped her wings and flew the rest of the distance until she came to the end of the hall and faced two large doors with carvings of the Sisters upon them. Lilly stood up straight and tall her coat was glowing red within and her eyes were burning like fire embers as she pushed the doors open.

Celestia was slumped on the throne her once beautiful glowing mane was lackluster. She looked like a discarded marionette on the throne; her head was tilted oddly and her eyes looked empty and soulless. Lilly felt like something was slowly creeping up behind her she turned quickly and saw nothing there. Lilly approached Celestia slowly, her hooves made a hollow noise inside the empty throne room. The Princess looked like an empty shell and it made Lilly feel really frightened because her eyes had no light within as if she was… dead.

“She isn’t dead.” Luna’s voice was louder in Lilly’s mind. Lilly almost jumped from her skin as she stared at Princess Celestia.

“I’m here… What do I do now?” Lilly whispered as she kept looking at Celestia. Something caught the corner of her eye and she looked away from Celestia to some curtains to the side. Lilly stepped away from Celestia over to the curtains that were moving slightly. She slowly put her hoof up moving the curtain away. She saw her father… Lilly backed up from the curtain quickly as she tripped over the carpet and she fell backwards. “No… No… You said that…” The image of her father was flashing in her head, bloody, broken.


“It’s playing with your mind Lilly; don’t believe what ye are seeing.” Luna stated.

“No… You said that he was safe…” Lilly started to shake her head as the images flashed in her head. “No… I want to go home… I don’t like this at all. That was my Dad! This is a nightmare… right?”

“I wished that it was a nightmare.” Luna whispered. “That is not your father. He is with me; I am looking at him right now.”

“I don’t… believe you.” Lilly said softly as she turned and looked up and saw that Celestia had moved.

Princess Celestia had a smile on her face as she stared at Lilly with her dead looking eyes. “Who are you, are you here to talk to me?” She asked.

"Are you here to talk to me?” She asked.
“Are you here to talk to me?” She asked.

“Princess Celestia.” Lilly said as she suddenly bowed to the Princess.

“Oh, you are a proper lady, bowing to her superior.” She ratcheted her head slightly as if she was being controlled by an outside source.

“I have come to help you.” Lilly said to her.

Celestia blinked. “Help me? Why? I don’t need any help. I am strong enough to not even need help from guards.” Her eyes started to glow purple and the shadow rose from her slowly looming tall, crawling up the wall behind the Princess and like a cancer spreading slowly across the floor. Lilly started to step away from the wispy tendrils as it tried to touch at her hooves. “You do seem strong though. Maybe…”

“What?” Lilly asked.

“Maybe I will just take you.” The shadow slowly surrounded Lilly and she looked around her as it slowly moved to engulf her.

“Lilly, we were prepared for this. Prepare for it. Your father and I; we are going to focus all our energy into your shield.” Luna said sharply.

“Double Flower. Let the shadow surround you, but don’t let it see your weakness.” Discord added.

Lilly felt her heart leap at hearing her father again but she held her ground as the shadow slowly started to crawl up around her hooves. She gulped suddenly when she felt her shield weaken around her and the shadow started to cover her neck and crawl up to her head. She started to panic as it got closer and closer to her face. “No!” Lilly screamed loudly. “I cannot…” She growled as she felt her shield break and the shadow engulfed her completely.

Celestia suddenly collapsed to the floor as all of the shadow left her body and started to possess Lilly.

The doors of the throne room opened and Luna walked in with Discord beside her. Discord ran over to Lilly and looked at his daughter, her whole body was engulfed in black but her eyes glowed red and she didn’t seem to recognize him. “Luna, you said that she wouldn’t become possessed.” He growled as he went to reach for her.

“Don’t touch her.” Luna stated as she looked at her sister. “Celestia is still possessed, but most of it is concentrated on Lilly.”

“I… don’t care.” Discord growled as he kept looking at his daughter.

Lilly slowly closed her eyes and growled deeply at the whispering in her ears. It felt like creatures were crawling and scratching in her head. Her brain hurt as she imagined grabbing one of those creatures and twisting its head off. Her eyes flashed as she felt something in her soul blazing brightly through the darkness.

The tendrils from the shadow started to slowly unravel from her muzzle and she took in a deep breath. “Dad…”

Discord blinked at his daughter. “Lilly, can you fight it?”

“I think I can.” She whispered. “It is trying to get into my fears, my doubts, but I locked them away. I cannot keep it up much longer. Gah! I feel something deep inside stirring; I don’t know… what it… ARGH!” She shook as she stood there as the shadow engulfed her muzzle again.

The whispering of the shadows increased. “It’sss hopeless issss it not? You can be better. You can be everything you ever wanted to be, they don’t really care about you.” The shadow was digging into her with these strange whispers and it kept getting louder. “You can be as great as your father, no… greater. He’sss not like he used to be. We can sshow you you’re potential for a larger ssscale of Chaos, give in, let usss take over. We can open up your true magic and you ssshall become the most powerful of all draconequussss. Don’t you ssee the potential? Let usss in. LillyRossse. LillyRosse.”

She shook and then fell down to her knees. “Ah! Stop the whispers!”

“Don’t you sssee that they usssed you? She only wanted to sssave her sssister; they ussed you that is why we are here inssside of you. You were betrayed by your father. They are laughing at you.” The shadow was working at her doubts. “Let usss in. Lilly. You are ssso much more… No….” The shadow suddenly stopped and seemed to retreat in her mind. “We can’t get it. Ssshe isss being protected by something elssse. She is only one ssside… only one ssside of two.”

Lilly suddenly stood up and mustering all her strength she let a red ember of powerful magic burst from her.

Luna’s eyes widened as she saw Lilly glow crimson making the shadow start to melt away. Discord watched as his daughter fought off the corruption and possession on her own; if he had known Luna was going to use her for this he would have taken Lilly home.

The shadow fled from Lilly quickly as if she was burning it; slowly it went to where it felt safe before Lilly.

Luna watched the shadow in horror as it started to possess her sister again. “No! Ye shall not have her back.” She lifted Celestia off the floor with her magic. She then created a shield around them both.


Lilly’s whole body radiated a dark red aura and her eyes glowed crimson light as sparks of red lightning ran along her horn and antler she flapped her wings as she rose above them. “I AM LADY CHAOS! NO ONE SHALL POSSESS MY MIND AND BODY!” Her voice boomed throughout the castle and out into the streets of Canterlot. “YOU ARE TO BE CLEANSED OF THIS CORRUPTION!” Lilly pointed a hoof at the unconscious Celestia. Red lightning sparked along Lilly’s mane as well as along her wings. Luna’s protection shield faltered at seeing the raw power in Lilly. As the shield fell, Lilly used her magic to wrap around Celestia’s body until it was encased in crimson tendrils.

“Not my sister! No!” Luna shouted and went to grab her but Discord held her back. “Unhand me.”

“You wanted Lilly to help you. Let her.” He whispered as he looked at his daughter proudly.

“You are to be sent away!” Lilly exclaimed as she swept her hoof slightly and Celestia was moved to the side. In a glowing magical cage was the shadow, quivering in a small ball. Lilly turned to Luna her eyes were still glowing. “Your sister is no longer possessed but she is… torn up inside. In the meantime, she needs to be taken some place safe and away from all outside influences until her body and mind are repaired.” She then turned to look at the shadow inside the crimson cage. “YOU ARE BANISHED!” The lightning moved along her body and shot out to the cage and without so much of a noise the cage vanished. Lilly suddenly collapsed on the floor of the throne room, her magic sparked as it slowly dissipated along her body.

Discord went to his daughter and kneeled next to her. “LillyRose, my double flower.”

She looked up at him. “Dad, you’re okay.”

“Yes, I am.” He whispered as he pulled her to him. “Are you alright?” He put his claw up and moved her mane from her face. She was drenched in sweat and she was breathing heavily.

“I don’t know.” She replied as she swallowed hard. “Did I do something bad? I’m sorry if I did.”

“Discord.” Luna said as she approached them. “How did your daughter defeat something we could not?”

Discord shrugged. “Maybe she’s not as weak minded as you and your sister.” He said bitterly since he was angry.

“Dad.” Lilly whispered. “Don’t make her mad.”

Luna seemed to ignore his comment. “What am I to do? I cannot run Equestria by myself, if Celestia needs to heal… I will need to tend to her as well as take care of the Kingdom.” Luna was shaking her head.

Lilly slowly stood up on unsteady legs. “Dad can do it.”

Discord blinked at his daughter. “What? Wait… Lilly… I am not sure about this.”

“You always wanted to. Now is your chance.” Lilly said to him. “Why would you refuse? You know how to raise the sun, you have the power.”

Luna looked at him hopefully. “We would be most grateful for any help. My sister is too weak and I cannot summon the sun.”

He looked at Luna then looked at Lilly. “What would your mother say?” He asked Lilly.

Lilly shrugged at him. “I don’t know Dad.

Luna watched them and nodded. “Ye need to decide soon, but we need to contact Twilight, she needs to know what has transpired here.”

Discord rubbed his muzzle. “Okay Luna, I will take over for Celestia until she returns.” Then he started to rub his paw and claw together as a grin sketched across his face. “Can I do whatever I want during the day though?”


“It is not my affair what happens during the daylight hours.” Luna stated. “Just as long as the sun rises and is taken away for my night.” She waved her hoof as she slowly lifted Celestia up with her magic. “I will return; I want to take Celestia somewhere safe.” Luna’s horn flashed and she disappeared with Celestia.

Discord started to chuckle deviously as he looked around the throne room, he rubbed his goatee slowly. He glanced at Lilly. “We’re going to have to move into the castle.”

Lilly nodded. “Yes, we’ll have to.” She watched as her father walked around the throne room, and blinked when he snapped his fingers. Celestia’s throne was instantly replaced with her father’s throne from his castle. Big tall throne with crooked horns sticking up from the top of it. “Really Dad?”

“Aww, Lilly. It’s my favorite throne.” He said as he went over to it and started to rub the arms. “Don’t worry; I won’t let her hurt your feelings.” He whispered to the throne as he sat down on it.

Lilly shook her head. “Dad… you’re acting strange… more than usual.”

“I have been granted the ability to rule Equestria how I wish.” Discord smiled as he leaned back on the throne. “Unless you want to…?”

“I’d rather you do it Dad.” Lilly replied. “Should I send a message to Twilight?”

Discord started to laugh lightly. “Oh yes… I cannot wait to see the look on her face.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 5

“You can’t leave yet Lilly. You are needed in Canterlot.”
“You can’t leave yet Lilly. You are needed in Canterlot.”

Few Months later

Paradox stayed in bed again and Lilly told her friends that she wouldn’t be going out with them for a long while. She sat in the room with her brother she felt ill when she sat with him, each of his heart beats matched hers and she felt like she was in a tunnel flooded with darkness. Even when the outside was clear with birds singing; she felt despair and loneliness.

“Paradox… I want you to know that I will find you a cure. You’re not alone… You’re my brother.” Lilly muttered to him. “I don’t know why I have been feeling sick. Ever since you got ill, I have been sick.”

Paradox looked at her, his eyes were dark rimmed and unemotional. “Just let me get rid of the monster.”

“No. You promised Dad you wouldn’t.” Lilly whispered, “That is why we sit in the room with you. So you don’t hurt yourself.”

“I hurt myself by living another day.” He muttered as he rolled over to look at the wall.

Lilly got up and left the room. “Augh! You make me so frustrated.” She stopped suddenly in the hallway by Scarlet Grace.

Scarlet looked tired as she looked at Lilly; she blinked and her eyes turned blind. “You can’t leave yet Lilly. You are needed in Canterlot.” Grace then shook her head, her eyes turned normal and she frowned at her sister. “Lilly! Where are you going? Dad said not to leave Doxy by himself.”

“I’m not leaving him for long.” She walked behind Grace and pushed her into Paradox’s room. “See you are here. Watch him for your big sister.”

“But… It’s not my turn!” She looked at Paradox lying on his side facing the wall. “Not that I don’t mind sitting and watching my sweet kind older brother.” She muttered as she sat down.

Lilly went down the stairs quickly as she felt a chill down her back. What did Scarlet mean by saying she was needed in Canterlot. Maybe her father would know, she stumbled off the last step of the stairs and fell on her face. “Ouch.”

Discord looked up from the book he was reading to see Lilly on the floor getting up slowly. “It’s easier to walk when you look at where you are going.” He said as he put the book up to read some more.

“Dad…” Lilly said as she jumped up and ran at him in a full gallop only to plow into him making him drop the book and fall backwards out of the chair he was sitting in. “Dad, Scarlet spoke to me.” Lilly panted after she got up.

Discord frowned as he got up too. “No, Scarlet never talks unless it is something very important.” He picked up the book. “Are you sure it wasn’t her faraway voice?”

“I am sure. She told me that I shouldn’t leave and I am needed in Canterlot.” She shook her head as she put her hoof on her muzzle. “I hurt my muzzle.”

“Who’s watching Paradox?” Discord asked.

“Grace.” Lilly said quietly.

“Lilly, you need to take responsibility. Come on.” He went upstairs with Lilly when they got up to Paradox’s room Grace was staring at her brother but he had fallen asleep. “Hey little Grace, what is new?” Discord ruffled Scarlet Grace’s yellow mane.

“Hi Dad. I was just watching Dox for Lilly…” She stood up then stretched her back legs wiggling her dragon toes.

“Thank you for watching him for a few moments.” Lilly said as she sighed and walked past Grace.

Scarlet grabbed Lilly with her claw and then grabbed Discord with her paw, her eyes turned blind again. “You’re needed in Canterlot. The Princess of the Moon needs you, it’s important.” She then shook her head again as she let go of her father and sister. “Dad, I have a headache, can I go to bed?”

Discord stared at Grace and then looked at Lilly. “That was Scarlet.”

“I told you Dad.” Lilly said.

“What are you talking about?” Grace asked as she looked at them. “Oh my head is really hurting.”

“Go lie down Grace.” Discord smiled at his daughter. “I’ll get you something for your headache.”

Grace walked to her bedroom slowly and closed the door behind her.

“Dad, what does it mean?” Lilly asked. “You said that Scarlet only talks when it’s important she talked to both of us.”

Discord still looked shocked. “I… think we need to go to Canterlot.”

Lilly was suddenly flustered, “B… but Dad… I don’t know why me, why do I need to go? I’m scared… Why me?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know Lilly. We have to tell your mother. Stay here with your brother.”

Lilly sat down as she looked at Paradox sleeping. “What is going on?” She asked as she looked at her brother.

Discord reappeared next to Lilly and she jumped slightly. “Alright Lilly, your mom will be up here in a moment. Then we leave immediately.”

“We’re leaving? But… I never been to Canterlot. I… What about?” Lilly started to stutter as tears started to form in her eyes.

Discord smiled down at Lilly, “You’re just like your mom.”

Fluttershy trotted into the room. “Sorry it took me so long… Are you sure you have to go? Grace and I will have to keep an eye on Dox alone.”

“I’m sure Fluttershy my love. Scarlet only talks when it’s important.” Discord kissed her. “Lilly and I will be back as soon as we could.”

“Mom. I love you.” Lilly said nervously as Discord placed his claw on her shoulder and they disappeared.