Side Story: Dealing with Aidoneus

Short Story: Takes place After The Fall of Sorrow


Dealing with Aidoneus.
Written by Colleen Phillips

Aidoneus growled at the lesser demon as it jumped and fumbled around his feet. “What are you doing Dybon?”

The lesser demon stopped and looked up at Aidoneus its eyes were empty sockets, its tail made of flames and it grinned at him with needle teeth. “We got something today… is delicious special delivery from one of the reapers.”

“A reaping? I wasn’t informed of a special reaping.” He grabbed the lesser demon and threw it across the area and it landed in a lava pool. “How come?” His tone of voice didn’t change.2aidnoneus

The lesser demon, Dybon ran back up and groveled at Aidoneus’ feet. “The soul was reaped by a reluctant reaper. She doesn’t go through proper channels. Don’t think she knows how.”

Aidoneus grinned as he waved a large paw. “No matter if she reaped then all is how it should be. There is no quota on soul reaping. Bring this special soul to me. It better not be touched.”

Dybon shook as it bowed several times and ran from Aidoneus’ view.

Aidoneus looked around and a building started to construct itself out of the earth of Tartarus and after it formed Aidoneus strolled in, walked past a reception area and saw a succubus receptionist sitting there typing a letter. “Horrible day Mister Aidoneus.” She said as he walked past her.

He found his office and sat down on a huge swivel chair. He swiveled around to look out a window that over looked two volcanic pits and a pit of vipers. Oh how he loved the pit of vipers. There was a knock on his door. “Enter.”

“Here’s the s…soul you requested. It is so deliciously corrupted.” The lesser demon sounded like it was getting hungry.

“Dybon Leave.” Aidoneus whispered. Dybon squeaked and ran from the room leaving the soul there.

Aidoneus turned his chair around to look at the soul when he saw who it was he started to laugh. “Mmmm hahaha! Oh. This is just beautiful.”

soulseenThe soul frowned. “Hello Aidoneus.”

“You look absolutely delicious Sorrow.” Aidoneus grinned. “Was it your sweet sister that reaped you into my realm? It’s not every day that I get an immortal soul. I tried to make you four into my apocalypse bringers… but you couldn’t get along. Why?”

“Sibling rivalry.” Sorrow replied.

Aidoneus chuckled as he stared at Sorrow. “Where shall I put you? You don’t scare easily. And you seem so delicious you make my lesser demons drool.”

“Make me one of your demons. I’ll be one of your best. I can cook too. I’m sure I can adjust my recipes to your tastes.”

“Making demands instead of begging me to spare you from eternal torture… interesting.” The leader of Tartarus kept chuckling.

Sorrow just stared back at Aidoneus as he waited.

“Pestilence.” Aidoneus stated. “Your assignment is to find your replacements of the four apocalypse bringers. Don’t disappoint me. You’re no longer known as Sorrow…” He paused for a moment. “They must be young, either already born or soon to be. I grant you the ability to see the potential, and the ability to corrupt the chosen souls. So they become what they are destined to become. Siblings it seems is not the way to go.”

“I have an idea on who could be my replacement. Now my brother and sisters; I don’t know yet.” Pestilence mumbled.

“That is fine. Corrupt the one you’ve chosen. If you can. This will be your test. If you fail, I’ll find someone better suited for the role.” Aidoneus grinned showing his sharp teeth and fangs. “And you’ll become a lesser demon; shrunk down and scurrying under my feet. Like Dybon. After I feast upon you of course.”

Pestilence nodded as he slowly got up. “When shall I begin?”

Aidoneus tilted his skeletal head. “Now. Of course.” He reached over and grabbed Pestilence with several tentacles and pulled him towards him. Pestilence had a look of fear and horror on his face as Aidoneus opened his maw and bit down.

Sorrow/Pestilence opened his eyes. He placed his paws on his face. He was still in one piece, now a demon and still in Tartarus. He smiled to himself at his success at becoming a demon for Aidoneus. Now he can finally get his revenge on the ones who betrayed him. He’ll start with his brother…

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